Give back Poland’s Stolen Eastern Territories!

This is an appeal to the Polish nation that lost 1/2 of its eastern territories known in Polish as the Kresy, to the Soviet Union and their blatant act of aggression along with Nazi Germany that invaded Poland in 1939.  Their illegitimate and illegal annexation of Poland’s eastern territories and the Soviet apologists that write material and edit Wikipedia that censor this truth because of chauvinistic nationalism, that does not agree with the far-left politically-correct Marxists that run academia and their hatred of traditional Eastern European nationalism that gives these people an identity that they hate because the people love their identities and are not a bunch of self-hating morons that run down patriotism and call it “social commentary” or whatever, like the people in California, whose brains have been baked for far too long out in the sun.

The Polish eastern territories were stolen by the Soviet Union in 1939. Wikipedia can label it irredentism or whatever label it wants to, the making a mountain out of a molehill effect that Wikipedia demonstrates with going stratospheric about “irredentist claims” list and saying that it is a threat to world peace. I am sick of Wikipedia and its lists of hate groups by SPLC, (Like anyone really cares and shills for the SPLC.) and list of irredentist claims and the making a problem out of people that wants their stolen land back that belongs to them and saying it’s theirs is a statement most people would ignore, nor not care about.

But this is legitimate because those Eastern territories were legitimately part of Poland and were recognized as such. Wikipedia treats the Polish Government in Exile as unrecognized that no one listened to, but treats the illegitimate communist puppet “government” appointed b y the Soviet Union as “legitimate” and people recognizing it, even though no one in the West did recognize the illegitimate Communist puppet governments in the Eastern Bloc and recognized it as Soviet imperialism, which it was.

No one recognized the “Poland” that the commies took over in 1945 and made unrecognizable and vandalized the Polish eagle by removing the “hated bourgeois symbol” that the crown represented of the old monarchy that people liked and the patriotism and devotion to a nation that the communists absolutely hated because it was them, thet commies and their hatred of patriotic values of the Polish nation and it was a symbol of the Polish nation, which Russia always hated so much, the independent Poland that rose from the dead in 1918 and was quashed in 1939, by the two totalitarian dictatorships, though Poland was ruled by a military dictator named Symgly Ridz. Poland did not stand a chance against the Soviets and Nazis.

Poland proved that the two systems, Communism and Fascism are the same type of evil. The far-left commie apologists at the liberal intellectuals so called can ridicule this as much as they want to, because it does not agree with how their little world of devotion to the nation and people is the ultimate evil to them. I digress.

The Polish nation in 1939 legitimately won those eastern territories after the war against Bolshevik Russia that stopped them dead cold and prevented Europe from being communist.

Instead, Russia writes anti-Polish hate propaganda proclaiming that the Poles are oppressing the Belorussians and Ukrainians in these eastern territories belonging to Poland and proclaims that they are going to “liberate” (codeword for ENSLAVE them into the Soviet Union.) them from their “oppressive Polish rulers.” Which was a bunch of crap and everyone knew it.  National Geographic maps from the period in 1944, map of the Soviet Union,

I hope someday that the United States and United Kingdom will apologize for sacrificing Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, these nations to the Soviet Union. It was a blatantly disgusting act of convienience to appease the Soviet Union, a fake ally to begin with against the Nazis, that was a fake alliance that had no real substance, other than the fact that it was tying down the Nazis.  I can see the alliance against the Nazis, but sacrificing Poland to Soviet aggression and forcing it to recognize the theft and illegitimate annexations of its eastern territories to the Soviet Union was unconscionable.

