Barbara Marie Drezhlo, SHUT THE HELL UP!

This Barbara Marie Drezhlo woman on This self-righteous holier-than-thou hag who claims to collectively represents the whole of Russia with her “blog” of disgusting tirades against conservative Americans, who she claims do not accept Obama because he’s black and then tries to paint Russia as a country tolerant of black people in a country where black people are beaten up and where human rights reports claim that when this happens, the police do nothing about it. Her vision of America is a society of sheep that just follow what the government says, and only her critical thought is allowed. This disgusting hag does not represent the voices of Russia because over there, they do not have a racial grievance industry like over here in America. People like Trayvon Martin, if they are killed, they do not care about his race. Oh, Russia is supposed to be like America where people, just divide us over racial differences, violently threaten people because of Trayvon’s death and attack people over it. The police in Russia would have simply just beaten up those racial people like Sharpton over the whole Trayvon thing and Russians would have just simply not cared about Trayvon’s death.

So, you are not representative of people over in Russia, and they do not beat themselves up over Trayvon. If a crime like that happened, people would simply think it was street violence.  Russians do not beat themselves up over racial problems. A country that persecuted the Tatars and nearly destroyed them, and the hate crimes legislation over there, would totally kill our first amendment. This woman does not represent people in Russia. She is a self-righteous vile-spewing hateful, spiteful, bitter hag who if she knew anything about Russia, would not label Joe Arpaio’s prisons as a gulag, but looks the other way in the Soviet REAL gulags where people were tortured and beaten. Russia does not care about Trayvon Martin!  They just like to point our problems and proclaim how holy and righteous they really are. I am tired of these people in the Kremlin, whom Drezhlo represents do not like her. A woman like her would not last very long. Expose this woman for the fraud that she is! This woman is an old bitter woman of Russians descent living over in Albany, NY who does know Russian,

Эй Варвара, Вы не голос России! Вы не настощий голос всех россиян! Вы американско-либеральная старая бабушка в США.  Вы не живете в Росстии!

So, you are a self-righteous holier-than-thou appointed person like Daria Perekidaylova is. You Russians think that the world should bow to you, and you claim they think America is racist, but looks the other way when the Tatars are being persecuted?  You Russians blame America for all your problems, when your economic problems are of your own making. Face it, your economy went down the toilet because the Communist system was unsustainable. They do things over here that would be highly offensive and silenced over here, because of the self-righteous everything is wrong, unless we say so Puritan liberal crowd that she represents, are not well liked in Russia. Over in Russia, Obama’s change policies are hated by the establishment. America’s both Republican and Democrat are ridiculed by the media.

The right wing in America that she claims is in the way of her fantasy of turning this country into the Soviet Union are not liked in Russia, because their policies would undermine the total control the government over there so enjoys. They do as they please. You think America has it bad with crony capitalism? Wait till you see Russia! Communism WAS crony capitalism where the government controlled the industry and free enterprise defense companies like Mikoyan were controlled. The Russians are smart and intelligent people that contributed to the greatness of humanity by launching a man into space and the first satellite Sputnik. Russians are a creative people that truly know how to create great stuff that’s cheap and reliable.  They are smart people that are a people of critical thought, unlike Barbara Marie Drezhlo. Over there, they criticize the establishment, but not the way Barbara Marie Drezhlo does. In Russia, Oh Barbara  Marie Drezhlo, you would NOT last very long.

You are NOT representative of Voices from Russia, you only represent the will of the American democrats. The stuff on the forums you would label “right-wing” and “racist” and then blame American conservatives for it, but fail to realize that THEIR definition of Conservative and ours are two different things. The American right wing and left wing ideas are considered subversive by Russians because they’d subvert the rigid social structure that is Russia. Where Paris Hilton wannabes on post suggestive photos of themselves like models and post naked photos of themselves to boys in Russia. Try finding a woman in America that would do that, without crying sexism! Try that. Yob tvoyu Mat, Fucked your mother, such an insult would not fly over here in America. Russians are devoted to their families. The people I know like Katya still live with their parents when they’re 22 years old. They care alot about their parents, unlike over here in America, and when someone says Yob tvoyu Mat, it’s pretty serious.

You are a self-righteous, bitter old hag over in Albany, NY who has no idea what she’s saying and she just wants to destroy the right wing, quotes Wikipedia without ever talking to people in Russia and she wants us to believe that right-wingers are all Ku Klux Klansmen that do not accept Obama because he’s black and because Russians are an oh-so racially-tolerant nation, when in fact, it’s not true. They do things over there that would be so racist and so offensive here. The Nazis are hated yes, but the people in charge do not care.

Do I believe Russians are racists? Of course not!  I believe that the human rights people that write this crap have no idea what they’re saying. Because they’d have to upset their social structure and all that shit and would have to go against everything that they know and generally arrest people for unreasonable crimes and constantly whine and complain about everything racist and carp and whine like liberals over here. Russians do not really care about racial problems and do not constantly harp and do the racial song and dance and all that stuff Al Sharpton do to have special privileges above others. And everything else.

So Barbara Marie Drezhlo, please just kindly shut the hell up, and stop trying to be the voices of Russia because you’re not and never will be. You’re just a bitter old lady from Albany, NY!

