Barbara Marie Drezhlo, SHUT THE HELL UP!

This Barbara Marie Drezhlo woman on This self-righteous holier-than-thou hag who claims to collectively represents the whole of Russia with her “blog” of disgusting tirades against conservative Americans, who she claims do not accept Obama because he’s black and then tries to paint Russia as a country tolerant of black people in a country where black people are beaten up and where human rights reports claim that when this happens, the police do nothing about it. Her vision of America is a society of sheep that just follow what the government says, and only her critical thought is allowed. This disgusting hag does not represent the voices of Russia because over there, they do not have a racial grievance industry like over here in America. People like Trayvon Martin, if they are killed, they do not care about his race. Oh, Russia is supposed to be like America where people, just divide us over racial differences, violently threaten people because of Trayvon’s death and attack people over it. The police in Russia would have simply just beaten up those racial people like Sharpton over the whole Trayvon thing and Russians would have just simply not cared about Trayvon’s death.

So, you are not representative of people over in Russia, and they do not beat themselves up over Trayvon. If a crime like that happened, people would simply think it was street violence.  Russians do not beat themselves up over racial problems. A country that persecuted the Tatars and nearly destroyed them, and the hate crimes legislation over there, would totally kill our first amendment. This woman does not represent people in Russia. She is a self-righteous vile-spewing hateful, spiteful, bitter hag who if she knew anything about Russia, would not label Joe Arpaio’s prisons as a gulag, but looks the other way in the Soviet REAL gulags where people were tortured and beaten. Russia does not care about Trayvon Martin!  They just like to point our problems and proclaim how holy and righteous they really are. I am tired of these people in the Kremlin, whom Drezhlo represents do not like her. A woman like her would not last very long. Expose this woman for the fraud that she is! This woman is an old bitter woman of Russians descent living over in Albany, NY who does know Russian,

Эй Варвара, Вы не голос России! Вы не настощий голос всех россиян! Вы американско-либеральная старая бабушка в США.  Вы не живете в Росстии!

So, you are a self-righteous holier-than-thou appointed person like Daria Perekidaylova is. You Russians think that the world should bow to you, and you claim they think America is racist, but looks the other way when the Tatars are being persecuted?  You Russians blame America for all your problems, when your economic problems are of your own making. Face it, your economy went down the toilet because the Communist system was unsustainable. They do things over here that would be highly offensive and silenced over here, because of the self-righteous everything is wrong, unless we say so Puritan liberal crowd that she represents, are not well liked in Russia. Over in Russia, Obama’s change policies are hated by the establishment. America’s both Republican and Democrat are ridiculed by the media.

The right wing in America that she claims is in the way of her fantasy of turning this country into the Soviet Union are not liked in Russia, because their policies would undermine the total control the government over there so enjoys. They do as they please. You think America has it bad with crony capitalism? Wait till you see Russia! Communism WAS crony capitalism where the government controlled the industry and free enterprise defense companies like Mikoyan were controlled. The Russians are smart and intelligent people that contributed to the greatness of humanity by launching a man into space and the first satellite Sputnik. Russians are a creative people that truly know how to create great stuff that’s cheap and reliable.  They are smart people that are a people of critical thought, unlike Barbara Marie Drezhlo. Over there, they criticize the establishment, but not the way Barbara Marie Drezhlo does. In Russia, Oh Barbara  Marie Drezhlo, you would NOT last very long.

You are NOT representative of Voices from Russia, you only represent the will of the American democrats. The stuff on the forums you would label “right-wing” and “racist” and then blame American conservatives for it, but fail to realize that THEIR definition of Conservative and ours are two different things. The American right wing and left wing ideas are considered subversive by Russians because they’d subvert the rigid social structure that is Russia. Where Paris Hilton wannabes on post suggestive photos of themselves like models and post naked photos of themselves to boys in Russia. Try finding a woman in America that would do that, without crying sexism! Try that. Yob tvoyu Mat, Fucked your mother, such an insult would not fly over here in America. Russians are devoted to their families. The people I know like Katya still live with their parents when they’re 22 years old. They care alot about their parents, unlike over here in America, and when someone says Yob tvoyu Mat, it’s pretty serious.

You are a self-righteous, bitter old hag over in Albany, NY who has no idea what she’s saying and she just wants to destroy the right wing, quotes Wikipedia without ever talking to people in Russia and she wants us to believe that right-wingers are all Ku Klux Klansmen that do not accept Obama because he’s black and because Russians are an oh-so racially-tolerant nation, when in fact, it’s not true. They do things over there that would be so racist and so offensive here. The Nazis are hated yes, but the people in charge do not care.

Do I believe Russians are racists? Of course not!  I believe that the human rights people that write this crap have no idea what they’re saying. Because they’d have to upset their social structure and all that shit and would have to go against everything that they know and generally arrest people for unreasonable crimes and constantly whine and complain about everything racist and carp and whine like liberals over here. Russians do not really care about racial problems and do not constantly harp and do the racial song and dance and all that stuff Al Sharpton do to have special privileges above others. And everything else.

So Barbara Marie Drezhlo, please just kindly shut the hell up, and stop trying to be the voices of Russia because you’re not and never will be. You’re just a bitter old lady from Albany, NY!

So Barbara, please shut the hell up! In Russia, someone like Trayvon Martin would NOT even exist. Over there, if they arrest him they would NOT stand up to the authorities and complain about “police brutality” or racism against minorities and have ACLU to back them up like over here. In Russia, someone like Trayvon would be beaten up by the police and they would not bat an eyelash over it and he would be jailed multiple times without caring about his race and he would be considered trouble by the community and he would be incarcerated in a Russian prison without caring if he was black or they police would laugh their asses off at being complained about by Trayvon because of his race.  No Russia, is NOT like the Jim Crow South, far from it, but over there Trayvon would be a troublemaker and that’s that, no “American right wing or no American conservative racism, etc” Trayvon would be arrested multiple times by the police for being a “problem” or a “bad influence” They would not even begin to care about his race. That does not factor into it. The Police in Russia have been known to accost foreigners on the street.  If you look different, not in the racial sense, i.e. if you’re not from there, you’re usually known pretty quick who you are and the reason why Russia does not have racial problems is not because of the “American right wing” it’s because they don’t care and consider grievance mongers like Drezhlo to be a real annoyance and being forced

Their views are not the American right wing, because Russia has a wholly different attitude towards race. The country was very hostile to foreigners, except for communists from other countries. Russians do not like people that complain all the time and have grievance industries. Russians just sweep problems under the rug and ignore them and do not like to discuss issues openly for fear of being out of line.

