Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya and the BS about her

I was reading on the internet about Kristina on the internet and all those lurid and sensationalistic stories written about her being “the sexiest hacker alive.”

The English Wikipedia article written about her is a bunch of lies. I generally expect this from Wikipedia, after all, it is the world’s biggest lie factory. For one, 37 other people were in on the plot. 2 she did not plant the virus, someone else did.

The Russian version differs from the lurid and sensationalistic English Wikipedia article, which makes her instantly guilty of the crime of stealing $10 million. The guy that did the crime, the mastermind behind the whole operation was already sentenced to be in prison. Kristina was sucked into the scam to get more money. She shoved remorse for her actions at the judge’s bench when she cried.

Makes no mention that bail was posted for her. She did not work with 9 other people. The figure is completely wrong. There were 4x more than that involved in the 37 member plot.  This is a key lesson why you should never trust Wikipedia, or least examine it against other prison. Kristina did not plant the Trojan virus into the system.  The “sexiest hacker alive” was a bunch of bullshit meant to promote the stereotype of the “sexy Russian spy-hacker” girl like that of the Goldeneye movie and Natalia Simonova, played Izabella Scorupco, a Polish actress.  The moniker was a stereotype of her being a dangerous Russian girl meant to sell headlines with the whole Anna Chapman capitalization on the Russian spy stereotype meant to sell headlines. Kristina did not steal the $10 million. She was released on bail and never went to prison.

Do not read the English Wikipedia article on her. It is a bunch of lies. I never NEVER trust the American sources for information. I speak Russian myself, so I can translate the Russian sources.  The American sources are all full of the pumped-out bullshit about her being a sexy hacker and instantly guilty, in a fashion reminiscent of Radovan Karadzic and Slobodan Milosevic. She is no hacker. She was talked into it by some idiot in the gang because she complained that she wasn’t earning enough money. This whole story stinks like a rotten fish. I am so sick of this blatant sensationalistic yellow journalism surrounding this girl. This is a classic case of yellow journalism right here, that slanders and libels her because she was the pretty Russian girl in the operation. I am so sick to my stomach about the whole affair. I’ve been sick to my stomach for several days.
I want to cry out to defend Kristina from being sent to prison or hangs. The way that the Wikipedia article is written about her, sounds like they may as well burn her at the stake. This whole story is remiscent of Bonnie & Clyde, John Dillinger,  Mary Surratt. Mary Surratt was the single woman involved in the Lincoln assassination plot who later hung. There was no people to debunk the media back in those days, like there is now. Mary Surratt was singled out because she was the only woman in the plot. Kristina was singled out because she was a pretty girl involved in the whole plot.  This whole story about her being the lone hacker in this whole mess is wrong and inaccurate version of events. She was not alone. She did not act with 9 other people. Her primary occupation IS NOT a mule hacker. Her primary occupation is a student at NYU, not a thieving criminal like the yellow journalism driven Wikipedia article would have you believe about her.  Make sure she never gets locked away for being accused. If she is guilty before being innocent. The whole article sounds like an internet version of the Salem Witch Trials, only Kristina is on the internet.  The Salem Witch Trial stories had more lurid sensationalism that this whole mess could have ever had.

The Salem Witch Trial type stories published by the media about this poor little girl are enough to make one sick.  I once got into trouble with authorities over a Russian girl once, named Daria Perekidaylova in 2009 with an officer of the Corry Police Dept.  She is the same amount of trouble. I was talked into doing something wrong, except I never robbed from people. I have a gut feeling that her involvement in the whole sordid affair was good old-fashioned peer pressure of the kind that pressures you agaisnt your emotions into doing something wrong and that sort of thing.

Kristina was a waitress that got by at a diner in NYC, after moving to there from Boston. Kristina is a smart and pretty girl and seeing her locked away would be the greatest miscarriage of justice since Roe v. Wade or the Salem Witch Trials.  I am going to stick up for this girl because of the evidence being high for presumption of innocence and because I was blamed for doing something wrong and receiving unnecessary attention for it, BUT NOT LIKE THIS.

This blatant yellow journalism on the whole subject needs to be addressed. The media gets away with stereotypes about Russians that if done about black people would have people like Al Sharpton screaming racism and injustice and lynch mob justice. If Kristina were black, which she is not, she would accuse the court of lynch-mob justice because she is black to further his own stupid cause. But the politically-correct hypocrites who think that insulting one ethnic group and promoting stereotypes about them, i.e. Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, and Tatars. Yes, that’s right Tatars.

