Barbara Marie Drezhlo, SHUT THE HELL UP!

This Barbara Marie Drezhlo woman on This self-righteous holier-than-thou hag who claims to collectively represents the whole of Russia with her “blog” of disgusting tirades against conservative Americans, who she claims do not accept Obama because he’s black and then tries to paint Russia as a country tolerant of black people in a country where black people are beaten up and where human rights reports claim that when this happens, the police do nothing about it. Her vision of America is a society of sheep that just follow what the government says, and only her critical thought is allowed. This disgusting hag does not represent the voices of Russia because over there, they do not have a racial grievance industry like over here in America. People like Trayvon Martin, if they are killed, they do not care about his race. Oh, Russia is supposed to be like America where people, just divide us over racial differences, violently threaten people because of Trayvon’s death and attack people over it. The police in Russia would have simply just beaten up those racial people like Sharpton over the whole Trayvon thing and Russians would have just simply not cared about Trayvon’s death.

So, you are not representative of people over in Russia, and they do not beat themselves up over Trayvon. If a crime like that happened, people would simply think it was street violence.  Russians do not beat themselves up over racial problems. A country that persecuted the Tatars and nearly destroyed them, and the hate crimes legislation over there, would totally kill our first amendment. This woman does not represent people in Russia. She is a self-righteous vile-spewing hateful, spiteful, bitter hag who if she knew anything about Russia, would not label Joe Arpaio’s prisons as a gulag, but looks the other way in the Soviet REAL gulags where people were tortured and beaten. Russia does not care about Trayvon Martin!  They just like to point our problems and proclaim how holy and righteous they really are. I am tired of these people in the Kremlin, whom Drezhlo represents do not like her. A woman like her would not last very long. Expose this woman for the fraud that she is! This woman is an old bitter woman of Russians descent living over in Albany, NY who does know Russian,

Эй Варвара, Вы не голос России! Вы не настощий голос всех россиян! Вы американско-либеральная старая бабушка в США.  Вы не живете в Росстии!

So, you are a self-righteous holier-than-thou appointed person like Daria Perekidaylova is. You Russians think that the world should bow to you, and you claim they think America is racist, but looks the other way when the Tatars are being persecuted?  You Russians blame America for all your problems, when your economic problems are of your own making. Face it, your economy went down the toilet because the Communist system was unsustainable. They do things over here that would be highly offensive and silenced over here, because of the self-righteous everything is wrong, unless we say so Puritan liberal crowd that she represents, are not well liked in Russia. Over in Russia, Obama’s change policies are hated by the establishment. America’s both Republican and Democrat are ridiculed by the media.

The right wing in America that she claims is in the way of her fantasy of turning this country into the Soviet Union are not liked in Russia, because their policies would undermine the total control the government over there so enjoys. They do as they please. You think America has it bad with crony capitalism? Wait till you see Russia! Communism WAS crony capitalism where the government controlled the industry and free enterprise defense companies like Mikoyan were controlled. The Russians are smart and intelligent people that contributed to the greatness of humanity by launching a man into space and the first satellite Sputnik. Russians are a creative people that truly know how to create great stuff that’s cheap and reliable.  They are smart people that are a people of critical thought, unlike Barbara Marie Drezhlo. Over there, they criticize the establishment, but not the way Barbara Marie Drezhlo does. In Russia, Oh Barbara  Marie Drezhlo, you would NOT last very long.

You are NOT representative of Voices from Russia, you only represent the will of the American democrats. The stuff on the forums you would label “right-wing” and “racist” and then blame American conservatives for it, but fail to realize that THEIR definition of Conservative and ours are two different things. The American right wing and left wing ideas are considered subversive by Russians because they’d subvert the rigid social structure that is Russia. Where Paris Hilton wannabes on post suggestive photos of themselves like models and post naked photos of themselves to boys in Russia. Try finding a woman in America that would do that, without crying sexism! Try that. Yob tvoyu Mat, Fucked your mother, such an insult would not fly over here in America. Russians are devoted to their families. The people I know like Katya still live with their parents when they’re 22 years old. They care alot about their parents, unlike over here in America, and when someone says Yob tvoyu Mat, it’s pretty serious.

You are a self-righteous, bitter old hag over in Albany, NY who has no idea what she’s saying and she just wants to destroy the right wing, quotes Wikipedia without ever talking to people in Russia and she wants us to believe that right-wingers are all Ku Klux Klansmen that do not accept Obama because he’s black and because Russians are an oh-so racially-tolerant nation, when in fact, it’s not true. They do things over there that would be so racist and so offensive here. The Nazis are hated yes, but the people in charge do not care.

Do I believe Russians are racists? Of course not!  I believe that the human rights people that write this crap have no idea what they’re saying. Because they’d have to upset their social structure and all that shit and would have to go against everything that they know and generally arrest people for unreasonable crimes and constantly whine and complain about everything racist and carp and whine like liberals over here. Russians do not really care about racial problems and do not constantly harp and do the racial song and dance and all that stuff Al Sharpton do to have special privileges above others. And everything else.

So Barbara Marie Drezhlo, please just kindly shut the hell up, and stop trying to be the voices of Russia because you’re not and never will be. You’re just a bitter old lady from Albany, NY!

So Barbara, please shut the hell up! In Russia, someone like Trayvon Martin would NOT even exist. Over there, if they arrest him they would NOT stand up to the authorities and complain about “police brutality” or racism against minorities and have ACLU to back them up like over here. In Russia, someone like Trayvon would be beaten up by the police and they would not bat an eyelash over it and he would be jailed multiple times without caring about his race and he would be considered trouble by the community and he would be incarcerated in a Russian prison without caring if he was black or they police would laugh their asses off at being complained about by Trayvon because of his race.  No Russia, is NOT like the Jim Crow South, far from it, but over there Trayvon would be a troublemaker and that’s that, no “American right wing or no American conservative racism, etc” Trayvon would be arrested multiple times by the police for being a “problem” or a “bad influence” They would not even begin to care about his race. That does not factor into it. The Police in Russia have been known to accost foreigners on the street.  If you look different, not in the racial sense, i.e. if you’re not from there, you’re usually known pretty quick who you are and the reason why Russia does not have racial problems is not because of the “American right wing” it’s because they don’t care and consider grievance mongers like Drezhlo to be a real annoyance and being forced

Their views are not the American right wing, because Russia has a wholly different attitude towards race. The country was very hostile to foreigners, except for communists from other countries. Russians do not like people that complain all the time and have grievance industries. Russians just sweep problems under the rug and ignore them and do not like to discuss issues openly for fear of being out of line.

Wikipedia is a ridiculous waste of web space and it is wrong about Russians being racist and consideres beating up anti-racism activists, when Russians think these people are too radical and annoying and not very nice people, to be a major problem. Russians do not like anything that upsets the social fabric of society, and they did not like the changes of the USSR when it collapsed.  Socially-conservative nation. Their views on certain subjects would be labeled “racist” by liberal Americans and sneered at by Americans as being KKK and racist.  In other words, Russians do not beat themselves up over “racial issues.” Wikipedia is ridiculously anti-Russian and it’s hateful entry on Russophobia, says that people that fear rightly that Russia is being subverted by America and Russian nationalists are fake and that it is a “fake term” when people have a REAL and GENUINE phobia of Russians. I suppose Homophobia is a fake term, right? NOPE! Anyone who has a genuine phobia of Russians should be exposed, then treats people

Sabrina Rahmet types taht trash natioanlists and patriotic duy to their nation and then lampoon and ridicule people that have ethnic identities and claim that their version of history is correct, then poke everyone else in the eye and proclaim themselves as holy and righteous and turn nations into meaningless blobs with no identies and claim that people who love their nation are extreme and hateful, is

The woman should know that her beloved Soviet Union in Eastern Europe failed and the nationalists took power because people in Poland ACTUALLY liked them and claims the Catholic Church dominates Poland> This woman wants to see Communism return to Poland, something real Poles cannot stand and because communism DOES NOT work.The catholic faith is The HEART of Poland that destroyed Communism because it was wrong and it went against their entrenched traditions. Oh Sabrina, how you cannot handle the changing tide of history and the people that ACTUALLY chose REAL Freedom, while she stews about Eastern Europe not being the failed Commie paradise that she loves to death like a child’s first crush.  I cannot stomach that bile-spewing ranting hag Sabrina Petra Rahmet.  She is a disgusting and hateful woman. A shrieking ranting and raving woman that hates people’s patriotism, devotion to their nation, mocks the faith Eastern Europeans have in their religions for OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS, before her sorry ass was born. Sabrina Petra Rahmet is a pseudo-expert, a far-left Stalinist commie apologist Marxist. Her bile-spewing anti-Serbian, anti-Eastern European crap is quoted on Wikipedia like it’s the Holy Gospel at Church. Sabrina P. Rahmet is a fake!  Everyone be warned about her and her bile-spewing Marxist BS that does not work anymore in Eastern Europe. This woman plainly expresses her evil desires to destroy the foundations of Polish society and the Catholic Church that she hates because it freed Poland from Communism and reinstate the Communism she loves so much. That woman wants to destroy the Eastern European nations from regaining their identities desecrated by Communism.

The woman is a disgusting pseudo-scholar and she should be exposed as such. I can’t believe people buy her crap.

I can’t believe the crap on Wikipedia either. Wikipedia is stigmatizing people just becasue they fought alongside the wrong side in World War II, with it’s Nazi Collaborators Categories.  Putting Draza Mihailovic in there because he fiercly opposed COmmunism and labeling people as Nazis because they oppose Communism, never mind that serious anti-Communists are not Nazis. Draza recognized that Communism and Fascism were the same type of evil.  He ponied up to the Germans.  Wikipedia disgustingly lumps him in with serious collaborators like Milan Nedic, who was opposed to Mihailovic.  Presents Communist pseudo-history as fact manufactured by Tito to slander Draza Mihailovic. He is a controversial hero, like William Tecumseh Sherman is here in the United States.

There will always be controversy about him.  Many say he was a collaborator, many say he wasn’t.  However, Wikipedia considers commie propaganda about him to be real fact, and uses an unflattering photo of him to make him look bad, and just outright slanders a man that rescued 500 airmen from being captured by the Germans as a collaborator. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but he was not a full-time collaborator like say, Ante Pavelic and Milan Nedic were. Lumping him in with Nedic is disgusting.

Wikipedia is  just using the Nazi collaborators categories to unfair

I am NO Neo-Nazi, but I just think that history is history. There were cases in the American Revolution where the rebels collaborated with the  British and tried to stop combat with the British to regroup and hit them again, like the Chetniks did with the Germans. The Chetniks were not mercenary soldiers paid by the Germans to kill commies. The Chetniks fought the Commies because they were a bigger problem than the Germans, but this does not mean that they did not give up on the Germans. The Commies were a pain in the ass harassing them and the Chetniks knew that they could not fight all of them at once and that they’d be decimated by the Germans, so they stopped fighting because they would have been annihilated if they did and they knew it.  If they directly fought and killed the Germans they would have been all killed. They could not fight the commies and Nazis directly. If they did, they’d all be dead and Draza Mihailovic was not accepted by the Germans. He was nearly arrested when he met with a German officer in 1944. The Germans did not like him anymore than Tito and tried to play Tito against Mihailovic against each other, in the hope that they’d both destroy each other, and resistance from the Chetniks and Partisans would be totally destroyed and taht they would destroy each other.  The Chetniks were traditional conservative Serbian nationalists dedicated to restoring the Yugoslavian monarchy that was ruled by the Serbs and the Ustashe and its brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing against Serbs, compared to the imagined planes of ethnic cleansing supposedly thought of by Mihailovic, using forged documentaries, false history to present a biased communist viewpoint.