Wikipedia is a ridiculous waste of web space and it is wrong about Russians being racist and consideres beating up anti-racism activists, when Russians think these people are too radical and annoying and not very nice people, to be a major problem. Russians do not like anything that upsets the social fabric of society, and they did not like the changes of the USSR when it collapsed.  Socially-conservative nation. Their views on certain subjects would be labeled “racist” by liberal Americans and sneered at by Americans as being KKK and racist.  In other words, Russians do not beat themselves up over “racial issues.” Wikipedia is ridiculously anti-Russian and it’s hateful entry on Russophobia, says that people that fear rightly that Russia is being subverted by America and Russian nationalists are fake and that it is a “fake term” when people have a REAL and GENUINE phobia of Russians. I suppose Homophobia is a fake term, right? NOPE! Anyone who has a genuine phobia of Russians should be exposed, then treats people

Sabrina Rahmet types taht trash natioanlists and patriotic duy to their nation and then lampoon and ridicule people that have ethnic identities and claim that their version of history is correct, then poke everyone else in the eye and proclaim themselves as holy and righteous and turn nations into meaningless blobs with no identies and claim that people who love their nation are extreme and hateful, is

The woman should know that her beloved Soviet Union in Eastern Europe failed and the nationalists took power because people in Poland ACTUALLY liked them and claims the Catholic Church dominates Poland> This woman wants to see Communism return to Poland, something real Poles cannot stand and because communism DOES NOT work.The catholic faith is The HEART of Poland that destroyed Communism because it was wrong and it went against their entrenched traditions. Oh Sabrina, how you cannot handle the changing tide of history and the people that ACTUALLY chose REAL Freedom, while she stews about Eastern Europe not being the failed Commie paradise that she loves to death like a child’s first crush.  I cannot stomach that bile-spewing ranting hag Sabrina Petra Rahmet.  She is a disgusting and hateful woman. A shrieking ranting and raving woman that hates people’s patriotism, devotion to their nation, mocks the faith Eastern Europeans have in their religions for OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS, before her sorry ass was born. Sabrina Petra Rahmet is a pseudo-expert, a far-left Stalinist commie apologist Marxist. Her bile-spewing anti-Serbian, anti-Eastern European crap is quoted on Wikipedia like it’s the Holy Gospel at Church. Sabrina P. Rahmet is a fake!  Everyone be warned about her and her bile-spewing Marxist BS that does not work anymore in Eastern Europe. This woman plainly expresses her evil desires to destroy the foundations of Polish society and the Catholic Church that she hates because it freed Poland from Communism and reinstate the Communism she loves so much. That woman wants to destroy the Eastern European nations from regaining their identities desecrated by Communism.

The woman is a disgusting pseudo-scholar and she should be exposed as such. I can’t believe people buy her crap.

I can’t believe the crap on Wikipedia either. Wikipedia is stigmatizing people just becasue they fought alongside the wrong side in World War II, with it’s Nazi Collaborators Categories.  Putting Draza Mihailovic in there because he fiercly opposed COmmunism and labeling people as Nazis because they oppose Communism, never mind that serious anti-Communists are not Nazis. Draza recognized that Communism and Fascism were the same type of evil.  He ponied up to the Germans.  Wikipedia disgustingly lumps him in with serious collaborators like Milan Nedic, who was opposed to Mihailovic.  Presents Communist pseudo-history as fact manufactured by Tito to slander Draza Mihailovic. He is a controversial hero, like William Tecumseh Sherman is here in the United States.

There will always be controversy about him.  Many say he was a collaborator, many say he wasn’t.  However, Wikipedia considers commie propaganda about him to be real fact, and uses an unflattering photo of him to make him look bad, and just outright slanders a man that rescued 500 airmen from being captured by the Germans as a collaborator. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but he was not a full-time collaborator like say, Ante Pavelic and Milan Nedic were. Lumping him in with Nedic is disgusting.

Wikipedia is  just using the Nazi collaborators categories to unfair

I am NO Neo-Nazi, but I just think that history is history. There were cases in the American Revolution where the rebels collaborated with the  British and tried to stop combat with the British to regroup and hit them again, like the Chetniks did with the Germans. The Chetniks were not mercenary soldiers paid by the Germans to kill commies. The Chetniks fought the Commies because they were a bigger problem than the Germans, but this does not mean that they did not give up on the Germans. The Commies were a pain in the ass harassing them and the Chetniks knew that they could not fight all of them at once and that they’d be decimated by the Germans, so they stopped fighting because they would have been annihilated if they did and they knew it.  If they directly fought and killed the Germans they would have been all killed. They could not fight the commies and Nazis directly. If they did, they’d all be dead and Draza Mihailovic was not accepted by the Germans. He was nearly arrested when he met with a German officer in 1944. The Germans did not like him anymore than Tito and tried to play Tito against Mihailovic against each other, in the hope that they’d both destroy each other, and resistance from the Chetniks and Partisans would be totally destroyed and taht they would destroy each other.  The Chetniks were traditional conservative Serbian nationalists dedicated to restoring the Yugoslavian monarchy that was ruled by the Serbs and the Ustashe and its brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing against Serbs, compared to the imagined planes of ethnic cleansing supposedly thought of by Mihailovic, using forged documentaries, false history to present a biased communist viewpoint.

Who’s the pseudohistory here when Wikipedia passes it off all the time on pages about Mihailovic and him being a collaborator? Or labelin
Wikipedia mocks patriotism, devotion to country, to the nation, devotions to real things and mocks peoples love of their cultures and religions. Lampoons it as “pseudohistory” Lumps in patriotic Americans like David Barton in with the UFO nut crowd and their fake history that rational people do not believe. They alienate them because the UFO crowd is the crowd starved for attention and always looking for something to prove their lying crap that Nazis had help from aliens, when in fact they didn’t and were technologically brilliant peoples, yeah they DID have help from aliens from Eastern Europe of the races that they thought of as alien and inferior. So in THAT sense, they did have help from Aliens, but they DID Not have help from Aliens as in extraterrestrials.

THE NAZIS DID NOT HAVE HELP FROM ALIENS, but they did have help from human slave labor “alien peoples” that they thought of as alien and racially inferior, but not ET. Nope sorry, I do not buy that bullshit for a minute! The Nazis did NOT have a base in Antarctica! It would have been logistically impossible to do so. I do not know where people got that idea.  The idea that Hitler could be anywhere, even though he killed himself with Eva Braun, his mistress in 1945.  Hitler is dead. People thought he could be anywhere and his presence had such an effect on people, that they did not want to accept that he was dead, so they made up the Antarctica Bullshit and no Imperious leader, you stupid jackass, roundels ARE very important To have insignia to tell people apart and you try to make a fool of me to prove how really holy you really are about BS about aliens. You sir are an idiot, and make up BS about aliens, when in fact the Antarctica was an idea to try to come up with ways to better represent the earth. No sorry, I do not speak your egotistical bullshit and never will and your hatred of Russians and Eastern Europeans and hateful mocking of their cultures means that you are an ignorant bigot in my opinion.