That one bit on the Drake & Josh show about ht girl from Yudonia eating the goat balls in her country and the way she looked in the traditional Tatar folk costume was enough to make you sick with rage at this insulting depiction of the Russian peoples of Central Asia and the insulting bias against the Tatars right here as backwards and nomadic, which they are no more. The live in houses and apartments these days and mostly live in cities.

I will not get into the whole Tatar stereotype things. I will get into the insulting and stereotyping depictions of Russian girls, relating to them being not so bright vixens who are mail-order brides and sexy spies that are communist agents tempting poor American fools or commie warmonger depictions of Russians that if done about Arab Americans being terrorists would have the Arab communities in the USA up in arms. The Arab communities are protected because of their special status to not insult them, whereas Russians are not, they are not special enough to be considered to not be defended by the politically-correct hypocritical morons.

This political-correctness stuff of not offending an ethnic group is meant to stifle free speech and is highly hypocritical that they will not defend Russians, but will defend Arabs or Africans for example. They try so hard to discredit people like us for being ultra-nationalist chauvinists or some bullshit like that when we criticize stereotypes about the Russian people on the internet about this Kristina Svechinskaya for example and the media tries to destroy people’s credibilties for saying anything about it. It is disgusting that Slavic people are insulted in such a way in the media. Thank God, at least the PC people will pay attention to Polish stereotypes and I have seen very few of them on TV, but the Russian stereotypes about old and ugly commie peasant girl spies that are stupid and ideologically-biased hard-core commies has to stop.

That American Dad episode about the Russian guy being a covert commie is also disgusting because MOST OF THE RUSSIAN immigrants come here escaping that very thing called Communism to be free people with free minds. American Dad also makes racist jokes about Asian girls being hookers and sluts and speaking fragmented English, stereotypes that should have ended 50 years ago, still making an impact on American TV. The slit-eye stereotypes on TV about the fragmented English and holier-than-thou jackasses like Khan in King of the Hill for example, insulting his neighbors about being redneck hillbilles, while promoting his own stereotype of Asian men speaking poor English and being better than everyone else jackass holier-than-thou stereotypes that are morally superior to everyone else and think that everyone else that does not have the same intellect level is stupid. This is anti-intellectualism at its finest right here.

How does Kristina fit into this? The answer is simple. The stereotype of the vixen Russian girl spy for example is what Kristina is being made into to sell headlines and gossip pages all over the internet.

Or the stereotypes about Serbs being all violent and genocidal Chetnik redneck mountain men from Bosnia that hate all the Muslims for example. The Muslims persecuted the Serbs for centuries and discriminated against by the Muslims under the Ottoman Empire. So, of course the Serbs are gonna feel hatred for them, but the ethnic cleansing stuff is just uncalled for.

Or the stereotypes related to the Serbs that are promoted in the American media every day. Serbs did not all cleanse people. NOT all of them participated in ethnic cleansing, I mean. The Croats had done the same shit to them 50 years earlier during WWII. So they wanted revenge for the stuff that these two people had done them. They did not want to be ruled by either Croats or Muslims because they knew that they’d do all that shit to them all over again. They are just fighting the Turks that stole my little Daria all those years ago.  Their methods of fighting them are however, wrong and stupid. No better than the Croats that did that all to them in WWII.

Kristina is just the stereotype of the pretty Russian girl being a sexy and sophisticated girl being a dangerous vixen is where Kristina Svechinskaya fits into. What next, is she the female sniper from Full Metal Jacket? That’s what the media makes her out to be, this dangerous female sniper type from the movie Full Metal Jacket that sniped and killed Doc, 8 ball, and the other guy. Animal Mother goes charging in with the M60 trying to save them. You know the whole story. Kristina is being made out to be something like that female sniper from the move that was a dangerous character like Kristina currently is being made out to be  Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya will never be locked away in prison.

Anybody with a heart out there should defend this poor little girl from the yellow journalism in the media. You’d be upset like Kristina currently is with all this stuff. Her friend Evgenia wrote in Russian on her page. “The topic of the conversation” Then in English, “It was all a big lie.” She’s having a ball for a girl being accused of stealing millions, when she did no such thing. She got nothing about the whole fucking mess.  And yet the media sensationalizes her as a dangerous little vixen Russian female hacker, like on Wikipedia. The Vietnamese female sniper in Full Metal Jacket, SHE ACTUALLY DID WHAT SHE DID TO the American troops, whereas Kristina did not steal anything that was accused of doing by the American yellow journalism media of stealing millions. She was released under house arrest or probation. She will never be locked away, because she was made to a part of this whole scam.

