Social Networking Sites and other Issues

This is starting to get really annoying. This whole censorship limitations on and Facebook that are going on throughout the internet. These sites are penalizing people for contacting people that aren’t their friends. This is ridiculous because finding new friends to talk to, is not a crime. Adding people you only think that you know who aren’t your personal friends, is not a crime either. But Facebook seems to get snippy about people that add people that aren’t their friends. They treat everyone like they are spammers that talk to people that aren’t friends. The internet has gotten ridiculous to the point of absolute censorship. The YouTube site blocks videos on “copyright grounds” Twitter is blocking tweets by country. The whole “in your country” censorship fetish has gripped the social networking sites like the love bug. The really annoying sites get on your ass

Now simply no longer lets you write no more than 20 people per day. The Facebook censorship like that of America has taken hold of the free and almost open site that is the antithesis of Facebook, if not its exact clone.  The internet is becoming increasingly of concern to me. There is something bad happening, it’s not NWO or Illuminati or anything like that, Well maybe. They label anyone who speaks out against it as a “wacky conspiracy theorists” or whatever, when in fact a “conspiracy theorist” is not stupid to see what’s in front of their eyes. Does a “conspiracy theorist” deny what’s in front of his eyes? WHEN IT IS SO PLAINLY OBVIOUS what is happening here.  This has truly gone from bad to worse. The corporations love their censorship. They can treat us like their office workers and enforce silly rules that tell you that you cannot write to other friends and all that other stuff.

Why should I be limited to  The internet of the era of unlimited freedom is gone. It is about to be erased by the corporations and the globalist organizations or who ever sinister is behind this whole thing. The corporations treat us like sheep. They’d all dumb us down to nothing, ridicule opinions that are not “mainstream” and say that anything not “mainstraem” is wrong. Which itself is wrong because the opinion that the stupid braindead masses believe churned out by the media needs to be challenged and I do not give a shit about the pejorative label of “fringe” or “fringe lunacy” or “lunatic fringe” or SPLC to TELL ME OTHERWISE! They’d rather muzzle up people that they do not agree with, they self-righteously ridicule people that do not share their opinions about the world.

You may think that I am Ted Kaczynski or whatever nutcase you can come up with at the drop of a hat, but this is really serious. Russia has joined the WTO and I fear that bad things are going to happen to the site. All those videos that they hosted will soon be gone thanks to the WTO and these ridiculous copyright treaties that amount to censorship. Russia’s membership in the WTO will lead to this censorship on like that of the American Facebook it patterns itself after.

You may think that I am all emotion and no facts, but I can assure you that THERE IS SOMETHING QUITE WRONG HERE!  It DOES NOT take a genius to figure that out. The censorship fetish has only gotten worse.  There will no longer be any freedom left to the internet. The only way to access internet is through the companies. The ISP censors any sites that they do not like. I have a friend that can attest to this. Sure, call it “internet paranoia” or whatever. BUT IT IS ACTAULLY HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! You’d have to be ignorant NOT to see it!  We’re “conspiracy theorists” because we criticize what we see and don’t like in front of our eyes? What next? Is every kid that wears a ghost costume a member of the KKK?  I mean COME ON PEOPLE! It’s obvious what’s happening here. The internet I fear will get worse in the years ahead.  I will not blame the Jews or any groups of people for this, but I will say that there is something wrong with the world’s social-networking sites. They are going to hell real fast. They are being limited to talking to other people. Then, it will get to the point where they treat you like an animal and tell YOU who YOU can’t associate with on there. It’s like kindergarten. Have the social networking sites become a glori