But, I digress!

It’s only wrong and that the Communists were the real guerrillas in Yugoslavia and the real deal resisters of the Nazis and the Chetniks lumped in with the Ustashe, when they honored Draza and do not consider this to be falsely changing history. Wikipedia considered history that devotes to its nation and its people and its honoring traditions to be fake history, i.e. pseudohistory and therefore wrong. Even though this is wrong, along with rationalWiki and all the self-righteous know it all types who claim they know what’s best for everyone else. RationalWiki is a crap website that does NOT present facts, that slanders people it doesn’t like, like the blogs do, and posts opinions and not facts tries to pass itself off as an encyclopedia with true rational info, even though alot of what they post is really irrational and their irrational hatreds of people that they do not like. Insulting and claiming they’re right all the time.  RationalWiki or IrrationalWiki as it SHOULD be known, is NOT a real information site.  It is pure crap!

I suppose that the way Wikipedia characterizes the Chetniks, that the Viet Cong could also be collaborators with the Americans, even though they infiltrated the American bases, were photographed alongside American soldiers, made deals with American commanders, and the lot. The Viet Cong used their enemy and when the Chetniks use their enemy, it’s considered as collaboration. Anyone sense the hypocrisy here? The Vietcong used their enemy and used us well to get inside us, when the Chetniks use their enemy, Wikipedia labels it as collaboration.  I do not believe that Draza Mihailovic was a Nazi collaborator in the way Ante Pavelic was, though the Wikipedia article characterizes him, wrongly as if they were talking about Ante Pavelic, who was a real Nazi collaborator, who collaborated with them from day one, unlike Mihailovic who fought the Nazis at first, then toned down his resistance to avoid senseless loss of life, and to wait for the Allies. The Chetniks were not a fascist movement, like the Ustashe were, they were royalists of the Yugoslav monarchy and the Commie propaganda vehicle of Wikipedia.

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Black People & Police

I know that the media is always talking about how black people are stopped by police or being killed by police, but they fail to mention this little white guy from Corry, Pennsylvania that got into enough trouble with the police, while he was still living in Corry, Pennsylvania.

I remember how that bastard Gary Hunt sided with Daria Perekidaylova (now Larsen) when I was having a problem with her, relating to me becoming angry at Daria for screwing around with Turks, among other things. I still remember how I wrote on the Corry Police Department’s Facebook page a 1 star review that Gary Hunt only cared about Daria, (which he does) and not about me. He accused me of threatening Daria, which was total bullshit.  I was accused of threatening Daria because I wrote her some messages complaining that she was fucking Azmi Mavi. Anyway, sorry for the language, but she was screwing around with Azmi Mavi of Istanbul, Turkey.

I still remember how she screwed around with him for several months back in 2007. I still remember how Daria would not let me have other female friends to talk to.  I remember how anti-social, narcissistic, and stuck-up Daria Perekidaylova truly was. I was bullied by this girl for 3 years and that rat bastard Gary Hunt has the nerve to come to my parents house (where I lived at the time) and threaten to seize all the computers in my parents’ house.  Oh how BLM fails to see that completely. I know that it will not matter, because I am white and autistic.

I am going to start a movement (or a Facebook page) called Autistic Lives Matter. (or ALM)  I am a white autistic boy from Northwest Pennsylvania, that is currently living in Cochranton, Pennsylvania.  I am also a ham radio operator, my call-sign is W3AGF.  Hey Black Lives Matter and Mainstream Media, WHITE PEOPLE GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE POLICE AS WELL!

Gary Hunt would have killed me if he was given the chance. I would have fought his plans to unlawfully seize my computers in the house. I am sick of Gary Hunt. I am sick of the media ignoring my case because I am a white autistic male. I would be considered a misogynist by feminists who happen to be a lot like Daria, because of the things that I said to her.  All the feminists would side with Daria against me, so I stand little chance.  They fail to realize that Daria demeaned and humiliated me for 3 years from 2006-2009.  Daria’s behavior was sexist because she refused to let me have other female friends, while she wanted to have only male friends for herself. I think that qualifies as sexism, but not for feminists. Oh no, not the feminists.

How my case of injustice has been ignored by people for many years, already.  Gary Hunt never got to carry out his threat against me. Gary Hunt threatened me, but that was OKAY.  He criticized me for threatening Daria, but he thought that he was above me for threatening to seize all the computers in the house. He threatened to commit an unlawful act that was a violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.  My mom insists that he would not have had a hard time getting a warrant to seize the computers.  Yeah right, the whole judicial system in Erie County and Crawford County is corrupt anyway.

I know for a fact that there is corruption in Crawford County and my friend John Amato, promised to fix it. John Amato and his family own the Army Navy Store in the Downtown Mall in Meadville. He’s a great guy, BTW.

Gary Hunt got away with threatening me, but I was almost hospitalized in Saint Vincent in Erie when Gary Hunt took me up there in a police car.  I remember that happening days after I was posting that I was sick of Daria.  I was sick of Daria pushing me around and I fought back against it.


Justin Edward Royek, an autistic person.


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Aliens will be like us.

I predict that we will find alien life someday out there in the galaxy. I predict that it will be somewhere in a distant galaxy in the vast unknown of space that we have only seen through the Hubble Space telescope.  We have futurists like Michio Kaku and Neil deGrasse Tyson predicting that we will find alien life, but the sci-fi people always overlook the things that we on Earth take for granted every day that are watched and listened to by people on Earth, such as MTV, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, RTS, RTRS, HRT, CCTV, NHK, ZDF, and other stations that are watched daily by people here on Earth in various languages. I predict that TuneIn will have streams from other planets radio and television stations. I predict that Roku will give people the ability to watch stations and listen to radio from other planets.

I predict that there will be Russian-speaking TV stations on other planets, broadcasting in Russian from other planets.  There will be English-speaking (Anglophone) stations as well as Francophone ones.  TV stations in the major spoken languages spoken here on Earth, like Russian, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Burmese, Arabic, Persian, (Farsi), Pashto, Urdu, Hindi,  Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and other languages spoken here on Earth will be spoken on other planets. People from Earth will take their languages and cultures with them to other alien planets and it will be a violation of the prime directive of Star Trek.