That land was Polish. If Serbia can have Kosovo and have a UN to defend its right to Kosovo and Israel can be returned to its 1967 borders, then why can’t Poland have the eastern territories that were

But this would be labeled chauvinism, extreme nationalism, ultranationalism, Bosnia comparisons (uncalled for when the Soviets were doing the ethnic cleansing of Poles in the eastern territories and persecuting them.) and all that shit by the Western Press because they all recognize Russia, because it’s a “big power” rather than Poland and they hate people that rightly love their nations and peoples and the real nation states and their rights to exist and all that. I do not know for sure and the far-left and right wing over in the west hate people (except the Chicanos in the Southwest that want to steal American land rightfully gained from Mexico, and Mexico VOLUNTARILY capitulated to the United States, unlike Poland, which was FORCED by an illegitimate “treaty” to surrender land that rightfully belonged to Poland.

Wikipedia can label it “nationalist propaganda” or whatever, but Wikipedia is a rag, an irrelevant mob of non-experts that cobble together poorly-written articles then present them as scholarly and present their “version” of facts and interpreations of history like the one I presents BASED ON ACTUAL FACTS as negationism, illegitimate revisionsim to support the illegitimate Russian revisionist historical propaganda that it was “liberating” the “oppressed peoples” in Poland’s eastern territories.  If there was a UN, it would have recognized the Eastern Polish territories as belonging to Poland. The American people did not recognize the illegal annexation and act of aggression against Poland by the Soviet Union. Poland had that land and that land should be given back to Poland. Poland should have Wilno, Lwow, Volhynia, and all those eastern territories stolen from it and the German and Soviet-sanctioned acts of violence against Polish citizens in these territories and the forced expulsion of Polish citizens and imprisonment of many in Siberia by the Soviets was horrible to say the least. The Soviets cobbled together a fake “Polish Army” that was really a puppet of Soviet interests, unlike the one in the west under British command, which was MORE legitimate and people actually VOLUNTEERED to fight in it and actually represented Poland better than the Soviet Army in the East under Soviet command. The Polish Army in Exile under British command, was much better than the one under Soviet command that was an illegitimate army that was a puppet to serve commie interests of making Poland a Soviet puppet state.

The British one represented the will of Poland better than the fake Soviet one, which Wikipedia treats the Polish volunteer armies with contempt by those who hate Poland and other eastern European nations, as small and insignificant, even though the Poles helped the British RAF serving in the RAF under British command, to win the Battle of Britain and prevented them from suffering the same fate as their homeland. They escaped to fight another day to fight for a cause they believed in against impossible odds and that takes courage.

There were many foreign soldiers that fought on both sides. The Croats fought under German command after

Sadly, Wikipedia wrongly penalizes people for fighting on the wrong side during the war because they fought for the Nazis, even though not all participated in the Holocaust, and many were FORCED AND CONSCRIPTED to fight for the Germans and the volunteers that collaborated with the Germans because they hated Communism and COmmunist Russia, which Wikipedia shills for, and fought because the commies were the greater of the two evils in their minds. Well, I’m not apologizing for Hitler and his Nazis or his crimes, I am NOT David Irving. I think that David Irving is a disgusting human being and a pseudo-historian for his denial of the obvious crimes of the Holocaust, I am just saying, and I am not an overly-emotional antifa radical activist that writes those articles also and I do not maliciously label people because they fought on the wrong side, which was simply wrong in my opinion. Communism and Nazism are disgusting ideologies and Wikipedia’s promotion of the former and the Antifa self-haters of patriotism and devotion to country and their sickening self-hatred that sadly is a part of modern Europe, who accuses anyone of not sharing their views as a Nazi.

I am not looking for the next Anders Behring Breivik or any nutcase like that. What Breivik did was wrong. Any copycats thinking that they are gonna do something evil because of what I write had better watch out, because I do not take responsibility for any actions that take place because they are not my fault, and I cannot control how other people think and act and the whole liberal godlike omnipotent total responsibility bullshit that they place on “others” that they don’t like, then excuse acts by sick individuals that do acts based on their crap they write, shows the blatant hypocrisy of such people that want to use this moral responsibility bullshit to shut me up, saying that it will inspire some terrorist idiot, is simply NOT TRUE and I cannot control what other people, I am NOT GOD, but they think that THEY ARE and their godlike Holier-than-thou attitude disgusts me.