Any thinking man that actually believes that there is something wrong is labeled as a “conspiracy theorist!” WOW, am I dumb or has this society become like Nazi Germany where all thinking opinions are muzzled and silenced and the ultra-righteous call them “conspiracy theories” and then ridicule you like a schoolyard bully. It’s so incredibly bad that the ignorant people who call themselves intelligent can do this to us. I am NOT anti-intellectual. I am VERY VERY VERY pro-intellectual and I’m sure that they will agree with me that there is something indeed wrong with the state of the internet today. If we do not stop this, we will live in a totalitarian dictatorship like China. The free expression and thought that the internet is, or once will be is gone. A few years ago, you could watch a video on YouTube from any country. Now it’s “blocked on copyright grounds” and all the good audio recordings of Edith Piaf are now “blocked on copyright ground” in my country. This is like China where IP addresses are blocked by country, where people can block whole countries by IP addresses. This is becoming the corporate version of Communist China. Except that now the “Great Firewall of China” has now become the “Great Firewall of the United States.” This blocking on copyright grounds stuff is a violation of the First Amendment rights to free speech. But YouTube doesn’t care, as long as it shills for the companies. Don’t bother with Wikipedia, they’re a “company’ that is a shill for the big corporations that churn out lies in the media about average Americans. This country-blocking censorship is my opinion a totalitarian evil censorship under the guise of “copyright laws” that will only get worse. Our freedom on the internet will be destroyed under the guise of “copyright laws” and the companies will use them as an excuse to censor anything that they do not like. The copyright laws are just an excuse to destroy the First Amendment. They are becoming excessive and ridiculous. They’ll just accuse you of promoting piracy or some stupid bullshit like that to try to muzzle you. The line between copyright infringement and sharing works has become blurred.  There is no gray area with these people. It’s all  black and white. The copyright laws will erode our freedoms. Just look at SOPA for example. Stop Online Piracy Act that would have destroyed the net as we know it. Fortunately, it was destroyed. Now, it’s gonna come back under a different name, passed without reading it in Congress, rubber-stamping its approval and passed without a peep from anyone. Congress has become like the Reichstag! This truly a sad era, folks. Free expression is gone. The First Amendment is no longer relevant on the internet. Gays attack Christians for expressing opinions and get all militant and rowdy about it and proclaim themselves superior to them. The same gays then attack the Slavic countries hatefully and distastefully because they do not like their agenda.

Fortunately, Russia tried to ban the gay propaganda. THEY AT LEAST are smart to recognize the disgusting hate speech that it is truly is!  IT IS hate speech in its purest forms, but now the hard-left over in the West is now in a tizzy over it and proclaiming how they censor people. I am so goddamn sick of the NGOs and liberal organization sticking their noses in other countries businesses proclaiming themselves as “human rights crusaders” and telling the rest of the world what to do. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT THE WORLD HATES AMERICA? With these clow

Russia recognizes the vile hate speech coming from these clowns, but then liberals cry “censorship” when people censor their speech that is hateful against religious people. Now the same crap that of Balkanization along the gay rights and Christians stuff is now infecting Russia! THEY DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE degeneracy of the homosexuals! They do not like it, they never will accept it, no matter how much the West bullies them into doing so. The same tactics that worked in the WEST WILL NOT work in Russiam BECAUSE THEY ARE TOUGHER AND SMARTER and more educated that the average Westerner and they can see right through this bullshit and how they are sick of the American media poisoning their youth with this crap!

You can call be “homophobic” or whatever you want, I AM NOT! I am just stating facts and they will never accept it becasue Russians have a pair of balls and a pair of guts, because THEY ARE NOT going to accept any of the pansy crap in the West because they know it’s a bunch of crap and they know that were are all fools and that our social issues are a joke. Why should we force our social issues on the rest of the world? Why should we

Is it any wonder Russia hates us when we force values on them that they do not like? Think about it. If the Arabs made TV programs in the United States with subtle subliminal messages promoting Islam and all that and controlled our media and made us watch this shit, DO YOU THINK SOMEONE IN AMERICA would respond? Hell yes, we would. Why should Russia be any different?  WE DO NOT an ISLAMIC theocracy, Russians do not want the homosexual social issues of the West forced on them through propaganda in the Western media, so distastefully translated in their language.  Is it any wonder that the world hates America? Sure, I bet all you out there are going to accuse me of being “anti-American” or whatever.  But is fact, I LOVE AMERICA!  I DEEPLY love her, and we should not be forcing the rest of the world to be like us or force our social issues like “gay marriage” The truth is Russia will never accept “gay marriage” and neither will Poland because we are traditional countries that stand for decent traditional values and are very devoted to our families and honor and we will not accept this bullshit being forced down on us by America or any other Western

I DO NOT HATE gay people! STOP CALLING ME “HOMOPHOBIC”  I AM NOT! Stop forcing me to accept your crap. I suppose you’ll bully me into “seeing your point” right? NO you will not! Russia does not have the same Balkanized politics like here in the USA, with loudmouths like Sharpton running the show. If a Tatar behaved in the way Sharpton does, he’d be thrown out. Russia DOES have a problem with illegal aliens from Central Asia. Which is like their version of Mexico, practically. The Central Asian Turkic peoples are THEIR version of Hispanics, and the Tatars are their version of Black people, like they are to us.  They have social problems, but nothing like the Blacks and Hispanics do here.  In Russia, they treat illegal immigration very differently from us. They tolerant the Central Asian Turkic peoples and the Tatars, but when they get over the line.