I suggest that any with a brain and a sense of humanity stick up for Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya. This whole Sacco and Vanzetti type story is enough to make you sick. Sacco and Vanzetti were two Italian immigrants who were wrongly convicted of a crime because they were Italian-Americans and the prejudices against them. It’s sad there is still prejudice against Russian people in this country and promotion of ignorant KGB spy stereotypes in the news media, does not make you happy and makes you sick, doesn’t it?

I’ve known Russian people out there. They are among the nicest, caring, sincere, and intelligent, devoted, and focused and intelligent people out there that I ever knew. However, there are few bad apples in the basket that do the evil mail-order bride scams to steal money from Americans and how Russian women are characterized in this way. Stop the sexist stereotypes of Russian women!

I am sickened of how the media gets away with this sexism towards Russian and Eastern European women. Except, I’m not some screeching feminist witch that hates everything male and tries to destroy it as sexist and everything else because the media does not like to my childish temper tantrums called protests. All the tantrums those who write about us because we’re too stupid to think for ourselves and we need them to guide us, or we’ll all trip over and drool over ourselves without these people running our lives every day, these irresponsible idiots from California. Anyway, I digress.

Anyone out there. Stop the sexist stereotypes of Russian women! They are among the smartest and most intelligent out there. They get away with dress that would have American women crying out being a slut or whatever. Russian girls are not sluts. No jokes about Irina, the figure skater please. Thank you. Real ones anyway. They just happen to have a different attitude towards being attractive and intelligent to people than we do.  Stop the bullshit about Kristina Svechinskaya!

Make sure that she is not thrown away in a prison cell. Kristina, I hope that you realize that orange will make your butt look big. 40 years in the slammer. I cannot afford that for poor Kristina.  I’ve been stereotyped as a retarded person with Asperger’s on a game forum by a total idiot on Board game geek. I know how much it hurts.

I know what you’re going through. I remember how in 2005, when I got in trouble in school, except Kristina was in trouble for much worse, when I had problems with Amanda Kimmy. I was remorseful. I was put on probation and live sucked for me. Except I had no attention for it at all. This person who is a member of RAC will prevent you from being locked away. I do not defend total criminals like Al Capone, but this girl has innocence and evidence on her side to prevent her from being locked away for a long time at the women’s federal maximum security prison in West Virginia, where Martha Stewart was sent to for insider trading.  I do not want Kristina to live among the toothless redneck hillbillies of West Virginia.

Someone prevent this poor girl from being locked away. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya will never be locked away in prison. I pray for Kristina Svechinskaya. May God reform her of evil ways and forgive all her sins. Боже спаси Кристине. Here is a girl being picked on by people on the internet and trashed like I was on Boardgamegeek all those months ago. I know how the pain feels for being different and for having differing ideas about for the games and being insulted and harassed for being different, like you currently are, except I never robbed or try to rob money from people.

Fortunately, Kristina is being made to compensate the victims. Thank God, for this senseless crime that she has to shoulder herself because she is the pretty Russian girl out of the bunch. This is like that Munoz idiot singling me out for my disability on Board Game Geek. The same type of idiots are at work here, Kristina. Just remember, I will defend you no matter what.

For the sake of everything that is holy, pray for Kristina Svechinskaya. Pray that she will never suffer anymore sensationalistic yellow tabloid journalism. Pray that Kristina can live her life out in peace, without being singled out as a criminal every day of the week. She is no criminal. She was sucked into that whole mess and promised easy money. She had no idea what the hell she was doing. They teach computer knowledge to kids in Russian that would be like Sci-Fi “She blinded me with Science” type stuff, like all the movies out there. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya, you are not alone. Kristina, I pray that you will never be thrown away. Pray for her! Forgive her for her sins.  Hate the sin, love the sinner. One of the great teachins of Christianity.  Anyway, Kristina, I pray for you and hope that you will never be convicted and that the bullshit being written about you on the internet will cease. The lie factory known as this article on Wikipedia is enough to make you really sick. She was never convicted of it. She was released on bail and the guy that really did the crime was put in prison, like he should have been. She did not get involved with 9 people. There were 9x that many in the crime. Kristina was hired not to plant the Trojan in the system. She never did that, someone else did.  Kristina had no idea what the fuck she was doing when she did it. Her associations with criminals just to survive being poor. The girl wasn’t exactly poor if she could come to America! She was singled out because she was the pretty female in the group out of all of them and Wikipedia pimps this sensationalistic yellow journalism about her being the hacker responsible, when in fact she wasn’t. She did not hack that computers. She was talking into doing this crime by bad people who were the real people convicted of the crime.

