Debbie Schlussel Deserves It! From Poland with Love, BITCH!


This little page article defending Debbie Schlussel’s bashing of the whole Polish people as Nazis and labeling them


Of course when it comes to the Jews, of course they label anyone anti-Semitic that dares to criticize their hateful tirades and resort to the crude tactic of calling people “Anti-Semitic” that dare to criticize them about their little high horse and self-righteous hypocrisy when it comes to the Holocaust. This article defends this vile little bigot. I think that she deserves all that “Anti-Semitic” hate speech for all the insulting comments that she has written about the Polish people. Oh how you Jews that defend her try to shut us up with anti-Semitism when the facts do not agree with your agenda. How you people suddenly cry victim when you’re the ones being bashed in this way.  I think you deserve your Anti-Semitic victimhood crap being demolished behind your victimhood when you cry bigotry when Polish people bash you morons in much the same way.  I think the Jewish penis with a hat on, dickhead joke was more than appropriate for that woman. You can label it as Anti-Semitic and make us out to all be “Jew-haters” BUT YOU WILL NEVER succeed in slandering the Polish nation THAT MY ANCESTORS WERE PROUD! My family were all called “Nazis” by this vile hate-spewing bigot. It’s only “hate spewing” when it’s against you people. You Jewish people always hide behind your little wall of privilege when you attack other people on your high horse of being Anti-Semitic and being Nazis when you are the ones being insulted for your hateful slandering of the Polish nation. This libelous article below labels Polish people for being “Anti-Semitic” and crude when responding to her bigoted bullshit about my people. That hides behind the wall of Jewish privilege when you people shoot back with your attacks against us and call us Crude and Ignorant when we insult us right back at you with a taste of your own medicine with your cartoons that you as a crutch to brand the Poles as ignorant when we are attacking you on the same grounds. You use your privilege to use your Jewish heritage to cry victim when things do not go your way and use the anti-Semitism card and your little friends backing you up when people criticize your hypocritical and ignorant KKK like hate agenda against the Republic of Poland. You people are racists and cowards, perpetuating anti_Polish racism to advance your own agenda relating to the Holocaust as a political weapon to advance your conservative agenda of hate against  WE POLES ARE MADE OUT TO BE THE ONES BEING ANTI-SEMITIC and crude, responding to her crude attacks against our nation? This is complete baloney to smear people that are responding to her anti-Polish hate speech and smear the Poles as anti-Semitic, while hiding behind a wall of self-righteousness and using your Jewishness as a means of immunity from criticism. This Jewish immunity from criticism stuff has to stop. I do not care if Wikipedia labels this blog as Anti-Semitism, when she is making racist comments about Poles and Poland to advance Jewish racism and hypocrisy relating to their radical pro-Israel agenda of the ultra-right conservatives. I am not David Duke. I despise people like him. He is no better than Debbie Schlussel. Debbie is the Jewish equivalent of David Duke. That’s all their is to it. Debbie does not deserve immunity and crude tirades defending her tirade against hateful Polish people. She deserves the Hitler photoshop job because she is no better than Hitler and I do not care about her Jewishness being immune. This little princess is not gonna hide behind her little wall of protection she erected to use her Jewish heritage to deflect criticism from her being a Nazi. Poland DID NOT ALL COLLABORATE with the Nazis and we’re tired of being smeared as Nazis. This is disgusting that Debbie uses the Nazi label and her Jewish heritage and that her being Jewish and insulting her heritage is wrong, while insulting the Poles as anti-Semitic and shooting back with cartoons that in my opinion, rightly criticize her for the disgusting racist bigot that she is really is. Congratulations out there to all those that insulted Debbie Schlussel, while people cowardly defend her hateful actions. Schlussel deserved to be insulted and her Jewish heritage is not an excuse to deflect criticism of her hateful right-wing agenda to use the Holocaust label to shut down opponents. Oh how Jews like Schlussel think that they are so special, then cry like a baby when people insult them right behind and smear us all as Nazis. You deserved every bit of it, you old bitter Kahanist hag.  Wikipedia labels “Kahanism” as racism. Which you are perpetrating Jewish racism against Polish people, by using the Holocaust to falsely portray this anti-Polish blood libel against my people as bigots and racists, using the dumb Polak stereotype in this crude tirade written by a far-left person that suddenly goes into overdrive when Jews are insulted, the world must take notice of those evil Polish people. Oh Boo Hoo!  Enough of this bullshit! I’m going to bed!