I will furiously ban such people and I will rat them out to the police in a hurry. I do not tolerate such people that incite acts of violence because of what I write and the unreasonable bullshit of godlike responsibility placed upon me by the holier-than-thou :”intellectuals” that think that my work incites bad things are totally wrong, but the crap that they write that calls people to do bad thins that THEY LIKE IS ENCOURAGED by the media and even copied worldwide. Che Guevara wanted people to copy his guerrilla warfare manual, and they do, even though he was a poor guerrilla fighter, nothing like Draza Mihailovic, who kicks Che’s ass any day.

The Wikipedia article treats the Polish Forces in Exile in the West with contempt, even though they were devoted and loyal soldiers that fought for a cause that THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVED IN, unlike the commie conscripts that the Soviets cobbled together.

UN 1244 recognizes Kosovo, but the idea of holding on to sacred lands and nation states and real patriotism that these people mock and deride for people wishing to hold on to their sacred lands.

How’s that for being “unrecognized” and people condemned the Soviet and Nazi aggression against Poland. Poland really a puppet of the Soviet Union that gave up these eastern lands at gunpoint and were coerced into doing it and the apologist bullshit on Wikipedia justifying the ethnic cleansing of Poles in eastern Poland, saying it “stabilized” the situation, which is total bullshit because that’s like saying that Europe is better off without the Jews because of Hitler and a disgusting anti-Polish slur by the writer of the Wikipedia article.

call me chauvinist, (which I am NOT, I am merely stating historical fact.) or a Nazi, which is disgusting, like calling Israel Nazis for defending themselves against Palestinians, when the Nazis were the evil entity that took over Poland.

Ah yes, the antifa crowd and their hatred of people devoted to their nation and people and patriotism which they callously label as “fascism” and then beat up their sworn fellow street thug enemies, the Neo-Nazis. Antifa is an extremist group pure and simple and should be thought of as such.

I ask that people ask for the Eastern Poland territories to be given back to Poland where they rightfully belong. These lands rightfully belong to Poland and were stolen in a blatant act of aggression by the Soviet Union in 1939! Petition the Polish government to have that land given back to Poland, and properly compensate for Poland, though I do feel bad for Ukraine having to surrender half their country and Lithuania to surrender Vilnius their capital and move it back to Kaunas. Kaunas was the real capital of Lithuania.  Give us back Eastern Poland! I want to have the Kresy territories handed back to Poland! They should be Polish again, because they rightfully belong to Poland, like Bessarabia belongs to Romania, the usurped territory known as Moldova.

The Russian usurpers shall pay for stealing this land that belongs to Poland> Wikipedia can label it “fringe theory” or whatever bullshit labels that they give for it, for promoting the “fringe theory” which it IS NOT of that land rightfully belonging to Poland and being stolen from Poland, which IS NOT a theory and nationalist theories are not wrong, its just wrong when people think differently from Wikipedia’s line of thought on subjects and they pejoratively label something “fringe theory” just to sound good. This is NOT fringe theory, this is not a fringe belief, it is the belief of the majority of Poles that lived in the eastern lands stolen by Soviet Union in 1939 and illegally annexed into the Soviet Union in 1940.

My final appeal.