Who’s the pseudohistory here when Wikipedia passes it off all the time on pages about Mihailovic and him being a collaborator? Or labelin
Wikipedia mocks patriotism, devotion to country, to the nation, devotions to real things and mocks peoples love of their cultures and religions. Lampoons it as “pseudohistory” Lumps in patriotic Americans like David Barton in with the UFO nut crowd and their fake history that rational people do not believe. They alienate them because the UFO crowd is the crowd starved for attention and always looking for something to prove their lying crap that Nazis had help from aliens, when in fact they didn’t and were technologically brilliant peoples, yeah they DID have help from aliens from Eastern Europe of the races that they thought of as alien and inferior. So in THAT sense, they did have help from Aliens, but they DID Not have help from Aliens as in extraterrestrials.

THE NAZIS DID NOT HAVE HELP FROM ALIENS, but they did have help from human slave labor “alien peoples” that they thought of as alien and racially inferior, but not ET. Nope sorry, I do not buy that bullshit for a minute! The Nazis did NOT have a base in Antarctica! It would have been logistically impossible to do so. I do not know where people got that idea.  The idea that Hitler could be anywhere, even though he killed himself with Eva Braun, his mistress in 1945.  Hitler is dead. People thought he could be anywhere and his presence had such an effect on people, that they did not want to accept that he was dead, so they made up the Antarctica Bullshit and no Imperious leader, you stupid jackass, roundels ARE very important To have insignia to tell people apart and you try to make a fool of me to prove how really holy you really are about BS about aliens. You sir are an idiot, and make up BS about aliens, when in fact the Antarctica was an idea to try to come up with ways to better represent the earth. No sorry, I do not speak your egotistical bullshit and never will and your hatred of Russians and Eastern Europeans and hateful mocking of their cultures means that you are an ignorant bigot in my opinion.

But, I digress!

It’s only wrong and that the Communists were the real guerrillas in Yugoslavia and the real deal resisters of the Nazis and the Chetniks lumped in with the Ustashe, when they honored Draza and do not consider this to be falsely changing history. Wikipedia considered history that devotes to its nation and its people and its honoring traditions to be fake history, i.e. pseudohistory and therefore wrong. Even though this is wrong, along with rationalWiki and all the self-righteous know it all types who claim they know what’s best for everyone else. RationalWiki is a crap website that does NOT present facts, that slanders people it doesn’t like, like the blogs do, and posts opinions and not facts tries to pass itself off as an encyclopedia with true rational info, even though alot of what they post is really irrational and their irrational hatreds of people that they do not like. Insulting and claiming they’re right all the time.  RationalWiki or IrrationalWiki as it SHOULD be known, is NOT a real information site.  It is pure crap!

I suppose that the way Wikipedia characterizes the Chetniks, that the Viet Cong could also be collaborators with the Americans, even though they infiltrated the American bases, were photographed alongside American soldiers, made deals with American commanders, and the lot. The Viet Cong used their enemy and when the Chetniks use their enemy, it’s considered as collaboration. Anyone sense the hypocrisy here? The Vietcong used their enemy and used us well to get inside us, when the Chetniks use their enemy, Wikipedia labels it as collaboration.  I do not believe that Draza Mihailovic was a Nazi collaborator in the way Ante Pavelic was, though the Wikipedia article characterizes him, wrongly as if they were talking about Ante Pavelic, who was a real Nazi collaborator, who collaborated with them from day one, unlike Mihailovic who fought the Nazis at first, then toned down his resistance to avoid senseless loss of life, and to wait for the Allies. The Chetniks were not a fascist movement, like the Ustashe were, they were royalists of the Yugoslav monarchy and the Commie propaganda vehicle of Wikipedia.

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100 years of commie and fascist terror!

I am no better than I was at being special 20 years ago, than I am now.  People like that Susan Ottaway and Pat Melpolder lady were saying how gifted, how brilliant, how intelligent I was and all that and I was, but I lacked any of the real connections that these people had that I do not have and never will have.
Here I am in the year 2018 and that was back around 1995-1996 is when they were saying all this stuff. I was taught to believe that I was special, that I would make it in the world and here I am now, 22 years later, living in a group home in a foreign part of Pennsylvania that is no different than Corry was.  Here I am, in Cochranton, Pennsylvania. I don’t want to go back to my parents. I want to just sit here and yell racist obscenities and all around total bullshit that I shout out in loud, angry outbursts and is it any wonder that the world thinks that I am violent and unstable?
I have only this house on Creveling Road to go back to, to just sit there and melt down and explode and lay in my room all day, like I did in my parents’ house. I love being in my room, but the loneliness is killing me and that Pracejus guy is working till midnight tonight.
I have separation anxiety and I can’t deal with it. I was connected to my parents to 22 years ago when I was in school.  I was fed nothing but aggrandizing bullshit when I was in elementary school and I suffered in high school. No one in Union City Elementary DARED to predict that my high school career would be made into a hell that would have made those prisoners at Auschwitz seem tame by comparison.
My high school in Corry was a concentration camp and Gary Doolittle and Kelly Cragg and those folks were the people keeping me down and making me feel like I wasn’t special at all, like I was a dangerous psychopath and these narcissistic little bastards just thought that they could ruin me and they succeeded.  No one predicted the disaster that I faced in high school. What if I had gone to Union City High School? What then?
It is because of my experiences with that Gestapo police officer and his elitist “friends” in that school is why the National Language Service Corps did NOT accept me, based on my background.  It’s all because I suffered horribly in high school and was considered to be dangerous.
What the fuck did those motherfuckers know about dangerous people? Who the hell was I? Charles Manson? Adolf Hitler? They thought that I was just like those very two people.
Those trolls on social media and on the internet are ruining me. They are the biggest assholes that humanity has ever known. These people always win on the internet. These wealthy, social media conscious people who have millions of followers and who people ACTUALLY pay to listen to, like that Undoomed guy on YouTube and Vernaculis and Sargon of Akkad. These people are something special and they KNOW how to make shit happen in their lives and I do not.  Corry Area Middle-High School was Auschwitz revisited. It was like Auschwitz because if you acted out in that school, they could use lethal force to subdue you and kill you and the local rag, which is a shill for the “brave and talented” assholes in uniform who make up the Corry Police Department, would have said that it was a “justifiable homicide!” Gary Doolittle had the connections and the knowhow to be able to get away with murder like that, if that had happened. It never happened because I am here writing you this email on the internet.
Gary Doolittle was the political commissar for Corry Area Middle-High School. He filled a role that the Soviet commissars and German Gestapo officers fulfilled in that god-awful totalitarian cesspit known as Corry High School!  They were there to make my life miserable, while telling me that I could advance, that I was smart and special, just like now in the year 2018, as in the year 2004 and the year 2005!
What am I gonna do? This is still the same kind of communist malarkey that I was fed in elementary school and in high school about being great and special! Well, I’m NOT!
This is what people like what Michael Savage talk about on his talk show and other pundits just like him!
They all know each other, those pinheads who call themselves “liberals” “conservatives” or “libertarians” or “progressives” or whatever name that they affix themselves.
I watch TV and I am angered by how people who are involuntarily celibate like on this Fox News story about that guy in Toronto who ran over a bunch of people.  Am I supposed to be like that guy? Those pinheads on the left-wing and right-wing have the same type of mentality that the administrators at Corry Area Middle-High School had, that everyone you talk to, who is having problems with girls is a “threat” and a “menace to society”!
I might as well be like Radovan Karadzic! I’m just THAT bad and I espouse many of the ideals that Karadzic believed in about Muslims that are dangerous and harmful to civilized people, but he just wants to fight the “Turks” right and free his country from “Muslim domination” right?
I was considered to be as dangerous as Radovan Karadzic, as Charles Manson, as Mark David Chapman and all those narcissistic psychopaths. I am a narcissist. I learned all that stuff from my mommy and daddy, after living with them for 24 years, until 2013.
Much of my possessiveness comes from my parents. My parents wouldn’t even let me leave the house to go where I liked, because I was harassed by little assholes that made the boys in white sheets seem like decent folks. They were absolutely NO better than THEY were!
They had the same frighten and intimidation techniques that the Ku Klux Klan were NOTORIOUS for using on people, but their views were a total 180 from what the KKK believed in. They believe in the opposite of what the KKK believed in, but they were just as dangerous.
They were left-wing, as opposed to being right-wing like what the KKK were! They knew how to terrorize people in the night, like the folks in the white sheets did, except that they did not place a flaming cross in my yard or said any amount of racist bullshit that they used, but they were WORSE than they were!
The Corry Police Department knew who these little ruffians were and they were out past midnight, when they shouldn’t have been!
It’s just like living in Russia because over in Russia the police know who the racists, the bigots,the kind of folks who believe in the fascist/communist horseshit of an ethnically (racially) purified Russia are. Many of them were ex-communists. They just didn’t have the “capitalist bourgeois” folks to hate anymore, but the Jews, the Muslims, the Armenians, and the Americans and anyone who isn’t of Russian birth or origin.
The commies and the Nazis over there share a hatred of the United States and what it stands for, like their overlord Putin does.
Of course, these Russian nationalist extremist pinheads can’t find Creveling Road on a map, but if you gave them a map, they’d probably find me and my buddy, Lee Waterhouse and we would suffer the same kind of intolerant and prudish bigotry that made the KKK so famous throughout the American South!
The KKK went after whites who didn’t agree with them! It wasn’t just blacks.  They went after the Jews, who are mostly whites.
I (supposedly) believe in the same kind of toxic Anti-Semitism that the Russian nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan here in the USA believes in.  (YEAH RIGHT!) They will tell you that, that is what I believe, like I believe all that malarkey! But I’m a “Nazi” right? “Am I, Justin Edward Royek, a Nazi?” Seriously, people!  I bet none of those Russian nationalist pinheads would probably refuse to believe that many of the folks in Israel are just as Russian as they are! They are!
I always believed that I was something special, like those little Nazi pinheads over here in America and in Russia! I am sick and I want my mommy! I am a mentally-unstable man.
I guess that I am a member of the Ku Klux Klan, right? What the hell would the KKK want with me? They would themselves turn me into law enforcement for being “too radical” or something like that, just like the commies would.
Where’s Dr. Khoa Tran at St. Vincent? Where did he go to? Where is he now? Why can’t I talk to him? He’s of Vietnamese origin and he lives (presumably) somewhere in Northeast Ohio and works at St. Vincent in Erie. I was scared of St. Vincent and I was dumped into Western Psychiatric, by far better people who worked with me. Why not UPMC Northwest or Meadville Medical Center? You guys could have sent me to those hospitals or to that one in Clarion.
I could have gone to Warren General Hospital in Warren, Pennsylvania, too. Why didn’t anyone consider that place?
I am frightened and I live in terror on a daily basis. Nope, Russian nationalists! Israel and the United States ARE NOT the source of all the evils in the world!  Of course, they and the Islamists share the same kind of hatred of the United States and of each other. They fight each other because the Russian nationalist neo-Nazis (that IS what they are) refuse to accept them because they are brown and Muslim and not white and Christian like they SAY that they are.
Of course, Putin’s Russia a toxic mix of anti-Semitism, fascism, racism, (mostly white supremacy or Russian supremacy) and communism all rolled into one ideology that their sworn leader, Vladimir Vladimirovich believes in. Putin is in bed with fascists like Aleksandr Dugin. Dugin is one of Putin’s advisers. Well, what if Donald Trump appointed David Duke as one of his advisers? The media would be righly all over him, like flies on shit.  Of course, Barack Obama could have had another virulent racist like Al Sharpton as one of his advisers, and he met a lot with Al Sharpton and Farrakhan.  It doesn’t matter if Farrakhan is a Muslim or if Sharpton is a Christian, not of that matters. They are of the same cloth! They BOTH share a hatred of the white man, which had a centuries-long hatred of who they were.  Why can’t anyone tell them that making the white man pay for his past racism and bigotry won’t erase the fact that it happened! IT WON’T! Just like how Lenin and his communists believed that by eliminating 10 million people that they did not agree with or like and Stalin continued the purges that Lenin had started 20 years prior!
See everyone! THIS Is why totalitarian ideologies that promise to alleviate people’s suffering that they affix upon a group of people, be they the “bourgeoisie” or the white man or the black man or anyone that they hate and don’t like, are DANGEROUS and have been discredited again and again and will CONTINUE to be discredited. It doesn’t matter if you are a white SJW or a Blacks Lives Matter supporter, your ideologies are WRONG! They will always be wrong! Look, the police have done me wrong in Corry, Pennsylvania and profiled ME and I’M A WHITE GUY! I’m whiter than a sheet of paper, but nope, I’m just a stupid racist, cracker, honky, hillbilly redneck who doesn’t know any better!  I’m whiter than any black man! Will BLM PLEASE realize that whites are profiled by cops, too and considered to be dangerous and the Corry Police Department would do NOTHING to help me and I was a citizen of Corry, Pennsylvania.  For example, (God forbid) if they raped my mother, if the KKK or anyone like that did, the Corry Police would do nothing to help you because you were a danger to the community.
Of course, no one ever did! Of course, the Red Army raped thousands of Polish, German, Ukrainian, and Belorussian women in their orgy of terror and destruction, all the way to Berlin to destroy Hitler! We in Poland knew what many in the West, ALREADY believed in that Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were the same kind of evil, just repackaged differently, like the alt-right or the commies are in the USA. The commies and the alt-right hate each other and this is based on their narrow ideological bigotries of communism vs. fascism. BOTH shared a hatred of Poles, such as myself! The Nazis and Commies! They terrorized Poland from 1939-1989! 50 YEARS OF TERROR! Poland (and many other Eastern European countries) had to share 50 years of combined communist and Nazi terror, COMBINED!
What if the American Army or the French Army or the British Army had liberated Eastern Europe, instead of those so-called “liberators” called the Soviets, the Red Army? Things would have been far more pleasant. People in the west believed that communism and fascism were (and still are) the same kind of evil, that was rebranded differently, like chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream or Coke and Pepsi, as Jonah Goldberg, a Jew put it! Jonah Goldberg knows this that they BOTH shared the same kind of pathological and toxic anti-Semitism, just that they called it something else!  They hid it under nice-sounding rhetoric. Morris Dees and his SPLC proved that the so-called “new Klan” was the same old clan, with new rhetoric as he claimed in the Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History documentary that they keep showing on the History Channel and other A&E affiliated networks.
There is still anti-Semitism in Poland! No one is disputing that! I know that the anti-EU crowd over in Poland is popular and has millions of followers. If Poland were to leave the EU or NATO, we would be in the same situation that we were in, IN 1939 and 1945, just like Ukraine is now.  Ukraine SHOULD enter NATO and be protected from Putin’s thuggery! The Ukrainians were victims of centuries of Russian terror! Of course, Poles had done bad things to the Ukrainians, too, but in the end, many of us just put all that away and fought BOTH the Nazis and Commies, because we UNDERSTOOD that they were the same shit, but different assholes! Putin’s armies are terrorizing Ukraine in the year 2018, as in the year 1918.  It’s been 100 years since Lenin’s supposedly-great revolution, but Putin is continuing the very WORST of that legacy and the Tsars ON TOP OF THAT!
Putin is just believing in the same kind of discredited communist bullshit that his forefathers in the KPSS believed in and carried on believing in, until 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. I miss my parents and I have a special connection to them and my dad had told me that I will not be able to live with my parents again and Putin believes that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the end of the world! Give me a break!
Of course, for a lot of people, the collapse of the Soviet Union, meant a loss of their personal incomes. People lost all their assets that they had saved or generations or had robbed from the bourgeois peasants that they claimed were their “enemies”.
I believe that my move away from my parents in 2013 was the end of the world for me. I was shut off from my parents and I could not live with them, anymore, despite my dad promising me, otherwise.
I was nothing!  Of course, the SPLC has become like the very Klan that they fought against 50 years ago, by branding those that they disagree with, as “right-wing extremist conservatives” The conservatives do the same to the liberals do and on and on!
Trump is doing the SAME THINGS that HIS SUPPORTERS criticized BARACK OBAMA for doing, TALKING TO KIM JONG-UN! Kim Jong-Un, like Vladimir Putin is one of the most evil men in the world today. Putin is just the lesser of what Kim Jong-Un and what the folks in Vietnam and Cuba and other commie ratholes believe in and still believe in.  Someone should tell Donald Trump, as they did to Barack Obama that talking to Kim Jong-Un is not going to rid NK of its nukes!
Donald Trump should have figured out by now that Kim Jong-Un ain’t gonna dismantle his nukes because it gives him a weapon to fight the so-called “American imperialists!”
Of course, North Korea has imperialist ambitions of its own, to turn South Korea, the prosperous neighbor to the south, into what China and North Korea are. Let’s not let South Korea become a hellhole, like NK! South Korea had a terrible regime of terror, until they decided to clean up their act and become more civilized. Of course, in South Korea, you have children all over the streets that have been involuntarily abandoned by their parents because their negligent parents won’t take care of them. I myself, feel like those abandoned street children in South Korea, but with my parents and unlike MY PARENTS, MY PARENTS come to see me, every Sunday here at my group home.
I miss my parents and I must ride it till while it lasts, because my parents are not gonna be around forever and neither will I. I still have the same warped views that those Korean street children have.
Better enjoy it, while I still can. I am leeching off my parents, at least that’s what Michael Savage would have you believe. The government, too. Even Michael Savage received help, from people and he says that from time to time, while belittling those that DO receive any kind of assistance or support from the govt. or whatever!
Look, everyone! I just want to go home to Creveling Road and I am at Creveling Road, right now. If you want to send me a QSL card, you can and it’s available at the FCC ULS website. I’m a ham and my call-sign is W3AGF, or Whiskey Three (3) Alpha Golf Foxtrot.
Good night! The documentary, 100 years of terror, was one of the more honest History Channel documentaries because it dealt with BOTH communist terror, Islamic terror, and Nazi terror. However, it did make references to what Islamic terrorists believed in, but instead of being 100 years, it was more like 1400 years of terror. They did not point out the Islamic beliefs that the PLO and other terrorists shared, but the documentary DID talk about the 70 years of terror, since 1948, that the state of Israel is suffering from their Islamist enemies and neighbors all around them! Of course, leave it up to Fitna and that Islamic terror documentary that Nonie Darwish was in about, Islamic terror to tell you WHY they were killing us because we don’t believe in Islam. My only criticism of the movie Fitna is that it’s too Eurocentric and focuses too much on the Islamic terrorism going on over in Europe, instead of worldwide. I feel that Fitna loses much of its message, like Islam: What the West Needs to Know, does.
Of course, Robert Spencer, TALKS about 14 centuries of global Islamic terrorism, exported by various figures from the Prophet Mohammed, up to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban and the Saudis and the Iranians. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, like fascism and communism. This is why Saddam’s brand of fascism was so successful in Iraq and why Qaddafi’s was in Libya and why the ruling elite in Egypt believe in that, too. Same with Assad in Syria!
  However, the documentary branded the IRA as terrorists, which is contentious, but the IRA wanted independence for Ireland and received exactly that, and why various factions have been at war with the British government (and to an extent, the Irish government) since 1922! The Irish Republican Army wanted to end centuries of British terror in Ireland, which the documentary conveniently FAILS to point out. Centuries of British terror in Ireland are ignored! The IRA were Christians, too. Mostly, Catholics, but with some Protestants. They wanted a free Ireland and they fought to the death for that and 100 years later, they’re still mad at the British government in the year 2018, as in the year 1918!
Good night, everyone.
I am NOT an anti-Semite, but many think that I am. OH! Screw that! I am NOT gonna chant “Tiocfaidh ar la”, how like Moon man chants “KKK!” The IRA will fight the British government, until every British soldier in NI is killed and so are their supporters and it is NOT unfounded for the Orange Protestants to believe, that without Britain, they’d be ethnically-cleansed, like in Bosnia and Kosovo! The Protestants are afraid of Ireland’s Catholic majority and they are fighting each other and what has it proven? Nothing!
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Exercise in Fultility

