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Wikipedia’s Mainstream Bandwagon Propaganda

Ever noticed how Wikipedia tries to bill itself as mainstream and being accpted by experts? Well Wikipedia’s expert opinion page shows their obvious contempt for expert opinion and tells us that they are edited by cranks that do not … Continue reading

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Medal of Honor Games and FPS games in general are too cheesy.

I am a fan of Medal of Honor game series from EA and they are great for a shoot-em up game, but several things bother me. The AI close-in combat physics. The AI tend to just stand there and practically … Continue reading

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East German Army marching in Nazi Fashion

In my opinion,

East Germany was a reincarnated version of the Nazi state because a totalitarian state with a Communist-Socialist ideology and East Germany was a state where total control was exercised, like Nazi Germany over the entire populous. Unlike Nazi Germany, it DID NOT have a Holocaust, but was just as anti-Semitic. The East German regime was anti-Semitic and hostile to Israel! East German propaganda always claimed that West Germany never faced its Nazi past, which is total BULLSHIT because West Germany not only faced its Nazi past, it condemned it and destroyed it! The West German state wanted to forget the Nazis and move on with the hated legacy.  The East German state on the other hand, used reconstituted Wermacht uniforms to form their uniforms.

This video here shows East German soldiers marching in a fashion reminiscent of the Nazis.

East Germany often sponsored the anti-Semitic Bander-Meinhof gang for example. Bander Meinhof were the hardest-left most bunch of extremists out there. They also the basis for much of the hard-left extremists that are anti-Israel in the first order and they were sponsored by East Germany. The Bader-Meinhof gang were also pro-Palestinian, sympathizing with the popular Marxist cause of the Palestinian people being oppressed by Israel. East Germany often used anti-Semitic propaganda against Israel! East Germany reincarnated its Nazi past under a different name.  Notice how the video refers to it as a “German Socialist Fatherland” Does this not sound familiar? The East Germans were as militant and strident as the Nazis were. The socialist type of government is what the Nazis had, National Socialism. The East German brand was without Hitler and without the Aryan master race, but that was where the differences end.  Totalitarianism is the same. No one in Europe dares to point this out that the East German state was identical to the Nazi one. I won’t say it’s the same, it’s “identical” There’s a difference there.

The East German state like Antifa was about “anti-Fascism” but in reality this is what Winston Churchill warned about anti-Fascism being the new fascism with a zealous obsession with fascism to the point of well to sum it up, like calling the kettle black and being hysterical. The Bander Meinhof gang like the Nazis were a group of radical extremists. They espoused anti-Semitic ideology, similar to that of the Nazis, only they were never “right-wing” like they were. There are differences between what the pro-Israel hard-right jingoist crowd says and what the left says. Everything hinges on our support of Israel! It’s ridiculous!  Anyway, semantics aside.  The East German state was a resuscitated version of the Nazi sta 

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Stop the “Hate-Spewers” Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller!

These two people Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller are the two biggest bigots that the world has ever seen for a long time. Why? Because they spew hatred against Slavic Gentile people with their agenda that distorts history that labels … Continue reading

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RationalWiki The Encyclopedia that is an Insane Asylum

RationalWiki is not a rational website that debunks crank ideas. They promote the ones that they live and th It is an insane asylum over there. Some of the most untrue bunch of lies that could ever be written in … Continue reading

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