  1. Kresy jest Polskim! Kresy jest Polski! Kresy jest Polski! Kresy jest Polski! Kosowo jest Serbia!  Wilno jest Polsko i Lwow jest Polski.  Lwow jest Polskim miastom.  Lwow nie jest w Ukrainę, a we Polskę.  Lvov is in Ukraine, legitimately ANYWAY on a REAL MAP, but LWOW (LVOV) is REALLY POLISH AND BELONGS TO US. GIVE US BACK LVOV AND WILNO!
  2. These lands are POLISH LANDS stolen by the USSR in 1939.
  3. They were recognized as being part of Poland by period National Geographic Maps and recognized by the Western Powers.
  4. They were illegally annexed by the USSR in 1940 and the horrific Katyn Massacre is every bit as bad if not worse than the massacre at Srebrenica in Bosnia in 1995, except 50 years apart. The Yugoslav communists sure learned well from their Soviet friends how to cleanse peoples, that’s for sure! Ethnic cleansing is a cultural tradition in Yugoslavia, it’s their #1 export, ethnic cleansing and all the suffering and misery that goes along with it, Serb, Muslim, and Croat. They all do it, don’t let them tell you any different. Or the one faction denying its crimes to make it look good against the other to fuel their bitterness that these people in the Balkans, these nationalists have.  I’m just kidding about the ethnic cleansing being Yugoslavia’s #1 export. That was a joke!
  5. Balkans peoples are not all violent ethnic cleansers, even though A FEW OF THEM ARE. Please do not characterize the whole race people based on the actions of a few individuals. that’s racist and ignorant and extremely wrong, Bill Clinton’s racism against the Serbs was truly disgusting and the jingoist foreign policy of Bush and Clinton and their “humanitarian wars” is causing our nation great harm. We can’t help and police the entire world with this jingoist crap, and we know it. Do not listen to the jingoist news media, Fox News, CNN, the lot.
  6. Poland was the rightful owner of that land stolen in 1939. A theft by a shoplifter does not count as a legitimate purchase.  Neither should the blatant territorial theft be recognized as such, by the disreputable blog posing as an encyclopedia called Wikipedia, which is a bird feed opinion page, lining the birdcage with crap, rather than a real encyclopedia. I ask that anyone who bought Books LLC from Wikipedia material burn that illegitimate and banal “reference material” of stolen illegitimate and unencyclopedic Wikipedia material.
  7. Give us back the land stolen from us in 1939 today, so that history and justice can be done for this blatant act of aggression against Poland in 1939.  May justice be done to Russia and make it pay for its crimes against humanity during the Communist times and its pay for its theft of lands stolen from legitimate nation states that legitimately belonged to Poland and Romania and were annexed to Ukraine, Lithuania, and Belarus and made a “part” of their puppet state republics, directly governed by Moscow, reality semi-independent republics with no say in their daily affairs and governed by Moscow. The truth that Wikipedia cannot handle from its commie apologist editors and its commie Soviet shills is that the Ukrainians were happier under Polish rule than Soviet rule, because the Poles were more fair and less harsh and more reasonable that the Soviets were and to this day,  western Ukraine refuses to celebrate Russia’s sham “liberation” and sham pissing contest war of two brutal despot dictators that BOTH did harm and evil to them.  Western Ukraine
  8. Wikipedia calls films like the Edvins Snore movie against communism as “propaganda films” because it bashed and destroys the Soviet Union that these far-left commie apologists assholes love so much that caused death and suffering to millions of people in Eastern Europe.

About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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7 Responses to Give back Poland’s Stolen Eastern Territories!

  1. ANOUSKIE says:

    Great article! Unfortunately, Poland was always treated like nothing even though we helped and still help those ‘big’ countries and get nothing in return. It’s pissing me off we mean so less for everyone while we have done so much for others. Of course, eastern lands belongs to us, but getting them back will just cause next fights and wars and I think it’s not needed anymore. What should have be done is saying truth. I’m really tired of hearing we killed Jews. Half of Poland was Jewish. Why would we kill each other? I heard that in UK, Germany or USA kids in school are taught lies. Simple lies. I just want world to know the truth and know who real killers are. I want Poles to finally be treated fair. We deserve this after all those years. First 123 years of disappearing from maps, then two World Wars which destroyed almost all the country. What world owes us is saying the truth and I hope it will happen soon.