So Barbara, please shut the hell up! In Russia, someone like Trayvon Martin would NOT even exist. Over there, if they arrest him they would NOT stand up to the authorities and complain about “police brutality” or racism against minorities and have ACLU to back them up like over here. In Russia, someone like Trayvon would be beaten up by the police and they would not bat an eyelash over it and he would be jailed multiple times without caring about his race and he would be considered trouble by the community and he would be incarcerated in a Russian prison without caring if he was black or they police would laugh their asses off at being complained about by Trayvon because of his race.  No Russia, is NOT like the Jim Crow South, far from it, but over there Trayvon would be a troublemaker and that’s that, no “American right wing or no American conservative racism, etc” Trayvon would be arrested multiple times by the police for being a “problem” or a “bad influence” They would not even begin to care about his race. That does not factor into it. The Police in Russia have been known to accost foreigners on the street.  If you look different, not in the racial sense, i.e. if you’re not from there, you’re usually known pretty quick who you are and the reason why Russia does not have racial problems is not because of the “American right wing” it’s because they don’t care and consider grievance mongers like Drezhlo to be a real annoyance and being forced

Their views are not the American right wing, because Russia has a wholly different attitude towards race. The country was very hostile to foreigners, except for communists from other countries. Russians do not like people that complain all the time and have grievance industries. Russians just sweep problems under the rug and ignore them and do not like to discuss issues openly for fear of being out of line.

Wikipedia is a ridiculous waste of web space and it is wrong about Russians being racist and consideres beating up anti-racism activists, when Russians think these people are too radical and annoying and not very nice people, to be a major problem. Russians do not like anything that upsets the social fabric of society, and they did not like the changes of the USSR when it collapsed.  Socially-conservative nation. Their views on certain subjects would be labeled “racist” by liberal Americans and sneered at by Americans as being KKK and racist.  In other words, Russians do not beat themselves up over “racial issues.” Wikipedia is ridiculously anti-Russian and it’s hateful entry on Russophobia, says that people that fear rightly that Russia is being subverted by America and Russian nationalists are fake and that it is a “fake term” when people have a REAL and GENUINE phobia of Russians. I suppose Homophobia is a fake term, right? NOPE! Anyone who has a genuine phobia of Russians should be exposed, then treats people

Sabrina Rahmet types taht trash natioanlists and patriotic duy to their nation and then lampoon and ridicule people that have ethnic identities and claim that their version of history is correct, then poke everyone else in the eye and proclaim themselves as holy and righteous and turn nations into meaningless blobs with no identies and claim that people who love their nation are extreme and hateful, is

The woman should know that her beloved Soviet Union in Eastern Europe failed and the nationalists took power because people in Poland ACTUALLY liked them and claims the Catholic Church dominates Poland> This woman wants to see Communism return to Poland, something real Poles cannot stand and because communism DOES NOT work.The catholic faith is The HEART of Poland that destroyed Communism because it was wrong and it went against their entrenched traditions. Oh Sabrina, how you cannot handle the changing tide of history and the people that ACTUALLY chose REAL Freedom, while she stews about Eastern Europe not being the failed Commie paradise that she loves to death like a child’s first crush.  I cannot stomach that bile-spewing ranting hag Sabrina Petra Rahmet.  She is a disgusting and hateful woman. A shrieking ranting and raving woman that hates people’s patriotism, devotion to their nation, mocks the faith Eastern Europeans have in their religions for OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS, before her sorry ass was born. Sabrina Petra Rahmet is a pseudo-expert, a far-left Stalinist commie apologist Marxist. Her bile-spewing anti-Serbian, anti-Eastern European crap is quoted on Wikipedia like it’s the Holy Gospel at Church. Sabrina P. Rahmet is a fake!  Everyone be warned about her and her bile-spewing Marxist BS that does not work anymore in Eastern Europe. This woman plainly expresses her evil desires to destroy the foundations of Polish society and the Catholic Church that she hates because it freed Poland from Communism and reinstate the Communism she loves so much. That woman wants to destroy the Eastern European nations from regaining their identities desecrated by Communism.

The woman is a disgusting pseudo-scholar and she should be exposed as such. I can’t believe people buy her crap.

I can’t believe the crap on Wikipedia either. Wikipedia is stigmatizing people just becasue they fought alongside the wrong side in World War II, with it’s Nazi Collaborators Categories.  Putting Draza Mihailovic in there because he fiercly opposed COmmunism and labeling people as Nazis because they oppose Communism, never mind that serious anti-Communists are not Nazis. Draza recognized that Communism and Fascism were the same type of evil.  He ponied up to the Germans.  Wikipedia disgustingly lumps him in with serious collaborators like Milan Nedic, who was opposed to Mihailovic.  Presents Communist pseudo-history as fact manufactured by Tito to slander Draza Mihailovic. He is a controversial hero, like William Tecumseh Sherman is here in the United States.

There will always be controversy about him.  Many say he was a collaborator, many say he wasn’t.  However, Wikipedia considers commie propaganda about him to be real fact, and uses an unflattering photo of him to make him look bad, and just outright slanders a man that rescued 500 airmen from being captured by the Germans as a collaborator. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but he was not a full-time collaborator like say, Ante Pavelic and Milan Nedic were. Lumping him in with Nedic is disgusting.

Wikipedia is  just using the Nazi collaborators categories to unfair

I am NO Neo-Nazi, but I just think that history is history. There were cases in the American Revolution where the rebels collaborated with the  British and tried to stop combat with the British to regroup and hit them again, like the Chetniks did with the Germans. The Chetniks were not mercenary soldiers paid by the Germans to kill commies. The Chetniks fought the Commies because they were a bigger problem than the Germans, but this does not mean that they did not give up on the Germans. The Commies were a pain in the ass harassing them and the Chetniks knew that they could not fight all of them at once and that they’d be decimated by the Germans, so they stopped fighting because they would have been annihilated if they did and they knew it.  If they directly fought and killed the Germans they would have been all killed. They could not fight the commies and Nazis directly. If they did, they’d all be dead and Draza Mihailovic was not accepted by the Germans. He was nearly arrested when he met with a German officer in 1944. The Germans did not like him anymore than Tito and tried to play Tito against Mihailovic against each other, in the hope that they’d both destroy each other, and resistance from the Chetniks and Partisans would be totally destroyed and taht they would destroy each other.  The Chetniks were traditional conservative Serbian nationalists dedicated to restoring the Yugoslavian monarchy that was ruled by the Serbs and the Ustashe and its brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing against Serbs, compared to the imagined planes of ethnic cleansing supposedly thought of by Mihailovic, using forged documentaries, false history to present a biased communist viewpoint.

