Barbara Marie Drezhlo, SHUT THE HELL UP!

This Barbara Marie Drezhlo woman on This self-righteous holier-than-thou hag who claims to collectively represents the whole of Russia with her “blog” of disgusting tirades against conservative Americans, who she claims do not accept Obama because he’s black and then tries to paint Russia as a country tolerant of black people in a country where black people are beaten up and where human rights reports claim that when this happens, the police do nothing about it. Her vision of America is a society of sheep that just follow what the government says, and only her critical thought is allowed. This disgusting hag does not represent the voices of Russia because over there, they do not have a racial grievance industry like over here in America. People like Trayvon Martin, if they are killed, they do not care about his race. Oh, Russia is supposed to be like America where people, just divide us over racial differences, violently threaten people because of Trayvon’s death and attack people over it. The police in Russia would have simply just beaten up those racial people like Sharpton over the whole Trayvon thing and Russians would have just simply not cared about Trayvon’s death.

So, you are not representative of people over in Russia, and they do not beat themselves up over Trayvon. If a crime like that happened, people would simply think it was street violence.  Russians do not beat themselves up over racial problems. A country that persecuted the Tatars and nearly destroyed them, and the hate crimes legislation over there, would totally kill our first amendment. This woman does not represent people in Russia. She is a self-righteous vile-spewing hateful, spiteful, bitter hag who if she knew anything about Russia, would not label Joe Arpaio’s prisons as a gulag, but looks the other way in the Soviet REAL gulags where people were tortured and beaten. Russia does not care about Trayvon Martin!  They just like to point our problems and proclaim how holy and righteous they really are. I am tired of these people in the Kremlin, whom Drezhlo represents do not like her. A woman like her would not last very long. Expose this woman for the fraud that she is! This woman is an old bitter woman of Russians descent living over in Albany, NY who does know Russian,

Эй Варвара, Вы не голос России! Вы не настощий голос всех россиян! Вы американско-либеральная старая бабушка в США.  Вы не живете в Росстии!

So, you are a self-righteous holier-than-thou appointed person like Daria Perekidaylova is. You Russians think that the world should bow to you, and you claim they think America is racist, but looks the other way when the Tatars are being persecuted?  You Russians blame America for all your problems, when your economic problems are of your own making. Face it, your economy went down the toilet because the Communist system was unsustainable. They do things over here that would be highly offensive and silenced over here, because of the self-righteous everything is wrong, unless we say so Puritan liberal crowd that she represents, are not well liked in Russia. Over in Russia, Obama’s change policies are hated by the establishment. America’s both Republican and Democrat are ridiculed by the media.

The right wing in America that she claims is in the way of her fantasy of turning this country into the Soviet Union are not liked in Russia, because their policies would undermine the total control the government over there so enjoys. They do as they please. You think America has it bad with crony capitalism? Wait till you see Russia! Communism WAS crony capitalism where the government controlled the industry and free enterprise defense companies like Mikoyan were controlled. The Russians are smart and intelligent people that contributed to the greatness of humanity by launching a man into space and the first satellite Sputnik. Russians are a creative people that truly know how to create great stuff that’s cheap and reliable.  They are smart people that are a people of critical thought, unlike Barbara Marie Drezhlo. Over there, they criticize the establishment, but not the way Barbara Marie Drezhlo does. In Russia, Oh Barbara  Marie Drezhlo, you would NOT last very long.

You are NOT representative of Voices from Russia, you only represent the will of the American democrats. The stuff on the forums you would label “right-wing” and “racist” and then blame American conservatives for it, but fail to realize that THEIR definition of Conservative and ours are two different things. The American right wing and left wing ideas are considered subversive by Russians because they’d subvert the rigid social structure that is Russia. Where Paris Hilton wannabes on post suggestive photos of themselves like models and post naked photos of themselves to boys in Russia. Try finding a woman in America that would do that, without crying sexism! Try that. Yob tvoyu Mat, Fucked your mother, such an insult would not fly over here in America. Russians are devoted to their families. The people I know like Katya still live with their parents when they’re 22 years old. They care alot about their parents, unlike over here in America, and when someone says Yob tvoyu Mat, it’s pretty serious.

You are a self-righteous, bitter old hag over in Albany, NY who has no idea what she’s saying and she just wants to destroy the right wing, quotes Wikipedia without ever talking to people in Russia and she wants us to believe that right-wingers are all Ku Klux Klansmen that do not accept Obama because he’s black and because Russians are an oh-so racially-tolerant nation, when in fact, it’s not true. They do things over there that would be so racist and so offensive here. The Nazis are hated yes, but the people in charge do not care.

Do I believe Russians are racists? Of course not!  I believe that the human rights people that write this crap have no idea what they’re saying. Because they’d have to upset their social structure and all that shit and would have to go against everything that they know and generally arrest people for unreasonable crimes and constantly whine and complain about everything racist and carp and whine like liberals over here. Russians do not really care about racial problems and do not constantly harp and do the racial song and dance and all that stuff Al Sharpton do to have special privileges above others. And everything else.

So Barbara Marie Drezhlo, please just kindly shut the hell up, and stop trying to be the voices of Russia because you’re not and never will be. You’re just a bitter old lady from Albany, NY!

So Barbara, please shut the hell up! In Russia, someone like Trayvon Martin would NOT even exist. Over there, if they arrest him they would NOT stand up to the authorities and complain about “police brutality” or racism against minorities and have ACLU to back them up like over here. In Russia, someone like Trayvon would be beaten up by the police and they would not bat an eyelash over it and he would be jailed multiple times without caring about his race and he would be considered trouble by the community and he would be incarcerated in a Russian prison without caring if he was black or they police would laugh their asses off at being complained about by Trayvon because of his race.  No Russia, is NOT like the Jim Crow South, far from it, but over there Trayvon would be a troublemaker and that’s that, no “American right wing or no American conservative racism, etc” Trayvon would be arrested multiple times by the police for being a “problem” or a “bad influence” They would not even begin to care about his race. That does not factor into it. The Police in Russia have been known to accost foreigners on the street.  If you look different, not in the racial sense, i.e. if you’re not from there, you’re usually known pretty quick who you are and the reason why Russia does not have racial problems is not because of the “American right wing” it’s because they don’t care and consider grievance mongers like Drezhlo to be a real annoyance and being forced

Their views are not the American right wing, because Russia has a wholly different attitude towards race. The country was very hostile to foreigners, except for communists from other countries. Russians do not like people that complain all the time and have grievance industries. Russians just sweep problems under the rug and ignore them and do not like to discuss issues openly for fear of being out of line.

Wikipedia is a ridiculous waste of web space and it is wrong about Russians being racist and consideres beating up anti-racism activists, when Russians think these people are too radical and annoying and not very nice people, to be a major problem. Russians do not like anything that upsets the social fabric of society, and they did not like the changes of the USSR when it collapsed.  Socially-conservative nation. Their views on certain subjects would be labeled “racist” by liberal Americans and sneered at by Americans as being KKK and racist.  In other words, Russians do not beat themselves up over “racial issues.” Wikipedia is ridiculously anti-Russian and it’s hateful entry on Russophobia, says that people that fear rightly that Russia is being subverted by America and Russian nationalists are fake and that it is a “fake term” when people have a REAL and GENUINE phobia of Russians. I suppose Homophobia is a fake term, right? NOPE! Anyone who has a genuine phobia of Russians should be exposed, then treats people

Sabrina Rahmet types taht trash natioanlists and patriotic duy to their nation and then lampoon and ridicule people that have ethnic identities and claim that their version of history is correct, then poke everyone else in the eye and proclaim themselves as holy and righteous and turn nations into meaningless blobs with no identies and claim that people who love their nation are extreme and hateful, is

The woman should know that her beloved Soviet Union in Eastern Europe failed and the nationalists took power because people in Poland ACTUALLY liked them and claims the Catholic Church dominates Poland> This woman wants to see Communism return to Poland, something real Poles cannot stand and because communism DOES NOT work.The catholic faith is The HEART of Poland that destroyed Communism because it was wrong and it went against their entrenched traditions. Oh Sabrina, how you cannot handle the changing tide of history and the people that ACTUALLY chose REAL Freedom, while she stews about Eastern Europe not being the failed Commie paradise that she loves to death like a child’s first crush.  I cannot stomach that bile-spewing ranting hag Sabrina Petra Rahmet.  She is a disgusting and hateful woman. A shrieking ranting and raving woman that hates people’s patriotism, devotion to their nation, mocks the faith Eastern Europeans have in their religions for OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS, before her sorry ass was born. Sabrina Petra Rahmet is a pseudo-expert, a far-left Stalinist commie apologist Marxist. Her bile-spewing anti-Serbian, anti-Eastern European crap is quoted on Wikipedia like it’s the Holy Gospel at Church. Sabrina P. Rahmet is a fake!  Everyone be warned about her and her bile-spewing Marxist BS that does not work anymore in Eastern Europe. This woman plainly expresses her evil desires to destroy the foundations of Polish society and the Catholic Church that she hates because it freed Poland from Communism and reinstate the Communism she loves so much. That woman wants to destroy the Eastern European nations from regaining their identities desecrated by Communism.

The woman is a disgusting pseudo-scholar and she should be exposed as such. I can’t believe people buy her crap.

I can’t believe the crap on Wikipedia either. Wikipedia is stigmatizing people just becasue they fought alongside the wrong side in World War II, with it’s Nazi Collaborators Categories.  Putting Draza Mihailovic in there because he fiercly opposed COmmunism and labeling people as Nazis because they oppose Communism, never mind that serious anti-Communists are not Nazis. Draza recognized that Communism and Fascism were the same type of evil.  He ponied up to the Germans.  Wikipedia disgustingly lumps him in with serious collaborators like Milan Nedic, who was opposed to Mihailovic.  Presents Communist pseudo-history as fact manufactured by Tito to slander Draza Mihailovic. He is a controversial hero, like William Tecumseh Sherman is here in the United States.

