Noah’s Ark

Wikipedia and its dealing with pseudo sciences is not very good in my opinion, as is the quality of Wikipedia in general.

It is said that investigating Noah’s Ark is pseudo archaeology or pseudoarchaeology. Oh and I suppose investigating whether or not it even exists, the basis of scientific fact to investigate something, is now pseudo archaeology to hunt for Noah’s Ark and label it a myth. Wikipedia and its dealing with the pejorative and false term of pseudohistory and pseudoarchaeology are not very good.
People quote like it’s Shakespeare or Homer’s Greek Mythology. Mythology is a part of our culture. Greek and Roman mythology helped to start modern history, but investigating Noah’s Ark and smearing it with the label of pseudo archaeology is a disservice to modern science because this is being used as a pejorative term to silence debate on Noah’s Ark by agenda-driven anti-religious acadademics and self-appointed “experts” and that is disgareed with by the academic community. They claim to be rational and all that, but they are arrogant and cocky in their own little world where everything has to meet with their approval, or it’s wrong. Academia’s arrogance could not be more telling in their pseudo intellectual world of trying to discredit religion and insult religious people as idiots.

People should believe what they want to believe. Pseudo whatever is a term used by academics to silence debates on subjects like the Bible and Noah’s Ark by pretending this it is pseudo archaeology to investigate Noah’s Ark is NOT pseudoarchaeology because searching for the truth is the basis of all science and using this pejorative term silences debate, appointed by self-righteous self-serving academics who think that they know the truth about history, that they hate debate because it is a self-serving cadre of elitist morons who force people to think inside their little discussion circle. These people are Marxists snug in their own little belief of them being the omnipotent controllers of all the world’s knowledge. Noah’s Ark investigations use real scientific methods, such as carbon dating and the like to prove the truth. Wikipedia is not a good reference source and is filled with anti-religious zealots who wish to destroy religion, using science.

This is JUST as extreme as religious zealotry when applied with Islamic extremism. These atheists and pseudo intellectuals and the pseudo intellectual encyclopedia that Wikipedia represents with the pejorative term of pseudo archaeology. The scientific community seems to regard searching for the truth in the Bible as pseudoarchaeology, which is just plain irrational. Searching for the truth is not pseudo archaeology, but the pseudo intellectual academics will never stop in their zealous quest to destroy religion.
Can they stop their zealous crusade? Anti-religious zealotry is just as bad as religious zealotry.  People should have freedom of religion. Believing that God created the universe is not pseudoscience, but it has been used as a pejorative term to smear religious people as stupid morons who hate science. This is a wrong assessment. The nasty, imperious, and domineering attitude of academia towards people who believe differently than they do is a disgusting affront to debate on the truth and if they said that Mohammed did not receive words from Allah, cries of “Islamophobia” would ring out from the Islamic people.

Their intolerance towards those that disagree with them is an affront to intellectual debate and reason in modern science. Their smug attitudes are a disgusting insult to the arrogance of modern academia. Using the pseudo label is an insult and is passed off like it is a real field. Once again, do not believe Wikipedia or its pseudohistory articles, because they are full of agenda-driven crap.

Graham Hancock is an idiot and those people who distort the truth not accepted by academics are a real problem.

Nazi Aryan race archaeology is DEFINITELY pseudo archaeology because it distorts the truth to suit a Nazi narrative of the false and wrong belief of an Aryan master race that it is NOT true at all. This is pseudo archaeology, most definitely. People who pretend to know everything like academia are idiots and these peddlers of false science. The quacks of false science is pseudoscience, most definitely. It should be discredited, but Wikipedia has agendas against religious people. Religious people who go and prove the truth of the Bible is not pseudo archaeology, but agenda-driven academia would like us to think so because they hate religion and people that disagree with them.

Academia once again likes to use the “pseudo” to smear anything they perceive is illegitimate, instead of something ACTUALLY illegitimate like Nazi archaeology. This is a joke and a failure of modern science.  Quack science is not normal, because we need mistakes and dead ends to prove that something is wrong because if we don’t no what’s wrong, we don’t know what’s right and what isn’t. And academic failure to investigate something like the Ark is an example of arrogance, because people should have a right to believe what they want to believe based on what they believe inside and people call anyone names, but that doesn’t make it right. Islamic pseudohistory is passed off as real history because it is politically correct to do so and shows a double standard in academia.

Quacks needs to performed and we make mistakes so that we can learn from them and realize that dead-end science is science that is false, but necessary because if we do not screw up then how do we know what’s right and wrong? Mistakes need to be made and dead-end science is that, mistakes made by humans proven to be wrong. Labeling it is a pseudoscience is also retarded because making mistakes should not be labeled as wrong and if we beat ourselves up over it, how will we ever learn?