There will be alien life that will live here on Earth and listen to TV stations and Radio stations in various languages. People from distant galaxies and planets will live in Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Cleveland, Youngstown, Buffalo, New York City,  Saegertown, Meadville, Cambridge Springs, Philadelphia, West Middlesex, Mercer, Greenville, Hermitage, Sharon, Washington DC, and other states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Aliens will move to this planet searching for jobs and will be hunted down by the authorities for moving here illegally. Aliens will be moving to other states, like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.  Alien comedians will make jokes about illegal aliens and Mexicans at a stand-up comedy bar.  Aliens will have a limited command of English and they will be resented for stealing jobs from people from Earth. Aliens will move to Pittsburgh and live on the North side or South Side or wherever in Pittsburgh. UPMC hospitals will employ alien doctors and nurses from other planets. I predict that medical knowledge from other planets will help cure diseases that so far have no cure here on Earth, like AIDS or Lyme Disease.

I predict that aliens will contribute to the advancement of Earth’s civilization. I predict that aliens will learn Russian and move to Moscow, Samara, Tolyatti, Vladivostok, Stavropol, Rostov-na-Donu, Tula, Ryazan, Tver, Saint Petersburg, Buzuluk, and other cities throughout Russia and the former USSR, such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa,  Chisinau, Mariupol, Lugansk, Donetsk,  Sevastopol, Simferopol, Lvov. Aliens will move to other cities in Europe, such as Stockholm, Malmo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Paris, Lille, Brussels, London, Belfast, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, Oslo, Trondheim, Narvik, Berlin, Dresden, Wroclaw, Kaliningrad, Warsaw, Krakow, Bonn, Solingen, Munich, and other cities in Europe and throughout the world. Hell, there will be aliens in Sydney Australia, and the Australian outback and in Darwin, Australia in the Northern Territory.

Aliens will move to the backwoods of West Virginia and the south, including Kentucky where they will be lynched by the KKK. The KKK will try to push for laws banning intermarriages between humans and aliens.  There will be people from all over the US and the world against intermarriages between aliens and humans.  There will be people from alien planets living in Atlanta, Georgia, Macon, Savannah, Columbia, South Carolina, Newberry, South Carolina, Charleston, SC and throughout the South. There will be aliens living in Los Angeles. This is not delusional UFO nut stuff. This is gonna be the reality someday and we as humans must get used to it. Where there actual and documented aliens actually living on our planet, and when they will live here will only be a matter of time, centuries down the road or maybe even decades down the road.  I predict that aliens will be confirmed as ACTUALLY living on our planet, and not some Sci-fi nut conspiracy theory nutter will be saying it. EVERYONE will be seeing it and seeing it.  I am not talking about UFO nuts and the UFO crowd, I am talking about REAL people in REAL cities, like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, or Philadelphia.  You will see aliens living in trailer parks.  You will see rich aliens from other planets try to mold our culture to theirs. I pray that humanity is not wiped out by the mass exoduses of aliens moving to our planet. I pray that humans do not become a minority on their own planet.

It might happen someday where humans become a minority on their own planet because of aliens. I do not want it to happen. I predict that immigration will be restricted from other planets because of these fears. I am saying that humans will live alongside aliens in cities that were founded centuries ago, such as Cleveland, Youngstown, Cincinnati, Dayton, Sandusky, Indianapolis, Chicago, St, Louis, Kansas City, Topeka, and other rural towns throughout the Midwest and the Northeast USA and Southeastern USA.

We are gonna have to adapt to the fact that aliens will be living on our planet someday. I am speaking hypothetically. I am speaking about sometime centuries down the road where aliens will live in our cities and breathe the same air that we do. They will assimilate like immigrants of the past from other countries on Earth had to.

There will be actual aliens interviewed on TV and I am not talking the Star Trek cookie-cutter crap, I am talking REAL aliens on REAL TV stations. It will not be science fiction. It will ACTUALLY happen someday.  I am not talking Star Wars, either. There will be ethnic slurs invented for aliens from other planets. Klingon might become an offensive and politically-incorrect word for aliens from other planets, if it is used, like wop, nigger, Polack, are offensive terms for people here on Earth.

I predict that aliens will become Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists,  Scientologists, pagan religions, and other religions found here on Earth. There will be aliens from other planets that will be forcibly converted to Islam by Muslims from Earth.  Muslims will wage interplanetary jihad against aliens from other planets.  ISIS will have beheading videos featuring aliens.  This shit is gonna happen.  Aliens will be forcibly converted to other religions. Aliens will forced to worship Christianity, Judaism, or Islam.  There will be Jewish aliens. There will be anti-Semitism by neo-Nazis against Jewish aliens. There will be anti-Semitism in the worst forms. There will still be racism. It will be ugly, but we should not let it stop us from letting aliens live on our planets and humans from living on other planets.

I predict that ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups will still be around by the time we find live on other planets. I predict that Islam will try to forcibly convert aliens to their faith. It will happen someday. We have to prepare for it.  I predict that aliens will be attacked by people on Earth when they live on Earth with other humans. I predict that our Constitution will have to be amended to allow aliens to live on our planet. I predict many things in the future.

Let’s pray that it will be a good one.

Justin Edward Royek, Cochranton, Pennsylvania.

Okay correction. Not all aliens will be forcibly converted to Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism, or even paganism.  Many will be voluntarily converted to religions found here on Earth. I predict that someday that aliens will worship God in their own way.

I predict that the Russians, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, and Americans will have their own spheres of influence on other planets. I predict that planets will be colonized by humans from Earth. I predict that we will find alien life out there in the universe.  I predict that aliens will settle here on Earth.  Will there be an alien invasion a la Independence Day or War of the Worlds? That remains to be seen. The aliens could invade Earth and settle here and forcibly try to take over our planet, in a hostile manner. Similar to the ancient Romans or the modern-day Americans settling the Western USA and taking Native American-owned land from them.

I pray that aliens settling this planet becomes a peaceful one. I bet that they do not want to take us over. Maybe we are too primitive to be taken over? Certainly, the people in the Western Hemisphere were primitive and they were taken over by whites, blacks, and Asians over a 500 year period. I predict that SOME aliens will be peaceful and others not so much.  We have to prepare ourselves in case we are invaded by a hostile planet, like out of Independence Day. 

So far, aliens have had no impact on ancient civilizations. I am not gonna get into that Ancient Aliens/Giorgio Tsoukalos/Erich von Daniken crap.

Hollywood only likes to present invasions by hostile aliens, or in the case of My Favorite Martian or E.T., friendly ones. I predict that aliens will invade our planet and try to settle here as settlers on Earth.  Anything can happen, right?

This will not happen til centuries or even millenniums down the road, in my opinion. Who knows? It might happen decades from now.  So far, NASA in only interested in finding microbial life, as opposed to living, breathing beings that breathe the same air that we do.

