Wikipedia is a Joke!

What I think of Wikipedia is that Wikipedia is a fraud of an encyclopedia.
It may very well be the greatest intellectual fraud of the 21st century because of the fact that it is an encyclopedia that anyone can edit, and its reliability is that a user with no brains at all can just post bullshit into an article or write a political agenda in it.

The pseudohistory article is an example of agenda-driven far-left claptrap.  The article says that history based on nationalism is pseudohistory, even though history has been based on people’s national identities for centuries and that IS NOT pseudohistory. I do not care what these anti-nationalist globalist morons say. That is what Wikipedia advocates. Censoring people’s cultures and erasing their idetities and labeling them as “pseudohistory’ To smear people’s proud identities by labeling history based on nationalism as “pseudohistory”

Wikipedia is a disgrace to historical debate and so is RationalWiki. Rational Wiki is NOT rational at all. Their article on the History Channel as pseudohistory is full of bias and error. It does not take into account its Modern Marvels show or the fact that it does not agree with the Marxist agenda of the user writing it.

He labels the History Channel as the Hitler CHannel because of its WWII programming, which is the most hateful smear I have ever seen in my life. This is a hateful smear to destroy our culture by the far-left because the far-left hates the way the History Channel tells history-because it is not told in their agenda-driven hate-filled claptrap “America is evil” Narrative. They hate preserving World War II as cudgel it as the Hitler Channel to silence historical debate on the subject and present their flawed anti-American worldview.

The History Channel is PRO-AMERICAN and depicts GIs as heroes, which is why it is pseudohistory to them. They hate it because it depicts America as noble nation that saved millions during World War II and shows a subject that they hate: World War II because it was a war where America was a noble force for good, defeating the Axis powers. Which is why the far-left labels it as the Hitler Channel.

I wish these assholes had lived back then, They would have supported Hitler or Stalin, or the Emperor of Japan, Hirohito.

Look at the pro-Hirohito garbage being churned by a group of college professors IN HAWAII of all places.

Hawaii suffered from Japanese aggression. They do write that Pearl Harbor was a preemptive strike. It was as a matter of fact, to seize the oil fields of the Dutch East Indies for Japan’s economy.

I hate these far-left agenda driven assholes. They destroy history with every diatribe that they write. This Asian-Studies professor suggests revising history in a pro-Japanese light and peddling pro-Japanese propganda in a globalist light. These people are fascists, plain and simple. They are a disgrace to history. Stop the revision and censorship of history by the far-left and by Wikipedia.

Wikipedia represents the destruction and dumbing-down of our world.  Our world is dumbed down by Wikipedia and the anti-intellectual mess that it represents.  The article on Draza Mihailovic is a disgrace because it presents him as a collaborator, which he was not. The documents are forged by the communists to smear their hated enemy Mihailovic.

Yugoslavia proves that COmmunism and Fascism are twins one and the same. Tito, a communist, censored Jasenovac because he did not want to offend the Croats.  He refused to let Serbs mourn their dead.

Poltical correctness, anyone? We have the same type of crap in America. Soon, memorializing the Alamo will be offensive to Mexicans if it isn’t already. They can chant death to Bush. Why doesn’t the secret service get on their asses?

This is Balkanization, which is a misnomer because Americans do not know anything about the Balkans or what goes on there. Balkanization comes from Tito and his administration of Yugoslavia. His censorship of history at Jasenovac. His pro-Albanian move which led to the theft of Kosovo by Albanian UCK rebels.  The Albanians destroy monuments going back over 500 years. It is a clustefuck in the Balkans.

We should stay the hell out of that clusterfuck.  They are ALL trying to kill each other. Serbs did not just do the genocide, THEY ALL DID.

Because of the fact that Tito censored history and failed to adequetly close World War II in the Balkans. What happened in the 1990s was a continuation of what happened in World War II and nothing more. Srebrenica was the largest massarce since World War II. HEY NEWS MEDIA, it IS World War II all over again, except with modern weapons, far deadlier than the weapons in World War II.

My dad told me that you can be upset of what happened to your family like Balkans 300 years ago.  Oh yeah, how about 60 YEARS AGO or 15 years ago, trying reenact what happened 300 years ago under Ottoman rule.

No one gets it. The Balkans narratives are SKEWED by the news media to suggest that they all hate each other. The French and Germans hated other in the same way. Like a team rivalry. So did Spain and Britain.

The Balkans people are proud of their histories and no is going to call them pseudohistory! EVER!

Maybe Gorin is pseudohistory? SHE IS NOT! MY Friend Julia Gorin is a staunch defender of Serbia.

Jewish people however have a grudge against Russia that I find disgusting. The Jews must have an agenda of revenge against Russia to try and destroy it. The hate Russia because it is an obstacle for America to control the world.

Having Russia as an enemy is a dangerous mistake for America, The pissing contest of political leaders between Obama and Putin means nothing to me. Putin and Medvedev are apparatchiks of the Communist era, using the same symbols of the Tsarist regimes, but Communist. It is a mixture of the old and new. This Tsarist-Communist mixture in Russia is intriguing.