People need to make mistakes for their to be truth to be proven correct to know what’s wrong. Because if we did not have people making mistakes in truth of real science, there would be NO SCIENCE and all scientific debate and the field of science itself would be non-existant and we’d be believing wrong and false scienctific ideas. Without mistakes, we can never learn.  And labeling prevents us from learning the real truth about science. If we continue bickering like this, I’m afraid the field of science will be forever destroyed.

To silence scientific debate is to discredit the field of science. Making mistakes is a part of learning and if we do not investigate science and know what’s wrong and what’s right, we lose science and lose debate. Scientific labeling does not help the field of science and leads to critics discrediting modern science as a biased tool.

If we do not debate issues and call it pseudohistory we lose it forever. Pseudohistory is not SCIENCE and if we do not debate history or historical issues, we lose it forever and have no knowledge of history, presented by distorted and false histories of academia and we lose our history. History and science are meant to be debated. Holocaust denial is definitely false, but pseudohistory is an insulting term passed off as real by the insulting and anti intellectual fraud that is Wikipedia.

Pseudohistory article is an insult to traditional history. History based on nationalism is pseudohistory?  I think not because national identity history has been a part of a nation’s history for over 200 years. Ideologically biased revionist history by the far-left is real history that presents founding fathers as racists and white male privelege. They would be, by today’s standards, but applying today’s standards to old history is just plain wrong and igorant because it fails to take it context other events and social attitudes of the period towards blacks.

If we silence history and revise it to be politically correct, we lose it forever and we have no real knowledge ourselves and political diatribes passed off as history, by the far-left that uses a Marxist history to call our American patriots as extremists, and our patriotic American cause is also wrong to smear World War II fight against the Nazis and the Japanese as racists. The Japanese are presented as divine saviors by this revisionist and false academic history, instead of the brutal barbarians that they were.

In this pseudo-intellectual self-appointed intellectual Oprah type world be live in, history and the sciences have been distorted to sell books to a realty-show generation that is my opinion, a circus.

Wikipedia represents that very world of Oprah self-appointed intellectualism that we live in today, with holier-than-thou intellectuals. If we do not mistakes in science for learning the truth about the sciences in pursuit of truth to have dead end sciences, we never learn the truth. If we didn’t have people making mistakes in science, instead of ridiculous labeling, we wouldn’t have science.  What we know as pseudoscience now, was truth way back when, but labeling by academia silences pursuit of the truth. And THAT is the basis of all science. Without people making mistakes, we’d have no knowledge. Hell, Adam and Eve was a mistake that benefitted humanity when Adam gained the gift of knowledge by the serpent. Labeling it as mythology is an insult to religion. Religion and mythology are two different things. Religion is a set of beliefs meant to make our lives more interests and mythology are stories passed down about future geneations from folk tales and the like.

They are NOT the same, unlike what Wikipedia says. Academic labeling does not allow debate on the truth, it silences it. No wonder our education system is so screwed up!


If we do not debate issues and make mistakes that we know are wrong, how can we have knowledge about science if some idiot did not make a dead-end mistake somewhere that helped benefit science in the end, because someone else proved it wrong BECAUSE OF DEBATE, not ridiculous Oprah generation, dumbing down pseduo-intellectual know it all approach to academia.

If we do not make mistakes, we never learn from them and labeling them and an arrogance to not debate issues means that science is lost and we lose all scientific debate and we never have a science and we live in the dark ages. Without mistakes being made in science, we’d never have science of pseudoscience to know what’s wrong and what’s right. We’d lose it forever. If we had self-appointed “experts” back in the days of the Golden Age of Science with Galileo and so on, WE WOULD HAVE NO MODERN SCIENCE! We’d be dumb idiots today. Academic arrogance does not help anything either. Without mistakes being made in science that result in quacks, we’d have no science, we’d be dumb.

We have to make mistakes to advance the field of science and to improve our understanding because it’s called learning. Making mistakes is part of learning and suggesting that conservatives hate science is ridiculous. Politically-motivated science and non-neutral debate and self-righteous imperious arrogance means that we lose our knowledege and all debate is silenced and we have no way to further knowledge. The politicization of scienec and anti-religous zealotry that characterize science, are ruining modern science. Without mistakes, we would not know what’s false and what’s not.

Quacks like Graham Hancock would not be exposed WITHOUT proper debate, but by the practice of labeling, debate is silenced and we cannot further the knowlege of science, AND THAT is an affront to all science. Please debate the issues and be careful about words you use, AND DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA!

I am sick and tired of idiots that pass themselves as “experts” simply because they use Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a insult to expert-reviewed knowledge, because knowledge is destroyed when it is degraded by idiots that think that they know everything and it degrades debate and forums that call creationists as idiots are just as zealous as any creationist. This is a pissing contest. The Darwin theory will always be controversial, but it has become devise and ugly and I do not wanna go there.