Who’s the pseudohistory here when Wikipedia passes it off all the time on pages about Mihailovic and him being a collaborator? Or labelin
Wikipedia mocks patriotism, devotion to country, to the nation, devotions to real things and mocks peoples love of their cultures and religions. Lampoons it as “pseudohistory” Lumps in patriotic Americans like David Barton in with the UFO nut crowd and their fake history that rational people do not believe. They alienate them because the UFO crowd is the crowd starved for attention and always looking for something to prove their lying crap that Nazis had help from aliens, when in fact they didn’t and were technologically brilliant peoples, yeah they DID have help from aliens from Eastern Europe of the races that they thought of as alien and inferior. So in THAT sense, they did have help from Aliens, but they DID Not have help from Aliens as in extraterrestrials.

THE NAZIS DID NOT HAVE HELP FROM ALIENS, but they did have help from human slave labor “alien peoples” that they thought of as alien and racially inferior, but not ET. Nope sorry, I do not buy that bullshit for a minute! The Nazis did NOT have a base in Antarctica! It would have been logistically impossible to do so. I do not know where people got that idea.  The idea that Hitler could be anywhere, even though he killed himself with Eva Braun, his mistress in 1945.  Hitler is dead. People thought he could be anywhere and his presence had such an effect on people, that they did not want to accept that he was dead, so they made up the Antarctica Bullshit and no Imperious leader, you stupid jackass, roundels ARE very important To have insignia to tell people apart and you try to make a fool of me to prove how really holy you really are about BS about aliens. You sir are an idiot, and make up BS about aliens, when in fact the Antarctica was an idea to try to come up with ways to better represent the earth. No sorry, I do not speak your egotistical bullshit and never will and your hatred of Russians and Eastern Europeans and hateful mocking of their cultures means that you are an ignorant bigot in my opinion.

But, I digress!

It’s only wrong and that the Communists were the real guerrillas in Yugoslavia and the real deal resisters of the Nazis and the Chetniks lumped in with the Ustashe, when they honored Draza and do not consider this to be falsely changing history. Wikipedia considered history that devotes to its nation and its people and its honoring traditions to be fake history, i.e. pseudohistory and therefore wrong. Even though this is wrong, along with rationalWiki and all the self-righteous know it all types who claim they know what’s best for everyone else. RationalWiki is a crap website that does NOT present facts, that slanders people it doesn’t like, like the blogs do, and posts opinions and not facts tries to pass itself off as an encyclopedia with true rational info, even though alot of what they post is really irrational and their irrational hatreds of people that they do not like. Insulting and claiming they’re right all the time.  RationalWiki or IrrationalWiki as it SHOULD be known, is NOT a real information site.  It is pure crap!

I suppose that the way Wikipedia characterizes the Chetniks, that the Viet Cong could also be collaborators with the Americans, even though they infiltrated the American bases, were photographed alongside American soldiers, made deals with American commanders, and the lot. The Viet Cong used their enemy and when the Chetniks use their enemy, it’s considered as collaboration. Anyone sense the hypocrisy here? The Vietcong used their enemy and used us well to get inside us, when the Chetniks use their enemy, Wikipedia labels it as collaboration.  I do not believe that Draza Mihailovic was a Nazi collaborator in the way Ante Pavelic was, though the Wikipedia article characterizes him, wrongly as if they were talking about Ante Pavelic, who was a real Nazi collaborator, who collaborated with them from day one, unlike Mihailovic who fought the Nazis at first, then toned down his resistance to avoid senseless loss of life, and to wait for the Allies. The Chetniks were not a fascist movement, like the Ustashe were, they were royalists of the Yugoslav monarchy and the Commie propaganda vehicle of Wikipedia.

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Song for Black Lives Matter.

I have a song that I would like to personally dedicate to the folks at Black Lives (Lies) Matter called Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.  Of course, nothing else (literally) matters to Black Lives Matters, but protecting other black people.  What about the other ethnic groups, whites and Latinos? Don’t their lives matter, too?  My life matters. I matter to the state of Pennsylvania, which is why I live in Cochranton.  Why does nothing else matter? Why doesn’t restoring classic warbirds at Geneseo, (New York),  matter? Why doesn’t ham radio matter? The lives of amateur radio operators matter because we provide life and death communications to people in disasters and we are the eyes that watch severe storms to see if they will spawn tornadoes.  Our lives matter, too.  Hell, these selfish idiots don’t even know what lives are, considering that they support killing unborn babies. Typical pro-choice far-left liberals. I am pro-life, but I would not kill anyone over it because that makes no sense, because even the lives of those who provide abortions matter, because they are just doing their job, but I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for Black Lives Matter because they do not see the finer things in life.  Oh well, like I care. They just don’t get that there are other things in life besides black people. We all matter, too!

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I am NOT an “anti-Semite Nazi”

I REALLY DO believe that I am an autistic Nazi anti-Semite. (No, not really) I am an anti-Semite.

I give up! I am not really sure if you can put autistic, Nazi, and anti-Semite in the same sentence. I just saw a thread on Wrong Planet ( is a popular autistic website) where he calls someone on the alt-right whom he perceives to be autistic as a self-hating autistic.