I want to see an alien standing at over 6′ tall and listening to RTS or RTRS or RTE or RT or MSNBC OR or HRT or CNBC or Fox News and listening to the same things that we listen to, here on Earth on a daily basis on TuneIn or Roku or regular TV. Maybe the aliens tune into our radio and TV stations and online streams through some kind of internet that they have, listening from other planets.  I predict that aliens will learn all the languages found here on Earth. One day, there will be an alien polyglot that can speak LITERALLY all of the languages found here on Earth, FLUENTLY or at least knowing a lot of them. Ziad Fazah knows 55 languages. Imagine an alien speaking all the languages found on Earth, fluently. Imagine that. Maybe they will learn languages differently than humans do?  Maybe they will learn Polish and live in Poland or the USA in Chicago, Youngstown, or Cleveland.  There are Polish-speakers in Oil City, Pennsylvania, too.

I am gonna update this with more relevant information.

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Я люблю старую советскую песню

Меня зовут Роек, Джастин Эдуард и я люблю старую советскую песню, Смуглянка-Молдованка из фильма “В бой идут одни старики” и “Катюша.” Я кохаю українською мову. Я хочу говорить по-украински. Я тоже люблю украинский язык.

Я люблю русскоязычную народную музыку. Я любитель Жанну Бичевскую и Жанну Фриске и Алсу и Любэ и Я любитель Земфиры. Я тоже люблю сербскую народную музыку. Мне нравится старую сербскую песню “Ой Мать Сербии”

Я люблю английскую песню “Джули”. Джулианна Стил была моей подругой.  Я любил Джулианну. Она была хорошей моей подругой. Я помню Джулианну из школы.  Я хочу быть друзьями с Джулианной.

Я поляк из Кокрантона. Сегодня вечер в городе Озера Коннеаута, там будет фейерверками. Я люблю посмотреть фейерверки.  Сегодня вечер Дорис работает  в моим доме.

“Мы с тобой сейчас вместе”

“Белый плащик, душу в небо”
Я слушаю песню “Белый плащик” и я люблю Тату. Я люблю немецкую песню “дикое вино” с группы Раммштейн.

“Дикое вино”

“Я готов”

“Дикое вино”

“Как виноград”

Я люблю русскую музыку и славянскую музыку. Я люблю сербскую музыку из певца “Родолюуба Вуловича” Она был старым сербским певцом от боснийской войны.

Я знаю хорватскую песню “Мы всё усташи”  Усташи были хорватскими фашистскими националистами с второй мировой войны. Они были союзниками Гитлера и своего немецкого фашистского режима. У них были Независимое Государство Хорватия.  Хрвати су борили за своју слободу у 1990х годинама.  Хрвати били су фашисти у другом светском рату и они били су фашисти у 1990м годинама.  Срби и Хрвати се су убили.  Сви смо ми, и сви смо ми усташе. Мрзим фашизам!  Ратови у 1990м годинама су били глупи ратови с многим мржњама у странама Срба и Хрвата и Бошњака. Мрзио сам сео рат.  Етничко чишћење је био део рата и геноцид је био део рата.  Сећам се геноцид у Бони и сећам се муџахедина у армији Бих. Они су борили с Србима и Хрватима у Босанском рату. Мрзим ово геноцидни рат у Босни. “Џастин Ројек, бранитељ Срба.” Имам Српске пријатеље у Босни и у Србији.

Волим Србе. Ратко Младић је ратни злочинац и Радован Караџић је у затвору за ратним злочинима.  Босански рат је био луди рат и ратници у Босанском рату били су луди људи. Мрзим цео рат! Мрзим рат. Ја се надам за мир! Ја нисам хипи или либерални човек.  Ја мислим да ће бити други рат у Балкану.

Ја хоћу да будем човек, а нисам да будем ратник или ратни злочинац као Радован Караџић.


Џастин Едвард Ројек


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SiriusXM World Music Channels

I think that SiriusXM should add a channel for German pop, rock, and rap music and in other languages as well, not just Korean, French, and Spanish. I would love to see a Russian folk music channel hosted by Zhanna Bichevskaya for example. That would be awesome. As controversial as she is, I doubt if it would fly with them. Or a turbofolk channel hosted by Baja Mali Knindza for example. I would love to see that. I am tired of listening to American, Canadian, Spanish, and French music. I want to listen to something different, like world music. I want to listen to a German Schlager music channel hosted by Helene Fischer or Juliane Werding. I would love to see that one. I want to listen to more varieties of music that TuneIn has, but SiriusXM does not. I love listening to foreign music on my YouTube and sites. I like listening to Russian pop, rock, and hip-hop on my YouTube channel. I would love to see some Russian music channels or some Croatian rock music channels hosted by Thompson for example.  Thompson is also highly controversial as well.

I want to pay to listen to Ukrainian music or any music from Eastern Europe in all the languages of Eastern Europe. I would love to see SiriusXM get a music channel for Brazilian music channels in Portuguese. I would not mind listening to music in Portuguese or even Polish for that matter. How about a channel with Polish music? I like listening to music in Polish on my TuneIn on WPNA.  I like listening to Australian music. They could have an Australian country music channel for those artists that never made it to the States, like Redgum for example.  I would like to see New Zealand music, too.  I like listening to music in French from Canada. It’s truly good stuff. They could add Japanese rock, pop, and hip-hop as well. I would love to hear a Middle Eastern Arabic channel that plays Middle Eastern pop music and folk music. I like listening to music from all over the world.

Just a thought.


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I am going to write a blog post about tornadoes, because severe weather is a deep passion of mine, because I am a SkyWarn spotter and because I have always been fascinated with tornadoes.

The problem with tornadoes is that you do not know that the tornado is going to be an EF-0 or an EF-5 twister. The only real way to find out is by the damage that it causes. If only there was a way to know that an EF-1 or an EF-5 was going to hit you and when and where.  Not all severe thunderstorms spawn tornadoes, but you have no idea if the twister that is gonna hit you is an EF-0 or an EF-5 tornado, until it ACTUALLY hits you. I would like to know beforehand if I an EF-0 or an EF-5 is gonna spawn BEFORE it hits me, but science hasn’t really caught up to that yet.  We SkyWarn spotters are the first line of defense when a tornado hits or is about to touch down. Not all funnel clouds touch down. There have been cases of major outbreaks of more than 10 tornadoes in a single storm or multiple storms patterned together, like what happened in 1985 and 2011.

In 1985, Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania were hit by an outbreak of tornadoes, as many of you who live in my area already know.  I live in Cochranton, Pennsylvania.  Crawford, Erie, and Mercer counties in PA were hit and I forget the names of the Ohio counties that were hit by this outbreak.