Why should we force our social problems on the rest of the world, then whine like babies when the liberal self-righteous crowd says that this country does this or does that and we have to change it. I am so fucking sick of these people telling the rest of the world how to act. The rest of the world can act the way it does without us having to baby it. We should leave everyone else the hell alone and quit forcing gay marriage and all that stuff on the rest of the world. Russia tolerates gays and then the far-left comes out with all these stereotypes about them being “backwards and ignorant” WHEN IN FACT THEY ARE NOT AND THEY SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS they see THAT WE are backwards and ignorant and they have an education system that beats ours hands down and they are not stupid people and they see all the bullshit and birdfeed fed to us by the media without any sort of critical thought about it. They see the forest for the trees and they do NOT LIKE it at all. They do not want the gay American culture forced on them!

I SUPPOSE SPLC is gonna profile me and label me “anti-gay” and muzzle me, but Russians do not give into such tactics that the Gestapo fascist crowd does to us. They can take more shit than the average American can in a thousand years! They ignore the BS and focus on the truth. I do not care about SPLC, they are part of the Balkanizing politics that characterize American without ever thinking critically about anything anymore. Any critical thought any more is labeled as a “conspiracy theory” and these self-righteous people hunt you down like  a pack of wolves. It is all about identity politics and how Russians do not obsessively focus on them like we do. They do not

They are strong people, with strong family values, and a strong work ethic, something that is gone DEVOID and defunct here in America, where’d we jack off to Kim Kardashian’s large breasts or Paris Hilton posing nude, rather than doing something productive for this country. Madonna vandalized an Orhtodox cross. Well Madonna got what’s coming to her, because Russians do not take that shit that vandalizes their religion and are tough-minded and intelligent people that are disgusted with this stuff and they’re not afraid to tell you that they are unhappy. Russian people are very nice people and sincere, until you piss them off. Then, things get bad. Some of the most mild-mannered people out there. They are good decent sort, when you vandalize their whole culture and vandalize it like Madonna, they REALLY get mad and REALLY go after you. If only Christian Fundamentalists in this country had the same balls people in Russia do! Russians get pissed when you insult thousands of years of tradition, centuries to promote your own self-centered and inflated ego like Madonna does to promote her own hatred of Christianity, but then does not vandalize a hammer and sickle, THE REAL people that dislike homosexuality, the secular commie atheists. The Russian secular commie atheists did not tolerate nor like it. The one Christian author was talking about Russians rejecting because it was against their Orthodox values. Well, what about the secular commie atheists

Of course Madonna does not vandalize the hammer and sickle on stage, because she’ll probably get lynched by the mob on stage. This desecration of a Russian symbol that holds these people together is truly disgusting.  How would you like it if Hadise ( a really mega hot Turkish pop star) had a concert where she walked all over the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence on stage. DO YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE IN AMERICA would get mad? OH HELL YES THEY WOULD BE FURIOUS AND REALLY get after her. So why do we do it to Russians? Hadise would be banned from this country for live.  We would not like it. Madonna desecrating that cross is exactly like I described us reacting to our Constitution and Declaration of Independence being desecrated by Hadise if she walked on stage. The hard-left idiots in California would love it to death, but US REAL AMERICANS would go after her easily. This is disgusting. Madonna’s act and all the tirades written on the internet in defense of Madonna’s “social commentary” and social message showing her clear hatred for traditionalism and everything it stands for. Hate is NOT social commentary. At least Russia is sick of it and recognizes the gay agenda (no conspiracy theory here UNLIKE WHAT WIKIPEDIA says. These people DO IN FACT HAVE an agenda and it’s not “conspiracy theories” like what Wikipedia says about things. It’s not “homophobia” to criticize their agenda of hatred towards those that disagree with them. Any strain of deep thought anymore is labeled as “fringe theory” and a “conspiracy theory” by that non-thinking bunch of robots called “Wikipedia that is a disgrace to real intellectualism.) Wikipedia is the personification of pseudo-intellectualism, and so is its sister site, RationalWiki, where rambling idiots calling themselves intellectual and truth tellers write blatant lies about people taht they hate and trash them with falsehoods and then claim that the truth is NOT a popularity contest, enough though they made those that they like popular, then viciously insult those that they don’t. It’s really sad how the state of intellectualism is in America.)  Russian intellectuals have brains compared to their American counterparts. They actually have free thought about things that would get professors fired in this country.