I just wish that I could help the pharmaceutical companies come up with a more tailor-made solution for my problems after I come home from my parents’ house to my group home on Creveling Road. There is no magic fix for these problems and I feel that my therapist at Stairways is not helping the problem any.  I feel like there never will be a magical solution to autism, like how communism was supposed to be the magic solution to the problems of poverty and racism. We all know how THAT turned out. Of course, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini promised their respective peoples everything that they could ever want. Fascism, too, was supposed to be the magic solution to the Jews.

Of course, killing Jews does not make them magically go away! It just makes things worse! Why don’t people realize that the far-left and far-right Anti-Semites are JUST as dangerous? I think that people in Russia and the former USSR need to realize and I think that many already know that communism was NOT the magical solution to poverty and racism that it promised to be. In fact, it was a far worse perpetrator of those problems that solver of them.

Of course, these same crummy commies turn to fascism as another solution to solve Russia’s extreme poverty because we all know that those “evil Zionist Jews” are responsible for all of Russia’s problems.  Many of these fascists were ex-communists.  Communism is the biggest scam in all of human history! Communism, like those pinheads in Nigeria promise that you will be rich, but you are even poorer than before because those bastards in Nigeria have all your important information to steal from you and you are instantly poor.

Of course, you don’t need some pinhead in Nigeria or Russia to make you rich. Of course, no one is magically rich and I think that Bernie Sanders’ supporters need to realize that.  I refuse to become rich because I like my circumstances in which I live in. I have a home to live in, in Crawford County.  The staff help me with my problems when I have them.   Sure, I would love to have sex with every Russian girl I meet on the internet, but that ain’t ever gonna happen, either.   How do you know if she’s worth it? You just don’t with people that you chat with online from Russia or even Canada or Taiwan or wherever they come from.  Socialism/communism will NOT make you magically rich, but I suppose that if you’re a commie pinhead robbing from those who rightfully earned their money, you will just kill them and steal it from them.  Oh how “noble” communism fails at every turn! These fascists in Russia just think that fascism will solve all their problems, the way communism did. (Or rather DIDN’T)  Communism in the Soviet Union magnified the problems of poverty.  After Lenin took power, people were still poor and illiterate, all the way up to 1991, when the show was over!

The Russians were brought up to (falsely) believe that they would be rich and powerful, like the West is. Of course, many of those Russians come over here to places like Erie and Pittsburgh to immigrate there for its opportunities, even though we in Western PA are still poorer than before. I live in Cochranton, PA. I live in rural Crawford County and I am never going to be a rich man, like that guy who owns those big million dollar homes in Conneaut Lake.  No, that’s NOT what I want. I don’t want communism, fascism, or socialism.  Or Nazism. All of these ideologies are detrimental to any free society.  Of course, Putin promised the Russian people freedom and prosperity. Look where they are now! Look at Putin’s failed policies.  There are still people in the streets of many Russian cities begging for food and vodka and whatever else they want.

What about autistic people in Russia? I hear that they suffer much worse than they do over here in America. In Russia, I would probably be rounded up in the middle of the night and placed in a labor camp against my will and then the state will tell people that I “voluntarily” chose that. Of course, Lenin magically promised to erase poverty and racism.  What a deceitful trickster Vladimir Ilyich TRULY was! And not just Vladimir Ilyich, but also Josef Vissarionovich and now Vladimir Vladimirovich. Of course, you could say the same thing about Mao’s China or Castro’s Cuba. China is only rich in the big cities because they have lax regulations for the cities to grow.  China is still just as repressive as it was in 1911 and in 1949.  Mao just replaced Chiang Kai-Shek as an even more brutal and repressive dictator.  Mao just made people even poorer with his policies and so did the cadre of Soviet leaders, all the way up to Mikhail Sergeevich.

Communism did not solve poverty and you weren’t allowed to go up and say that to the bosses to fix the problem. No, you were branded a fascist, a racist, and whatever names that they had for you. Of course, those “Ukrainian fascists” did not want Ukraine to become a puppet state of Russia, like Lukashenko’s Belarus currently is.  Putin would have reduced Ukraine to a satellite state of Russia and he wasn’t afraid to say so, either.