There will always be controversy about him.  Many say he was a collaborator, many say he wasn’t.  However, Wikipedia considers commie propaganda about him to be real fact, and uses an unflattering photo of him to make him look bad, and just outright slanders a man that rescued 500 airmen from being captured by the Germans as a collaborator. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but he was not a full-time collaborator like say, Ante Pavelic and Milan Nedic were. Lumping him in with Nedic is disgusting.

Wikipedia is  just using the Nazi collaborators categories to unfair

I am NO Neo-Nazi, but I just think that history is history. There were cases in the American Revolution where the rebels collaborated with the  British and tried to stop combat with the British to regroup and hit them again, like the Chetniks did with the Germans. The Chetniks were not mercenary soldiers paid by the Germans to kill commies. The Chetniks fought the Commies because they were a bigger problem than the Germans, but this does not mean that they did not give up on the Germans. The Commies were a pain in the ass harassing them and the Chetniks knew that they could not fight all of them at once and that they’d be decimated by the Germans, so they stopped fighting because they would have been annihilated if they did and they knew it.  If they directly fought and killed the Germans they would have been all killed. They could not fight the commies and Nazis directly. If they did, they’d all be dead and Draza Mihailovic was not accepted by the Germans. He was nearly arrested when he met with a German officer in 1944. The Germans did not like him anymore than Tito and tried to play Tito against Mihailovic against each other, in the hope that they’d both destroy each other, and resistance from the Chetniks and Partisans would be totally destroyed and taht they would destroy each other.  The Chetniks were traditional conservative Serbian nationalists dedicated to restoring the Yugoslavian monarchy that was ruled by the Serbs and the Ustashe and its brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing against Serbs, compared to the imagined planes of ethnic cleansing supposedly thought of by Mihailovic, using forged documentaries, false history to present a biased communist viewpoint.

Who’s the pseudohistory here when Wikipedia passes it off all the time on pages about Mihailovic and him being a collaborator? Or labelin
Wikipedia mocks patriotism, devotion to country, to the nation, devotions to real things and mocks peoples love of their cultures and religions. Lampoons it as “pseudohistory” Lumps in patriotic Americans like David Barton in with the UFO nut crowd and their fake history that rational people do not believe. They alienate them because the UFO crowd is the crowd starved for attention and always looking for something to prove their lying crap that Nazis had help from aliens, when in fact they didn’t and were technologically brilliant peoples, yeah they DID have help from aliens from Eastern Europe of the races that they thought of as alien and inferior. So in THAT sense, they did have help from Aliens, but they DID Not have help from Aliens as in extraterrestrials.

THE NAZIS DID NOT HAVE HELP FROM ALIENS, but they did have help from human slave labor “alien peoples” that they thought of as alien and racially inferior, but not ET. Nope sorry, I do not buy that bullshit for a minute! The Nazis did NOT have a base in Antarctica! It would have been logistically impossible to do so. I do not know where people got that idea.  The idea that Hitler could be anywhere, even though he killed himself with Eva Braun, his mistress in 1945.  Hitler is dead. People thought he could be anywhere and his presence had such an effect on people, that they did not want to accept that he was dead, so they made up the Antarctica Bullshit and no Imperious leader, you stupid jackass, roundels ARE very important To have insignia to tell people apart and you try to make a fool of me to prove how really holy you really are about BS about aliens. You sir are an idiot, and make up BS about aliens, when in fact the Antarctica was an idea to try to come up with ways to better represent the earth. No sorry, I do not speak your egotistical bullshit and never will and your hatred of Russians and Eastern Europeans and hateful mocking of their cultures means that you are an ignorant bigot in my opinion.

But, I digress!

It’s only wrong and that the Communists were the real guerrillas in Yugoslavia and the real deal resisters of the Nazis and the Chetniks lumped in with the Ustashe, when they honored Draza and do not consider this to be falsely changing history. Wikipedia considered history that devotes to its nation and its people and its honoring traditions to be fake history, i.e. pseudohistory and therefore wrong. Even though this is wrong, along with rationalWiki and all the self-righteous know it all types who claim they know what’s best for everyone else. RationalWiki is a crap website that does NOT present facts, that slanders people it doesn’t like, like the blogs do, and posts opinions and not facts tries to pass itself off as an encyclopedia with true rational info, even though alot of what they post is really irrational and their irrational hatreds of people that they do not like. Insulting and claiming they’re right all the time.  RationalWiki or IrrationalWiki as it SHOULD be known, is NOT a real information site.  It is pure crap!

I suppose that the way Wikipedia characterizes the Chetniks, that the Viet Cong could also be collaborators with the Americans, even though they infiltrated the American bases, were photographed alongside American soldiers, made deals with American commanders, and the lot. The Viet Cong used their enemy and when the Chetniks use their enemy, it’s considered as collaboration. Anyone sense the hypocrisy here? The Vietcong used their enemy and used us well to get inside us, when the Chetniks use their enemy, Wikipedia labels it as collaboration.  I do not believe that Draza Mihailovic was a Nazi collaborator in the way Ante Pavelic was, though the Wikipedia article characterizes him, wrongly as if they were talking about Ante Pavelic, who was a real Nazi collaborator, who collaborated with them from day one, unlike Mihailovic who fought the Nazis at first, then toned down his resistance to avoid senseless loss of life, and to wait for the Allies. The Chetniks were not a fascist movement, like the Ustashe were, they were royalists of the Yugoslav monarchy and the Commie propaganda vehicle of Wikipedia.

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My school life.

Was Jessica Victoria Nutt (nee Beattie) of Irish descent? You’ve got a Wikipedia article that says that the surname Beattie is of Irish origin.  Of course, Benny Lewis is of Irish origin and he is one of the world’s most successful poliglots.  I felt that I was fighting on behalf of Jessica Beattie I was in high school, but Jessica Beattie did not like me back and she did not hide her disgust, either. She has responded by blocking me on Facebook and so has Julianne Carder (nee Steele).

I have failed with many women over the last 15 years and Julianne Steele was not a very good friend of mine. She would run away from me when I saw her in school and that was when my mommy dropped me off at school that morning.  Julianne would not speak to me when I was talking to her in 2007, just before my graduation ceremony, but she did talk to me on the phone in November of 2007, a few months later and she had promised to date me, but didn’t because her parents refuse to let her date me and they did not like the name of Justin Royek, from what they had “heard” about me around the community of Corry and the surrounding areas, especially in Corry Area Middle-High School in Corry, Pennsylvania. Amanda Kimmy was my TSS worker who was working with me and me and her did not get along with one another because she did things differently than everyone else and I was treated like a problem child, due to my volatile temper and getting upset easily because Erika Ross was seeing another guy or whatever. It was this girl or that girl and I was threatened with arrest many times for even looking at the girl in her general direction and saying one single nice word to any of those girls.

I was treated like a serial rapist who was stalking his victims to get pleasure off of raping them, even though those were NOT my intentions. I was in Corry at my high school when I was told that I could not even write the name of the girl I was having problems with. I was not allowed to write their names in public on a piece of paper.  Those were taken away from me and shredded by Mark Chludzinski, who was a teacher there.

I was considered to be a dangerous menace to these very women and I was treated very badly by the people in charge of Corry Area Middle-High School from 2002-2007, but I was allowed to graduate one year early in 2007, instead of 2008 because I completed some special program that allowed me to do that. I graduated with the class of 2007, even though the yearbook says that I am with the class of 2008.  I was initially with the class of 2008 and Doug graduated with the class of 2008. Doug was one of my buddies in German class in school. He was a bit unconventional, to the say the least. I hated Corry Area Middle-High School and I still hate it and I would NEVER send my kids there. Of course, I will NEVER have kids, either. Julianne had a child with Ricky Carder and that has me deeply upset. Julianne is the daughter of Wade and Jackie Steele. Julianne’s parents won’t let me talk to her on the phone and when I call over there, they hang up on me or tell me that I have the “wrong number” and that case, she was right. That was Jackie Steele, her mother.  Julianne blocked me on Facebook, like Kristina Svechinskaya, Jessica Nutt (nee Beattie), Svetlana Moldavskaya,  Daria Larsen, (nee Perekidaylova) and Yulia Bradley, (nee Buzmakova) and most of my old friends such as Emily Reed (nee Owen) and Yulia Menshikh ignore all my messages when I write them, out of my 350 friends on Facebook. My mom and dad usually get back to me on Facebook when I write them.

I had problems with so many women hating me when I was in high school and Alexis Wojcicehowski was of Polish/Slavic origin and that was the first of many disasters with Slavic women, including Christy Baker. I have so much bad blood with the folks in Corry, that I feel hesitant to return there to my ham radio meetings once a month there at the Radio Amateurs of Corry.  The RAC now meets in the Corry Memorial Hospital conference room after the Red Cross building closed.

Emily never wrote me back and she won’t ever write me back online. I have been accused of slander, but I am merely posting things AS I SEE THEM. Maybe I should not be blogging then? I have a razor-sharp tongue, as you can see. I remember being threatened with arrest for talking to Alexis. She married someone else new. Thank God and Kyra McCune did not like me, either.  I was not well-liked by many of the girls in that school. Emily Owen wanted to date me and so did Julianne Steele, even though they were romantically interested in me. They never dated me.  Emily is married to some Reed guy and Julianne to that Ricky Carder guy.  I am glad that I live in Crawford County.  The people here are so much more decent than the people in Erie County. I had to relocate to Crawford County in 2013 to live in my new group home owned by Touch-Stone Solutions because they accepted me into their AAW program.