That’s it in a nutshell. They have free thought.  At least the Europeans are smart enough to see through our obsessive complaining about racism and all the other stuff that the black people do to other people to complain about racism every chance the get to whine whinge about everytihng that the black African-American Puritans do not like at every turn. The African-American media at least has to complain about everything being “racist’ and they have a free pass. No one in Russia gets that, if anyone forces them to, they tell you to get lost.  At least, they’re smart enough to see past the grievance and race-mongering poltiics of America to realize that our social issues are a bunch of shit, only centric to America and how they do not want them and are critical of race in the ways that would have Sharpton screaming “racism” at every turn. We in turn accuse Russians of “racism” because they have proble  The Russians do not accept the haughty, arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, boorish attitudes of African-Americans and their whole horrible mannerisms. They are uncouth and unintelligent people, these hip-hop people. That is to say, that I DO NOT refer to all African-Americans in this way, because fortunately there are many that are smart enough to see through this crap that everything bad that happens to them is “racism” Oh how the race grievance-mongering industry like SPLC would love to go after my ass about this. Oh you racial Puritans and your stupid ways! Gotta love American Puritanism, don’t we?  This country’s “political-correctness” is like a secular twisted version of the Puritans in 1692 in Massachusetts.  It’s really sad, yet ironic that any free thought and any critical examination of our social problems outside the puritanical “political-correctness” mongering is labeled as “racism” and being like the Ku Klux Klan, which I AM NOT, because I hate the Klan because they too are part of the race-obsessed problems that fuel America They hate Russians and other Slavic peoples because they not rednecks and not good “White Christians’ Their whole being “Christian” is a joke anyway. Most real people know that it is a joke because they are a bunch of hooded cowards that go around pretending that all their problems are the result of blacks and foreigners and what not.  The Klan then terrorizes them. How in modern America, the Klan’s been replaced by SPLC and Al Sharpton to silence people as racists that do not agree with them, then militant terrorize them on behalf of these black power racist idiots and others that foment racism against whites, and the KKK uses THAT as an excuse to foment their own racism against minorities and how the race lobbies accuse anyone of being a “white nationalist” or a “white supremacist” Which is what they’ll accuse this blog of being, which it is NOT!  I do not tolerate those clowns and never will America needs a version of Bratstvo i Jedinstvo in this country that would put away clowns like Sharpton

I am trying to be foreign to somehow give Americans a “view” about the subject, hoping they’ll understand that the rest of the world is sick of our crap and no labelling of anti-Western sentiment as “racism” is not gonna cut. It is NOT racism to criticize our stupid culture (oh yes, the holy and appointed West considers it “racism” to oppose them and silences anyone that criticizes them.)

This whole stuff celebrating African-American racial chauvinism is disgusting! If we had an American version of Bratstvo i Jedinstvo, we’d have no racial problems, no chauvinists like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson complaining about Negro dialect remark, despite the fact that Wikipedia has an article about African-American vernacular, which is a dialect. So, how is that “racist?” Ah, but everything is “racist” to Reverend Al, who one of the biggest racists known to man is Al Sharpton. An anti-Semite no better than Hitler himself. Sharpton started a riot in Crown Heights in 91 because some Jewish guy wouldn’t treat the black guy, so in true Nazi Kristallnacht fashion, the black stormtroopers riot and destroy Crown Heights. Oh, the minorities and their “race riots.” This country’s obsession with race and flaunting the chauvinistic superiority of the minority cultures, while condemning white chauvinism, is hypocritical and disgusting.

Did we not learn anything from MLK? I saw an issue of a magazine today about celebrating your black skin. AHEM, didn’t MLK teach people NOT to judge others by the color of their skin? We are judging people by the color of their skin. Which is WRONG! If that had been about celebratingn your white skin, My God, there’d be howling cries of racism and KKK till the cows come home! Our obsession with black racial issues and the media’s encouragement of this strain of chauvinism in the black community, personified by Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and Jesse Jackson is really disgusting and it’s tearing us apart. If we had an American version of Bratstvo i Jedinstvo, we’d have no racial problems. The chauvinists like Al Sharpton and La Raza would be deal with. These chauvinists that control our dialogue having to wonder if everything’s racist or not, is in my opinion ridiculous theatrics. Because of the whole thing with the Hispanics, we can’t have a secure border. This strain of Hispanic chauvinistic Fascism that wants to see the Southwest taken back by Mexico and cleansed of non-Hispanics, will also be dealt with Bratstvo i Jedinstvo. So will the KKK and other white supremacists. A whole new view on race is needed.

Oh Americans, and their Balkanization crap! Oh, if we ran everything less like Tudjman, (Al Sharpton, Farrakhan, represent people like Ante Pavelic and Franjo Tudjman and their chauvinism.) and more like Tito, we’d TRULY HAVE a POST-RACIAL America! We are Balkanized in the fashion of Tudjman and Karadzic. THIS is where Americans get the wrong impression of “Balkanization.” In the Balkans, we do not worry about racial differences and we do not obsess about like Sharpton does and


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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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