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Social Networking Sites and other Issues

This is starting to get really annoying. This whole censorship limitations on and Facebook that are going on throughout the internet. These sites are penalizing people for contacting people that aren’t their friends. This is ridiculous because finding new … Continue reading

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Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya and the BS about her

I was reading on the internet about Kristina on the internet and all those lurid and sensationalistic stories written about her being “the sexiest hacker alive.” The English Wikipedia article written about her is a bunch of lies. I generally … Continue reading

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Trivial Crap News Not Worth Reading

I read the news every day and I read trivial crappy news in Yahoo news about an Olympic athlete saying some remark about some woman being a tramp or saying a “racist” comment or whatever and passing it on as … Continue reading

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Give back Poland’s Stolen Eastern Territories!

This is an appeal to the Polish nation that lost 1/2 of its eastern territories known in Polish as the Kresy, to the Soviet Union and their blatant act of aggression along with Nazi Germany that invaded Poland in 1939.  … Continue reading

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