China is much worse than it was in 1949.  The game Axis & Allies Global 1940 poignantly illustrates China’s crushing poverty in 1940. In 1940, China was one of the world’s poorest countries and the racists in the West kept saying that China would still remain poor and parts of it are still poor.  Of course, it’s America’s fault that there are poor people in rural China.  Was it Chiang Kai-Shek’s fault, also?

Again, Vladimir Vladimirovich wants Petro Oleksiyovych to be another satellite state in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is still poor and corrupt and so is Russia and Cuba. I think that communism greatly magnified the corruption and poverty found in Tsarist Russia and also found in Communist Russia. Again, the delusions of communism promised by Russia’s leaders have always been proven false by people in the West.

Of course, it’s America’s fault that Russia’s economy is tanking, due to those “sanctions” introduced by the USA. You know what? Of course, the United States CANNOT resort to military force, (at least openly anyway) to stop Putin’s Russia because Putin will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against us. It’s a pity that Russia is a nuclear power, like us! If we had stopped Russia from becoming nuclear, then we could have possibly ran them all the way back to Moscow in 1945!

Would the West have reinstalled the Romanovs in Russia? Possibly. Of course, Aleksey Anatolevich is not the magic answer to Putin that the West THINKS he is. We need ACTUAL citizens to get up and get the Kremlin to address the problems of poverty and racism in that country. Of course, they won’t because they are the perpetrators of those very problems! Of course, Russia has had over a thousand years of despot after despot and Vladimir Vladimirovich is no different than Nikolay Alexandrovich!  Of course,  Putin promises to be the great Russia leader that Nicholas II was. Of course, it’s far from the truth. While many Russians were poor in 1917 at the time of the revolution, Lenin did not magically solve their poverty and destitution. In some cases, people were poorer under communism, than they were under the Tsars.  In some cases, in the Soviet Union, people were poorer than they were when the Tsar was running the show. Lenin killed over 10 million people, while trying to “restructure” Russian society to make it less impoverished and less racist. Again, it failed and failed BADLY!

There needs to be an ACTUAL Russian citizens from the poorest caste of society to get up and fight Putin and his stupid hybrid communist/fascist ideology that he has cooked up! People are still poor under Putin than they were under Boris Nikolaevich and his predecessors, including Mikhail Sergeevich.  There is still horrific poverty in Russia! Of course, capitalism did not fix everything, either. But in my opinion, capitalism is far better for Russia, than the detrimental Soviet-like policies of Vladimir Vladimirovich and his cronies.  I think that Russians need to realize that they don’t need the government to make them rich, they just need to fight the system themselves and with millions backing them up and earn money by being good businessmen and having a decent occupation and if that can’t be done, then say something to stop Putin’s repression!

Of course, I just wish that my medication could be tailor-made just for me, by those big pharmaceutical companies that have lobbies in Congress.  I just wish that they could find a way for me to readjust back to my house after I come home from my parents’ house after every big holiday. I just wish that they could go inside my brain and examine it with careful forethought and then find a pill that has no side effects and no lethargy, either. I have been lethargic and having problems making bowel movements, from time to time. Of course, Bernie Sanders IS NOT gonna magically solve that and neither will Queen Hillary! Of course, Queen Hillary 1st was supposed to be coronated president and Trump was just gonna be another milquetoast candidate like McCain and Romney were.  And then what? King William and Queen Hillary presiding over their subjects!

Oh William Jefferson, we still had horrific poverty, even when Franklin Delano, Barack Hussein, and now Donald John and George Walker were all presidents. Of course, people thought that Clinton would magically fix the economy. Of course, Clinton promised to fix all the problems in the Balkans, too.  Of course, there is violent retribution against the Serbs in the Balkans, even worse than what Mladic and Karadzic have done to the Muslims!  Mladic and Karadzic were just as bad as Tito and Milosevic!  There was violence against the Muslims by Mladic and Karadzic from 1992-1995. Clinton was just end all that and while the war did ACTUALLY end, the painful legacy of that war still remains with us to this very day in the year 2018. Clinton DID end the war, just like how Barack Hussein ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then the situation just went from bad to worse, claiming that the USA would stabilize everything.  Well, that’s what Boris Malagurski and his bullshit commie documentaries would have YOU believe. People were still poor and people were still earning money when the Yugoslavian economy collapsed after Tito had died.  What he conveniently fails to point out, Mr. Malagurski, is that Tito’s policies created the mess in the first place!

Of course, you won’t see Boris Malagurski making a documentary exposing Tito for the fraudster that he REALLY was. Of course, you’ll have Boris Malagurski just kissing his ass and praising Hugo Chavez.  Venezuela is even poorer thanks to Chavez and his cronies, too.  Again, Chavez promised to make everyone rich, just like King Bernie would.   Of course, we in the USA don’t have a government that rapes and pillages the populace and we have measures to control our government in the USA that others lack or do not want, because it’s not convenient for them to have them.  If only Russia and Venezuela had ACTUAL people from the lowest castes of their societies working in a philanthropic way to make their fellow citizens at least have better lives!

Malagurski points philanthropy in his documentary, the Weight of Chains 2.  Of course, Tito fixed everything, right?  Tito did not stand up to Stalin, like Oliver Stone said he did. Tito was just as much a friend of Stalin/Soviet Union as Gomulka was to Poland. Of course, Tito was independent, but he was no less despotic.  Josip Broz was a despot, like Josef Vissarionovich and Vladimir Ilyich. Tito’s propaganda made him a hero, that he really wasn’t! Same with the Soviets!

Oliver Stone blames America for the world’s problems. As if the Soviet Union made the third world less impoverished! There is still horrible 3rd world poverty and 2nd world poverty not because the USA is afraid that they will be rich like they are, but rather because their own stupid leaders are incompetent fools who resort to despotism to make themselves richer, at the expense of the people.  The poor in the USA are helped out by the government and so on, but in a country like the Philippines. Nope, sorry, Charlie. You are just another citizen to us! You are just as expendable (read equal) as the people in charge.  They promise that the Philippines will be rich, like America. Again, won’t happen. People need to do everything in their power to help out each other, like Malagurski says to do. Malagurski emphasizes the role of the people in his films, but he supports a betrayer of those people, like Tito and Chavez were. How pathetic!

If only that people could help me inside my own home, the way that my parents once did. My behavior specialist says that my staff cannot be like my mother because they aren’t my blood relatives/family.  Well, you pinhead! The staff HAVE replaced my parents as my guardians and Lee is still my friend who lives with me.

Again, I just want to go up to the people at Stairways Behavioral Health and tell them that I am still experiencing anxiety and panic in my own head and feelings of guilt and Dr. Ramsey was supposed to fix all that and when they took me off Prozac and Geodon, everything went to hell. While I was on Geodon and Prozac, I was experiencing suicidal thoughts and to carry out those thoughts, I was stabbing myself with a mechanical pencil a bunch of times.  I couldn’t do it with a knife because the staff has the knives locked up in the office to prevent me from hurting myself. I still have suicidal thoughts. I did try to hurt myself with a knife and I failed because the staff were able to reason with me and stop me from doing it.  I would be probably be dead or out of my group home, had I actually stabbed myself with a knife or knives.

I had threatened to stab myself with the knives in my parents’ house before I came out to Creveling Road.  I had also tried to stab myself and I tried to take the clothesline and tie into a noose to hang myself, but my dad stopped that from happening. I am still just as delusional and paranoid here at Creveling Road, as I was at Raymond Avenue!

I am still suffering from lack of self-worth and lack of self-esteem. I know that my staff cannot fix all that, I must. I think that the people of Russia should realize that they themselves need to fix Putin and the mess the Tsars and Commies created for them! Killing Jews is NOT gonna make things better! Israel is not the source of evil in the entire world. Putin is a source of evil, while trying (and failing) to be a source of “good” in the world. You could say the same about Raul Castro and Kim Jong-Un and that guy who runs Vietnam and that guy who runs Laos and other commie hellholes.

What if ALL of united Vietnam could have anti-communist rebels revolting against the state in control of Vietnam and working within the system to honestly make things better for their fellow Vietnamese?  I think that the anti-communists should revolt inside Vietnam and adopt the South Vietnamese flag as the flag of a united Vietnam from north to south.  I don’t think that the communists made life better in Vietnam after they took over South Vietnam. In fact, things were much worse and people were still going to America to earn an honest living for themselves, like the emigre Vietnamese communities in the USA are currently doing in states like California and Texas.

I pray that this united Vietnam will ditch the communists and put in a less authoritarian government in charge, like what Radio Free Asia CONSTANTLY promises, and actually GO THROUGH WITH IT.  Radio Free Asia and Radio Free Europe are THERE FOR A REASON! USE THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY GIVE YOU THROUGH THEIR BROADCASTS TO IMPROVE YOURSELVES! Of course, RFA and RFE are honest about the problems in the USA. While the American system is not necessarily perfect, it’s a damned sight better than the communists running things!

Good night! Radio Free Asia broadcasts every night on Roku on their channels on Tunein. Of course, I think that due to Tunein’s country-blocking system in place, that they will block access to Radio Free Asia and Radio Free Europe, like their own leaders do. Those jerks on YouTube who block your video by country are the same kind of authoritarians that Kim Jong-un is! Of course, oh no, we can’t have people in Korea watching Fox News or Britney’s latest video because that steals viewership from the average American! I am sick of YouTube and its censorship!

Alex Jones always pointed it out how YouTube censors everything by country, like how people in China always do. Of course, Alex Jones is a man of ill-repute.  He’s the crazy man no one wants to listen to and Cenk Uygur is the “voice of reason”, right? Of course, it was hilarious to watch him and Cenk beat the crap out of each other on camera!  Again, we don’t need Cenk or Alex to tell us how to think. The Young Turks are part of the problem and not part of the solution!  Of course, Atheism is Unstoppable is not the magic solution to all the problems of the USA, either.  AIU is not gonna make whites richer or me, a white male, richer than Barack Obama.  AIU destroys Obama in the same way that Rush or Michael Savage do.  Of course, Michael Savage is a nationalist.  I think that he’s more a pragmatist.  Michael Savage knows that he fully cannot get everything he wants with either Trump or Bush.  I think he knows this and does not care at all. Michael called out Bush on his fishy Dubai ports deal that was corrupt.  Michael Savage exposes Obama’s corruption and we need someone to expose Trump’s!  I think that we accept that communism/fascism/socialism are the magic solutions to our problems in America and will make them worse!  Trump was supposed to be the big magic solution to Barack Hussein Obama that he promised to be in the 2016 election. Again, would Gary Johnson have done better? That remains to be seen. I suppose we could look at how he ran New Mexico and go from there.




















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My apologies to everyone!

I would like to apologize for my recent displays of sexissm and anti-Semitism.  I am just believing all the things that have been spoon-feed to me by these pro-Kremlin. pro-Putin ass-kissers on the internet, on Wikipedia, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. There is the capitalist-created website called Blogspot that is used by a certain, while supporting one form of Russian tyranny by the Tsars and vociferously condemning the communist one and being outspoken about it, while living in America. Does this clown even know (I’m sure that he does) that we live in America and we disagree with your bullshit that you write on this blog called Mat-Rodina, while living in America.

How can you live in America, while being anti-American? Simple! You have the freedom to be that way, but it’s “treason” over in Russia where they will lock you up and throw you in jail. The reason why Trump is not in jail for colluding with Russia is because he has the strength to defend himself from criticism and so do his supporters.  Trump let his cronies collude with Putin. Hillary would have done the same thing. The sad thing is that both Democrat and Republican politicians had all kinds of praise for Vladimir Putin. His anti-Homossexual laws that he passed and which are still in force, are praised by American Christian conservatives. Liberals praise Putin’s RT for savaging the conservatives, while being secretly against them.