The biggest racists are the ones that cry racism the most. The biggest anti-Semites are the ones that scream it the most. Debbie is an anti-Semite in Jewish clothing.

More pro-Jewish hypocrisy right here. These Jewish people are hypocrites that criticize everyone else, then cry Anti-Semitism, Holocaust, and Nazism when people criticize them. It is disgusting hypocrisy that they should be specially defended because of their heritage.  Debbie is the Jewish equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. That’s all their is to it. Jews are never racist, you say. This is the same stuff us I AM NO NEO-NAZI!  The US did perpetrate a Holocaust against Native Americans, which inspired Hitler to do his Holocaust against the Jews. True story. We are sick to death of your bullshit!


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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6 Responses to Debbie Schlussel Deserves It! From Poland with Love, BITCH!

  1. ANOUSKIE says:

    Thousands if not millions of Jews were saved by Polish families during war risking their own lives for them. Most of Jews are not even grateful for that, as it seems from your article. Who knows, maybe Miss Schlussel exists because of some polish family who saved her grandparents.

  2. News Review says:

    Debbie Schlussel refuses to explain why most Jews CHOSE to live in Poland for 1000 years despite Poland being accused by Jews like her….of being this terrible “anti-semitic” country. If Poland was as terrtibly anti-semitic as Schlussel accuses…..then Jews have to be the most insane or stupid people to CHOOSE to live in Poland for 1000 years.

    Its looks like Jews will NEVER give credit to Poland for allowing Jews in and giving them opportunities no other nation gave them. That’s because the Jewish attitude of most Jews was “What have you done for us lately”? instead of APPRECIATING they had a place to live an pro-create in the millions……when most other countries rejected them.

  3. Tim says:

    this is the question I’ve yet to get a logical answer on. What makes the jews so special that they get their own personalized term for “racism”. The blacks,Hispanics ,orientals etc. don’t get a special name if people hate them. Far as I’m concerned there is no answer. They do it so they can hog the limelight . You hate a jew,because they’re a jew. It’s racism. You hate a Hispanic because of their race,it’s racism. Jews ain’t better than any other race. They think they are,but they ain’t . Greedy ass pigs. Have some more all you can eat baby back ribs for the jews.

    • Justin Royek says:

      Yes, racism. How come it ain’t “racism” when they hate me because I am a white male? My Spanish is rather poor and I have no way to back myself up and a Hispanic lady named Kassaundra praised how I know more than 10 languages and how am I so bloody smart!

      Racism is racism! It doesn’t matter WHO is doing it! It’s odious! I was talking about that Gregorio Muñoz clown who lives in Cheney, WA, in Spokane County who gave me all kinds of trouble on BoardGameGeek, but I do not hate all Hispanics. A Hispanic named Humberto Dorta, who is a psychiatrist in Meadville talked to me about how these folks are “assholes” and they are at that!

      I have medication problems! Oh Lord!

      The Jews are not all bad, but Debbie and Pamela are rather odious people. I refuse to deal with them. I guess I’m just another “Nazi” that they can categorize me as? Yep, Nazism, those fuckers killed 10 million of my fellow Poles, but that means nothing to them! What about Nazi propaganda and its anti-Polish bigotry? What about Russian propaganda and its odiousness? Putin is just reusing recycled Soviet propaganda from Soviet times and the sad thing is that certain gullible people over in Russia believe it, like it’s Gospel truth! How ironic considering that many of them won’t even acknowledge that there is a God!

      • Tim says:

        How the hell did end up on here? The only blog I follow,is FG’s. They won’t acknowledge there’s a “God”. Kinda like the Hebs. They don’t want to acknowledge his son is our savior. Good luck on that one,when he wants an explanation out of them. I’ll admit,I’ve known some pretty good Jews . My Staff Sargent when I was In Nam,was a Jew from the Bronx. He knew how the game was played over there. First engagement we got into,was with NVA Regulars. I pissed all over myself. He took me to the side after that and showed me how to keep my sorry ass alive. Same with every race. It’s just the liberals that want to stir the pot.

      • Justin Royek says:

        Yes. Very true Tim. I am going to clean up this blog to improve my writing style so that I don’t sound too hostile.

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