Science is wasting its time by proving or disproving the existence of God. To prove or disprove the existence of God using science is a waste of time because God exists in our souls within all of us as an existential force within us. These zealots that wish to replace religion with science are WRONG and using a zealous quest to prove or disprove the existence of God or the Bible is just as wrong as religious zealotry.

This zealous quest is affront to what America stands for: Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. I am tired of atheists thinking in their own little world that they are running away from religion that are scared of religion and how religion is a threat to their live. Their obsessive and paranoid zealotry to destroy religion with science, IS pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology. With out Biblical archaeology, we’d not have a proven knowledge of the Bible. Many biblical discoveries validate the Bible, but zealous anti-religious scientific zealotry ruins modern science.

If we do not debate issues, we lose them forever. Atheists, your quest to destroy God and religion using science is as wrong as religious zealotry because it oppresses people who have a right to believe what they want to believe in a God or in religion and labeling Biblical study as “pseudoarchaeology” ruins our understanding of the Bible and proving it wrong or right is an affront to modern science because the first goal of science is to make a hypothesis and prove it correct. By labeling like that, you are ruining science and silencing freedom and debate.

Scientific method investigates the truth and if we silence something based on personal prejudices, we lose it forever, and we lose science forever and we ruin science by marginalizing debate and making mistakes to learn from them to make science correct. If this happens, we lose science.

Stop the arrogance and stop the pseudo-intellectual anti-religious zealotry and forcing beliefs on other people Oprah pseudo-intellectual reality-show driven world that has dumbed-down and ruined science and history. Please recover our world from this madness and restore PROPER science and intellectual debate, instead of sensationalistic Oprah type science. Pseudoscience is on TV with those diet pills and yet no one calls it pseudoscience, with these junk weight-loss products. If we do not have propert science and proper debate, we have crap like those weight loss pils on TV.

There is no drive to cure disease, but the poltiicization and cronyism of modern science, has ruined science. Without labeling and disagreement and making mistakes to know what’s wrong and what’s right, we have the kind of dead-end, factory-driven, agenda-driven, arrogant, smug, imperious, arrogant, and domineering scientific community we have now.

pseu•do•sci•ence : A theory, methodology, or practice that is considered to be without scientific foundation.
If all science was known than what is the point of ABSTRACT Thought?
Did not Isaac Newton first guess at gravity?Did not Galileo guess at a Sun-Centered universe?Were these scientists Pseudoscientists?
Is not the ABSTRACT only the thought before reality? Without these brave individuals expanding and looking beyond, we may still be in an earth-centerd gravity-less world.Thank GOD for Pseudoscience.There will always be debunkers, but without guessing and theories we will never advance to the theory of everything. Aren’t all theories still theories.Gravity is no longer a fact… we now have Dark Energy……Once again THANK GOD for intelligence that does not listen to KNOW IT ALLS…..No one has the right answers…… but expanding upon abstract theories can help all of humanity…
TRUTH is always TRUTH…… Theories are still theories….. Facts are theories that are believed to be true……

Some of things written on the site are very interest and prove my point of what I’ve been saying above.

Debating is the cornerstone of science, as scientific theory only advances when former theories are proven wrong (either in totality or in part). Although perhaps some–maybe even many–of the individual theories he debunks are way off base. But even the most “way out” theories still deserve the right, by nature of freedom of thought, to be debated.

These opinions could not be more right. Stop the History Channel from ruing modern history! Stop the History Channel TV show called “Ancient Aliens” The show suggests that Nazis were helped by aliens, which is ridiculous. Stop the 1950s alien sensationalism and put “Ancient Aliens” under Sci-Fi and stop passing it off as real history and quit calling it history. The Pseudohistory label implies that it has some historical significance and that is just wrong. The joke is on Wikipedia.  The pseudo revisionist history on the History Channel is ruining history and their monopoly on the history market does not help either.

Stop showing Ancient Aliens! This is Sci-Fi novel type history and passing off Sci Fi bizarro history as real history is also wrong. These shows are bizarre and for idiots who have no brains to think for themselves. Stop sensationalistic history channel shows as pseudohistory They use the pejorative pseudohistory label to silence World War II debate and history as pseudohistory because it involves Hitler and minimalizing America’s role in heroically saving the world in World War II, in the goal of the far-left and it should stop. I am tired of revisionism about WWII by the far-left that censors our history and labels anyone who debates WWII as a Nazi or knowledge of World War II or people who wish to know more Hitler as Nazis and silencing all debate on World War II and minimalizing America’ s role in World War II IS ALSO wrong!

The far-left hates America and capitalism and uses Stalin’s revisionist agenda to further the idea that WWII was a capitalist war and a war to serve white men. The other races fought too. Japan was the only major non-white power. To say WWII is a white man’s war is also racist and wrong because the far-left wants to discredit our veterans and call them evil and anyone who documents WWII from an exciting battle prespetive is labeled pseudohistory by the far-left.


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