The truth is that the Russian is a manipulative fellow.  Not the average Russian, not all Russians, but those in the government. A politician in America can tell you that red is black and  you can say “No sir (or ma’am) I disagree with that”. In Russia, you get locked up for saying that.  Many of you wonder why Russian communists become Nazi/Fascists/Fascist anti-Semites. Simple, they both have the same hatreds of Jews, over 10 centuries of various anti-Semitism by many of Russia’s various rulers and 75 years of communist tyranny and anti-Semitism. That was the sad thing about living in the Soviet Union in World War II. You had (ONLY) two choices, join Hitler or Stalin. There were no American or British armies to come and save them from the Nazis, like there were in France. If the Americans, French, and British had moved beyond Western Germany.  They did not and they let Eastern Europe suffer 45 years of Soviet rules. They did not let it happen, but they fought against it, with better ideas that were better than what the crummy commies in Moscow believed in.

What’s better than capitalist free enterprise and free markets and being able to legally make money on the open market?

Which is worse? Communist anti-Semitism? Fascist/Nazi Anti-Semitism, or Muslim anti-Semitism? There’s also Christian anti-Semitism from many centuries ago and there are still right-wing and left-wing anti-Semitic “Christians” amongst us.

I am (NOT) an anti-Semite, even though I’ve said a bunch of anti-Semitic stuff. What? Is my blog gonna be bait for neo-Nazis, KKK, Muslims and other anti-Semites? I am more concerned about the Russian anti-Semites. They’d have to go through Jen T and they aren’t gonna kill her and neither am I. I am a homicidal/genocidal maniac like Adolf Hitler, JK I’m not!

Who compares themselves to Hitler and Fascism? I don’t! I am sorry that Tracy did not show up today all because I got upset yesterday.



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The fake video by Britain First

Seriously? Who cares people? What about all the REAL videos out there from Bosnia and Kosovo showing Muslims destroying and desecrating Christian (usually Serbian) graves, churches, and other religious icons?


There are REAL and documented instances of Muslims destroying non-Muslim religious sites, such as the Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Taliban, the destruction of ancient and priceless artifacts by ISIS in Iraq.  These really did happen and we’re supposed to criticize Trump over a fake video? If you search hard enough on the internet, you can find video of Afghanistan’s Taliban regime destroying the Buddhas for being non-Islamic. Why doesn’t Bare Naked Islam shoot back with videos showing this stuff? What’s the point of Bare Naked Islam, anyway? The person who writes that blog must enjoy showing pictures and/or video of the latest Islamic atrocities in the Middle East and throughout the world. There was the destruction of mosques by the government of Angola and the destruction of Albanian heritage by the Milosevic government in Kosovo to ethnically-cleanse the Albanian population of Kosovo. I don’t like watching graphic footage of Islamic atrocities on my computer screen because those people were human beings, too.  Of course, they were beheaded, ie murdered, by ISIS and other Islamist fanatics.  Murder is murder. Rape is rape. Torture is torture.  I don’t think that Bare Naked Islam enjoys showing internet spectators the latest and graphic videos from ISIS or Al Qaeda showing the beheadings of their victims or torture or mass killings of non-Muslims.  These are snuff films, pure and simple.

The Soviet Union would disallow the Tatars, Kirghiz, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Chechens, and other (traditionally) Muslim ethnic groups to openly practice their religion in public. That DID happen.  It also happened in Yugoslavia and Albania when those communist regimes were in power. It was illegal to practice religion in communist Albania.  Yes, the video WAS a fake, but if a Hindu can destroy a Christian monument because certain Hindu fanatics have a hatred of Christianity that goes back to when the British ruled India.  I heard that it was a Hindu in that video.  So what? If someone is destroying religious architecture or monuments, they should be called out on it.

Do people ever seriously think about anything anymore? There was a clip from a modern movie about an SS officer shooting a child.  Of course, it’s a fake, but the SS had a WELL-DOCUMENTED track record of committing such atrocities and so did the Wermacht.  The Allies destroyed Monte Cassino abbey in World War II because they thought that the Germans were using it as observation post to direct artillery onto Allied troops. Turns out, after the war, that the Germans had evacuated the priests from the building, or rather forced them out.  The Germans used it, later on, to fight out one of the costliest battles of the whole Allied Italian Campaign of World War II.  Was the movie with the SS officer based on a true story?  I’m sure that there is footage out there showing the Nazis destroying synagogues and other Jewish religious works/buildings and they DID ACTUALLY do that.

There is footage from the Soviet war movie Come and Watch (Idi i Smotri in Russian) showing people being locked up inside buildings and being incinerated to death in these buildings by the Nazis.  That happened in Belarus as well. There is also a clip from the same movie, that shows a film montage of Hitler’s life in reverse, as the young partisan is shooting up a portrait of Adolf Hitler.   That was a rather stirring scene in that movie.  It shows you how hated Hitler truly was. Of course, no Russian war movie WOULD DARE show you footage of a Ukrainian partisan shooting up pictures of Lenin and Stalin.  This is because of official censorship in Russia and because many delusional souls, throughout the former Soviet Union, still venerate these two monsters to this day. Many delicate Russian souls still invest in the lies of communism to this very day. There is documented evidence of Ukrainians toppling statues of Lenin. Lenin is hated like the devil in Ukrainian because of what the Soviets did to them from 1917-1991.

Do people even bother to think?





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Communist atrocities and other misdeeds.

I cannot help whenever I hear the Internationale in Vietnamese, to think about all those poor American souls who were captured, killed, and/or tortured by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. is one of many websites that are a total glorification of the Soviet Union and how it looks over communist atrocities and bashes capitalism and blames it for degeneracy, rather that the immoral degeneracy of the communists in the Soviet Union.

The Internationale is the global song that all the communists sing as their main song, L’Internationale is its original title in French. The song was originally French song that became translated into many languages.

What about people like John McCain who were tortured and beaten by the North Vietnamese?

I am playing the Internationale in Vietnamese and it sickens me to hear it. What about people like Orrin Messinger who were over there in Vietnam fighting the commies?

He knew that communism was wrong and that the North Vietnamese were trying to (and eventually) succeeded in murdering, torturing, and enslaving the South Vietnamese people, under the guise of “reuniting” Vietnam.

The Americans were bombing North Vietnam. I’m sure Orrin feels that the war was badly conducted and many vets feel the same way that he has felt, including John McCain. What about all the brutal atrocities committed by the Viet Cong?  They killed anyone who disagreed with them or who was thought by them to be an enemy, real or imagined.  People were lined up in mass graves and were shot by the Viet Cong for being sympathetic or for perceived sympathies with the South Vietnamese government or the Americans.

There were other brutal atrocities committed by the Viet Cong. Yes, the US Army did commit atrocities in Vietnam. I have no idea how many thousands of people were killed by the North Vietnamese, during their supposed “liberation” of South Vietnam. I should think that it is over 100,000 or more.

If you were a woman who was with an American soldier, you risked being killed by the Viet Cong, that is if you weren’t a Viet Cong yourself or raped.

“Needless to say, Eriksson continued, the kind of behavior he was describing was by no means limited to Americans. The enemy did the same thing, and much of the evidence for this came from the Vietnamese themselves. They constantly reported rapes and kidnappings by the Vietcong; in fact, the Vietcong committed these crimes so indiscriminately that the victims were sometimes their own sympathizers.”

This is why the war messed up so many people. People on all sides did things that most have trouble talking about to this day.

I despise this website which glorifies Soviet communism and does not talk about the various atrocities committed by the Soviets from 1917-1991. The Soviet Union lasted only 75 years and in those 75 years, it was one of the most brutal regimes on this earth. The Soviet Union did things to people that were horrible and unspeakable, such as rapes, torture, mass murder, and other atrocities against their enemies, real or imagined.  People were worked to death in Soviet Gulags and that must not be forgotten. It was so easy for the Soviets to call anyone who opposed them a “fascist, imperialist, racist, Nazi, capitalist, CIA agents, CIA spies, etc.” That was Soviet propaganda for you.  The Soviets would routinely lie to their own people about America and other countries that were deemed their enemies. The Soviets fought the Nazis in World War II, only to stab the Western Allies in the back after the war was over.  The Soviet Union after 1945, became hated and reviled by many and rightly so, I might add. Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, be it Nazi/Fascist or of the Communist/Socialist variety.

Communism was a brutal system.  The communists took sadistic pleasure in torturing and murdering people. It was very routine for them to do this. It was like breathing and eating was to us. You had no time for recrimination for the people that you killed in the Soviet Union.  If you were the person or people who was/were committing those atrocities, you were taught to believe that they weren’t even human. The Nazis did the same things to the Jews and other subhumans that they did not like. The Soviets just killed more than Nazis ever did. The Soviet Union in Russia is remembered (wrongly) for the great healthcare (in reality lousy), for the easy and happy times that people (who were not being killed, tortured, starved or worked to death) could all enjoy. 

In the Soviet Union, it was common to have a neighbor turn you into the KGB or the police for being disloyal or just because he didn’t like you and he wanted them to get rid of you, just for those reasons.  People feared being rounded up in the middle of the night and arrested. I find it sickening that people in Russia talk about how “great” the Soviet Union was, about how it brought them glory and honor and fame.  The unity of different peoples under one roof and all that. The average Russian just uses this an excuse to “hide” the unpleasant memories of Soviet times, to deflect it and to talk about Nazi/Fascist atrocities instead.

There are Russians who want the Tsar and the Russian Empire that existed before 1917 to come back. The Soviets just took over what had been the Russian Empire under the Tsars and gave territories new names and all that, from areas that had once been under the Tsars until 1917. Many feel that the Soviet Union was a continuation of the Russian Empire that had existed until 1917, under a different name, under the guise of “anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism” etc. The phrase Soviet Empire is considered to be wrong by Wikipedia, then again that stupid site is edited by all the usual Kremlin ass-kissers who love Putin and what he stands for.

The Soviet Union was an empire that stretched from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok in the east. The Soviets brutally enslaved, tortured, murdered, enslaved, worked people to death in abysmal conditions, all for advancing the “great’ Soviet Union.  Of course, Wikipedia and its cadre of Kremlin ass-kissers can’t hide behind the guise of how anti-imperialist the Soviet Union (cough cough) allegedly was.

The Soviet Union was an imperialist country and there were even communists in Western countries who were aghast at the various acts of regime change that the Soviets were engaging in. The Soviets engaged in regime change of their own, before Bush popularized the phrase. The US engaged in regime change of its own. The problem is that people like Oliver Stone and Boris Malagurski will only talk about it was “wrong” when the United States did it and not when the Soviets did it.

Malagurski’s latest documentary, a piece of communist apologist propaganda called “The Weight of Chains 2” is an abomination of a film. Too bad that Oliver Stone doesn’t talk about how the Soviet Union enslaved and murdered millions and replaced regimes that it did not like or who were felt to be too “pro-Western” or “pro-American”, “fascist” “imperialist” etc.

No, in Malagurski’s latest excretion of a film it was bad when the United States did it and neo-liberalism is the reason why all countries are worse off. It wasn’t the fault of the United States, but due to the way that these Latin American countries misused their own economies, to further the rich and keep the poor poorer.  This Malagurski clown thinks that communism would change all that. The communists did THAT and worse. The communists just implemented a new regime of terror where people are repressed and have a bad economy, just ask Cuba to the north of Chile. Seriously, Boris? Do you think that people in Latin-American all wanted communism? Nope, they’re “fascists” and “imperialist CIA agents” and blah blah!

There were sincere people in Latin America who opposed communism because it meant an end to being able to practice their religions openly, a mismanaged, poor and corrupt economy, like in Cuba. Sure, American companies are paying people next to nothing to work in Latin America, but Castro’s Cuba was doing THAT and FAR worse to their own people and so was Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

But of course, Venezuela is one of Malagurski’s fraudulent “success stories” that he likes to tout. So much for those “neo-liberal, imperialist, fascist” capitalists Mr. Malagurski.