Now, this is the kind of stuff that people like Chaim ben Pesach, Debbie Schlussel, and Pamela Geller use on anyone who is Jewish that happens to disagree with them about oh say, Polish Nazi collaboration/collaborators/Holocaust or anyone who is a Polish Gentile like me who disagrees with them, is a Nazi or a self-hating Jew.

 People are going to have a problem with this! I am a bigot and a racist! I am everything wrong with society. I am of the alt-right, despite not really being accepted by them and called a “cuck” by one of their ardent supporters every time I post something in a certain Facebook group called Polyglots No Holds Barred, in any language mind you. Am I really “alt-right?” Alt-right sounds like something Glenn Quagmire would say on Family Guy when making a political joke about his “all right” shtick every time he says it. It’s one of his catchphrases after all, “ALL RIGHT” If Family Guy were to alter it into a joke to make fun of the alt-right, then I would be fine with that.

It’s another delusion and I need to see a doctor. Another idiotic delusion of mine is to believe that I am a Nazi fighting the Russians! The closest that I ever come to that is playing Red Orchestra 2, which is a VIDEO GAME or Men of War or the Axis & Allies series. Maybe you could tell Debbie Schlussel that while I play the Axis in A&A DOES NOT mean that I am a Nazi? NO, I am just a big Axis & Allies player. I’m sure that Debbie Schlussel would be quick to say that Axis & Allies “glorifies” the Nazis because of the whole Lebensraum bonus objective themes in Global 1940 and Germany achieving bonus income for three conquered Soviet territories it were to own, such as Volgograd, Novgorod, and Russia.  Germany gets a HUGE bonus for controlling these territories, in fact 5 IPCs (Axis & Allies money, Industrial Production Certificates IPC) per territory for these 3 territories and because Germany gets a 5 IPC bonus for having one land unit in Egypt. I am sure she would find an excuse to collectively smear all those who play Germany in Axis & Allies as Nazis/neo-Nazis.  I am sick of her and Pamela Geller saying bullshit like that!  That means that Germany earns 15 IPCs total for controlling Novgorod, Russia, and Volgograd at the same time.

I firmly believe that people like Pamela Geller and Debbie Schlussel are sick in the head!

I believe that Debbie Schlussel, Pamela Geller, Daniel Greenfield, David Horowitz, and Chaim ben Pesach are delusional because they believe that anyone who is a Gentile and forms an opinion against them, is a Nazi/anti-Semite.

This applies to many of the pro-Israel blogs out there on the internet, like Sultan Knish, Atlas Shrugs, Debbie Schlussel, Jewish Task Force, and others such as FrontPageMag, led by David Horowitz, who is STAUNCHLY pro-Israel. I do not hate Israel myself, but the Israeli government has been accused of committing war crimes against the Palestinians, despite not trying to deliberately target Palestinian civilians. You see, the problem is that the Palestinians hide among civilians, which is why so many of them are killed.  The Israel-Palestine conflict is something that I AM NOT GONNA DISCUSS HERE! I want nothing to do with it whatsoever!

Their legions of supporters are quick to use terms like “Nazi” and “anti-Semite” “neo-Nazi” etc, to smear their opposition and to shut them up about Israel or the Israelis, just like their leftist opponents do to them by calling them Nazis, racists, bigots, Islamophobic/Islamophobia and the like ironically enough.

They accuse you of anti-Semitism as a means of shutting down any meaningful debate. I know that Palestinian anti-Semitism DOES INDEED EXIST, but the Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting each other for 70 years now. It will be 70 years in 2018. There are Arabs out there that DO support Israel because they see Israel as something good by being the only true democratic country in the Middle East.  Anti-Semitism still exists in Eastern Europe, but it has become a buzzword on Russian Wikipedia when describing Polish/Ukrainian nationalists opposed to Russia, by smearing them collectively as “Nazis” in their own media.  RT does it and the Russian-language press does it, too.  Anyone who is a nationalist is branded as an anti-Semite, despite not all nationalists are anti-Semites.  Nationalist anti-Semites do exist, but they are tiny and largely and rightly despised in Eastern Europe among the mainstream populace.  Nazism has become an obsession of Putin’s to describe his truly nationalist opponents who oppose him and his policies.  Radio Maryja is accused of being anti-Semitic, which is written by far-left Russophiles on English Wikipedia. They are defending Poland’s Catholic faith from smears by Jews about being anti-Semites and defending Poland’s Catholic Christian heritage.  While the guy behind Radio Maryja may be something like Father Coughlin, that does not mean that ALL Poles are anti-Semites!  Anti-Americanism is common in Russia and not all Russians hate America. In fact, many that I know ACTUALLY enjoyed their time living over here in the United States and some still continue to live over here in America.  Many Russians are not blinded by Putin’s aggressive anti-American propaganda and are against him.  Many of them see America as degenerate for wanting gay marriage in Russia, but not all of them want gay marriage that are liberal. Many just want a free Russia, free of totalitarian rule by Putin and his thugs. Russia has become a sad country and people are becoming fed up with Putin and his control of the media. I predict that anti-Putin sentiment will grip and rock Russia like never before. Will they trade Putin for the Tsars? That remains to be seen.  Many Russian nationalists are against America because they see their Christian values being eroded by liberal Russians promoting ideas from America that contradict those values.   They see it that way. These people are the TRUE extremists, not the people critical of Putin, which is why I think that Russia’s “anti-extremism” measures are A JOKE!  Putin is one of them, and yes there are people who are critical of Putin who think that way. I bet no one in Russia will see my blog. I just have to find a way to translate it into Russian. Is there anyone who will repost this in Russian? I doubt it!  I want a free Russia, free of neo-Communist rule of Vladimir Putin and I want Russia to have TRULY free elections and not “vote” for Putin every single time.  Too many Russians are apathetic to this and just do not care because they do not want to be arrested and thrown in jail for criticizing Putin’s regime or they support Putin. The way I see it, Russia is gonna have to wake up and realize that Putin is fooling them!