It’s been a turbulent road. I have been upset with Helen Agresti because of her aggressive stance towards junk food and sugary drinks that she does not want me to consume, or rather consume in LIMITED quantities.  Sweet tea is horrible for you, but it seems like there is basically no unsweetened tea at Aldi. Their unsweetened tea containers seem to fly off the shelves and I am better off going to Sheetz and buying a Gold Peak unsweetened or Pure Leaf tea. I like both, even though one’s Pepsi and the other’s Coke. It makes no difference to me.  Now, I am the most hated person on the internet. I was trying to set my conservative beliefs and trying to gauge how much I COULD REALLY take.  Mexican Coke is better tasting than the American HFCS version, but it costs more, due to it being in a glass bottle and being imported from Mexico and made with sugar. I have also seen Mexican 7UP with sugar and Mexican Crush. It seems affordable for beverage companies to move their operations to Mexico and put sugar in these sodas.

I like Dr. Pepper with real sugar. You can buy Dublin DP, but it will cost you some REAL bucks!  You can buy Dr. Pepper with real sugar on for $20 a case, but you’ll pay for the shipping costs.  It’s the Dr. Pepper with the real sugar and the 1960s retro label on it. The beverage companies are increasingly using both high fructose corn syrup and sugar (or both in the same beverage) to sweeten their beverages and they are aiming the pop with sugar at the baby boomer generation of the 1950, 60s, and 70s.  Of course, the Mexican Coke labeling is in Spanish and English both and it uses the recent Coca-Cola label.  There’s also Mexican Pepsi, which you can buy at Wegmans for $1.69 a bottle, though I’m sure that’s changed. I’m talking about the store on Peach Street in Erie, not the one by Erie International Airport. There is a thriving shopping center in that part of Erie, over by the airport on the west side of Erie. It’s the boondocks past West Gore Road, into Ashtabula County in Ohio.

I’ve been to Conneaut, Ohio many times. OF course, Jefferson, Ohio is the county seat of Ashtabula County.  That’s where the Hardee’s is on 65 South Chestnut Street in Jefferson. It’s a decent Hardee’s restaurant and the only one within 50 miles from Crawford County and Erie County.  There’s also Compadre’s Mexican Restaurants in Meadville, Grove City, and Edinboro. It is a local chain of Mexican restaurants in Northwest PA and Southwest PA.  It’s a family-owned chain of Mexican restaurants that has better food quality than Taco Bell. Of course, Taco Bell is as cheap as it gets, whereas Compadre’s puts some love in their ingredients. I love them and the Jarritos.

Of course, they’ll look at you funny if you speak Spanish as it is spoken in Spain with that strange lisp.  Thervetha is the Spanish word for a beer in the Spanish spoken in Spain.  IT’s spelled Cerveza in either spelling.  Grathias (Gracias) is the way that they say in Spain and my worker Phil and I were discussing the Spanish spoken in Spain with that strange lisp.  It’s always spoken with a lisp. Has there ever been a reconciliation with Latin American Spanish and Spanish Spanish?  Of course, the French spoken in Québec is spoken differently than the French in France.  Québec is the biggest French-speaking province in Canada.  The québécois have a particular way of speaking French. The word tabernac is used as a profanity in Québec.  If you go there, you will notice that KFC is called PFK up there.  Poulet Frite Kentucky ou KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) en anglais et français.

Sirius XM has this station called Franco Country and it features country music sung in the French language. It`s a niche market aimed at the québécois.  When you visit Québec, you will notice that the signs leading to various towns and other places are in French. The Canadian government lets ham converse in French up there on various repeaters in Québec.  If you get the CTCSS tone and offset set correctly, then you can listen to various repeaters and hear hams shooting the breeze in French. I think that my American license of W3AGF is valid up there in Canada. You just have to jump through some hoops to be able to operate up there, as long as you`re a licensed ham, it won`t be a problem. I`m a licensed ham and my call-sign is W3AGF, when it used to be KC3BDJ.

When I was in school, there was a police officer named Gary Doolittle who was particularly brutal towards the students. He thought that he was doing his job, but he was doing A job on the students when there were arrested for fighting with another student and thrown in juvenile hall and they had their lives ruined until they were 18, if the crimes did not last until then. There`s Gary Doolittle and Gary Hunt, who share the same (first) name and they are both by the book officers. Officer Shopene is now police chief of the Corry Police, after Fred Corbett retired from the position not too long ago. I was afraid of the Corry Police and I saw them and their school and community police as being like the Gestapo. They were arresting people left and right in that school. I met many juvenile delinquents and Lee claims he`s a “juvenile delinquent” HE HAS NOT EVEN SEEN the kind of juvenile delinquents that I saw while I was in Corry High School. We were all treated badly by the folks in charge of that school and I learned multiple foreign languages just so I could get by in Spanish, French, Welsh, and Irish. I felt overwhelmed by the demands of the school had me escorted everywhere in the school building from when I arrived to when I left.

That hasn`t changed here, either. I still have to be taken around public by staff at my group home and I am not responsible enough to take care of myself.  I was in a classroom with juvenile delinquents and other misfits.  I hated it, but they liked me.  I despised Corry Area Middle-High School. It was the worst high school in history! Kelly Cragg is of Irish descent and he was like the tough Irish police who were after the IRA during the Irish revolt from 1916-1922, the whole Irish Civil War between them and the British and the Royal Irish Constabulary and I saw the School Resource Officer as being like the Black and Tans.  This was from the movie Michael Collins about the Irish resistance leader against the British. Very good movie, although my parents destroyed the VHS copy of the movie that I had gotten from the one rental store in Corry, called Family Video, before it moved to South Center Street. I forget the name of the place before it became Family video.  That was the only copy of Michael Collins that I ever had.  Liam Neeson plays Michael Collins and of course Liam Neeson plays Quai Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I and he`s in the Taken series of films.

I`ve heard that Episode I was the worst of the Star Wars franchise. I suppose that is rather small compared to the bad Star Trek movies. Maybe Kelly Cragg could have been the Borg collective?  I felt that the people in that school were worse than the Borg from Star Wars and the Nazis. The Borg are the Nazis in Star Trek and the primary villains featured after the Klingons. Of course, the Klingons were the bad guys in early Star Trek and there`s even a Klingon language that you can learn on Duolingo.

Duolingo gives one an easy way to learn a foreign language and it`s free, unlike Rosetta Stone, which costs hundreds of dollars to buy on  I don`t know any Klingon and I do know a little Arabic, but I don`t know how to write any of it down. I can write down the Cyrillic writing in Russian and the guy named Alan did not think that it was Russian because we couldn`t read Cyrillic and he thought it was fake. I`m talking about the guy at Meadville Medical Center.



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To hell with communism and central-planning!