I’m sure Boris is a nice guy, but he is misguided by communist propaganda that was taught to everyone and spoonfed in their education system, or what passed for an education system, one that thinks a system where you were brainwashed to become communist was better than the “neo-liberal” Serbian education system of the present! The education was good under communism. What’s this, Boris? You say that neo-liberalism brought about the destruction of state firms that were government-owned and communist due to the introduction of free market capitalism?  Again, the inefficiencies of ANY communist system to blame capitalism/fascism for its own failures.

The Yugoslavian economy did not just suffer under sanctions imposed by the UN. Those wars that Milosevic was waging against his neighboring “Yugoslav republics” also cost money and Milosevic KNEW that they could not keep on fighting anymore because their economy was in the toilet. Again, after years of corrupt communist mismanagement by Comrade Tito! (Drug Tito na srpskom)  The system was horribly corrupt in Yugoslavia when Tito ran it from 1945-1980 and his successors who succeeded him after his death could not keep the country from sinking into various civil wars and economic hardships.

Communism failed in Yugoslavia, even worse than the old Serbian monarchy that ran it from 1918, until it was expelled by the Axis powers, in 1941.

The royal family who ran Yugoslavia before 1945 ruled by fear and despotism, but it paled in comparison to what Tito had run after 1945.

Were there concentration camps, mass graves, and all that in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia? Could be!

They certainly existed during and after World War II when the Yugoslav Partisans massacred people who were perceived to be Chetniks, Ustashe, fascists, and other enemies that the Yugoslav partisans did not agree with. IT was a shame that Croats who escaped the Yugoslav communist regime in 1945, only to be massacred at Bleiburg, Austria.  Bleiburg wasn’t the only communist atrocity. IT was one of many such atrocities.

Mladic’s atrocity at Srebrenica, in many ways, a continuation of what the communists had done, in that the enemies of the Serbs were killed in the thousands, as Serbs themselves were killed in the thousands by the Ustashe and other fascists and how Serbs themselves were doing some of the killings of their enemies, be it working with Milan Nedic and his regime and other collaborationist forces. At least Sabrina Rahmet was right about that, only to gloss over the communist atrocities and to glorify the communists.

The communist ARE not gone, but what’s left of them have reconstituted Russia as a capitalist country. Putin knows full well that he cannot revive the Soviet Union without STRONG international condemnation.  The Soviet Union WILL never come back. Most Russians and other citizens of what used to be the nearby Soviet republics once ruled by Moscow, accept this. They accept that the Soviet Union will never come back.  This is yet more insanity by people in Russia to want the Soviet Union back and think about its “good” aspects, as opposed to its (very) bad ones.  The Soviet Union was a brutal system and many dissidents who were against the old Soviet regimes are now against Putin’s regime in Russia.  There are some old Soviet dissidents who now work for Putin, instead of the Politburo.

The Soviet Union MUST NEVER be allowed to come back. Would people in Germany want the Nazis to come back? Of course not! Most sane people in Germany know damn well that the Nazis were bad for Germany! Why can’t Russians accept how bad the Soviet Union was? Of course, only Neo-Nazi pinheads glorify Nazism over in Germany. In Russia, people still want the Soviet Union back.  They haven’t lost their minds, this is just all that these people have ever known, all their lives, from cradle to grave.

People in Russia are fighting efforts to memorialize and commemorate Soviet atrocities and Putin is helping them do it.  Putin does not think ill of the Soviet Union  because he was a KGB colonel who was one of its millions of beneficiaries.  Look, people in Russia can just sit there in front of their computer, which was made in a free enterprise/capitalist system and talk bullshit about “great” the Soviet Union “was” when it really wasn’t.

In the Soviet Union, those people probably wouldn’t even BEGIN to be allowed to own a computer. The internet is tightly controlled over in Russia and VPNs are banned by the government.  The madness of Soviet times has come back to Russia. Their “extremism” list is bullshit because it only decries the “extremism” by its “enemies” and not of the extreme policies of Putin and his ilk.

We in the West are shocked by Putin’s despotism.  Putin is not alone, Lukashenko in Belarus is another despot of the old Soviet variety, as is Nasarbayev of Kazakhstan and Berdimukhammedov of Turkmenistan.  There is also Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan.  He’s another one of the “post-Soviet” despots who is friendly towards the Kremlin in these former Soviet republics, while trying to pony up to America to gain a more robust economy.  Yanukovych was hated by his own citizens as where Ukraine’s rulers after 1991 before the Maidan coup of 2014.  People in Ukraine were sick of the graft, greed, and corruption of previous Ukrainian regimes, only to be branded as “fascists” by the Kremlin and Putin and those in Ukraine who were in favor or unity with Russia.  Ukraine did NOT want to be a puppet of Russia, like Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan currently are.

OF course, the Kremlin wants YOU to believe that if a nation becomes pro-Western and capitalist, it’s a “puppet” of the United States of America. Be it South Korea or Japan.  Japan is called imperialist by North Korea when Japan has done away with its imperialism in 1945 because they did not want to go through being nuked by America AGAIN and AGAIN or have their cities burned to the ground by American bombs or suffering through American blocades of Japan and millions of tons of their merchant fleet being sunk by Allied airplanes and submarines.

North Korea is looking for an excuse to try and commit aggression (AGAIN) against South Korea.  Kim Jong-Un is the latest installment of the Kim dynasty that has ruled North Korea since 1948. Comrade Kim will yet again oppress more of his own citizens in the millions. It takes Radio Free Asia for people just to hear any REAL news and they are listening to it QUIETLY for fear that their neighbors will hear it and turn them into the secret police in North Korea.  Kim Jong-Un is the son of Kim-Jong Il and the grandson of Kim Il-Sung. Ah, the apple does not fall too far from the tree! In North Korea, you are only allowed to watch the one government TV channel that regurgitates nothing but praise and honor for the rotten despot Kim Jong-Un. Will North Korea collapse like the Soviet Union? North KOREA has collapsed since the fall of the Soviet Union, but yet its communist rules still keep people in line to be loyal to Kim Jong-Un and his “comrades”  The people are afraid to mount a full-scale revolution in North Korea because they themselves could end up in a concentration camp and be tortured and/or killed by the North Korean government. You live in fear of being rounded up in the middle of the night and being hauled off.

It’s that way in North Korea, China, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Vietnam, and Cuba.  I just pray that one day that the people of a united Vietnam will ditch that useless commie rag called the “Flag of Vietnam” with the yellow star against a red background and adopt the South Vietnamese flag instead. I pray that there will be a non-communist and truly free Vietnam someday. It will happen, just not right now.  There are so many despotic regimes throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia. It’s just so hard to keep track of them all.

I pray that one day, what was once the flag of South Vietnam, shall become itself, the only flag of an united Vietnam. The communists still harshly rule Vietnam and have done so since 1975. The South Vietnamese regime was brutal and so was the North Vietnamese regime, but people in South Vietnam had TWO choices become a “free” dictatorship under the Americans or become a communist dictatorship that was even more brutal than the Saigon regime. Many in South Vietnam chose to become communist and the leading proponents of this policy were the Viet Cong and their related sympathizers throughout South Vietnam. The South Vietnamese regime has its share of sympathizers and sometimes people worked for BOTH the Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese regime, while hiding their loyalties to either other and living secret, double lives. Many in South Vietnam chose this route and the consequences are a united Vietnam with a despotic communist regime that has ruled there since 1975.  Overseas Vietnamese in the diaspora HATE the communist regime that brutally enslaved, tortured, murdered, and oppressed their family members and people that they knew personally or knew of, or that they themselves experienced while in this “united” Vietnam.  Communism is NOT gone, but it still has islands in Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, China, North Korea, and Russia. Oh how, Russia still has its usual BS nostalgia for Communism and they devoted a whole TV channel to it, too. How nice! Their “nostalgiya” channel is nothing but naked glorification of the Soviet Union and communism! Again, the delusional “culture” of communist nostalgia that rules the Soviet Union. In Germany, if you want the Nazis back you are RIGHTLY dismissed as “crazy, racist, far-right, Nazi, etc” in Russia, it’s “heroic” to want the Soviet Union back. Does this not sicken you? How one of history’s most hated totalitarian regimes is RIGHTLY hated, but the other communist regimes are not? Three words. FAR-LEFT propaganda. These far-left teens in college would have no idea what life was TRULY like in the Soviet Union. Their IPads and IPhones would be taken from them in the middle of the night by the police and they would be hauled off to prison for listening to ‘forbidden” music.

To hell with the communists! I am anti-communist and anti-fascist, BOTH! Not an imbalance of ONLY anti-Nazi/fascist and pro-communist. How come if you are against communism (leftist liberals) you promote Che Guevara who was one of the leading exponents/proponents of communism and who murdered thousands of Cubans who were against or perceived to be against the communist regime run by the Castro family? Of course, North Korea is run by the Kim family. Oh, it just goes on and on!

Good night!

That’s all they had.  Of course, South Vietnam was conquered by the communists and people left Vietnam to live in the United States and other Western countries.

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Delusions and more delusions!

Oh Lord! Those far-left Antifa and far-right Nazi/Fascist scum are willing to use violence against anyone who disagrees with them and their ilk.  It’s “okay” for leftists to use violence against right-wing (or anyone who doesn’t agree with them, or should I say “jive” with them) white males because they are right-wing white males and when the right-wing fights back against them, the (media) takes the side of the left wing violent Antifa hooligans, like in Europe and America!

Antifa thinks that owning property is capitalist! I guess that computer of yours that you use to type your meaningless bullshit means nothing to you!  You bought that cellphone at the store with money printed by a central bank! That’s capitalism! Oh, but that means nothing to you! You say that the Vietcong were heroes? Is cutting out someone’s penis and shoving it into a dead corpse to defile it “heroic?”

Does anyone realize that the Vietcong were the ISIS of their day back in the 60s? Back then ISIS was just a dream in someone’s head! In those days, they had those Palestinians who held people hostage on airliners or blew them up altogether!  The Yugoslav Partisans and eventually Tito’s Yugoslavian regime slaughtered hundreds of thousands that did not agree with them, be they Chetniks or Ustase.  Doesn’t matter, it was easy for them to paint their enemies as fascists, because they were. People who did not agree with communism in Yugoslavia or the Soviet Union were put to death in the millions and in China, too? That’s paradise to those Antifa scum that Sargon of Akkad was preaching against.  Sargon knows that he is a white male sticking up for other white males on YouTube! Where does this Black Pigeon Speaks guy come off saying that women destroy societies? Women don’t destroy societies, but dumb airheaded communist bitches who CLAIM to represent ALL women do!  They think that their one size fits all vision of society works outside of a college campus!

I do not agree with Marxism and there are plenty of conservatives on college campuses who don’t either and aren’t afraid to voice their dissenting opinions to convince these delusional and privileged brats that their vision of society failed SPECTACULARLY 25 years ago in Eastern Europe, in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia. Of course, the Chinese won’t grow a pair and get rid of their communist system and neither will the Vietnamese.  In those countries, they watch you like a hawk and promise you freedom and happiness and you’ll live like those rich bourgeois white capitalists in America!  Yay! China and Vietnam and North Korea all suck!  People try to escape these countries in the thousands and if they are caught, they are killed. You can leave China any day, but not North Korea. North Korea is the very ideal that the far-left would go for.  Total equality for all and more privilege for the ruling elites, like in Western Europe, China, North Korea, and Russia!

I like having the government tell me that I cannot disagree with them, be it Trump or Obama! Trump and Obama are like-minded individuals and liberals complained that Donald Trump was unqualified to be president, just like many conservatives said that Obama was unqualified to be president because of an absurd notion that he was born in Kenya and had no experience!

The alt-right is a joke and so are the far-left Antifa scum. Donald Trump is the Republican equivalent of Obama. Just don’t tell him that! Reagan was a cuckservative just like his vice-president and his vice president’s OWN SON who became president 20 years later!

