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East Germany was a reincarnated version of the Nazi state because a totalitarian state with a Communist-Socialist ideology and East Germany was a state where total control was exercised, like Nazi Germany over the entire populous. Unlike Nazi Germany, it DID NOT have a Holocaust, but was just as anti-Semitic. The East German regime was anti-Semitic and hostile to Israel! East German propaganda always claimed that West Germany never faced its Nazi past, which is total BULLSHIT because West Germany not only faced its Nazi past, it condemned it and destroyed it! The West German state wanted to forget the Nazis and move on with the hated legacy.  The East German state on the other hand, used reconstituted Wermacht uniforms to form their uniforms.

This video here shows East German soldiers marching in a fashion reminiscent of the Nazis. 


East Germany often sponsored the anti-Semitic Bander-Meinhof gang for example. Bander Meinhof were the hardest-left most bunch of extremists out there. They also the basis for much of the hard-left extremists that are anti-Israel in the first order and they were sponsored by East Germany. The Bader-Meinhof gang were also pro-Palestinian, sympathizing with the popular Marxist cause of the Palestinian people being oppressed by Israel. East Germany often used anti-Semitic propaganda against Israel! East Germany reincarnated its Nazi past under a different name.  Notice how the video refers to it as a “German Socialist Fatherland” Does this not sound familiar? The East Germans were as militant and strident as the Nazis were. The socialist type of government is what the Nazis had, National Socialism. The East German brand was without Hitler and without the Aryan master race, but that was where the differences end.  Totalitarianism is the same. No one in Europe dares to point this out that the East German state was identical to the Nazi one. I won’t say it’s the same, it’s “identical” There’s a difference there.

The East German state like Antifa was about “anti-Fascism” but in reality this is what Winston Churchill warned about anti-Fascism being the new fascism with a zealous obsession with fascism to the point of well to sum it up, like calling the kettle black and being hysterical. The Bander Meinhof gang like the Nazis were a group of radical extremists. They espoused anti-Semitic ideology, similar to that of the Nazis, only they were never “right-wing” like they were. There are differences between what the pro-Israel hard-right jingoist crowd says and what the left says. Everything hinges on our support of Israel! It’s ridiculous!  Anyway, semantics aside.  The East German state was a resuscitated version of the Nazi state and espoused the same kind of state control ideology that the Nazis did. The East German state also had the same kind of ideology that espoused lack of individual freedom. The East German state was much more involved with private affairs than the Nazis. The Stasi was the reincarnated Gestapo that was the feared and loathed by the average East German citizen.  The Stasi used much of the same methods as the Gestapo in many ways, they were similar. They were both state police organizations that monitored for subversive activity against the state. Except that the Stasi was more ruthless than the Gestapo and more efficient and thorough in their monitoring techniques.  The East German state was an outpost of totalitarianism. East Germany never paid a cent to the state of Israel for Holocaust reparations and they never apologized for it, either.  The anti-fascist East German types like Antifa and The Nazis have one thing in common. They are both militant radicals and very zealous individual types who devote more to their ideology than their families. They are extremely fanatical and believers in the ideas of state control and squashing patriotism. They both believe that people are too stupid to think for themselves, unless the government directs them in the right direction. The East German government ideology was basically reincarnated National Socialism under the banner of Soviet communism. Hitler even spoke of how the two ideologies were similar in nature. It’s true, you can look it up for yourselves.

The East German socialism was National Socialism (Nazism) under a different name. Only the East German kind did not eliminate people with hereditary diseases, mentally and physcially handicapped people, (though the Communist states were never tolerant in their treatment of them, and forcibly imprisoned them in mental hospitals because they felt that they were unfit to live in society, like the Nazis believed, only the commies did not kill them.) and did not espouse Aryan racial supremacy and strident German nationalism, but East Germany was nationalistic at times. East Germany was a puppet of the Soviet Union pure and simple. East Germany  was the hybrid Nazi/Communist state and proves that these two ideologies mixed together are lethal and potent and the East German state proved that Nazi-like socialism and Soviet communism could be fit together in one packaged ideology. The East Germans just called their National Socialism as “Socialism” It was still the same kind of state control of private business, state control of the individuals, state indoctrination into a totalitarian ideology, state control of everything. East German was very much a reincarnated Nazi state, without the racism. But East Germany could be racist at times. They only welcomed people that were fellow communists of different colors to put on the illusion of racial tolerance. It was anything but as the Soviets well knew. The Soviets discriminated against blacks in the Soviet Union. You can look it up.

The East German puppet state was a totalitarian state that had the same kind of oh, shall we say, attitude towards the common people in the sense of total anal control But the German well-disciplined ideology is not Nazism! Germany’s disciplined society has nothing to do with Nazism. This is another stereotype promoted by the Allies during World War II. How they label strident people as Nazis! Well, that is ANOTHER STEREOTYPE!  Being a military regimentation does not make you a Nazi! Being a tough person does not make one a Nazi, as the lazy inconsiderate jerks like to yell out this insult at Slavic people who believe in traditional values and devoted to something like hard work and family and a culture of decency and good values. This is NOT Nazism! Nazism is when the state exercises total control over people and abolishes freedom of the press and what not, like East Germany did. East Germany was a resuscitated copy of Nazi Germany, only without the Aryan racial pseudoscience quackery and all the other BS of the Nazis. But it was still about socialism and state control of the economy, something that the NAZIS did. East Germany was very much a one-party state like Nazi Germany. 

So, no East Germany did NOT really shed its Nazi past. It embraced it and called it something else. Soviet Communist East German communist ideology! East Germany was a copycat of Nazi Germany in the state control sense. So, East Germany was actually Nazi and West Germany not so much.

So there you go! I AM NOT A NAZI! Please do NOT call me that! It is ignorant, stupid, and misinformed. Quit recycling an old 40s ridiculous stereotype of German people as hardcore Nazi fanatics! Thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen! East Germany was resuscitated Nazism, without the racism and without Hitler! East Germany did have political prisoners like the Nazis did. East Germany believed in a similar philosophy of state control like the Nazis did. East Germany was Nazism without all the NAZI, ARYAN, BS PSEUDOSCIENCE inferior science racial pseudoscience that wrongly “examines” people based on race. East Germany had none of that discredited pseudoscience like the Nazis did. East Germany was just as totalitarian though. Yes, I know I keep repeating myself. I am summarizing my previous statements and concluding this blog post about similarities of East Germany and the Nazi totalitarian state!

Thank you for reading, everyone!


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