How much am I willing to take for this “diet/meal plan?” I am told that I am not supposed to be buying junk foods, but yet I was told that I could buy whatever I wanted to with my own money. That’s what Diana Tarr said and Jeremy did too. I want to get off this diet and eat the unhealthy stuff again. Think about it. Jen on certain occasions has bought bacon, unsweetened tea with the sweetened kind, corn beef hash, pork chops, French fries, mozzarella sticks, and we even bought ice cream awhile back.
These foods are by definition unhealthy. She has bought those ready to make meals from Aldi that have a ton of sodium in them. She still buys them. Oh well, I guess my perspective is skewed then. I have to learn portion control. I ate a box of saltines within two days because I was hungry and wanted a snack. Saltines are unhealthy and I went through half a jar of peanuts in only a few minutes. I am used to eating a lot at my parents’ house and now that I live here, I can’t eat whatever I want to. I don’t like being told that I can’t buy a thing of sharp cheddar cheese to enjoy with my crackers that I bought online. Jen insists that these SAO crackers aren’t particularly special. I think that they are. They’re made in Australia and I can’t find them in any of the supermarkets. You’d probably have to go to Erie or Pittsburgh or maybe even Cleveland to find them.  Wegmans might have them. I know that Wegmans has a vast selection of imported foods.
This is what SAO crackers are. They’re a type of cracker imported from Australia and I looked at the stores and they don’t have them. I paid $14 for those crackers, including shipping. The shipping was $8 something and the crackers $5 something.  Amazon was charging $25 for the SAO crackers, including shipping.
They are special to me, even though they are Australian. Aldi has a selection of Australian cheese, too, under their own brand name. Aldi is a German grocery store chain. I am being told that I cannot buy these sugary drinks or eat unhealthy foods, such as ice cream or drink diet pop. Doris has me drinking diet pop, thinking it’s better for you, when it’s not.
Besides, junk food is just a pejorative label. Any foods that are not healthy, such as ground beef, or Goya pop are unhealthy. I bought a bottle of Goya soda many times at Save-a-Lot because Walmart stopped carrying Jarritos. I now have to go to a grocery store in Pittsburgh to get Jarritos or at least buy it online. I can’t find Johnnie Ryan pop in any of the stores in the local area and I can only find it at Wegmans and only in a 4 pack. I have to resort to buying it online in a 12 pack and that costs $37. That’s a lot of money, but the shipping was only like $8 and the case of pop $29.
I am willing to buy foods online because none of the local stores carry anything of these foods and I have to go to Erie to buy those Croatian cookies at Europa delicatessen and we surely aren’t gonna drive all the way to Erie to get a box of cookies.
I am buying my foods online because I was told I could buy whatever I wanted to online with my own money, but it costs a fortune to ship them. Besides, Jen just pitches a fit whenever she sees me with junk foods and tells me that I can’t buy them. She has no control over this, she just does what she’s told.
We have bought Aldi’s version of Cheez-it crackers and their knockoff of Wheat Thins and Triscuits.
SAO crackers are imported from Australia and of course they are special to me, because I loved imported foods. I am willing to pay the money to buy something made in a foreign country. Well Helen, I suppose you’re going to get angry with me. I am willing to only take so much. I am not willing to give up junk foods, such as candy because everyone needs a snack to eat.
Lee buys a candy bar and no one bats an eyelid! When I do it, oh boy is there hell to pay!
I have to be criticized for doing that and told that I am not supposed to. I agreed to this thing 2 years ago because my weight was a concern and dad talked me into it. He thought it would be good for me. I think that Helen is too overly controlling and I have criticized her many times about this and Jeremy deflects my criticisms of her with the same usual lines, such as “You chose to do it.” and so on. I cannot buy a drink with sugar, that is better than the kind with high fructose corn syrup with the same amount of sugars.
I think that Mexican coke tastes better than American coke and it’s made with real sugar. Too bad Helen thinks that drinking a drink with sugar is much better than high fructose corn syrup or aspartame or sucralose.
Mommy, daddy. Why did you buy the Nestea with high fructose corn syrup and not the kind without sugar?  I am told that sweetened tea is terrible for you. Jen says that she takes care of herself and knows what she puts in her body and she knows how to take care of herself and I don’t. I am sick of this moral superiority crap.
I wouldn’t buy a case of fried chicken and eat it, but KFC has fried chicken for $10 and you buy 4 pieces of it. That’s quite a lot. I don’t like KFC, but I like the fried chicken at Walmart or Giant Eagle. Jen also buys that frozen fried chicken from the store that’s premade and frozen. I don’t see her lecturing me about buying “junk food” even though she is.
I like my special foods that I have to pay enormous sums of money to buy online that Walmart, Aldi, Giant Eagle, Tops, Valesky’s, and Dollar General and Sheetz don’t carry and never will carry. You see Walmart carrying Tim Tams, but not SAO crackers, which are made by the same company (Arnott’s) as the SAO crackers.
I am forced to go along with this diet because no one has the guts to tell Helen that she is pushing me too damned hard. No one here has the guts to stand up to a vicious woman like her and tell her that I want to eat junk foods, such as crackers. I miss eating cheddar cheese with crackers. Too bad that I cannot have cheese with crackers, but Jen buys Havarti cheese. I cannot get her to put it on the grocery list. I have to buy it with my own money. Personally. I’d rather buy books with my own money or CDs or media items, but none of the stores carry SAO crackers and I doubt if Wegmans is gonna have them. I have to go to Erie at Wegmans to buy Fentimans pop. None of the other stores carry it. None of them carry Fentimans Victorian Lemonade. That stuff is bitter, but it tastes good. It tastes like lemon juice without sugar.  I like Vegemite with my crackers.
When can we buy crackers again? I want to lose weight with someone else and it sucks that Helen is the only provider on the autism waiver certified to work around here. If I quit this program, which I might, then I won’t lose weight. I like my ham with sodium in it. Christ Jen, ham has SODIUM in it and fat, but you still buy that.
Jen, where were you when Helen said to not buy those ready-to-make dinner with a God-awful amount of sodium in them? I’d rather eat them with Old Bay seasoning and Vegemite. Do any of you know that Vegemite tastes good with mashed potatoes? I’m talking the premade kind. This little Chetnik never gets a girlfriend because every woman within a 50 mile radius is afraid of me. I am the most feared man in the region. I don’t need a girlfriend because they’re too much work and so is having kids, but many women are not willing to let me have children with them. The Royek family line (at least Joe’s side of it) will die away because Matt and I will never have kids. He breaks up with Jessica (Jess) Rice in the past.
Yeah, thank you, years of feminist (feminazi) propaganda taught in the schools, churches, and other institutions for the reason as to why I can’t have a bloody girlfriend!
I am a bad man because I am a white male. Eastern European people know no moderations on food because we are sick of communists telling us that we can’t eat Western foods or drink vodka, because it’s bad.
The communists ruined our lives for 45 years in Poland. 45 years of communist rule and the post-communist government accepts the territorial boundaries imposed on us by the Soviet Union and a lapdog communist government that stole the eastern portion of our country and gave it away to Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania.
Lithuania was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940 and it was a previously independent country, up until then from 1918-1940. In that same amount of time, those 22 years, Romania has Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina taken away from it that it won after the Russian Empire was beaten in World War I. The people there agreed to be a part of Romania, but in ’91 Moldova becomes independent and tries to unite with Moldava, but Transdnistria (not sure of the spelling) decides to secede from Moldova and form its own country, like the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.
The Russian population in Moldova doesn’t want to be a part of Romania. Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries, besides Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and now Greece, even though Greece is considered by many to be a first-world country.  Most of Bessarabia is now Moldova. Moldova is just a poor little country in Eastern Europe.  No one pays much attention to it. The communists turned Yugoslavia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, East Germany, Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania into terrible and repressive hellholes. Now, you’ve got someone who is dictating how many portions I can eat, in a fashion reminiscent of the USSR and North Korea.
In North Korea, people aren’t allowed to watch Western movies and TV shows, but that doesn’t stop people from sneaking them into the country, disguised carefully among crappy state-made (North Korean) music that has a great beat to it, but the lyrics are contrived to bring praise upon Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il and they are corny as hell. People in North Korea hate this music, but to say so openly means that they are put to death!
There is only one TV channel in North Korea and people aren’t allowed to listen to Radio Free Asia or Voice of America or any dissenting non-government news. On TuneIn on Roku, you can listen to Radio Free Asia (RFA) in Korean, but you aren’t allowed to have a Roku in North Korea to be able to choose to listen to it. In North Korea, you have these elaborate state-run dance routines in their stadiums and they feed these people better than the average citizen over there.  That’s because the people performing those dance routines are communist party members and they are paid to do it and the pay is horrible. They make pictures in these choreographed dance routines to bring praise upon someone WHO WOULD KILL THEM in a heartbeat if they did not comply!
You can listen to these corny commie ballads here. Your rather corny and bland government-made propaganda songs. You now have a Russian band called (singing together not making this up) making a corny song praising Vladimir Putin. Putin can do no wrong. He’s rich and he makes more than the average Russian. Putin wants to return back to the Soviet Union and he wants the average Russian to not use Facebook and other social media, but they do so anyway because they are connected with people in the government and they don’t care if they get caught because they won’t be put to death, unlike the average Russian, but nope, certain people think that I am “ignorant” for posting this stuff. They are ignorant of life in these countries and claim to even live there, but they don’t see it, or if they do, they just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. How’s life in your delusional commie fantasy world, SHEILA?
I can use my ham radio in the United States because the government sanctions it and only issues you a license if you pass a hard 35 point technician class exam that is MEANT to be hard. Of course, you have to go up another level to use HF and another level still (Amateur Extra) just to be able to use all the frequencies in ham radio. Ham radio helps in the event of a disaster and provides communications.  In North Korea, you probably have some guy or woman who operates a ham radio THAT HE/SHE smuggled into the country past the North Korean customs or rather just smuggled in disguised as something state-sanctioned that people in North Korea are ALLOWED to have, broadcasting under a fictitious call-sign or making their own up, because if they were to register with the government for a ham license, they’d be dead.
In North Korea, people smuggle in Western DVDs in the Korean language. Hell, I bet they have copies of “The Interview” among them. The movie is banned over there because it shows Kim Jong-Un being blown up by a tank while trying to launch nukes from a helicopter, while in a helicopter.
There is a ham radio operator in North Korea, but I am not gonna give away their name(s) because the North Korean government probably has special vans dedicating to listening to the radio transmissions that this person puts out so that they can learn what he is saying, in whatever language. I’ll bet you money that learning more than 10 languages is unheard of, in North Korea because many of them aren’t allowed to even look at a foreigner, let alone talk to them. Talking to a foreign (white/black) person can mean that you are sentenced to death!
The internet has become like something out of North Korea! I am only allowed 5 hours a day. I’d rather have that than have the circus of commie pinheads on Facebook telling me how great North Korea is!
People under fake accounts or REAL ones from inside the nice and secure and free United States shilling on behalf of North Korea that would sentence them to death for even loggin onto the internet.
How do you have such brain-dead fools? I don’t know.  I have no idea why they live in America and shill on behalf of North Korea or China.  Probably some white or Asian person who has never even set foot there, or if they did so, probably done under some government-guided tour and not shown the worst places in the entire country, that the average North Korean lives with every day.
Government-run healthcare and having a card to buy food every week from Aldi, Save-a-Lot or Walmart from the state of Pennsylvania and I am told that I have not bought junk food in 3 years. 3 years? I have bought crackers. I like my snack crackers that are littered with sodium. Nicole Mierke always bought them when she went shopping.  Nicole was aghast at how Comrade Agresti was telling me how to eat my food and so was Kristy Kaczorowski.
I call her Comrade Agresti because she is an apparatchik in the Soviet tradition.  This whole meal plan is like something out of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union decided how much food the average Soviet citizen could eat and it was pitiful, compared to what we in the West eat every day, but nope, people like Comrade Agresti would be happy to take away our 40 oz. sodas and our all-you-can-eat buffets and other fast foods that are capitalist and backed up by demand of the average citizen, something that “Comrade Agresti” and her communist centrally-planned meal plans can’t comprehend or fathom.
I hate communism because I am an Eastern European male. I hate the very stench of government control of our foods. I am Polish and I don’t like an intrusive government or rather a woman named Helen selling communism, while being capitalist!
I do not like having my life turned into a miniaturized version of East Germany, all because I can’t control my portions or myself. I don’t know how to take care of myself, but I have to live in a group home with a guy who comes from a communist country and has quotas as to how much coffee or tea he can drink on a daily basis.
I’d rather guzzle a whole gallon of unsweetened ice tea because it’s better.  To hell with communism! You call Obama a communist, JEN, yet you spout some of the communist talking-points, like how “junk food” is bad for you because of fat and sodium, and you would happy if the government took it away.
I hate communism! I want my freedom back! I ate a whole box of saltines in two days because no else wanted any. Lee didn’t ask for any crackers, but I am criticized for eating a WHOLE box of crackers that my parents bought for ME AND ONLY ME! I’d rather not share it, but we live life like in a communist country here at Creveling Road, but Comrade Taylor, would have none of it! She can’t even stomach this e-mail. She won’t read it all the way down.
This is capitalism. Comrade Agrest, do you know about a thing called “capitalism” and “free choice” Of course, “free choice” to you means having the ability to kill a baby on demand. That’s right, everyone, killing an infant, something that God pronounces as blasphemy. John Paul II was Polish and he was against abortion and so were many in Poland, until the communists forced it on us.
I am against abortion. I am “anti-abortion” aka pro-life. Why can’t I be allowed to freely buy whatever I want with my own money? My pitiful $25 of spending money per week? In a capitalist society, you can CHOOSE to not eat that food and not be told by some commie bureaucrat LIKE HELEN, that it will kill you and make you fatter if you do. I’d rather eat a triple Baconator because capitalism allows me to eat it and capitalism raised the cattle and pigs necessary to make it and it’s on demand and it tastes good, COMRADES.  I like a triple Baconator, even though it’s horrible for you.  Jen can take care of herself, she’s a big girl.
But, I am treated like how the white man used to look at Indians, as primitive and only dependent upon the good and noble “white man” for all that modern technology, while killing us all off or forcing us to live off of reservations.
I am not a Native American, but I might as well be treated as one. The Native Americans drink themselves to death and they are criticized for it, but they do it because it’s cheap and distracts them from their crappy lives in their government-made homes on their reservations.
Oh no, the white man is at fault for introducing them to alcohol, when white people drink a lot and so do Asians and some blacks and some Hispanics.
Drinking is everyone’s problem, but you don’t have anyone living under a communist all-powerful and good system telling them that they can’t have it and then admonishing them for following their own free choices with their own money if they do.
I want to quit this group home and live out on my own in my own house, but I would manage my own money and I couldn’t afford that $150 dollar book that was loaned by Touch-Stone’s own office for a good price. I paid good money for those books and capitalism allowed me to learn more than 10 languages, something those commie morons on the polyglot forums have no idea how to even comprehend!
I bought all those books because I wanted to learn a language, like Irish or Welsh and I could get them for free at Saegertown or Cochranton or pay $1 each for ONLY 2 of them ($2) at Meadville.
The books never seem to come in at the Meadville Public Library. I’d rather be overwhelmed by the amount of vocabularies that I have to learn on a daily basis and have my brain pulsating like a flickering light and that feeling like I’m drowning in my own ego.
Nope, all YOU care about is Comrade Agresti’s fat ego!
Capitalism allows me to buy these foods and books. Capitalism means freedom, COMRADE AGRESTI. Of course, you’d be among the first to put me in front of a firing squad!
I am sick of you globalist pinheads! I like watching Alex Jones and The Rebel because they aren’t told what to say by any government and they are tired of morons who wouldn’t hesitate to turn this country into another Zimbabwe or Cuba or Angola!
You know what, I LOVE CAPITALISM! Helen Agresti does not, but capitalism is how she makes her money on her commie centrally-planned diet.
I love with every fiber of my being, the very idea of capitalism.
I read those comments on the various social media sites, like YouTube, Facebook, and Diskus and others that know communism when they see it.
Goodbye! Too bad that the truth makes you uncomfortable, comrades!
God bless the capitalist and free United States of America and the West! I don’t want to live in the Eurosocialist hellholes of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, and Spain.
But they have a better standard of living, even though their citizens eat meager portions of food. Their citizens eat microscopic food portions and we are supposed to live like they do? I think not. I was born American and I shall die American to live in a free country where I am not dictated to by commie bureaucrats in Harrisburg as to how much I can eat on a daily basis. Go ahead, it’s all “hate speech” and “bullshit” to you people!
You like life in the Soviet Union, go up to Erie and ask anyone who is a Russian (or Ukrainian or Armenian) what (above the age of 25) what life was like in the old Soviet Union and they will tell you much of the exact same things that I am telling you.  They were sick of being told by a government or a person what they could not and could eat and drink and watch on TV. Putin dictates the garbage that is seen on Russian state-TV.  Russia has to live with Putin telling them and they hate it. I hate it, too. I am a free-thinking individual, I know that’s too radical for you commie simpletons to understand, but that’s what I am.
They like their monstrously-huge hamburgers, like I do. Capitalism. LEARN ABOUT IT! This is not a communist country, but this house is run like one.
The government won’t allow us to have space heaters because they start fires. We aren’t allowed to have candles, for the same reason.
I am not allowed to go to church, all because I threatened to kill those Russian scum who ENJOY their free CHRISTIAN AND CAPITALIST lives in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and who hate my ass.  That’s communism, right there.
The communists and Nazis BOTH banned people from going to church! I am banned from going to church!
These Russian scum in Erie have it better than I’ll ever have it here. They live in the richest parts of Erie in the west side and I live here in a poor rural setting in Crawford County and these people block and ignore me after I write to them a bunch of time.  The ban on going to church is very draconian in my opinion. I envy those poor Russian and Serbian scum in Erie and Hermitage because they’ve lived the kinds of centrally-controlled lives that Lee and I live in this group home and they had to escape these countries and leave their families behind because of their political beliefs were at odds with the communist states that imposed them.  Those Ukrainian scum in Erie, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh lived like I currently do now, with goals and being told what they can and can’t eat and drink.
God bless the USSA! Those Eastern European people who share the same blood that I do, lived lives like I do now in my group home, free of religion because someone threatened to shoot these free-living individuals because they were Russians and Ukrainians. They are human beings to me. I am angry that they ignore me online and block me and refuse to talk to me. I wanted to lash out, but doing that cost me going to church for awhile.
In 1917, Lenin overthrew 300 years of Tsarist rule to replace it with something worse and more despotic than the Tsars could have ever dreamed of.
Now, I live a miniaturized version of that life here in this group home.
Good night.
IS there any conservative out there who at least agrees with me about this? I want to drink those huge mega pops at Sheetz for $1.05 per drink, every chance I get, and not have Comrade Agresti tell me no!
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Frustrations with Google Chrome’s Serbian spellcheck tools.