Blood is thicker than water and Clinton was aiming to take control of the White House, like her husband did 25 years ago! People saw past Hillary and knew what a disaster she would be for the country! And we elected Donald Trump! I voted for Trump because I thought he made sense.  I suppose that in the future, we’ll have a “beta cuck” (These alt-right scum think that they are the uber males!) like Gary Johnson! I don’t agree with Sargon of Akkad on communism! Is Atheism is Unstoppable a Neo-Nazi? NO HE’S NOT! HE IS A COMMUNIST! AND I WILL TELL YOU WHY he is a communist! He is a left-wing atheist who thinks that getting rid of religion will solve all of humanities problems, instead of making them WORSE, which is what it WILL do.  Devon Tracy (AIU) is a spoiled left-wing communist loser looking to defend white people on YouTube because he sees the white man as the underdog being crapped upon by the anti-white elites and he is a liberal statist individual, too. AIU is anyway!

I think that it’s a shame that we have people like Sargon of Akkad, Vernaculis, Black Pigeon Speaks, Undoomed, and others like them sticking up for white males.  Undoomed is against religious nutcases, but he is just dandy with those far-left religious atheist nutcases who would undo our centuries of Christian heritage in a heartbreak and turn us into the Soviet Union!  I don’t like atheists! I can be friends with an atheist, but I realize that many right-wingers are atheists, too.  Of course, the cuckservative right-wing atheists would turn Americans against their own religious heritage! I am a Christian, but only so far. “IF you’re a Christian, as you say, how come you are willing to use such foul language?” SIMPLE! I tell it like it is and I don’t need a filter! I disagree with the kind of godless left-wing societies, people like Atheism is Unstoppable want us to live under!

AIU, you want North Korea? Then MOVE to North Korea! I am a Christian because that IS what I believe. I am a white Christian male from who lives in the sticks outside of Meadville! I am bitter and angry that AIU claims to speak for me, but craps on the idea of religion that I hold dear! Who cares if God does or doesn’t exist? Seriously people! Why do we bash our brains out over evolution and abortion?  I don’t agree with (Comrade) Devon Tracy and he can reveal where I live in America down to my underwear sizes, but he can’t kill me. He and his like-minded Borg collective drones can humiliate me online, but they cannot slander me, but they’ll do it because our libel and slander laws have become rather laxly enforced because of the First Amendment. I realize that AIU has the First Amendment to voice his opinion and I have that SAME right to VOICE MINE DISAGREEING WITH HS!  He is a YouTube bully-boy punk who is fighting white guilt and anti-white racism because he needs a cause to feel good about. Don’t you know, that you as a left-winger are in the minority on these issues? Does that bother you?

You know what? We don’t need commies like Sargon of Akkad, Undoomed, Atheism is Unstoppable and Vernaculis to speak for us! Of coure Ole Sargon is looking for some poor woman (usually white) who voices an extreme opinion that he disagrees with, only to be accused of harassment by the likes of Anita Sarkeesian.  Anita harasses him, but oh no, that’s OKAY because she’s a feminist and her feminist Borg drones who go along with it MAKE it okay!  I don’t like the whole YouTube political scene! Whenever I make a video criticizing these folks, I am disliked out the ass, people like Undoomed find an excuse to tar and feather me with a slanderous opinion, and they say “First Amendment rights!” I disagree with evolution and abortion, but I don’t need to fight some left-wing punk who thinks he’s all high and mighty behind his wittle computer screen! Same thing with the right-wing fascist trolls! When will they realize that they ANITA SARGON ET AL, are Borg drones like out of Star Trek.

That’s the thing that bothered me about Star Trek. How when the Borg practiced collectivism, it was BAD and how come when the human utopia folks like Picard and Kirk MADE it OKAY when THEY did it?  I bet that in 300 years someone is gonna look back on Star Trek and place into the “pseudohistory” (a bullshit term invented by the Borg drones at Wikipedia to slander anyone whose interpretation of history disagrees with theirs.) category on Wikipedia. I can see that happening.  I disagree with Star Trek, but Star Trek is a TV show, MR SHATNER and MR NIMOY! We are not gonna turn Earth into a one world utopia like in Star Trek! Sure, it was nice for those writers of Star Trek to ridicule those who opposed their aims as a bunch of violent, ill-bred rednecks, but if I disagree with something, I’ll disagree with it. Whether I am black, Asian, White, Hispanic. None of that matters!

That was an episode of Star Trek where they go back to Earth in the “past” (actually at the time the episode was made, the present) to 1996 and one of the characters is placed in a psychiatric hospital and given “primitive” (yeah right!) Pharmaceuticals! You know what! Those pharmaceuticals make me feel better and they make me think more clearly! I need them to function in society. Of course, in true Nazi/Commie fashion, the utopians at Star Trek would have found a way to deal with the mentally unfit in a ghastly fashion! Would they have killed them? Probably not! Who knows what ACTUALLY went on in Gene Rodenberry’s head? I don’t.  The Ferengi were portrayed in a fashion alluding to Jews that would make Adolf Hitler and the Ayatollahs of Iran and those ISIS pinheads, actually smile!

Why didn’t the ADL complain about the Ferengi? Because the ADL are soft and weak! Where was Chaim ben Pesach, Debbie Schlussel and Pamela Geller to voice their “outrage” over this “supposed” anti-Semitism? There was none!  They could just dismiss it as a TV show and say “it’s not real”! OF COURSE IT IS NOT REAL! Are aliens real? Are Klingons real? No, but Klingon has been made into a language that one can learn on Duolingo? Shouldn’t they add language that people ACTUALLY speak, like Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Tatar, Belorussian?  They have already added Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian because these ARE THE MAJOR Slavic languages that PEOPLE WANT TO LEARN AND ARE THE MOST POPULAR! I think that they were doing the Czech language. Why do we need a fake language like Klingon?  Esperanto was supposed to be the main global language, but that failed! Now, everyone in the world speaks the very English language that these polyglot pluralists despise! I am told to speak English by my staff at my house and I hate it!  English is the only thing that those clowns understand! English! Engleski jezik?

I like the English language, but none of the staff at my group home can read Arabic, Hebrew, or the Cyrillic/Latin alphabets of Eastern Europe!  The staff just tell me that they ignore my e-mails when I write them in a foreign language! They just won’t get on their phones and use Google translate, but Google translate is horrible and unreliable in my opinion!  It’s Google’s stupid interface that never seems to work most of the time! It sucks! I feel frustrated with my house if Jen tells me in person that she ignores my e-mails in a foreign language!

Larry Rogers tells me to have them learn these languages. You know what! They won’t AND THEY NEVER WILL because they’d rather speak English and ONLY English!  Speaking in a foreign language is an abomination to these folks! I cannot speak to them in Russian and none of the world out here in Western Pennsylvania understands me! I am totally fucked!

What the hell am I supposed to do when they won’t make the effort to learn? They won’t and they never will! The staff are indolent and they only care about their paychecks and their bullshit standards of taking care of a house! I QUIT!

None of the staff want to learn Ukrainian, Belorussian, Polish or Russian!  They think that Google translate is a luxury for them to add on their overcharged phones! I HATE foreign languages! No one outside of Poland, Belarus, or Ukraine understands them and those that do, UP IN ERIE AND DOWN IN PITTSBURGH IGNORE EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN MESSAGE THAT I HAVE EVER WRITTEN AND THEY DO NOT HESITATE TO BLOCK ME, EITHER!

GODDAMN IT! I am sick of social media! I am fuming because the staff know how to handle social media better than I do! They are all-knowing and powerful! Goddamn Russian scum look for every fucking excuse to ridicule me about how badly I speak Russian, while their English is HORRIBLE! None of these Russian girls ever want to befriend me on Facebook and other social media, DESPITE THE FACT THAT I MET THEM IN PERSON!

I am fuming with rage! I hate the internet! Thank you Al Gore, you spineless left-wing fuckwit, for “inventing” the internet! The only thing you invented was the lie of global warming and sold it to millions of your delusional and braindead followers!

The internet is where I where I make my living writing all this “bullshit!” You know what! Fuck all you liberal and conservative American English-speaking clowns! I WILL NEVER SPEAK ENGLISH! I only do so because those Russian bastards look for every goddamn excuse to ridicule and minimize my efforts. YOU COMMIE fuckers on Italki who downvoted my notebook ENTRIES AND MOCKED THEM CAN ALL GO TO THE HELL THAT YOU PUTIN-LOVING FUCKWITS DON’T BELIEVE IN!

Vladimir Putin is a fake Christian! He oppresses his own citizens while maintaining the illusion of being Christian, just to use the Orthodox Church as means of controlling Russia and oppressing other religions! Is that “Christian” to disallow religious pluralism of Protestant groups? I think not! Fuck you Vladimir Putin! No, these “extremist fascists” disagree with you and your Orthodox statist/supremacist policies, MR PUTIN! THEY’RE YOUR OWN DAMN CITIZENS, BUT THAT MEANS NOTHING TO YOU, HOLIER-THAN-THOU PUTIN-LOVING STATIST FANATICS!

You think that you can just dispose of 10 million people like they’re used napkins? That’s what Lenin and Stalin believed in and THEY WERE NOT AFRAID TO DO JUST THAT, DISPOSE OF TENS OF MILLIONS OF ORDINARY RUSSIAN/SOVIET CITIZENS!

The only reason why Putin doesn’t murder ten million people is because the world would stop his madness! Too bad that the UN has Russia on its security council! The UN is a joke anyway! Russia uses its power to fight the United States at every turn! Vladimir Putin is a phony and he is a Communist dressed up in right-wing Christian garb and pretending to be a right-wing conservative Christian WHEN HE IS NOTHING OF THE SORT! He is a communist who holds onto the old Soviet belief system that homosexuality/transgenderism is DEGENERATE! He’s not afraid of that, but you leftists and rightists have praise of this evil tyrant, like you DID 10 YEARS AGO!

I hate Vladimir Putin! I hope that someone over in Russia, who knows Russian better than I ever will, will translate this blog post and shove it Putin’s face!

Good night!












I am against anti-male sexism! (Misandry) and Misogyny.

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The demise of the jelly doughnut man.

On November 22, 1963, the man who (allegedly) referred to himself as a “jelly doughnut” in German (Ich bin ein Berliner) was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  November 22, 2017 will be the 54th anniversary of that assassination. President Trump has released some documents relating to the assassination of JFK.  Historians will be the judge of whether they are credible or not.

Of course, JFK did not mean to refer to himself as a jelly doughnut because the city of Berlin was divided between east and west because of the Cold War and the aftermath of World War II when Germany was divided among the victorious Allied powers. The Western half of West Prussia and Silesia and the southern half of East Prussia went to Poland and the northern half of East Prussia was annexed by the Soviet Union as the Kaliningrad Oblast. (region) of the RSFSR.

JFK wanted the world to believe that he was a citizen of Berlin. Of course, there have been politicians since then that have said similar statements, such as Barack Obama and Donald Trump.   Reagan made a similar statement in Russian with a thick and pronounced American accent.

Berlin was divided by a wall that divided the city between east and west from 1961-1989. Anyone from East Berlin who tried to climb over it was shot by East German border guards, in a fashion reminiscent of the Gestapo.  As I’ve said, totalitarianism is totalitarianism, whether it’s wearing a nice face, such as communism, or outright evil like Nazism/Fascism.  Poland and the Soviet Union annexed part of Eastern Germany and the rest went to the German Democratic Republic (GDR or DDR in German), aka, East Germany.  East German citizens did whatever they could to escape to the West and found clever ways of doing so under the Berlin Wall as well as escaping in the trunks of certain cars.  East Germany had a rather poor standard of living compared to the rest of Europe, especially West Germany. East Germany was run into the ground by the communists and in some ways, East Germany, or parts of it, still lag behind the rest of Germany.  There’s the Southern United States, which has lots of industries in it and the North, which was decaying remains of once proud factories (the Rust Belt) that are a testament to what industrial power Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania once had.