This does not mean that I support the Palestinians or any neo-Nazi groups! Any of you pinheads who pick up on my last sentence and follow me need to REALIZE THAT!

 I give up! I really give up! If I were to post this on Facebook, which I am NOT, I would be banned from there for anti-Semitism.

I guess I am an an “autistic Nazi anti-Semite!” OH HELL! I GIVE UP! Can you really put those in the same sentence? I guess you can!

I am a racist/homophobic/sexist/honky/cracker/white male/transphobic/fascist/Nazi bigot! XD! NOT xenophobic because I ACTUALLY love foreign cultures and respect people from these cultures and I love their languages, IMHO) I am every name is the leftist/alt-right wing playbook. I am also a “cuck!” I am a conservative and I do support the idea that white men are the victims of racism and sexism by the mainstream media, such as MTV News and Franchesca Ramsey,  who ironically is married to a WHITE GUY!  Talk about hypocrisy!

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Merhaba Cenk!

I am just testing to see if our man at the Young Turks speaks Turkish. I’m sure he is fluent in it, as he is in English.  Merhaba, bay Uygur!  Nasılsınız?

Ben Amerikalıyım.

Bu benim arkadaşım Cenk! İyi geceler!

My short message to our man Cenk at the Young Turks!



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Тоталитаризм Путина

Владимир Путин вернет тоталитаризм советского союза в Россию.

Моя домработница Дженнифер считает что Обама коммунист, а я считаю, что Обама не коммунист.  Я считаю что Обама друг Украины и украинцев,  а тоталитарный режим Януковича в Украине прошёл!  Беркут Януковича убил людей в майдан.  Мы хотели, а мы хотим свободную Украину и свободную Россию и Свободную восточную Европу. Многие люди в Восточной Европе хотят конец тоталитарных режимов, как Путин в России или Лукашенко в Белоруссии.  Я считаю что Россия будет свободной страны как США, но многие люди как Путин веруют что США хочет гомосексуальный брак за Россию.  Я христианин и я против гомосексуального брака.  Я хочу свободу религии для российских и украинских Протестантов.  Россия православная страна как Сербия, Греция, Болгария, и Украина.  Я считаю, что Россия христианская страна.  Атеистические  коммунисты не комплетно уничтожили всех религий в России или в всех странах Бывшего Советского Союза. Божий дух ещё с нами. Я американец и ненавижу конец свободы под правительством Путина. Я надеюсь для конца диктаторы Путина. Я хочу свободу для всех людей во России.  Я хочу свободу за Кубу. Смерть старого диктатора Кастра в Кубе значит свободу для Кубы.  С волей божией, мы вместе уничтожили фашизм и коммунизм!  Я не экстремист, Я БОЕЦ ЗА СВОБОДУ!  Путин может нас называть “экстремисты” а мы нет! Бог подарит свободу для России!  Цари и коммунисты были нашими врагами! Коммунистическое правительство и царистское правительство были угнетающими правительствами!  Путин новый угнетатель России и он угнетает всех людей во России. Россия будет свободной страной без Путина Владимира. Путин новейший угнетатель России и он был старым коммунистом.  Путин был офицером КГБ.  Россияне, я сражаюсь за вашу свободу! Я просто американец, но сражаюсь за свою свободу!

Победа будет за нами!

Джастин Эдуард Роек.



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Turkish fascism

I have a question for Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. How come you claim to be anti-racist and have an organization called the “Young Turks?” The Young Turks were a Turkish fascist organization that killed 1.5 million Armenians in the infamous 1915 genocide that happened during World War I.  What’s even more sickening is that his co-host (Ana Kasparian) is herself Armenian.  I have yet to see a single Jew co-host a show with David Duke. I remember the Young Turks being lambasted by Atheism is Unstoppable, Sargon of Akkad, and Vernaculis in many of their YouTube videos. Did I mention that many of their YouTube videos have many dislikes?

In the eyes of many Armenians, the Young Turks constitute fascism, but many Turks (including our man Cenk) see them as loyal patriots bringing about secular reform to the otherwise Muslim and religious Ottoman Turkey.  In 1923, the Ottoman Empire was deposed by Kemal Attaturk and the modern state of Turkey was born.  I remember how the Ottomans brutally repressed Arabs, Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, and pretty much anyone who wasn’t Muslim or Turkish.  For many years, the Turkish language was written with the Arabic script, now it’s written in a Latin alphabet script.

I speak some Turkish. “Merhaba Cenk!” Let’s see if he CAN answer this one.  I might consider buying that Bolshoy Turetsko-Russkiy, Russko-Turetskiy slovar on That’s a big Turkish-Russian, Russian-Turkish dictionary for those that do not know Russian.  I remember how the Russians waged many wars against the Turks during the 19th Century for control of the Crimea (which is yet again RUSSIAN thanks to our man Putin) or over wanting to free their Slavic Serbian brethren from Ottoman rule.  I speak a little Turkish, but not much. I remember that Turkish guy named Azmi Mavi who screwed around with Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen) of Tolyatti, Russia. I need to let her go, though. Just let it go how she was so madly in love with the Turks and preferred them over me and they were only interested in fucking her.