Samarskaya Oblast or Samara Oblast, or whatever you call it, (it does not matter to me as long as people do not harass me about it, like Harris Game Design does, and do not call my translations false or whatever) produces some neat cars like the VAZ Lada cars, which are FIAT copies.

Putin is a jackass apparatchik.  Russia is NOT an evil country, it is a misunderstood country by the American news media, that wants a pissing contest with Russia that I find reprehensible and ignorant of Russia wanting to be a free nation.

Russia is a proud nation, proud of its heritage and history, UNLIKE AMERICA. If you far-left assholes said some of the things you do about American World War II veterans, to describe Russian veterans.

They’d lynch you in Red Square in an instant. Their college professors do not bash the military or bash Russia like ours do. They LOVE their country. They freely bash America on RT or Russia Today is a Soros-funded far-left fake BBC copy network, with Russians speaking in fake British accents, trying to be English.

Russia Today is a sham and a fraud of Russia. It does not represent Russia. Stop these crazy conservatives before they destroy Russia or Serbia. They hate people

Pamela Geller is part of a cabal of people in America that want to destroy Russia and turn it into America and their national-identity hating culture, Pamela Geller and her uber-American controlling friends want to dominate the world. America dominates the world though, as a force for good. But we go about it wrong in the way of the British Empire. Pamela Geller represents the anti-Slavic feeling among America’s Jews that hate the Slavic people and want revenge for persecution and want to dominate them for their own perverted self-interests. It is not anti-Semitic to point out their anti-Russian behavior and anti-Polish hate agenda to call Polish Exile Forces as bullshit about Poland to reinforce their anti-Polish hatred to label the Polish people as cowards and traitors and people who blindly submit to Hitler because their country fell.

Which is why Anthony Jaffe of 10822 Otsego St. Apt 105 North Hollywood, CA labels them as “Bullshit about Poland” because of the far-left agenda that discredits Polish forces because of their discrediting of the Polish nation to destory their identity and turn them into an identity-hating country like America.

These people of Jewish descent want revenge against Russia and Poland for “persecuting” them and to destroy them for their hateful agendas.

The Poles and Russians were victims of the Holocaust.  No one is going to dispute that. The Nazis tried to murder the Slavic Russian and Polish peoples to achieve ethnic cleansing for the purpose of German resettlement like American Indians. Hitler planned like what America did to the Indians, however no Indians were gassed in gas chambers or deported to concentration camps.

The black Holocaust term is a lie by Afrocentrists and their pseudohistorym which WIki (IN THIS CASE) RIGHTLY labels as pseudohistory, because Blacks were never gasses in camps, but THEY HAD TO BE ALIVE for slave labors. The blacks are bitter and enslaving themselves to hate white people, I am NOT a KKK member and anyone that isn’t black. They are as racist as the KKK and they do not see it.

Ignorance is ignorance.  THey are ignorant people. What can you say? What more can you say?

American industry colonizes Third World countries for cheap labor to make substandard products from China.

It’s stupid that we lose jobs because of this neocolonial policy by American industry. British East India Company was a company that colonized India for private trade, much like these people do.


Fortunately, you people aren’t ill-bred far-left Los Angeles California scumbags like Anthony Jaffe of North Hollywood, CA is.  I love tangents.

Their hatred of identities of people’s cultures stems from their ideology of wanting to eradicate cultures to achieve a global society. That is what they are talking about.  Erasing people’s histories and labeling them as pseudohistory.

Wikipedia is a fraud! It is anti-intellectual in nature because instead of having intellectuals provide information for an informative article, it has nobodies write the info.  Its editor censor information to suit political agendas and that above pseudohistory article is a disgrace full of agenda-driven claptrap.

Then again,

What ISN’T on Wikipedia?  DO NOT use Wikipedia as a reference source. If says Block all results in Google, then do so. It will save you from accessing that cesspit of knowledge known a Wikipedia.
Wikipedia may very well be the deevolution of human knowledge. Wikipedia represents anti-intellectualism.  No wonder why teachers and college professors hate it.  Wikipedia is the destruction of human knowledge because Wikipedia believes that people vote on knowledge.

If we had history books written the way Wikipedia is, they would unreadable. The grammar and spelling is awful. The articles on Russian infantry divisions is AWFUL. They are void of detail and users contribute articles instead of intelligent people.

Do not waste your time with Wikipedia.


About Justin Royek

I am a critic of Wikipedia that likes to remind people that there are other sources out there than Wikipedia and that knowledge isn't written by a bunch of anonymous nobodies on a blog dressed up as an encyclopedia that Wikipedia is. My name is Justin Royek and this is my personal blog/soapbox for different issues and many things relevant to my life. I am a polyglot that speaks about 10 languages. I am NOT Tim Doner or Benny Lewis or Christophe Clugston or any of those self-proclaimed "polyglots" on YouTube. I am my own blog. I am Justin Edward Royek. Patchman123 on Facebook and YouTube. I am Justin Royek. I AM A WRITER ON MANY ISSUES. I HAVE DECIDED TO CHANGE MY USERNAME ON THE BLOG.
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