I command that everyone watch the Poirot episode about the Russian embassy woman. because Kristina is basically like her, with the sensationalistic yellow journalism about her being the murderer, like Kristina is the hacker. This will never happen.  I feel that Kristina is innocent. It does not mean anything. Kristina is innocent of the crime, yet Wikipedia blames her for it all, even though she did not initiate it. She was just a small part of it that had no real role in it.

The real perpetrators of the crime are in prison. As for the falsified passports, well did she really do that, or was she “instructed” to do that by the idiots in charge of this despicable crime?  I have a feeling that Kristina was held up at gunpoint. She was lured into this whole bullshit by our stupid promotion of the gangsta illegal criminal country in the United States that churns out this bullshit hip-hop music.  I know that you assholes will call me “racist” for saying anything about it, as you label anyone that dislikes you bullshit and disgusting trash art called rap and hip-hop. Lured by the promise of the thug life and easy money, she did it all. Kristina is a bright girl who should never go to jail. Kristina was released from prison.

Still sordidly being singled out by being the “Sexiest hacker alive” or whatever bullshit that the yellow journalism media writes about her.  Kristina is being singled out because she is a pretty Russian girl in the media looking for Russian stereotypes for the stupid MTV watching nerd idiots to jack off to to sell headlines for a sexist stereotype of the dangerous Russian girl. Her occupation is more honorable than a money mule. She is more honorable than that. She has done anything wrong since then. She has been deterred from doing anything about her. I was singled out and insulted in this way on the internet about my Asperger’s disability, by some idiot like Greg Munoz and the asshole on HGD that insulted that suffix at the end of your name and constantly tormented me over it for several months, when he would not accept ideas that disagreed with his own and all that shit of proving that he’s morally superior to everyone else, when in fact he’s a big stupid dumbass jerk that lacks personal self-esteem that thinks that anyone oho disagrees with them are total idiots.

Believe me Kristina, I know what it’s like to be singled out and insulted by idiots on the internet, except you did far worse than I did. I am NOT defending her actions or anything like that. That is reprehensible and wrong, but hey Obama defends the Muslim Brotherhood. Kristina is going on her life as usual, carrying the whole shame of this whole terrible affair on her shoulders, insulted by the Greg Munoz type jackasses on the internet because of her being a Russian girl and the only pretty girl in the whole outfit, to promote the yellow journalismm like Mary Surratt was the only woman in the Lincoln Plot. Don’t listen to them Kristina, they are no better than that Greg Munoz creep on board game geek.
There should be a Facebook group called “Let’s not pick on Slavic People!”  for Kristina. Kristina is innocent, but not completely guilty.  I fear that the rumor mongers on the internet will made her guilty for the rest of her life. They edit and write Wikipedia, so there

Wikipedia is all lies and bullshit. Never use it as a primary research source. Even their disclaimers say that. This whole thing dfeels like the whole big internet thing, except many times larger with the -skaya suffix that stupid fool did on Harris Game Design for months, except that Kristina is the girl with this very suffix is being repeatedly trashed and harassed on the internet because she is a pretty Russian girl by these Imperious leader and Greg Munoz type idiots that write Wikipedia and all that. You are like the whole internet version of my problems, Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya.

Kristina, I see a little bit of my tormented self in her, when is insulted with these lurid headlines and Wikipedia article about her that destroys her. I see myself in her with that very suffix that little cocksucker on Harris Game Design tormented me over, only Kristina with that very suffix is being tormented and trashed on the internet, like I once was, only I was never accused of robbing anybody, although they could accuse me of doing that. They’ve accused me of all kinds of evil stuff just to discredit and destroy me on there.

Kristina, you can still save yourself from being thrown away for years on end. Kristina, pick your friends carefully. You will suffer in life. I used to associate with people in my school, that were criminals, people that stole CDs from Wal-Mart, EXCEPT I KNEW NOT to do any of that shit, because I would get in the same trouble you would get into and have my reputation and life destroyed. I know what it means to be lumped in with these fools. Except, I never stole millions of dollars, or was accused of doing something like that.