Tornadoes are really unpredictable. You can predict that a hurricane is gonna be a Category 5 before it hit land, but you cannot predict an EF-5 tornado BEFORE it hits or even know if it gonna be an EF-5 tornado.  With tornadoes, they strike anywhere and everywhere. They are most often found in the midwest and sometimes in Western Pennsylvania.  Western PA rarely gets hit with tornadoes, unlike in the Midwest of America, but they have happened, like in ’85.

I was born in 1989, so I remember reading about the 1985 outbreak and hearing about how one of my staff was hit by one of the tornadoes in the outbreak that happened that year.

You have no idea if you are gonna be hit by an EF-0 or an EF-5, so it is best to take shelter in the lowest part of your house when a tornado warning has been issued for your area.  In America, we are still trying to understand tornadoes.  We only know so much about them, unfortunately. Science cannot predict that you are gonna be hit by an EF-5, until it has caused some serious damage.  Science still hasn’t been able to predict if the tornado that is gonna hit is gonna be an EF-5 or an EF-0, like they’ve been able to do with hurricanes.  We can predict where tornadoes are gonna hit, but you still do not know if the tornado is gonna be an EF-5 until it touches down and does some damage.  I see tornadoes in film and on TV, but never one in real life. The problem is that movies like Twister and Into the Storm only show EF-5 tornadoes, because they cause the most damage and are the most dramatic. There was that one tornado that hit Pittsburgh back in 1998.  It was not an EF-5, but it still did some damage.  I remember hearing about the Cranesville/Albion tornado of 1985 that Kristy was in.   I saw a funnel cloud form once, over by Mercer Pike in Cochranton over by my house.  It never touched down, though. I remember that the SkyWarn net was activated by KC3DRZ and I reported to NWS Cleveland that some hail had hit my house.  I am a Skywarn spotter attached to NWS Cleveland in Northwest PA and NWS Cleveland is responsible for my entire area.

I never saw a tornado in real life, I did hear about a tornado warning for southeast Erie County and Northeast Crawford County. Apparently, someone panicked and said that there was a tornado on the ground, when in fact there wasn’t. At least that’s what Jamie Tolbert, WW3S told everyone at the June 21st club meeting in Meadville. The Crawford Amateur Radio Society (CARS) holds their meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at St. Brigid’s Church in Meadville. I remember the club meeting, Jim, K3TLP, is always there and so is Richard, WA3MCH. Anyway, ham radio is vital in the event of a tornado or any disaster. You can listen to NOAA weather radio on 162.475 for Meadville and sometimes, I can pick up KEC58 out of Erie on 162.400.

I can sometimes pick up Cleveland on 162.550. All are served by NWS Cleveland.  Ham radio operators that are also storm spotters, can provide eyes onto a twister, but unlike the movie Twister, we are normally not supposed to chase them, unless we have a death wish or are really suicidal.  We just spot for them and call NWS Cleveland reporting a tornado, IF it touches down. That’s all we can do, really. Jamie, WW3S told about some ham operators that became silent keys because they decided to chase after a tornado.  Problem is, you just do not know where a tornado is gonna strike.  NEVER chase after a twister, unless you are trained storm chaser, like Erik Rasmussen for example. He’s experienced in chasing them and so is Warren Faidley and they KNOW what they are doing.  I do not want to risk death or my life in chasing after a tornado. I would rather keep my distance. But what if one is gonna hit my house? Then, I would take shelter in my basement or in the bathtub.

I never want to and I pray to God that I never see a tornado.  For awhile there, all I had to worry about was my basement flooding. That’s been solved.  Now, I worry about whether a tornado is gonna hit or if my antenna for my ICOM IC 706 MK. II G is gonna get hit by a lightning strike. That’s a big worry of mine.  I have two antennas, one for HF and one for VHF/UHF (2 meters and 70 centimeters, a.k.a. 440). One is a random wire that goes from 160-6 meters. Tornadoes do happen and you should take shelter from them when they hit.  I do not see tornadoes very often and thank God that I do not.  Tornadoes also happen in the Southern United States. I almost saw a tornado once in Newberry South Carolina back in 2011. I was there seeing my aunt Judy and my uncle, the Reverend David L. Clark. I was in a hotel room when I looked outside and saw that the sky was all strange looking.  The tornado never hit us.  I remember Newberry, South Carolina all too well. I also know that later on that year in 2011, that there was a huge tornado outbreak that year.

I remember that I was still living with my mom and dad in 2011. I was 22 at the time. I remember the 2011 tornado outbreak that covered a huge swath of the United States.  I lived in Corry at the time.  I remember hail hitting my house in Corry.  I can remember when a tornado hit Union City, Pennsylvania. It was a weak tornado, but it still did some damage. That was in 2013. I remember when I was a kid and how I was fascinated with tornadoes. I still am.  I remember how I was living in Cochranton when there was a tornado that hit Crawford County in 2014. It too did little damage.

SkyWarn is still a useful tool when spotting tornadoes and eyes on the storm always help to see things that the radar that you see on the Weather Channel or Weather Underground don’t see.  I am spotter number 039-489 and I am in SKYWARN.  I remember how tornadoes are carefully documented, but we still do not know if area X or if area Y is gonna get hit by an EF-5 or an EF-0 or if the forming tornado is gonna be an EF-5 or not. Not all funnel clouds touch down. When a tornado hits you, it sounds like a freight train and is really loud.  You cannot hear anything at all, except the tornado itself, and it’s really deafening.  Everything goes flying around in the air and you do not know if a semi truck or if a fallen tree is gonna crash through your house. It’s really scary. Most tornado deaths are caused by people who were hit by the debris from the tornado. A piece of debris flying at over 300  MPH can really put a hole through your house. A tornado can rip a whole house apart. Debris can be scattered for hundreds of miles.  Tornadoes are really scary phenomena. You can be killed by the debris from a tornado.  It is lethal stuff. Oklahoma City was hit by a tornado in 1999 that was an EF-5. The Niles-Wheatland tornado was an EF-5 and to date, the only EF-5 twister to hit Pennsylvania.  Supercells are lethal storms. I was not born until 1989 when the EF-4 hit Albion in 1985. Wikipedia says that it was an EF-4, but I am skeptical, as you very well know, of Wikipedia.

I am a Skywarn spotter that is trained to look at certain cloud formations, like wall clouds and to watch for rotation in the cloud, to see if it will touch down or not. You just don’t know until you’ve seen it for yourself.

I have not seen a tornado YET. It will happen someday when a tornado will again hit Western Pennsylvania. Severe weather happens every spring and summer in Western PA.  I usually do not eastern PA get hit with a tornado, but I am sure that they have happened there. I know that Western PA gets hit by tornadoes, more than anywhere else in the entire state of Pennsylvania, at least Crawford County does.