I remember how I felt hatred in my soul for the Turks, until I met a Turkish girl named Melike Küllü. Not sure of the spelling. Anyway, I thought that Melike was a nice girl, until she unfriended me on Facebook for reasons known only to her. Was it because I made a YouTube video supporting the idea of the Armenian Genocide? The Armenian Genocide WAS a real event and IT REALLY DID HAPPEN! The Turkish government to this day continues to deny responsibility for it and public acknowledging it in Turkey is punishable under the stupid crime/human rights violation known as “Insulting Turkishness” I have insulted the Turks because Daria was screwing around them and using them to make me feel bad for many years. She lied to the police about nationalist sentiments that I expressed to her about how she was screwing around them with no consequences to herself. Anyway, I remember how the Young Turks would call people like me as racists for suggesting that Islam is the cause behind many terrorist attacks in the world today and terrorist organizations.  I think that Insulting Turkishness is a way to censor any meaningful debate about the past misdeeds done by the Ottoman Empire before and during World War I.  The Allies, Russia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, (and the rest of the British Empire/Commonwealth) France, Serbia, Italy, United Kingdom, and Belgium were at war with Ottoman Turkey during World War I.  The British learned the hard way how tough the Turks really were. They were tough fighters and they knew that their country would (and was) invaded by the Allies in the 1915 Gallipoli amphibious landings that went disastrously for the Allies. The Allies tried to invade Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and that went badly for them.  Germany, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary made up the Central Powers.  That was 100 years ago in World War I. I have since created a World War I game on Historical Board Gaming.

Now, sadly, Melike ignores my messages on Facebook. I miss her. She was a beautiful girl and still is. I feel upset by the fact that I have no friends anywhere in Turkey. I have no love for the Turks because of how that one guy stole Daria and because of their genocide against the Armenians and because a half-Armenian girl who I was friends with named Lyudmila Mesropyan did not like them because she was Armenian and was a wealthy girl from Moscow.  She’s gone now. I feel unhappiness from my years of collapsed internet friendships and no girl ever writing back to me after I have known them for 10 years or more.  Life can’t get any worse for me. I am feeling sick right now. I am feeling terrible and beyond psychiatric help. I will never meet a girl sitting in my room all day. There is currently no way to interact with someone through Roku, through a face to face Skype conversation. Why can’t Roku get a Skype app?  Why can’t Roku let users interact with one another through the YouTube app on Roku? It would be nice if Roku’s YouTube app would let you write comments or see comments. I know that my friend Moses McCormick (Laoshu50500) on YouTube is big into Turkish and so is Steve Kaufmann. They know every single language ever known and Clugston tries to bill himself as a responsible polyglot. I did correspond with him on Facebook and with Moses. I did talk to Sergey Kotov of Saint Petersburg, Russia through Facebook and he would not answer me after I asked him in French if he spoke French. I remember how this all happened. I posted videos of myself on YouTube speaking Russian and got noticed by people. The polyglots on YouTube that once ignored me wrote back, but sadly those that once did not ignore me now do.  I hate the internet. I have lost so many friends with it.  I have no more friends on the internet. I live in a lonely world in the real world. IRL.

They know every single language in existence, those polyglots. I remember wanting to go home to 43 Raymond Avenue and seeing my parents. I am stuck here with nothing to do. Benny Lewis does not hate me and he is sick of me. I am WAY off topic again. Anyway, I do not like the Young Turks because I have watched how they were savaged by Atheism is Unstoppable and Sargon of Akkad.  AIU defends white people and is pretty much sick of all the white guilt bullshit predominating in the Western World today.  I remember how Sargon of Akkad was defending the right-wing from Cenk’s savage attacks after the Dylann Roof church massacre in Charleston in 2015. I remember how Sargon was saying how dangerous the Neo-Nazis (and they are) for the most part. However, only Neo-Nazis are dangerous to themselves and they are hated by the majority of the population because of their use of violence to further their aims (KKK comes to mind) and their totalitarian and racist ideology. Many on the right associate Islam with totalitarianism. A lot of Islamic countries are dictatorships, like Saudi Arabia. People are killed for saying that Hamas and PLO are terrorists, like what Tasbih Sayyed said in the film about Radical Islam, that featured Martin Gilbert likening Radical Islam with Nazism. Like Nazism, it wants to exterminate all the Jews and non-believers from this earth and establish Islam as the dominant religion worldwide.  I think that Islam is Nazism. I am NOT unwavering in my beliefs about this because I believe that the Muslims want to enslave humanity and murder millions of people to advance Islam.  Radical Islam (Islamic fundamentalism) is a disease that must be erased from humanity.  I believe that Islamic terrorists are being fought by the European government against delusional people who believe the delusional belief that they are fighting the “Crusaders” and Zionists. These people are delusional people. The communists, socialists, Nazis, and Muslims are delusional people who all believe that their way of running the world is the best way for everyone, in other words, they believe that government should dominate our lives.  Muslims believe that Islam should be the government of the United States and other Western nations.  Islam wants us all to live under slavery. I refuse to submit to this.  Many Muslims believe in separation of church and state, such as Zuhdi Jasser for example. He has fought the radical Islamists on their own terms. He is a leading Muslim conservative against the Islamist presence in our country.