    • We do okay. At least there’s a museum in Great Britain dedicated to the Polish Forces, Britain widely recognizes the Polish 303 Squadron in a TV documentary on the subject. Poland is a member of NATO. Yes, that is true that kids are taught lies in school that aren’t true about Poland. The world pretty much knows that the Nazis and the Soviets are the real killers, except that the Soviets aren’t recognized for their role as much as the Nazis are. To say anything about that, ironically, gets you called a “Nazi.” anyway. I recommend He is a real expert on the subject and seeks to reverse the double standard about denial of Communist atrocities and feels that they should deserve the same contempt as the Nazi ones. Rightly so I might add. I am tired of hearing that crap about Poland killing Jews. It is not completely true. I hope that we are treated fairly. I am of Polish descent and I know how much it hurts when someone like Schlussel unloads on us like that. Poland unfortunately, is overlooked in favor of Russia. Poland’s contribution was welcomed in Iraq for example. The Polish forces are starting to gain recognition for their efforts, thanks to people like historian Steven Zaloga, Norman Davies, Martin Gilbert, and others that finally recognize Poland. TV documentaries in the United States talk of the Polish codebreakers that cracked the Enigma machine, which helped the Allies win the war. We are still are not recognized unfortunately of the Soviet aggression that took place against Poland. We are treated badly by the West when Obama abadoned us. At least Bush cared somewhat. We are shunned as ignorant and stupid people by the media and forgotten, even though Copernicus discovered that the earth revolved around the sun. Tadeusz Kosciusko and Casimir Pulaski are recognized for the American Revolution. It’s not as bad as you think.

      There was a Nazi campaign to annihilate the Polish Gentile race. That’s a proven fact that’s been researched. Nazi Crimes against Ethnic Poles Wikipedia article. Yes, Jews were in the Polish Armed Forces and contributed to Polish Society. Then, there’s the commie views that they along with the Belorussians and Ukrainians were “oppressed” by the “Bourgeois” Poles. All the racist propaganda by the Soviet Union against Poland was fed to the Soviet masses to demonize the Poles to justify their “liberation” (READ theft) of Polish lands which they gave to the “liberated” Ukrainians and Belorussians. Sadly, Wikipedia labels this as “Polish chauvinist propaganda or ultranationalist propaganda or whatever like that.” when in fact THAT LAND WAS WIDELY RECOGNIZED as belonging to Poland and Polish propaganda because it does not agree with the Pro-Soviet bias on there. That is alarming. Wikipedia is a free-for-all encyclopedia where the truth is contested and treated as a pissing contest, rather than an intellectually-stimulating encyclopedia like Britannica is. It is NOT Polish propaganda, it is the truth that they stole Kresy from us. Sad thing is, few in the West know that. In the Axis & Allies board games, Eastern Poland is depicted as being stolen by the Soviets. It’s a syndicated board game series from Hasbro. Most people in the West DID NOT accept the illegitimate Soviet-installed Communist government in Poland or the other commie governments in Eastern Europe. Ah how Sabrina Rahmet decries the “rise of nationalism and extreme right (Read Commie code word for devoted patriotic idealist people that are devoted to their nation and sick of the commies.) rising there. The little commie regimes that little woman loves so much. There are so many Pro-Soviet “academic” far-left Marxist historians in the West, it’s disturbing. The history of Poland is badly distorted when the far-left makes comments that say “God did not destroy the Communists in Poland” Faith in the church and God destroyed the Commies. God destroyed them. Of course, these people hate anything to do with Poland’s rich religious traditions or religion itself. Lech Walesa was a brave men. Poland destroyed the Soviet Union through Lech Walesa. He is a brave man. Sad thing that people do not recognize Poland and treat it badly. Fortunately, may people in the West are seeking to change that and reverse that trend and make Poland recognized for the brave little country that it is that did so much for the West. Fortunately, many people of Polish descent are changing that image for the better, thanks to lobbying efforts and other things like that. I DO NOT believe any of that Commie propaganda anyway. I realize that there ARE other sources than Wikipedia.