If only there was a Chris Crocker guy that could say “LEAVE KRISTINA ALONE!” Never mind, your unfortunate reputation, Kristina. Just go on with your life.  I believe that she can be reformed of her sins and be a good person, and shed off the hip-hop easy money gangsta bullshit that motivated her to do this. WE REAL AMERICANS, do not steal from others because some stupid crap music makes it okay to do so, WHICH IT IS NOT.  Remember Kristina, you are not alone.  I will protect you.

I am NOT WRONG and NOT RIGHT about this, I do know however that Kristina is innocent, but not completely guilty of the crime either. Remember that everyone, and destroy the bullshit about her on the internet, miss Kristina Svechinksaya.  Remember, Kristina I will protect you.

That idiot of over at the Young Turks is fawning over being a Russian hacker, becuse it’s another Russian “Natasha’ girl for him to steal and marry. That Cenk Uygur idiot and his promotion of the Fascist Young Turks organization that did the Armenian Genocide, which he denies. That little bastard and his yellow journalism, he is a self-righteous jackass like the rest of the self-righteous media that writes these pieces of yellow journalism about poor Kristina.

The media that made her instantly guilty like the media in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  Wikipedia profiles her like a common criminal. She is not and was not completely guilty of the crime in question. The real people that did the crime are all in jail like they should be. She was not the person that conspired to commiit the crime. The guy that did is in prison. The guy that planned the whole mafia enterprise is in jail that stole the media. Kristina did not steal all that money. It was distributed among them by the evil thieving bastards that did it.  They are the real criminals, not Kristina who was stupidly singled out by the media in one of the worst cases of yellow journalism that I have seen in my life. This is a tried and true example and a really bad one and to me a real case of yellow journalism right here.

Anyone sick of the yellow journalism relating to Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya? I sure as hell am! I sort of see myself the kid tormented on these board game sites by these fools because of the suffix in her name and singled out and insulted by fools on the internet because I did something wrong like disagree with them about ideas, that’s not the same, what’s the analogy here is that she is being singled out and insulted for being a criminal, when in fact she barely fits the archetype of being one.  Being insulted like I once was, with the lurid BS, except nothing like she gets, but the basic gist or idea of it is the idea of being hunted down all over the internet  and having lies written about me by total and complete morons with the internet, that’s how I can relate somewhat to Kristina Svechinskaya and being insulted about the suffix at the end of her name for months and months on end, by some complete jackass on a game forum. Kristina, I know how it hurts.  I feel the warm blood of the Polish blood flow through me.

I was singled out and tormented for months because of that -skaya suffix like you are currently being attacked for your unfortunate reputation, by the same assholes on the internet that think like those clowns do on the internet.  I’m sure those idiots would write the same sordid bullshit about me if I got involved in some horrible mess like this, Kristina.

Dear Kristina,

I feel very sorry for you. Kristina prostite menya. Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya, I hope that everything will be okay and that the Lord will guide you toward the right path of goodness and forgiveth ye of your sins.  Thank God, you’re not in any worse trouble than you already are in.  I promise to sincerely defend you until death if necessary. I am sorry about what you’re going through, I knew what it felt like when I was a kid back in 2005 with Amanda Kimmy.  I know what it’s like Kristina. The world prays for you, dear Kristina.  Thank you.

Stop the sexism, lies, and yellow journalism about Kristina Svechinskaya!! Today! I’m sick of the yellow journalism and that’s that.  Thank you very much everyone.  Thank you.  I will now post it.  Hvala dragi ljudi! HVALA! HVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALA! Thank you. Spasibo. Goodbye.

It’s not bullshit, it’s just how I feel about it.

Kristina was released. She wrote on her page that she was not going to jail.  So, that should tell you something. That she is not guilty. Her primary occupation is not a money mule hacker. Her primary occupation is as a student at NYU. This bullshit will never stop will it?


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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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2 Responses to Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya and the BS about her

    • Justin Royek says:

      Yes! I think that this whole overblown crap in the media about Maria Butina and Kristina Svechinskaya and Anna Chapman is rather stupid! At least I can agree with John Bosnitch about the deep state media declaring “open season” on all things and persons Russian.

      I think that we should not be hostile towards the Russians, but hostile only towards those dickheads who support and follow Putin, Lenin, or Stalin!

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