Barbara Marie Drezhlo, SHUT THE HELL UP!

This Barbara Marie Drezhlo woman on This self-righteous holier-than-thou hag who claims to collectively represents the whole of Russia with her “blog” of disgusting tirades against conservative Americans, who she claims do not accept Obama because he’s black and then tries to paint Russia as a country tolerant of black people in a country where black people are beaten up and where human rights reports claim that when this happens, the police do nothing about it. Her vision of America is a society of sheep that just follow what the government says, and only her critical thought is allowed. This disgusting hag does not represent the voices of Russia because over there, they do not have a racial grievance industry like over here in America. People like Trayvon Martin, if they are killed, they do not care about his race. Oh, Russia is supposed to be like America where people, just divide us over racial differences, violently threaten people because of Trayvon’s death and attack people over it. The police in Russia would have simply just beaten up those racial people like Sharpton over the whole Trayvon thing and Russians would have just simply not cared about Trayvon’s death.

So, you are not representative of people over in Russia, and they do not beat themselves up over Trayvon. If a crime like that happened, people would simply think it was street violence.  Russians do not beat themselves up over racial problems. A country that persecuted the Tatars and nearly destroyed them, and the hate crimes legislation over there, would totally kill our first amendment. This woman does not represent people in Russia. She is a self-righteous vile-spewing hateful, spiteful, bitter hag who if she knew anything about Russia, would not label Joe Arpaio’s prisons as a gulag, but looks the other way in the Soviet REAL gulags where people were tortured and beaten. Russia does not care about Trayvon Martin!  They just like to point our problems and proclaim how holy and righteous they really are. I am tired of these people in the Kremlin, whom Drezhlo represents do not like her. A woman like her would not last very long. Expose this woman for the fraud that she is! This woman is an old bitter woman of Russians descent living over in Albany, NY who does know Russian,

Эй Варвара, Вы не голос России! Вы не настощий голос всех россиян! Вы американско-либеральная старая бабушка в США.  Вы не живете в Росстии!

So, you are a self-righteous holier-than-thou appointed person like Daria Perekidaylova is. You Russians think that the world should bow to you, and you claim they think America is racist, but looks the other way when the Tatars are being persecuted?  You Russians blame America for all your problems, when your economic problems are of your own making. Face it, your economy went down the toilet because the Communist system was unsustainable. They do things over here that would be highly offensive and silenced over here, because of the self-righteous everything is wrong, unless we say so Puritan liberal crowd that she represents, are not well liked in Russia. Over in Russia, Obama’s change policies are hated by the establishment. America’s both Republican and Democrat are ridiculed by the media.

The right wing in America that she claims is in the way of her fantasy of turning this country into the Soviet Union are not liked in Russia, because their policies would undermine the total control the government over there so enjoys. They do as they please. You think America has it bad with crony capitalism? Wait till you see Russia! Communism WAS crony capitalism where the government controlled the industry and free enterprise defense companies like Mikoyan were controlled. The Russians are smart and intelligent people that contributed to the greatness of humanity by launching a man into space and the first satellite Sputnik. Russians are a creative people that truly know how to create great stuff that’s cheap and reliable.  They are smart people that are a people of critical thought, unlike Barbara Marie Drezhlo. Over there, they criticize the establishment, but not the way Barbara Marie Drezhlo does. In Russia, Oh Barbara  Marie Drezhlo, you would NOT last very long.

You are NOT representative of Voices from Russia, you only represent the will of the American democrats. The stuff on the forums you would label “right-wing” and “racist” and then blame American conservatives for it, but fail to realize that THEIR definition of Conservative and ours are two different things. The American right wing and left wing ideas are considered subversive by Russians because they’d subvert the rigid social structure that is Russia. Where Paris Hilton wannabes on post suggestive photos of themselves like models and post naked photos of themselves to boys in Russia. Try finding a woman in America that would do that, without crying sexism! Try that. Yob tvoyu Mat, Fucked your mother, such an insult would not fly over here in America. Russians are devoted to their families. The people I know like Katya still live with their parents when they’re 22 years old. They care alot about their parents, unlike over here in America, and when someone says Yob tvoyu Mat, it’s pretty serious.

You are a self-righteous, bitter old hag over in Albany, NY who has no idea what she’s saying and she just wants to destroy the right wing, quotes Wikipedia without ever talking to people in Russia and she wants us to believe that right-wingers are all Ku Klux Klansmen that do not accept Obama because he’s black and because Russians are an oh-so racially-tolerant nation, when in fact, it’s not true. They do things over there that would be so racist and so offensive here. The Nazis are hated yes, but the people in charge do not care.

Do I believe Russians are racists? Of course not!  I believe that the human rights people that write this crap have no idea what they’re saying. Because they’d have to upset their social structure and all that shit and would have to go against everything that they know and generally arrest people for unreasonable crimes and constantly whine and complain about everything racist and carp and whine like liberals over here. Russians do not really care about racial problems and do not constantly harp and do the racial song and dance and all that stuff Al Sharpton do to have special privileges above others. And everything else.

So Barbara Marie Drezhlo, please just kindly shut the hell up, and stop trying to be the voices of Russia because you’re not and never will be. You’re just a bitter old lady from Albany, NY!