This is unbelievable that Google Chrome’s spellcheck tools for the Serbian language do not recognize the word “антисемитизам” или југословенски.  What? Are the people at Google who are Serbs, rabid anti-Yugoslav, anti-Communist anti-Semites? This is beginning to make me wonder if there isn’t some kind of hidden agenda here.

антисемитизам is indeed a word. It means “anti-Semitism” which means a hatred or dislike of Jews. Though many people’s definitions of the word are different, such as how people dislike certain Jews, but not all Jews for example.  Certain people like Debbie Schlussel like to use this word as a means to shut down all debate on their political opinions, Mark Levin and Michael Savage do it, too.  I agree with Mark Levin about the Islamonazis thing. They are Nazis that want to kill all the Jews, just like the Nazis once did. The Islamic terrorists have a fascistic ideology based on Islam that is a very dangerous ideology.  The terrorists themselves claim to be following the Koran and they are following the parts of it that deal with terrorism of unbelievers. Islam is a totalitarian ideology dressed as a religion. That’s what many have said.

Totalitarianism is totalitarianism. Islam is a totalitarian ideology like Communism or Fascism.  That is my opinion and I am sticking to it. The Muslims from the beginning of their religion have been using Islam as a means to conquer and subjugate people going back 1,400 years.

Enough about that. That is one form of anti-Semitism. Maybe the people at Google Chrome who are in charge of the Serbian spellcheck dictionary are anti-Yugoslav, anti-Semitic, Serbian fascists? I have no idea what agenda they are trying to serve.

Антисемитизам је реч!  Антифашизам је реч! Антикомунизам је реч, такође.


Свој речник не призна антисемитизам.  То је неверно!


Неверно! Да ли имате агенду “Гугл?”

Неверно!  Antisemitizam is recognized in Latin text, but not in Cyrillic text. This is unbelievable! I can’t believe this!


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How can there be a “white nationalism?”

How can there be a white nationalism if whites are of many nationalities? There’s Serbian nationalism, Polish nationalism, Russian nationalism,  Greek nationalism, French nationalism, Irish nationalism,  Scottish nationalism, Welsh nationalism, Italian nationalism, Croatian nationalism and many other white ethnic groups in Europe have their own brand of nationalism.

They conflict with one another, especially Polish nationalism and Russian nationalism/Ukrainian nationalism, or Serbian and Croatian nationalism among those for starters. White nationalism is a joke because whites are fragmented among various nationalities from Europe. The idea of a purely white country does not sit well with me. The fact that these so-called “white nationalists” want a society free of people such as Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians should trouble anyone.  These white nationalists want a white ethnostate in America. Why not just preserve the America that our founders created? What’s wrong with that? The far-left claims that’s white supremacy. Whatever happened to the America that was founded 241 years ago in 1776? America WAS great. It has been always great since 1776.  Trump wants to make America Great again. America has always been great since 1776. America has witnessed the destruction of its industries and the outsourcing of jobs to Mexico and other third-world hellholes.

