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The site is a website that chronicles the heroes of mankind and history’s worst tyrants it labels as “killers” However, the site is rather selective in what it calls “heroes” like the oppressor Ho Chi Minh, who murdered thousands of Vietnamese and ruled over a Communist dictatorship that sought to enslave the South Vietnamese people, who lived in an equally bad dictatorship, but were slightly freer that the commie dictatorship up north. This man for some reason, who killed American soldiers is labeled as a hero, along with the bloody commie revolutionary Che Guevara. As, I said people have their opinions on what they like and don’t like.

The site is full of far-left propaganda of the kind found in the Soviet Union. For example, lumping in every US president since FDR from Harry Truman to George Bush in it’s “killer” file, disgustingly lumping American presidents in with some of history’s most genocidal mass murderers. This website should be used with extreme caution, but the site’s material should be counted as historical, it should be counted as far-left propaganda of the worst kind because of its blatant anti-American propaganda in relation to US presidents since FDR, ironically it calls FDR as a hero in its hero file.  It is reprehensible, but understandable that this man of the farthest-left socialists over Australia would label American presidents as brutal mass murderers as anti-American propaganda meant to smear our country’s leaders because they opposed the Communism that this person who wrote the site loves so much. He labels the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings as an act of mass murder, when in fact it saved many lives in the long run, when OTHER nations where bombing whole cities with civilians in them. Wikipedia labels this as an American war crime. Of course, again, citing the worst far-left hateful anti-American propaganda known to man on this earth. The Soviet Union these cretins love so much would not have hesitated to use the atom bomb on the United States, had cooler heads not prevailed over there, a country sick of war because of the horrendous suffering, loss of life, violence, terror, rancorous hatred of the Great Patriotic War a few years before, whose memories were still fresh in the minds of many Russians. A whole nation that devoted everything it had, to destroy its hated sworn enemy of Germany.

Many Russians do not see Stalin in a bad light at all, some see him as a hero, not surprising with all the propaganda put in their heads by the Soviets. Denial of commie atrocities is okay, if not encouraged and practiced by academia, denial of fascist atrocities is not. The far-left gets away with denying Rwanda or the debatable atrocities in Yugoslavia, with people still debating to the extent of atrocities committed over there, on all sides.  The wars in Yugoslavia were directly spawned by World War II and the failure to stamp out the Ustasha movement, that fled to other countries like America, Argentina, and Australia and then reared its ugly head again in the 1990s. The fascist dictators like Tudjman and Milosevic were emblematic of problems not solved during World War II, when the Nedic regime and the Pavelic regime were not crushed to death. The Serbian fascist movement was much smaller, than the deadlier Croatian one was.



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I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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