I hate Islam because I see it as dominating the world on behalf of the Middle Eastern Muslims who want humanity to submit to their version of Islam. I see Islam as a disease and I do not see reasoning with delusional progressive liberals as being in my play book. Fortunately, people like AIU are REAL liberals.  They are not totalitarians like Obama or Hillary Clinton.  These delusional liberals believe such delusional bullshit that “OH radical Christianity (what radical Christianity?) is as bad as radical Islam?” THere are some radical Christians, but they are few compared to the millions of radically-minded Muslims who believe in delusions such as that they can force our government to submit to Islam and take over America. I am so sick of these delusional fucks running our lives in universities and educational institutions and at the Young Turks.  These delusional atheist commie assholes do not know that our civilization based on Judeo-Christian WHITE values is superior to the backwards BROWN civilization of the Muslims. This by no means believes that whites are superior, but we are so far ahead of these deluded idiots that think with a 12th Century mentality that the west are the Crusaders. These people are delusional people, like the progressive left which allies with these animals because they are “opppressed” by racism and bigotry in America, never mind that the Muslims believe in religious bigotry where they believe that they are superior to all religions. I believe that Christianity and Judaism are superior to Islam and that is not bigoted because Christian women are far ahead than Muslim women are. Muslim women have to wear burqas in the sweltering desert heat ALL DAY when they go out in public.  I believe that Geert Wilders is right when he says that the Islamic culture is a retarded culture.  The Muslims hold to their delusional hate-filled bullshit beliefs that the Jews control America and the West and that they will exterminate them all.

I am against Islam because these delusional people want to rule over plane Earth. I do not want a bunch of delusional assholes ruling my world and killing women for adultery and premarital sex.  The Muslims are such stupid people, but not all of them are. Fortunately, there are many Muslims living in Erie that had the sense to flee their homelands and live in the free country called America.

The Christian fundamentalists are nowhere near as dangerous as these Muslim assholes that get on Wikipedia and insult Christians and proclaim such bullshit as “religious delusions are only found in Christian societies.” Of course, if you go around saying that you are the Prophet Mohammed or are a messenger of Mohammed, they kill you.  In places like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan they kill you or confine you to a mental institution. Islam is a disease that should be exterminated.  In Islamic countries, delusions that you are a soldier of Allah in an army against the West and Israel in a delusional mindset about us being the Crusaders are allowed, but widely held and practiced. How’s that for religious delusions, but alas Muslims won’t acknowledge that they are such because when you have a delusion, you believe it’s very real. I’ve been around enough psychiatrists in my lifetime. These Muslims believe in delusions, but alas the pro-Muslim and anti-Christian Wikipedia won’t acknowledge them as such. The Muslims are delusional people who believe that the Americans and the Crusaders are out to get them and they are.  They hold the delusional beliefs that they are in the 12th century and that we are the Crusaders. This IS NOT the Crusades and I do not give a single fuck about what that delusional idiot over in Norway believed about being a Christian and fighting the Muslims.  He was just as delusional as the Muslims themselves and he believed that he was a nationalist fighting for Europe’s Christian heritage, despite the fact that people like Wilders RIGHTLY condemned him for his acts of violence. He was a delusional idiot.  The delusional left tried to paint the right as being like that guy and the anti-Islam sites were accused of influencing this delusional idiot to kill people.  Everyone knows by now that Breivik is a total idiot.  I fight for Europe’s Christian heritage, but I do not kill people over it.  Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

I am a Christian of the Orthodox persuasion.   I know that we must struggle against the left trying to destroy our civilization from within and from the Muslims. The delusional regressive left MUST BE STOPPED!

That’s all.


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Ostpreußen ist deutsch! Stop Putin’s Aggression!

Ich denke dass Ostpreußen ist deutsches Land.  Ostpreußen ist altes deutsches Land. The communists stole East Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania away from Germany in 1945, when Poland and the Soviet Union annexed these territories. Poland was run by an illegitimate communist government at the time and East Germany was a puppet state of the Soviet Union that “gave away” East Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania to Poland and the Soviet Union. Today, the Kaliningrad Oblast (region) covers the northern half of East Prussia.

Sure, in Germany they will call you a “Neo-Nazi” if you want East Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania back in German hands.  I also believe that the Kresy Wschodnie is Polish land that was stolen by the Soviets after World War II. I believe that Poland should get back the eastern borderlands from Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine.  Ruslana was born in the (ACTUALLY POLISH) Ukrainian city of Lvov, that was stolen from Poland in 1939 and annexed into Ukraine in 1940.

The Soviets stole Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina from Romania and Viipuri (Vyborg) from Finland. Vyborg is Finland! Kosovo is Serbia! Kresy is Poland! I dream of just redrawing the map of Europe so that the illegitimate gains of the communists made during World War II and the Cold War can be reversed.  Nazi gains were reversed, but the Soviet gains were not because the Soviets were one of the Allied powers during the war.  The Soviet Union stole Bessarabia from Romania and added 30% of it to Ukraine and 70% to the artificial state of Moldova. Personally, I think that the country of Moldova should unite with Romania and get it over with. Moldova is Romania.

You can call me all the names in the world, but the fact remains that Putin stole Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.  The world was shocked when Putin annexed Crimea into Russia, but the world was not shocked when Stalin annexed Bessarabia, Vyborg, Lithuania, Estonia, Eastern Poland, Northern Bukovina, East Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, southern half of Sakhalin Island, and the Kurile Islands into the Soviet Union.  There were no sanctions against the Soviet Union, then. IT was not until years later that there were sanctions against the Soviet Union, but I fear that we are not doing enough to stop Putin’s aggression into Ukraine and Georgia. Russia has a long history of annexing land. It took centuries to build Russia into the nation that presently covers 1/6 of the Earth’s surface. Russia is still large and massive, even without the 15 Soviet Republics.  It’s time that people stood up and said enough to Russia’s aggression against its neighbors, going back centuries. Russia had a war with Sweden that got the land where Saint Petersburg is now. Finland became a part of Russia, later on.  I think that Japan, Germany, Finland, Poland, and Romania should get back the lands that were stolen from them during World War II.