Western Pennsylvania USED to be great. We used to have the steel mills of Pittsburgh and Northeast Ohio had the steel mills of Youngstown. These towns were seedy working-class communities where people from all over the world (mostly Europe) migrated and settled and brought their mosaic of culture with them.  Meadville is known as “tool city” It would be a shame if our tool and die making plants went to Mexico. I like what ChannelLock tools is doing in Meadville by fighting to keep American jobs in Meadville, in our backyard. I currently live just outside of Meadville on Creveling Road.  That’s right, I live in Crawford County, not Erie County, like I used to.  The steel mill towns of Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh have become soulless shadows of their former selves.  I watched how western Pennsylvania lost much of its industry. Pittsburgh was a legendary town known now for Primanti Bros. and King’s restaurants, and UPMC hospitals, rather than its steel mills that made her great. Pittsburgh has witnessed the loss of its industries since the 1970s. The left has destroyed this region.  I can see that Trump is trying to make America Great Again. Let’s make America Prosperous Again! Let’s make Pittsburgh and Youngstown go back to their greatness.   Pittsburgh has the Carnegie Library System, which is the largest in the region.  I have checked out books via inter-library loan from Pittsburgh, through Access Pennsylvania, which is the state’s library catalog that one uses to get books from other parts of the state that they would not otherwise be able to get, due to great distances and money involved.  The Saegertown Area Library has free inter-library loan. You don’t have to pay any money to check out books from other parts of Pennsylvania, via this system. I have been able to check out Irish language learning materials.  I am planning on getting something for the Urdu language next.

I have checked out books from Penn State’s inter-library loan that are Russian in origin.  Penn State has a great collection of Eastern European dictionaries going back to the 1950s. These old Soviet dictionaries still have a lot of use for me, especially when learning Belorussian and Russian at the same time.  Penn State’s collection of Eastern Bloc literature is truly something to behold.

Back to my original point.  For the last 150 years, America has had someone claiming to return this country back to its greatness or former greatness. We had it with Reagan and now we have it with Trump.  The globalists like Reagan sold our industry down the river to other countries. Working class families were alienated with the Democrat and Republican parties and blamed (rightly) both for the losses of their jobs. Bill Clinton’s NAFTA deal was a disaster.  I think that America has seen its fair share of loss of our industries that made our country great since 1790. American industry has benefited this country since the 1800s.  Trump is certainly NOT the first to claim “Make America Great Again” but he is the most vocal about it. Trump has decried the removal of Confederate statues because it’s erasing our history.  Sure, they fought for slavery, but they were still Americans.  They were southerners who were alienated with Lincoln and his anti-slavery politics, but they were educated at West Point and Grant served alongside Lee in the Mexican-American War of 1848.

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump is serving a noble purpose by making our country great again. Donald Trump is following the same line that has been followed for 241 years. America is always great. America will be even greater, thanks to Donald J. Trump.  Trump is fighting against the losses of our jobs that have alienated and angered many people in Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio. We’re not called the “rust belt” for nothing. These jobs moved down South in many cases because the southerners would work for less and they hated and still hate unions.  Of course in the South, anything with the word “union” is generally viewed as a dirty word.

Southerners hate the word “union” because of the Civil War and their defeat in the Civil War. Lincoln kicked their asses. The South became a part of America again after 1865.  Southern people are very interesting. Birmingham had steel mills, like Youngstown and Pittsburgh, it’s two northern cousins.  The south had burgeoning industry going back to well after the Civil War.  Northerners help to economically improve the South after the Civil War. The South after the Civil War wasn’t all about lynchings and discrimination against blacks and anyone who was white and from a foreign country, although that DID happen.  I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I am merely saying that the South experienced a radical transformation after the Civil War. However, it took the Civil Rights movement for the South to be truly great. The Civil Rights Movement sought to rectify the injustices that blacks were suffering since the end of the Civil War. IT wasn’t just about blacks. There were whites from foreign countries who had been discriminated against because of their nationalities, Irish, Greeks, Poles, Jews, and Italians were notable in this respect.

The Southerners have been mistrustful of northerners building their industries and modernizing their region. The hillbillies in Appalachia were very mistrusting of outside influences and the KKK was no exception to this. In fact the KKK was the very embodiment of this mistrust of outside influences radically changing their communities.  The Klan was strong 100 years ago, but now, they’re a joke. Who cares about them? Not every white person is a Klansman/white supremacist.  We are not white supremacists, contrary to what bullshit those SJW types are spouting.  There is practically no KKK left. They are a relic of the past. They are an anachronism.  They are out of touch with modern times.  Very VERY few whites are KKK members and those that are, are delusional in my opinion.   I am a rural white working-class male who doesn’t make a lot of money and is dependent upon a handout from the government every week at Touch-Stone Solutions. I receive a $25 check every week and so does Lee, my housemate.

I am only 28 years old, but people who are much older than me, remember the time when Western Pennsylvania was a prosperous region and so was Northeast Ohio.  I remember a time when the white working-class people of this region were making enough to get by and more. I remember when white working-class men were working in the steel mills. There were plenty of blacks of course, but it was a proud working-class region, Western Pennsylvania. From Erie to Johnstown, we were a force in America. Much of America’s steel production came from this region. 70 years ago, people were moving here from all over the world and working for a decent and honest wage.  I remember hearing a time when Pittsburgh was a smoky city. Pittsburgh was a booming town and people were dying from not being able to breathe the air, it was THAT polluted. Pittsburgh was a happening place.  This was before Wegmans moved into town in Erie.  Of course, Erie has been a nice working-class town since the 1950s.  The decline of Erie’s and Pittsburgh’s and Johnstown’s industry is alarming to me.

Of course, Detroit in Michigan is a mess now. Detroit used to be a booming town. It’s ruined now.  Detroit has blighted parts of the city. They are deserted and crime is rampant.  Pittsburgh has run-down parts, but I have only been to the nice parts of town, such as Central Oakland, Northern Oakland, and Southern Oakland and I have not been to Polish Hill, though.

Good night.


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Moscow’s Puppets

The increasing violence between the left and right is making me ask “Where is the love?” To quote the Black-Eyed Peas.

Except that Black Peas was a little off in their song. Referring to the KKK as terrorism in the USA, while yes that they are terrorists, they are hardly significant anymore.

The Klan is not as significant as it one was 100 years ago. They are a joke now. They’re a bunch of wankers!

I could care less about those pinheads. I could care less about the neo-Nazis as well. I don’t want to hear about white supremacy anymore. I do not want a country in which whites will be a minority who are targeted for persecution, like in Africa or Latin America. We are importing millions of these clowns from the third-world. That KKK guy was saying that killing 10 million illegals is nothing. That shows you how warped those clowns truly are. They are willing to resort to genocide to achieve their aims and all because we won’t peacefully tackle the problem of illegal immigration and address it in a fair manner.

These pinheads make me sick. I am sick of having to deal with self-righteous assholes on the polyglot forums and on Facebook who think that they own the world. They do not own the world. The far-left is not gonna win. Trump’s election proved that the far-left lost and does not represent the majority of Americans, like they claim to. We won’t let our country become a third-world commie shithole like North Korea.

North Korea is ever more proof that communism doesn’t work. Communism and fascism have NEVER worked and they never will for all eternity.

I am gonna stop the loony European left from destroying our country and turning us into a country where freedom of speech is silenced, like in Europe. I fear that our country is becoming like the whole continent of Europe. We imported everything from Europe into the United States, ever since 1492, I know. America is NOT Europe. We are not gonna let our country become a socialist hellhole like Germany, France, or Italy. I just pray that cooler heads prevail and that Europe allows freedom of speech again.

Too bad that the far-left elites in Europe are against freedom of speech for anyone that they disagree with. I am sickened by what is going on over here in the United States and over in Europe. I just pray that we do not end up like Putin’s Russia.

I just pray that the Russians are stopped in Eastern Europe. Communism has spread to Western Europe like the plague and is ruling it under the guise of democracy.  In Western Europe, you can’t criticize the actions of Antifa for example. They have spread over here to the United States of America.

If we become like the United Kingdom, instead of the United States, then I fear that worse could happen. I am sick of hearing about how the far-left attacks this as ignorance. I guess people like seeing me have pointless arguments with the far-left pinheads over in Europe. They will never realize that their ideology has not worked. Western Europe is ruled by communists and the fascists will come next if we do not stop them. Belarus is ruled by a despotic dictator, like Russia.  Belarus is a communist country, like Russia. Belarus is rulled by Lukashenko who is worse than Putin. The Western European left use the same methods that Lukashenko and Putin use to silence their opposition, hate and extremism laws and hate speech laws. They rule by fear and we let a bunch of far-left radicals rule Europe who were a violent fringe minority in the 70s, only to take over the whole country in a few decades by use of elections and agitations.

Too bad that Europe does not have the same protections that we have here in America.  People are using knives to attack people in Europe, since guns have been banned. People in Russia and Finland are doing it.

I fear that our country will become a despotic hellhole like Belarus or Russia if we do not stop the far-left any time soon.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan are just puppets of Moscow under a different name as being independent states.  If they were to stop this Commonwealth of Independent States “Independent” in quotation marks, then I think that they would be better off. These nations cannot function or breathe without Moscow. If you want a medical procedure done, you go overseas, since healthcare is abysmal in the former Soviet republics.

People in those former Soviet republics are dependent upon trade with Moscow since Moscow is the only big power over there, like how America is with Mexico. We aren’t sending troops to Mexico every time they go against the United States.  We aren’t gonna stop. Our country is not becoming like Mexico. I live in the poorest parts of Western Pennsylvania and life has not changed much. I am unemployable for many jobs. I have been refused for many job offerings. They just won’t hire me. I am too volatile to be hired anywhere.