The Southern US has decaying industries as well, but nothing like East Germany or many of the former Soviet Bloc countries.  Their state-run industries produced knockoffs of Western-made goods or in some cases, pirated copies of them.  People in East Germany could not afford the luxury goods that people in the West took for granted, because many of them were outlawed in East Germany and the Soviet bloc/Soviet Union.  People in America could afford to buy these items and people in the West could afford to buy things that were beyond the reach of the average person inside the Soviet Bloc or outright illegal.  People published underground literature that was critical of the Soviet Union/Soviet Bloc and had it published in the West, that is if they weren’t caught distributing it to someone who had (tried to) smuggle it out.  People were afraid of the communists and with good reason.  Communism was considered to be a big threat, much like Islamic terrorism/Islam is now.  Now we have to worry about Islamic terrorists who kill people who criticize Islam or who defame the Prophet Mohammed. Back then, people in certain Western countries that did not have the kinds of laws that permitted very many people to own firearms, were killed by Soviet agents for criticizing the Soviet Union. These people were either ethnic Russians, Georgians, or Ukrainians abroad in France or (West) Germany who were against the Soviet Union. The threat of death was everywhere in those days.

People were suspicious of people who came up to them because they did not know if they were a Soviet agent who was trying to kill this person or a fanboy in the streets.  People in the 1960s worried about communist terrorism. Now people in 2017, worry about Islamic terrorism or if you’re left-wing Neo-Nazi/KKK terrorists.  Of course, the left likes to use the KKK as their favorite boogeyman when they are about as significant as used toilet paper that wipe your bottom with.  They are a bunch of dumb wankers in the poorest parts of America looking for someone to hate to make themselves feel good and to “protect” the Southern/America “way of life.”  They are just looking for someone to attack and Obama was an obvious target because he was black.  OF course, this does NOT mean that all critics of Barack Obama are racists or against him because he is black. Again, another straw-man by the left.  What makes Obama so special? He’s just another black man, but he’s the first African-American president of the USA.  He is, so far, the only African-American to be elected president of the United States. That’s no small feat. There is controversy about his alleged birth in Kenya, but it’s a bunch of crap. I am a conservative, but I think that the whole Obama birth certificate thing was hitting below the belt. Of course, there were leftists who said that John McCain was born in Panama, when in reality, he was born in the Canal Zone of Panama, which was US territory. They tried to hit back with that. I heard that McCain ran a rather milquetoast campaign against Obama and so did Mitt Romney.  Of course, Donald Trump learned the lessons of Romney and McCain and used it to great effect against Hillary.  Trump was able to whip up white people who were angry with Obama/Hillary/Democrats.

People said that JFK was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe.  Barack Obama was Trump’s predecessor and Trump had capitalized on the birther movement because he wanted Obama to “release his records” Obama keeps insisting that he was born in Hawaii.  Again, this doesn’t mean anything.  I suppose that the Better Business Bureau has an affiliation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, and Belgium, all because these three countries begin the letter B.  This of course, has nothing to do with the BBB.

We do not live in a white supremacist country, we live in a non-white supremacist country.  We are living in a state of non-white supremacy where non-whites are more equal than whites.  Of course, the KKK and white nationalists say that, but it’s true. I am tired of hearing about the alt-right being “white nationalists/supremacists” when BLM are black supremacists/nationalists.  That’s okay.  I do not like non-white supremacy or supremacy by any race or any other forms of racism.  I despise the white guilt about centuries of discrimination against non-whites, when ACTUAL institutional racism was actually going on in the United States, over 50 years ago.  Of course, people of certain white ethnic groups were discriminated against, too, People like the Poles, Irish, Italians, Germans, and other European immigrants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and wherever they came from and against Asian immigrants from various Asian countries.  Of course, we also have female supremacy over men, when we have feminists who call for “killing all men” Of course, they mean average white males, like me.  How come they are allowed to call for gendercide on Twitter or Facebook?  Blacks did not all suffer badly, however.  Some were able to make an honest living for themselves in the segregated South, but they were paid less than whites. The Klan was out lynching anyone who they deemed to be a threat to white supremacy. It was a terrible time in US history. We have Islamic countries where women are arrested for not covering themselves up and where homosexuals are lynched/killed in these countries.

This is also terrible.  In the Southern USA, you have the freedom to be gay, but people will disagree with you PASSIONATELY about it and you will get a lot of criticism aimed at you, or for that matter, any conservative/working class/Christian part of America. This does not mean that white working-class Christians are bad, of course, but MOST of the time, they will not kill you. If you live in Afghanistan/Iran/Pakistan and are gay, then you have a very high chance of being killed. I think that there was an instance where the KKK did lynch someone who they believed who was a homosexual.  That did happen.  In Islam, being gay is a death sentence. If you are a female and you want to wear the shortest shorts that you possibly can imagine and wear a tank top, then you are arrested and thrown in jail.  This is in the Middle East. People disagree with how women dress in this country all the time, but I don’t see them killing people over it, or throwing them in jail. There are parts of the USA in certain institutions were dressing in a skimpy fashion (like Britney Spears) are not allowed, such as schools or churches.  In America, you have the freedom to wear a shirt (if you’re a female) where your bra is clearly seen under the shirt, a see-through shirt and the front of you is completely visible.

In Iran, you do not have that freedom.  Religions other than Islam are banned in many Muslim countries.  Maybe in the Vatican, religions other than Catholicism are banned. Not quite there, Mohammed.  People convert to other religions and people of other faiths are allowed in the Vatican to tour the country. IT is the world’s smallest country.  In Israel, women can dress in a skimpy fashion.  That’s Israel. Israel does not represent the entire Middle East and women (and men) can drink alcohol in Israel. Of course, alcohol is banned in many Muslim countries. I bet some Muslim man (or woman) is wondering where they can get a drink when they are feeling stressed or not feeling themselves. And they can’t (in Saudi Arabia) because it’s banned. I like Israel. I am not a Nazi anti-Semite, contrary to what some people would have you believe.  People in Middle-Eastern countries blame their problems on the USA and Israel or Zionists, whenever someone wants to live more freely than they are currently living. It’s easy to blame them for wanting liberalization in many of these countries and they do. The KKK blamed liberalization for a lot of America’s problems, but nothing like what ISIS does.  ISIS makes the KKK seem like angels and that isn’t right. When you have liberals say that Putin is right-wing, that means that they are farther left than Vladimir Putin and that should alarm you right away.  Of course, Vladimir Putin is a left-wing conservative politician of the post-Soviet mold in Russia.  He is trying to preserve Russia from those “evil American capitalists/imperialists” in true Soviet propaganda fashion. Lukashenko is trying to do the same in Belarus and you’ve got trolls on YouTube who say that Belarus is the only “free” nation in Europe. That is a lie because there is no freedom and they would rather ally with Russia and Putin, who are much worse.  The people of Ukraine were sick of Moscow and they did not want their country to be a puppet of Moscow, so they did the whole Maydan thing and threw out Yanukovych as president of Ukraine. People were sick of his corrupt regime. People went out and demonstrated in Islamic countries in much the same fashion and in some cases, there were revolutions. Of course, this was back in 2011 in a series of events that the media has dubbed the “Arab Spring”, which is a reference to the Prague Spring of 1968.  Putin and Lukashenko are afraid that their people will try a Maydan type approach in their countries, and rightly so, I might add. Lukashenko has ruled Belarus as the uncontested leader for the last 23 years.  He is a loyal ally to Putin.  The coat of arms of Belarus looks a lot like the Soviet one from many years ago.  Lukashenko is running a neo-Soviet regime in Belarus, like Putin is doing in Russia.  People can be delusional and they are to believe that if they go back to the way things were in the Soviet Union, that it will be all better. Hey, I would love to live with my parents again in Corry, but that isn’t going to happen because I have a life over here in Crawford County to live under the autism waiver of Pennsylvania.  Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania do not want to go back to the Soviet Union. They hated life under the Soviets and resisted it fiercely. I know fairly little of the Belorussian language, but many of their spellings are radically different from those in Russian or about the same.  The Russian language and Belorussian language have similar spellings for certain words that mean the same in both languages. Same with Ukrainian and Polish.  These countries are right next to each other, so they borrow a lot and Russia ruled Ukraine and Belarus for centuries. Belorussian can be written with a modified Latin text that would make it seem like the Polish language, or Cyrillic. It’s mostly written in Cyrillic, though.

Life was worse in the Soviet Union and life is even worse under many of the Islamic theocracies that rule the Middle East and the Islamic theocracies have ruled uncontested since 800 AD.  If you want to convert to a religion that is not Islamic, you can have acid thrown at you or be killed. In the Soviet Union, you were arrested if you were gay or were shot. The Soviet Union shot homosexuals and the Middle Eastern countries kill gays as well.  In these countries, you are damned lucky if you survive. If you are a white foreigner who is not Islamic, you are treated like royalty because you have more money than they do.  They think that you are like Bill Gates. It also takes a well-rounded person to learn the Arabic alphabet and to piece together certain words and to make it make sense in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, or Pashto. Well, it costs a fortune to travel overseas. Many people in the Islamic countries are fascinated by the USA, if not outright obsessed and many (do) come to live over here in the United States. They see past their own country’s anti-American propaganda. Radio Sputnik and RT are influencing a lot of the anti-American propaganda in the Middle East, through their Arabic-speaking TV channels and radio stations. It’s not that hard to learn the Arabic alphabet, but the right-to-left part confuses many of us who are used to reading left-to-right.  What’s more confusing is that the language books have the Arabic texts going right-to-left and the English texts going left-to-right. This has been my experience with learning Arabic.  So, is Al Jazeera. They are also at the forefront of anti-American/anti-Israeli/anti-Semitic propaganda in the Middle East.

The Arabic texts are mashed together in a strange fashion. English letters are put together in much the same way. It’s tough trying to figure that all out.  Arabic speakers think that learning our language is tough.  It is for them. Of course, they have Pimsleur in Arabic for Arabic-speakers.  What do you do?

I must try to learn Arabic and make sense of it as best I can. I still can’t make sense of it. There has to be an easier way.  They is no easy way. I must try to learn Arabic.

If you listen to Al Manar, they do the same thing with anti-American propaganda.  Many in the Middle East do not all hate America or Israel.  Many are skeptical of their own propaganda in the Middle East and they want to experience America for themselves and there are those who are outright hostile towards to you if you travel over there and they refuse to talk to you, largely out of fear of being killed by terrorists or their own governments if you were to interact with a foreigner/American.  They have been taught to mistrust foreigners in the Middle East and in Russia and in Belarus and Ukraine as well. There is a lot of xenophobia in these countries. That is rather sad.  In Middle-Eastern countries, if you are an American or a foreigner, they will try to not hurt you, or they will tell their friends who are terrorists and have them hunt you down, like a pack of wolves to a reindeer.  Some will not hurt you. You have to be cautious over there.  In the Middle East, you can’t be sure of who wants democracy or those who are against democracy and those who say that they are democratic, but are really not.

Loyalties are hard to read. I just pray that one way that all of Vietnam will adopt the South Vietnamese flag as its national flag and that will do away with that stupid commie rag and fly the yellow and orange flag. The South Vietnamese flag is yellow and has three orange bars on it in vertical order.  I pray that communism will end in Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba, and that people will enjoy the same freedoms that we enjoy in the USA or to the best of their own abilities.  Same with the Islamic countries. I pray that Vietnam will be free of communism! Something that we failed to do during the Vietnam War, but this might be a reality if people keep resisting the system over there in Vietnam to become free people.  I predict that Vietnam will adopt the South Vietnamese flag for the entire country. The commies will be gone, someday. I just pray that overseas Vietnamese keep fighting the good fight for freedom in Vietnam and the same with Laotians overseas in the USA as well. Goodbye! One day, Vietnam will be a free nation.



Too bad that the Hombre Moon (Moon man in Spanish) cartoon did not have him saying “La Raza!” “La Raza!” That would have been funnier.

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