I predict that the war in Ukraine will spill over into the rest of Europe, if we do not stop Putin. East Prussia, Pomerania, and Silesia are Germany! Vyborg and Karelia are Finland! Bessarabia is Romania! Lvov is Poland! Wilno is Poland!  Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have a right to exist as independent states that were illegally annexed into the Soviet Union in 1940.  My staff tells me that Putin is a new Stalin. Putin has done what Stalin had done by annexing his neighbors lands into Russia, like Crimea that the old Soviet Union used to do to its neighbors. We need to get East Prussia, Silesia, and Pomerania back to Germany, Bessarabia back to Romania, Kresy Wschodnie back to Poland, southern half of Sakhalin back to Japan, all the Kurile Islands back to Japan,  Why doesn’t Germany want East Prussia back? Is it because Merkel is too spineless to stand up to Putin? I think that Putin should cede Kaliningrad back to Germany.  Now, we have a means to take on Russia in the next war. I think that Patton should have been allowed to rebuild the German army and take on the Soviet Union again.  The Soviet Union and now Russia, is a dangerous enemy that is committing acts of aggression against its neighbors, for the first time since 1939 and World War II.  The Soviet Union also invaded Afghanistan, which I’m sure that Putin remembers.  Now, we’re having to clean up the mess that the Soviets left behind in Afghanistan. It’s sickening that the Soviet Union got away with aggression against its neighbors and Germany did not because the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons and so does the United States.  We were too afraid of taking on the Soviet Union and the Soviets were afraid to take us on. Now that Putin is in power in Russia, reviving the expansionist policies of the Soviet Union and now Russia, we NEED to stop him and stand up to him.

We need to stop Putin in Europe before he reaches Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, or Athens. Putin needs to be stopped.

I also think that Pakistan and Bangladesh should reunite with India on a lighter note. I am so sick of the Muslims and Hindus hating each other. It’s a really stupid conflict. I pray that the lands that were stolen by the Soviet Union will be returned to their respective owners. These lands belonged to these countries before 1938.  Putin has been allowed to get away with too much. It needs to stop.


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White slavery of non-Muslims

I have noticed that all the TV shows and movies have been talking about black slavery done by whites in the United States.

What about the slavery that the Serbs, who are white, experienced at the hands of the Ottoman Empire for several centuries. The Greeks and Armenians, did too. I know that there is a TV show and film about Nat Turner’s slave revolt in 1831, but no American has made a movie about Karađorđe’s uprising in 1804 against the Turks. I remember that in 1912 how there were was a war against the Turks waged by the Serbs and Greeks against the Ottoman Empire to gain independence for Greece and Serbia and Bulgaria.

Serbs have made a film about the Battle of Kosovo in 1389. That was a defining moment in Serbian history. There was also the Armenian Genocide and the subsequent guerrilla war against the Ottoman Empire. The Armenian were victims of the first documented genocide of the 20th Century and many films have been made about that. I am not saying that black slavery was not significant, it was, but white Slavic women were used as sex slaves by the Ottoman Empire.  There was the brutal repression of Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Greeks, Macedonians, Albanians, and the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire. I have yet to see a film about the oppression that people suffered and still continue to suffer in modern Turkey or the Middle East.  There was that one film “Called the Stoning of Soraya M” or “Wadjda” which show and document the repression that women face in the Middle East and how those films talk about how women, gays, and others are suffering and still continue to suffer in the Middle East, in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestinian territories,  (Palestine) and Turkey. There are other countries, too like Pakistan where Christians are killed and persecution just for being Christian or if you’re a Hindu, for being a Hindu or a Buddhist.

I see Islamic religious supremacy and bigotry go unchecked in the Middle East.  Islam has all the freedom it wants in the Middle East, while Christians and other non-Muslims live underground or practice their faith underground away from the prying eyes of the local authorities. I think that Saudi Arabia is not our ally by any means. They may say that they are, but I think we need to rethink our relationship with Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.  Saudi Arabia and Pakistan repress women, even though Benazir Bhutto was the first female president of Pakistan, but this isn’t enough.  More needs to be done in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Asian Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Yes, Saudi Arabia is in Asia, in Southwest Asia (the Middle East) but we do not think of it as being Asia.  Israel is in Asia, even though most of the people there are European and American Jews.

Israel allows freedom of religion for all faiths, including Christians and Jews. I have yet to see a single church in Saudi Arabia or Iran. The way I see is non-believers of all stripes are suffering in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East. Anyone who speaks out against Islam is being killed over there.  You cannot really chose to be an atheist over there because if you speak ill of Mohammed or of Islam, you are arrest and killed. IF you profess to not believe in any God or Allah, you are arrested. Atheists are being persecuted over there, too.

Islamic religious slavery and persecution is never really talked about in Hollywood as far as I know.  The Muslims keep non-Muslims in virtual slavery called dhimmitude. I’ve heard this term abused by the likes of Pamela Geller to use this as a means of saying that whenever someone says something that she does not agree with about Islam that is a non-Muslim, she uses this term and so does Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch.

We need more people like those two I mentioned above to stick up to Islamic fanatics that want nothing less than world domination and killing or forcibly converting non-Muslims to Islam.  I think that Islam needs to be reformed to adapt to life in the 21st century and that women need to allowed to be equals.  Is there anything in the Koran that considers women to be actual human beings?  Women are treated as the property of their husbands by their husbands and you’ve got people that want to marry women that are 9 years old to people that are old enough to be their grandfathers and this girl barely knows this guy to begin with!

I pray that Islam will destroy itself and reform! We NEED a reformation of Islam to stop the slavery, violence, hatred, and terrorism against non-Muslims. I pray that Islam will be reformed and that they will experience a reform of their faith to live in the 21st century. We need more brave souls to reform the religion into a faith like Christianity. I think that there should be an awakening for Muslims all over the world to stop embracing jihad and start being civilized human beings.



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