      It helps to know that. I do not think that there will be wars over the eastern lands. There is a peaceful solution to the problem without resorting to war. It’s called diplomacy with the United Nations and European Union. (EU) We’re gonna have to negotiate with Belarus and Ukraine over it to write this historical wrong, to rectify the injustice brought onto Poland by the Soviet Union. The eastern lands DO belong to us. Getting them back will require alot of diplomacy. I do not think that Belarus or Ukraine would give up half their countries to Poland willingly, or Lithuania giving up its capital of Vilnius. It just won’t happen easily. It can happen. It just takes some effort. Who cares if people ridicule us or if Wikipedia ridicules us? Because IT IS OUR LAND back. What if Britain invaded the USA and stole the 13 colonies from us? Do you think that we’d take it? Of course not! Why should Poland except this illegal seize of its eastern lands? We won’t. And like it or not, past injustices HAVE to be rectified and wrongs written and it’s our history that is stolen from us by the Russians. Who cares if the idiots on Wikipedia ridicule us? They’re just idiots and that’s that. Historical truths and justices are never ridiculed by real people, and they’re fake as hell. We’ll get the Kresy back someday. Who knows, Romania will get back Moldova (Bessarabia) and reunite it.

      Finland will get its land back that was stolen from it by the Soviets under the guise of “Protecting Leningrad.” You see, MLK once said that all roads lead to justice. Let’s hope so for Poland.
      Niech żyje Polska!

  2. ANOUSKIE says:

    I haven’t said that no one knows the truth. Of course some people do. You say you are of polish descent so obviously you know what really happened, but what about those who are not? Like Schlussel. There are a lot of idiots like this and other idiots who believe her. I have read what she wrote and she seemed very sure about it. Why would she be so sure? Probably this is what schools teach or books in USA write. This is sad and funny at the same time. I can’t believe there are people who can be brainwashed that easy.

    You said there won’t be wars over ‘our’ eastern lands, but I don’t think Ukrainian, Belarusian and Luithuanian nations would agree for that. Especially the last one, They hate us I’m not even sure why. And on the other side, if we get back what was stolen from us then we will need to give back western lands which were given to us. Will we agree for that? I doubt. We would need to sacrifice those lands and I personally don’t want them to go back to Germany. All my family lives there and comes from there. Then what, it would make me german of origin?

    The only thing we, Poland, need is truth spread all over the world. End lies, which people easily believe and then, like Miss Schlussel, spread around. The worst thing is she really believed them.
    I think even Obama said something wrong about our history as well, but I can’t remember what was that. President of United States of America doesn’t know the truth? Something is wrong here.

    Let’s say, we have got our lands back. Then Finland, Romania and God knows who else, will want their lands too. This won’t be peaceful at all. It will make a war in Europe. Maybe not war as WWII, but still a war.

  3. angus says:

    germany annexed poland due to the heavy concentration of german citizens living there, who originally lived in Prussia until Germany’s defeat in ww1, who in turn were treated as 2nd and 3rd rate citizens, starving and jobless etc.
    persection of the jews was wrong, but the annexation was in favour of liberating german people from the mentioned military dictator of poland. It was probably the same in Eastern Poland tbh. I dont know much about Ukrainian history, but judging from other examples I’d say Poland probably ‘stole’ land during the winter war and russian revolutions etc.
    correct me if i am wrong (about east poland)

    • Justin Royek says:

      No one was perfect! No one was is a perfect angel in Eastern Europe! Well, the Russian Empire collapsed after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and what territories that they COULD control amalgamated into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR, aka Soviet Union). And THAT was what was left after the Tsars were thrown out and replaced with 75 years of various commie despots. But, oh no! This is “false history” to those pro-Kremlin clowns! Finland split off and said (in Finnish) “SEE YOU GUYS LATER!” and Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia did the same exact thing and Romania just took Bessarabia, after the Russian Empire collapsed. Many nations formed out of what lands they managed to amalgamate after the Russian, Ottoman, German, and Austro-Hungarian Empires had all collapsed. These empires were hated, like the so-called “democratic” French and British Empires!