We are very close to the Midwestern state of Ohio. In fact, Ohio is only 45 minutes away from where I live. I live an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh in Cochranton, PA. Ohio is well-known for getting hit by tornadoes and so is Illinois and Indiana.  Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri get them alot, too. Ohio is part of the Midwest and southern and southwest Ohio get hit by tornadoes alot, too. Like the 1974 outbreak or the 1965 Palm Sunday Outbreak. I remember all that, too. I remember reading about it and seeing it on TV.  Erie, Pennsylvania and Buffalo, New York mostly have to worry about heavy snow. The snow is not very heavy in Pittsburgh and the surrounding metro area, like Butler County or Westmoreland County.  I did experience heavy snow and below zero temperatures about 2 years ago. Changing weather patterns, like a mild winter can sometimes have tornadoes.  In the South, they are common during the springtime.  Twisters happen in the fall, too, not just in the spring or summer.  Remember to ALWAYS watch the weather and for changing temperatures and high humidity and falling barometric pressure and for certain cloud formations, like wall clouds and always look to see if one is rotating and be on the alert if it is.

Remember that if you are spotting for tornadoes, to always keep your distance from the tornado. If you can’t, get out of your vehicle and get into a ditch.

Goodbye everyone.

Justin the SkyWarn spotter.


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Germany’s ban on Nazi symbols

I do not agree with Germany’s ban on Nazi symbols because they are just symbols. Sure they represent something evil and a fascist government that murdered millions, but they are a part of their past and they must face it.  Banning them is stupid because it does not make the problems of Nazi Germany go away. I know that the left over in Germany call anyone who advocates this position as a “Nazi” but I am certainly not. The Nazi past is not something to be proud of, but we must remember it and banning its symbols serves no real purpose in my opinion because it happened over 70 years ago. On June 22, 2016, it will be the 75th anniversary of the invasion of the Soviet Union.  The Nazi ban is stupid because, like it or not, it cannot go away. It should be remembered. I am not okay with the part about banning Nazi symbols in video games because I am all for historical accuracy in a video game involving these symbols. I want to see swastikas on the tails of German planes because that was the fin flash that they used on their airplanes.  They used the German Kriegsmarine ensign on their U-boats and has no problem with making mods with the Nazi swastika flag because it is what the Germans themselves used during this period.

I just do not see Neo-Nazis playing Silent Hunter III GWX mod with the swastika on it and if they do, well that’s their business.  Sure, this will get my blog banned in Germany and have the German government out attacking me, but I do not care.  It’s not like someone is gonna fly a Nazi flag in Germany. I do not want to see it, but banning it is stupid. There are Neo-Nazis in Germany, but they are a very small portion of the population.  The truth is like it or not, if someone wants to fly a Nazi flag from their house, then it is their perfect right.  This applies to Austria as well.  Germany and Austria should end the ban on Nazi symbols because the Nazi period is history. What about reenactors displaying the flag for historical purposes? I have no problem with that.  There is a retarded obsession that Europe has with Nazis and Nazism and Fascism in general to the point where the staunchest defenders of European culture on the right wing are labeled as fascists. Germany has been allowed to eviscerate and destroy their own culture to the point where anyone who is proud of German or Austrian culture is labeled as a Nazi. I support PEGIDA and their efforts to stop Europe from being taken over by Islam. I think that Europe needs to be proud of their history and their culture again. I think that the ban on Nazi symbols in Germany and Austria is stupid. I think that if someone does a Nazi salute in public that putting someone in jail for 6 months is harsh in my opinion because there are more serious matters and crimes that people should go to jail for, like attacking Jews or attacking synagogues or vandalizing them with swastikas. That is one think that I have a problem with. If someone flies a Nazi flag from their car, like people who fly the American flag from their trucks in America, then they should do that. The law has gotten to the point where if the rock band Kiss performs in Germany, that they have to change the SS runes in their logo (Gene Simmons is Jewish BTW, but I suppose that   Chaim ben Pesach would brand him a “self-hating Jew” right? to accommodate to German laws.

I just do not think that the ban on Nazi symbols is a good idea and it’s rather archaic i my opinion because the Nazis are long gone. They aren’t ever coming back. I do not care what kind of bullshit that the Russian media has been spewing about the Maidan protesters and participants and the Ukrainian government itself as Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Ukraine is not Germany.  Germany and Austria should really seriously think about letting go of their Nazi past and ending the ban on Nazi symbols.  At some point, they are gonna have to realize that Adolf Hitler is dead and not coming back. The Nazis are dead and gone and the Neo-Nazis are a bunch of idiots that are a fringe on German politics and only a threat if they actually commit acts of violence against Muslims and Jews. They are a bunch of wankers. Hitler was a wanker! Yes, that’s right,he was one fucked-up wanker. I do not agree with the ban on Nazi symbols because the time when the Nazis ruled Germany and Austria has long since passed.

The neo-Nazis in Germany today are very small and they should not be taken seriously because they are a small part of Germany, but the Islamic terrorists are a deadlier threat because they are better organized and they commit acts of violence more than the neo-Nazis do. It’s time to let the whole Nazi past go and end the ban on Nazi symbols. It’s gotten to the point where game designers have to use the Balkenkreuz, instead of the Hakenkreuz in video games fot the German symbol. I think that as horrible as the Nazi past was, it should not be forgotten, but banning its symbols represses it. Germany and Austria should end the ban on Nazi symbols. We cannot ban it because that is so juvenile in my opinion. I think that people should freely express themselves and if someone walks around in a SS uniform, then that’s their perfect right.

End the whole ban on Nazi symbols today because the past is the past and banning it does not really solve anything.

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Death of Muhammad Ali

I was watching a segment on the news last night about how boxing legend Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) has died at the age of 74.

There was part of the news segment that said that he was arrested for evading the draft to fight in Vietnam. He refused to go to Vietnam, claiming that the war “violated his Muslim beliefs” Well excuse me, how many wars have Muslims been involved in? Last time I checked the prophet Mohammed waged war against the various non-Muslims throughout Arabia when he was prophet and leading Muslim armies to conquer what was then the known world. I’m sure that there were Muslims that served in the Vietnam War, too. 
The Wikipedia article on Muslims in the United States Military even states that Muslims fought in the American Civil War. My book The Viking Atlas of World War I (ISBN 0-670-85372-0) even states that Muslims from Central Asia fought in the Russian Army during World War I. So how does being involved in a war violate one’s Muslim beliefs again? Anyway, he was just saying that because he was against the war. It certainly violates Quaker beliefs to be in a war. At least pacifists are exempt from beng drafted in a war.  I know that many Orthodox Christians are currently serving in the military of Serbia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. It certainly did not violate Putin’s Orthodox beliefs to wage war against Ukraine.  This war in Ukraine is a fratricidal one. Besides, Muslims fought other Muslims in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1989. Sunni and Shiite Muslims fight each other all the time over in Iraq. Just a little fact checking on the piece that I saw on the news the other day.