I fear that our country will become like Borat’s Kazakhstan if only we let it.  I fear that the worst shall happen.

Kazakhstan just needs to steer away from Moscow.  They’re NOT directly ruled by Moscow, but their leaders are afraid to stand up to Putin for fear that they will be invaded by Russia, like Ukraine was.

I fear that Russia will stop at nothing. They know no bounds. They’re no holds barred. Russia is feeling emboldened to bully its neighbors, like they claim that we “do” to Mexico and other Latin American countries. The Latin American countries allying with Moscow give them an excuse to put troops and other assets 90 miles from our own shores. The Soviet Union WAS always nuts. I feel sorry for those neo-communist dictators ruling places like Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Ukraine has thankfully broken free of Moscow, but they’ve been attacked by Russia in the last 3 years. Russia still occupies the Crimea.

Russia occupies parts of Eastern Ukraine and they aren’t gonna stop until Kiev is occupied by a puppet, like in Minsk.

Minsk and Moscow are in cahoots. God, if only I could import that English-Belorussian, Belorussian-English dictionary from there. There are very few materials for learning Belorussian in English. I am trying to learn Belorussian so that I can talk to people in Belarus in Belorussian.

We’re done.  We’re gonna have controlled opposition to the communists, like in Russia with Putin and his gang.

I just pray that the right-wing nationalists in the United States prevail over the far-left. I pray that Islam will not take over our country. I pray that Islam will not be allowed to take us over like in Pakistan or Afghanistan. If we have Sharia law, it’s game over.

We nationalists are gonna stop the communists and Islamists from taking over. Islam is an older totalitarian ideology, older than both Communism and Fascism/Nazism. Islam is THOUSANDS of years older than both of them. I just pray that the people of the Middle East will break free of Islam and become free countries.

I just pray that people will break free of totalitarian governments in Europe and Asia and become free countries. The media says that Belarus is “Europe’s last dictatorship” This couldn’t be further from the truth because Russia has joined the club of European dictatorships.

The police are behaving like in a dictatorship over in Europe by arresting people for hate speech and jailing them and treating them like insane people.  Apparently, you cannot comment on how Scandinavian socialism has failed.  Sweden used to be a great place, now it’s crashing down.  Norway and Finland have joined Sweden and if we do not address the problems soon and FIX THEM, we’ll have more maniacs like Anders Breivik on the right and Antifa on the left. Breivik is right-wing terrorism and Antifa is left-wing terrorism. Neither one of them are any good. We must fix the problem and allow freedom of speech to prevail or we live in dictatorship like in Putin’s Russia or Lukashenko’s Belarus.

Are we gonna stop this madness?

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Russia is a sewer!

I am going to fight the fascists the only way I know how.  I don’t need violence, they will be exposed for who they are by their actions, so will Antifa for example.  I am against fascism and communism. Fascism is communism under a different mask. Fascism is just as much nonsense as communism. The communists and fascists both use violence to achieve their ends. They are dangerous and contemptible people.

As far as I can tell, I am gonna go down fighting the communists and Nazis. I see communism and Nazism as two evil totalitarian ideologies that have to be stopped. I am sick of these communist pinheads ruling the polyglot community. I am sick of these far-left and far-right pinheads. I don’t know what to make of the alt-right. The alt-right doesn’t like autistic people and regularly makes comments ridiculing people’s responses that they do not agree with as “autistic” (implying retarded of course). I hate these pinheads as much as the communist far-left they are claiming to be fighting against.  I am gonna go down fighting the far-left and far-right the only way I know how.

Why should I deal with people who hate my guts and start fights just to prove a point? I am sick of the bullshit on the internet. Are we supposed to respect a backwards culture like the Muslim culture?

The communists and fascists/Nazis are leading us into a backwards culture like the Islamists.  If we do not oppose the skinheads and the commies, then I fear that our nation will become totalitarian like Cuba.

I fear that our nation shall end up like Cuba or North Korea.  Trump has done nothing. I am sick of the whole bloody polyglot community. I of course realize that not everyone is like this. I have seen ignorance from the “anti-imperialist” Imperialists, aka the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union practiced imperialism in Eastern Europe by making satelite states that swore fealty to Moscow, while claiming to be “indepedent” Putin is a liar you see.

It was a good thing that the Soviet Union collapsed. It was a good thing that the Nazis are gone! Their followers are on the fringes and for good reason, I might add. I must stop the destruction of our Western culture by the far-left. The far-left bigots will stop at nothing until our country becomes a social justice paradise like Zimbabwe or Mexico.

Socialism does not work! If we do not stop the left-wing, then we are screwed. The left has every right to their opinions like the right. I’m glad that we won the Cold War. I am glad that communism is gone in Eastern Europe. The commies are gone for good, but they could come back under a different name, like Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin or fascists like Zhirinovsky!

Russia is already a hellhole that the rest of the world laughs at how backwards they are. Russia is a joke! Putin and his bands thugs know that they cannot stand up to the United States. This is why their bullshit lying media attacks us at every turn. They know that they cannot win. These social-justice pinheads know that they are screwed.

The Russians are brutal authoritarian monsters that have to be stopped. The way I see it, Eastern Europe will fall into chaos if we do not stop the communists or Putin.

We must fight the ignorance that Putin represents. Putin does not represent the people, but rather a small group of corrupt thugs that control the Kremlin. Russia is a weak country against America. Their media lies to their own people as well as to us in the West.

If we do not stop Putin, we could have World War III on our hands.  Putin represents the cowardly pansies who calls themselves Russians because Russians are too stupid to control their own selves and depend on the government to do everything for them.  Their government is a lying and corrupt government.

Russia has always been a monster. The Russians under both the Tsars and Communists practiced imperialism and terror of those that they did not agree with. Putin is no exception to this. He slanders his opponents in the media that he controls by force. Putin knows that he is small and weak. Putin is a bully.  Putin is a thug.  We in Poland are sick of them controlling us.

Who wants communism back in Poland? Only the commies! The commies who murdered thousands of those “Fascists” that they disagreed with in cold blood.

Eastern Europe is a bloody mess. I pray that it will get better. I do not hate Russia, just what Putin represents. Putin is a criminal, plain and simple! He has done nothing good for Russia! He is in bed with the oligarchs.

The oligarchs are just communists who decided to become capitalist. That’s all they are. I pray that Russia shall change for the better and that Putin’s corrupt system shall come crashing to the ground.

SLAVA ROSSII!  Putin uses violence to control his own people, the way that Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin did. Neither was better than the other, short of those communist pinheads who will comment on this post about how “great” the Soviet Union was. Putin is trying to make Russia great again! Putin is bringing back the very worst of the Soviet Union into modern Russia. To answer that documentary, “An attack on the Soviet Union is like an attack on modern Russia” Well, the Soviet Union was the predecessor of modern Russia. How ironic that Russia adopted the old Tsar’s symbols and flag and went back to oppressing their people, Soviet style.  Russia claims that it has changed face, but it hasn’t.  Russia is still backwards and corrupt. Russia blames the West for all its own problems, when it won’t face up to their own failing education system, failing infrastructure. Daria Larsen, (Perekidaylova) people are starving in the streets in Russia.  People in Soviet times were waiting in lines to buy food and whatever goods that the government did not ban.  The Soviet economy was shit. It was a disaster.  Central planning may have built Russia, but it led the way for the destruction of their economy. The Russian people were screwed over by their big bloated fat leaders, like Gorbachev, like Putin, like Yeltsin.  The Russian people must fight someone who can take charge and change things for the better.  The official media censorship and extremism censorship must end. Putin is an extremist because his views are extreme because they believe that people should be controlled by a thuggish government by force.  People in Russia hate Putin, they just won’t say it because they’ll be arrested by the FSB or whatever.  Ukraine is becoming enlightened and free of Russian domination.  Ukraine is joining the West to become accepted by us. Ukraine is becoming a free nation without Putin crushing their “fascist” leadership. Ukraine and Russia have shitty parts and good parts to them, as well. The average person is very poor in these places. There are people in Russia who do not have access to running water or to toilets.

The poorest are treated like shit by the government, while the poor over here in America live better than they do. I am poor, but I am under the control of Touch-Stone Solutions for the most part. They are socialists in the way that Putin is.  Socialism is a load of malarkey. I do not believe in it.

I’ve written enough posts on Russia to last a lifetime! The Russian people are never going to enjoy freedom, unless they learn to develop a self-esteem and depend less on the government and live their own lives.

Russia is a mess! Я ненавижу коммунистов! Путин и его разбойники не любят русский народ! Они себя любят! Путин любит деньги! Путин, он фашист как Адольф Гитлер!  Жириновский он придурок!  Я надеюсь что Россия будет свободной страной как США.  Путин он преступник и его друзья преступники и разбойники.  Путин не любит русский народ, он себя любит и его друзья! Слава России! Свободная Россия есть хорошая Россия!

Кто против Путина? Я против его и его фашистов! Россия будет свободной!

Россия будет славной страной без Путина и его любителей Советского Союза и КПСС.

Победа будет за нами! Я против империалистов как Путин.  Путин есть империалистический лицемер.  Путин империалист как Сталин.  Путин есть разбойник как Сталин и его коммунисты.