      Nicholas II was killed, along with his immediate family in Yekaterinburg in 1918. He was gone! Centuries of Russian despotism were gone! Do you realize how much of a vacuum that the collapse that these empires left after they were gone and had been carved up?

      Of course, people like Zhanna Bichevskaya excuses the Tsarist atrocities, while denouncing the commies in her folk songs that she created LONG after the Soviet Union had collapsed! Zhanna is a monarchist and no Russian system has been perfect. When will Russia throw off over a 1000+ years of being ruled by various despots?

      When will people in Russia realize what’s going around them? People over in Russia think that Western Pennsylvania and the whole Northeast USA is heaven to them! After what people have shown me in pictures about Russia and what various Western folks have seen with their own eyes, no wonder!

      They also go to California and Oregon, as well. You should listen to the song “We are Russians” by Zhanna Bichevskaya. In that song, she talks about Communist misdeeds and mentions the hammer and sickle (the commie symbol) by name and what it did to people, but she does not mention a single word about centuries of Tsarist despotism! You won’t see her, doing that, either!

      I’d rather have Toby Keith make country songs about kicking the asses of terrorists who murdered thousands of Americans in cold blood on 9/11. But America is evil, right?

      He’s just a “dumb redneck” and so am I, right? Another dumb white honky! It’s just so easy for those little racists to associate us with the REAL racists in the white sheets, isn’t it? Who needs the KKK? Who needs Black Lives Matter? Who needs the Nation of Islam? At least SPLC has been called out on their anti-white bigotry many times and they HAD to admit that there was anti-white racism and they tried to conveniently excuse it as being “revenge” for centuries of discrimination by whites. NO ONE is disputing the centuries of discrimination by whites. Whites and others helped to make our country better by making official discrimination and stuff illegal, but it did not go away. There was also white-on-white discrimination in the USA. People forget that the Italians were not thought of as whites, either. Same with the Jews! Of course, the white supremacists still say that about the Jews! The Jews are not the main source of evil. The sad thing is that we have had to watch centuries of Islamic bigotry against non-Muslims by various Islamic despots since 632 AD! Of course, the Christians were no angels, either. I’m glad that we in Europe evolved beyond medieval barbarity and the folks in the Islamic world HAVE NOT! We’re still fighting over who did what to whom 10 CENTURIES AGO! 10 CENTURIES AGO! Of course, the Muslims love to bitch about the Crusades, while launching their own odious crusade to create a global Islamic caliphate! That’s a “conspiracy theory” right? Let’s just hold their hands and pretend that everything is well with these folks! Everyone who wants to make people’s lives better in the Islamic countries and make people ACTUALLY respect their fellow man, are branded as “Zionists” and “Crusaders” and “Infidels” by these folks. Human rights? Human rights don’t exist to these clowns and they deflect and blame Israel for all their little problems that they created for their own people over a thousand years! Oh boy! Islamophobia! The stupidity from these folks is incredible! Wikipedia created an “Islamophobia” category. Incredible! We’re “racists” and “bigots” whenever we talk about the numerous well-documented atrocities in the Islamic world! We’re ignorant!

      Which racism is bad? The white sheets or the white turbans? Or whatever dress that the Muslims wear every day!

    • Justin Royek says:

      Well, Russia was pretty much gone and was a non-factor after their whole revolution that was staged by the Bolsheviks, succeeded in overthrowing the Tsar and his family.

      Who was worse? Poland’s dictator or Germany’s? This is like, well, the lesser of 2 evils.
      Well, many Slavs were treated much the same way by Germany over many centuries, but that doesn’t justify maltreatment by Poland against these people.

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