I want to be in the military, but I am too overweight to be in the military and who knows, they might hire me to be a Russian translator? I would prove enormously useful to them, if only I could understand the various idioms and other phrases in Russian. I can understand the words themselves in a sentence when put together, but I cannot seem to be able to translate them into English.

So how does serving in the war in Vietnam violate his Muslim beliefs? Anyway, he was also in the Nation of Islam, which in my opinion is a fascist hate group that hates anyone that is not black or Muslim, much like how the KKK hates anyone that is not white Protestant Christian like they are. I believe that the Nation of Islam is a hate group. SPLC even acknowledges them to be a hate group.

Anyway, politics aside, he was a legend in the boxing world. He was a truly great example of a human being. He was one of many Muslims to condemn the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That was an example of Muslims waging war against the United States.  This sect of Muslims that people like ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban belong to, want to make the whole world Muslim and enslave humanity under a global Islamic caliphate.  He condemned them, too.  Nation of Islam is an Islamist sect, much like ISIS. I do not approve of Islam. I think that it is a violent religion that kills anyone that is not Muslim and wants to take over the entire world. Don’t worry, the subject in this article condemned them, too.

What does this have to do with him? He’s a Muslim and he objected to military service because it violated his Muslim beliefs. It never violated Muslim beliefs for Al Qaeda to crash airplanes into buildings and murder thousands of innocent people on 9/11. No, that was “sanctioned” by the Koran.  It makes me sick how people like Al Qaeda and ISIS use the Koran to justify waging war against the infidels.  They will stop at nothing to kill or convert us all. Tell me Muhammad, did THAT violate your Muslim beliefs in not waging war, too?

In Vietnam, the enemy certainly did not believe in God. They were atheists. The Vietcong were a bunch of commie atheists that did not believe in God and considered God to be a violation of their beliefs.  You just do not see Christian Vietcong among their ranks. The North Vietnamese state had banned religion as well. What would he think if Vietnam banned people from practicing Islam, which they do, BTW? In Vietnam, you can only preach if you are sanctioned by the government. That is thanks to the far-left that protested the war and allowed the commies to take over that country, which he was a part of.  Communism is the biggest lie in the history of mankind.  What about the Muslims of Afghanistan, Muhammad Ali? Would you have condemned the Muslim Mujahideen in Afghanistan for fighting against the Soviet Red Army? The Mujahideen were an example of Muslims fighting against atheistic commies that wanted to enslave their country and live in an atheist society, free of all religion. The Afghan communist government was hated by the majority of Afghans and with good reason. What about the Bosnian Muslims that fought for Hitler’s Waffen SS Handschar division?  Did that violate their Muslim beliefs, Muhammad? Ask those people who made that news segment last night about THAT!  There were Muslims that fought on both sides during World War II, notably among the Muslims of India (now in present-day Pakistan and Bangladesh) that fought for the British during World War II.  Sure a lot of Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, but that does not excuse the violence waged every day in its name for the last 1,500 years.

Every day, someone dies in a terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists. You can read about it here.  The problem is that these radical Muslims are over here in the United States plotting more terrorist attacks against us. I know that Cleveland, Erie, New Castle, and Pittsburgh (cities that are fairly close to where I live in Cochranton, PA) have Muslims, but I do not see any of them plotting terrorist attacks against us.  They know that we rural hicks in Western PA would go after them in they tried anything.  Fortunately, I have heard nothing from them in this area.  I know that there was a terrorist cell in Buffalo, NY once. I have yet to see any of these people come out and try to kill me for criticizing Islam. I do not fear my own safety. I know that it violated Gofundme’s terms of service to try to fund a trip to Russia because it is about a country that is under economic sanctions. Their rules are such bullshit. What if someone in Russia needs money to finance an operation for their child? Gofundme certainly would not allow it because it is a country under economic sanctions and my account violated their bullshit terms of use, so they removed it.


Well anyway, I am sick of all the bullshit in the news media that is being preached about Islam being a peaceful religion. Sure he was a moderate Muslim, but many of them are not and we have to watch out for them in the hope that they will not try and kill us. Around here, there is no way that a Muslim is gonna try and kill me in rural location in Cochranton. I doubt if they will come over and try to harm me. I am protected by the law. What I am doing by criticizing Islam and presenting the facts about how Muslims have served in many wars in many armies is not illegal yet.  Our government is working to make criticism of Islam illegal. They cannot stop me at all. I think that the government can only do so much. I love how people find the narrowest definitions of the law to suite their needs, just to have someone arrested for criticizing Islam or “inciting violence.” Well, I am sick of Islam! I am sick of the media lying about it.

Where is Atheism is Unstoppable on that news segment? Why isn’t he on this?  I admire his criticism of Islam. He stands up in the name of New Atheism against Islam. As far as I am concerned New Atheism, is just a repackaged more radicalized version of atheism, that is anti-communist, but supports banning all forms of religion and eradicating religion from the face of the earth and I cannot allow that. Religion will never be destroyed from the earth. Religion is a vital tool that brings people together. I am not gonna let some atheists try to undo our religious heritage. We are a Christian nation! That’s right, you heard ME say it. We ARE a Christian nation. Sure we profess to be a secular one, but most people in America are Christians.  Christianity is the biggest religion in America.  I cannot imagine our society without it. I cannot imagine a world without religion. A world without religion would be a mess, just like how the far-left wants to eliminate borders across the world and live in a borderless world. Well, we NEED borders to protect us.  The borderless ideology of the globalist far-left is a bunch of bullshit. We need a border with Mexico to keep out the illegal aliens and we are not even doing that.  There are plenty of Hispanics that are here legally, such as Puerto Ricans that are automatic US citizens by birth. There are people from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama all the time here in the United States. Me llamo Justin Royek y soy norteamericano. I have no idea why in the hell the Pimsleur CD has you saying that you are North American.  They would have no idea if you were Canadian or American if you said something like that.  I assume that if you said “SOY AMERICANO” that they would understand that you are from the United States (or Estados Unidos in Spanish).  My accent is a dead giveaway for me. At least they know that I am American when I speak Spanish or Russian.

I am going off into a mindless tangent and not making any sense, AGAIN. As Ozzy Osbourne once said “I’M GOING OFF THE RAILS ON A CRAZY TRAIN.” and indeed, I AM!

Goodbye everyone!





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