Путин новый Йосиф Сталин.  Владимир Владимирович Путин есть Йосиф Сталин под другим именном. Путин и свое правительство любит террора русского народа.  Ленин был разбойником.  Я американец и я живу в США. Я не живу в России, но я знаю людей которых живущих в России.  Они живут в городах как Питсбург и Эри или Нью-Йорк.  Я не сильный человек, но я признаю коррупцию, террора, терроризма русского народа, я борюсь за России. Кто против меня и за меня? Я не знаю и я никогда не познаю.  Русский народ не любит Путина.  Мы ненавидим его диктатору.  Мы ненавидим коррупцию Владимира Владимировича Путина!

Коммунизм был катастрофой за Россию!

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Battle of Britain: The “Sequel” to Dunkirk

With the release of the recent movie “Dunkirk” in theaters, I am tempted to say with a bit of wry humor, that the movie Battle of Britain is the sequel to Dunkirk.  This is merely an inside joke because the Battle of Britain followed shortly thereafter the evacuation at Dunkirk in August of 1940. Battle Of Britain features many historically-accurate aircraft painted in period markings, including the infamous Nazi swastika painted on some Spanish-built Bf.109 fighters, ironically, with Rolls Royce Merlin engines. The Rolls Royce Merlin was the engine that powered the Spitfire and Hurricane, the rivals to the Messerschmitt 109 in the Battle of Britain.

The Battle of Britain WAS the sequel to Dunkirk and the whole Battle of France.  I heard that Dunkirk is hard to follow. Well, if you don’t know World War II, it is.  Battle of Britain was a movie that was released in 1969 when Laurence Olivier was still alive (he died in 1989) and Trevor Howard.  Battle of Britain was released in 1969 and Dunkirk was released in 2017.  I suppose that you could say that Dunkirk was inspired by Battle of Britain. It had a scene of a Spitfire shooting down a Messerschmitt 109 in a scene remiscent of Battle of Britain.  Battle of Britain only talks about attacks on the Channel convoys, but does not show them.  The airfields are bombed by German bombers, powered by Rolls Royce Merlin engines built in Spain.  Those Heinkel bombers were Spanish-built models made in Spain and the Spanish air force still had a sizeable number of German World War II aircraft in use in 1969. It was said that the total number of planes that made up Battle of Britain constituted one of the world’s largest air forces.

Battle of Britain had Polish-speaking pilots in it, who were under British command during the war.  The Poles and Czechs mentioned in the movie had escaped from France when it had fallen to the Nazis and from Poland and Czechoslovakia.  Poland was severed in half by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Poland had fallen in October of 1939, 8 months previously.  The last Polish resistance ceased on October 6th, 1939.

Many Poles escaped to Britain to form the Polish-Forces-in-Exile in the West. These were the Poles who were loyal to the Polish government that escaped Poland into Romania and then France and then Britain. The Polish Government in Exile would remain in the United Kingdom until 1990, when Lek Walesa’s government formed an act of continuity with his government and the Polish government in Exile by incorporating the exiled Polish government.  Many Poles could not go back to Poland or if they did, were imprisoned or executed for fighting with the British.

There were the Dutch, Norwegians, Belgians, and Free French that formed RAF squadrons in the battle.  The Poles were considered the best pilots in the RAF at the time. The Polish Air Force in Exile was under British command and its pilots were trained to fly the Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire, both Britain’s top of the line fighters. The Spitfire is generally the plane that everyone associated with the Battle, even though there were more Hurricane fighters than Spitfires.  The Italians were also in the war on the side of Germany.  Mussolini had allied with Hitler and attacked the French in Southern France and the British in Malta and Egypt. They also played a limited role in the Battle of Britain, but it wasn’t significant enough. The Italian contribution to World War II is always derisively mocked by the Allies, but the Italians were able to shoot down many planes and inflict many casualties on the Allies, before they ironically, changed to the Allied side.

The Italians did not trust the Germans because the whole Nazi racial ideology considered Italians to be inferior to Germans, among other things. There were also differences on how the war was fought on the German side and the Italian side.  Mussolini was seen as Hitler’s puppet and so was Ante Pavelic.

The Italians did do poorly in North Africa and the British nearly pushed them out of North Africa, until the Germans showed up in 1941.  Then 2 years later, the British pushed them out of North Africa and onto Sicily and Italy.  The British also had to deploy units to Greece to help the Greeks hold back an Italian invasion that failed rather badly from Albania.  In Axis & Allies Global 1940, the Italians can do relatively well and can blitz like the Germans can.  In Global 1940, the Italians manage to wipe the British and ANZAC forces out of Egypt. The Australians had to withdraw their forces from Egypt to fight the Japanese, who were a more prevalent threat due to the Japanese close proximity to Australia. It was feared that the Japanese would invade Australia, but they never did because the Allies beat them in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and at Midway.

Of course, Axis & Allies Global 1940 does not take into account the ineptitude of the Italian high command and of Benito Mussolini and his inexperienced generals.  The Italians are beaten back after a few turns in Global 1940, after the British or one of the Allies, takes back North Africa.  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Syria belong to France in the game. So far, Global 1940 has been the only Axis & Allies game in which France actually participates as one of the Allied powers. Some players have criticized the useless of France, because they get their butts kicked in Round 1 by Germany and lose all their IPCs. (Industrial Production Certificates IPC, the currency of Axis & Allies).  But in the rare chance that France and the United Kingdom withstand the German assault on France itself, France can fight back and beat the Germans, but not for long. The Germans or the Italians remobilize their forces and take France and 19 IPCs of French currency.

Anyway, I’m off topic again. Why am I always off topic? My point is that if you want to experience World War II, play Axis & Allies. I have been a critic of the series for over 17 years, ever since I got on Harris Game Design and got harassed by certain users on there. I was considered to be a troll.  Doug Friend created Historical Board Gaming to make Axis & Allies more historically accurate and to represent the smaller Axis & Allied armies who contributed during the war.

In the movie Battle of Britain, German Bf. 109s strafe some parked Hurricane fighters, after the British ground crew try to set the planes alight to prevent their capture by the Germans.  A short monologue is given by Laurence Olivier in the role of Hugh Dowding, shortly thereafter the scene in which the German fighters destroy the Hurricanes. Dowding states that not one more fighter will cross the English Channel (La Manche in French) and fight in France. Dowding saw that the situation in France was pointless and that they would lose more fighters to the Germans, when many were needed to defend Britain from the upcoming German invasion.

France was lost. There is a historical inaccuracy in Battle of Britain, involving the American halftracks being used by the Germans in the scene were Dunkirk was overrun by the Germans. The locals were in shock because the Germans had overrun them.

4 years of brutal occupation lay ahead.  Saving Private Ryan was the sequel to the Longest Day, as well. World War II was never the same again after Private Ryan was released. That was a groundbreaking film, Saving Private Ryan. There was also Dark Blue World, a Czech film about Czech fighter pilots in World War II.

It’s another inside joke. Saving Private Ryan WAS the sequel to the Longest Day.  IT was better made than the Longest Day.  The Longest Day did what Saving Private Ryan, did not, it showed the British forces.  There were no British forces in Saving Private Ryan because the protagonists were Americans and the enemies were Germans.  Saving Private Ryan was World War II from an American perspective, whereas Longest Day tried to balance the two. Saving Private Ryan showed the loneliness, fear of death, and the constant death and destruction of the war around them.  Saving Private Ryan used T-34 tanks mocked up as Tiger Tanks. There was the movie Fury, which used a REAL Tiger Tank, but it had it share of anachronisms, as I’m sure IMDb attests to. I’ve seen them myself.

Kelly’s Heroes was another World War II movie made in Yugoslavia before the wars broke out there.  It was a social commentary movie about the 60s generation in conflict with the “Greatest Generation” of which was a problem back then.  Oddball would probably have been a Section 8 in that war, or probably would not have been allowed to enlist.  He brings up esoteric concepts, like “negative waves” which were unknown to people back then.  People in the 40s were sick of the war, the children of those who fought in World War II, fought in Vietnam.  Kelly’s Heroes was made in the era of Vietnam.  World War II was a fresh memory back in the 1960s because most of the veterans who survived the war, were still alive then. Given that there were some who took their own lives or lived tortured lives because of their PTSD and war experiences that came back to them every night when they were sleeping.

Who could forget that?  The war took a toll on the people who lived it, and films like Saving Private Ryan, depicted that.

World War II was a war where Hitler had most of continental Europe in his possesion, except for Sweden and Switzerland, which were both neutral and doing dubious business deals with the Nazis, just to prevent their invasions.

Sweden and Switzerland were afraid and rightly so, that they would end up like France, or Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The seizure of Latvia, Lithuanian, and Estonia aren’t talked about in movies back then or depicted. The Soviets stole land from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and Finland and added it to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were considered to be aggressors by the Western Allies and so was Japan and Italy.

The Soviet Union was also feared by people in Europe. People in Europe were afraid that Western Europe would become communist. It became socialist 70 years later, thanks to the far-left destroying their own cultures in an example of pitiless self-hatred that the world hasn’t seen in a long time.

Europe revels in their own self-hatred of their own cultures, especially Germany.  Germans on YouTube are talking about it was wonderful that they lost 2 world wars.

These scum make me sick.

Thank God that the world is laughing at Germany right now, for its pitiless self-hatred and emasculation of their own culture.  Conservatives are sick of how Germany constantly beats itself up over the Nazis, 75 years ago.  German conservatives, as well as American ones. I would love to debate in German about this.

I saw Kraut and Tea criticizing Germany for going down a bad road. The Nazis terrible stuff, but that doesn’t mean that Germany should sacrifice its proud culture.

Who cares about Europe? I can’t do anything about Europe because I’m over here in America watching Europe destroy itself. Some Jews are derisively commenting that God is punishing Europe for centuries of anti-Semitism. Well, I think that Europe is being punished for turning their backs on God himself.


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