So Barbara, please shut the hell up! In Russia, someone like Trayvon Martin would NOT even exist. Over there, if they arrest him they would NOT stand up to the authorities and complain about “police brutality” or racism against minorities and have ACLU to back them up like over here. In Russia, someone like Trayvon would be beaten up by the police and they would not bat an eyelash over it and he would be jailed multiple times without caring about his race and he would be considered trouble by the community and he would be incarcerated in a Russian prison without caring if he was black or they police would laugh their asses off at being complained about by Trayvon because of his race.  No Russia, is NOT like the Jim Crow South, far from it, but over there Trayvon would be a troublemaker and that’s that, no “American right wing or no American conservative racism, etc” Trayvon would be arrested multiple times by the police for being a “problem” or a “bad influence” They would not even begin to care about his race. That does not factor into it. The Police in Russia have been known to accost foreigners on the street.  If you look different, not in the racial sense, i.e. if you’re not from there, you’re usually known pretty quick who you are and the reason why Russia does not have racial problems is not because of the “American right wing” it’s because they don’t care and consider grievance mongers like Drezhlo to be a real annoyance and being forced

Their views are not the American right wing, because Russia has a wholly different attitude towards race. The country was very hostile to foreigners, except for communists from other countries. Russians do not like people that complain all the time and have grievance industries. Russians just sweep problems under the rug and ignore them and do not like to discuss issues openly for fear of being out of line.

Wikipedia is a ridiculous waste of web space and it is wrong about Russians being racist and consideres beating up anti-racism activists, when Russians think these people are too radical and annoying and not very nice people, to be a major problem. Russians do not like anything that upsets the social fabric of society, and they did not like the changes of the USSR when it collapsed.  Socially-conservative nation. Their views on certain subjects would be labeled “racist” by liberal Americans and sneered at by Americans as being KKK and racist.  In other words, Russians do not beat themselves up over “racial issues.” Wikipedia is ridiculously anti-Russian and it’s hateful entry on Russophobia, says that people that fear rightly that Russia is being subverted by America and Russian nationalists are fake and that it is a “fake term” when people have a REAL and GENUINE phobia of Russians. I suppose Homophobia is a fake term, right? NOPE! Anyone who has a genuine phobia of Russians should be exposed, then treats people

Sabrina Rahmet types taht trash natioanlists and patriotic duy to their nation and then lampoon and ridicule people that have ethnic identities and claim that their version of history is correct, then poke everyone else in the eye and proclaim themselves as holy and righteous and turn nations into meaningless blobs with no identies and claim that people who love their nation are extreme and hateful, is

The woman should know that her beloved Soviet Union in Eastern Europe failed and the nationalists took power because people in Poland ACTUALLY liked them and claims the Catholic Church dominates Poland> This woman wants to see Communism return to Poland, something real Poles cannot stand and because communism DOES NOT work.The catholic faith is The HEART of Poland that destroyed Communism because it was wrong and it went against their entrenched traditions. Oh Sabrina, how you cannot handle the changing tide of history and the people that ACTUALLY chose REAL Freedom, while she stews about Eastern Europe not being the failed Commie paradise that she loves to death like a child’s first crush.  I cannot stomach that bile-spewing ranting hag Sabrina Petra Rahmet.  She is a disgusting and hateful woman. A shrieking ranting and raving woman that hates people’s patriotism, devotion to their nation, mocks the faith Eastern Europeans have in their religions for OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS, before her sorry ass was born. Sabrina Petra Rahmet is a pseudo-expert, a far-left Stalinist commie apologist Marxist. Her bile-spewing anti-Serbian, anti-Eastern European crap is quoted on Wikipedia like it’s the Holy Gospel at Church. Sabrina P. Rahmet is a fake!  Everyone be warned about her and her bile-spewing Marxist BS that does not work anymore in Eastern Europe. This woman plainly expresses her evil desires to destroy the foundations of Polish society and the Catholic Church that she hates because it freed Poland from Communism and reinstate the Communism she loves so much. That woman wants to destroy the Eastern European nations from regaining their identities desecrated by Communism.

The woman is a disgusting pseudo-scholar and she should be exposed as such. I can’t believe people buy her crap.

I can’t believe the crap on Wikipedia either. Wikipedia is stigmatizing people just becasue they fought alongside the wrong side in World War II, with it’s Nazi Collaborators Categories.  Putting Draza Mihailovic in there because he fiercly opposed COmmunism and labeling people as Nazis because they oppose Communism, never mind that serious anti-Communists are not Nazis. Draza recognized that Communism and Fascism were the same type of evil.  He ponied up to the Germans.  Wikipedia disgustingly lumps him in with serious collaborators like Milan Nedic, who was opposed to Mihailovic.  Presents Communist pseudo-history as fact manufactured by Tito to slander Draza Mihailovic. He is a controversial hero, like William Tecumseh Sherman is here in the United States.

There will always be controversy about him.  Many say he was a collaborator, many say he wasn’t.  However, Wikipedia considers commie propaganda about him to be real fact, and uses an unflattering photo of him to make him look bad, and just outright slanders a man that rescued 500 airmen from being captured by the Germans as a collaborator. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, but he was not a full-time collaborator like say, Ante Pavelic and Milan Nedic were. Lumping him in with Nedic is disgusting.

Wikipedia is  just using the Nazi collaborators categories to unfair

I am NO Neo-Nazi, but I just think that history is history. There were cases in the American Revolution where the rebels collaborated with the  British and tried to stop combat with the British to regroup and hit them again, like the Chetniks did with the Germans. The Chetniks were not mercenary soldiers paid by the Germans to kill commies. The Chetniks fought the Commies because they were a bigger problem than the Germans, but this does not mean that they did not give up on the Germans. The Commies were a pain in the ass harassing them and the Chetniks knew that they could not fight all of them at once and that they’d be decimated by the Germans, so they stopped fighting because they would have been annihilated if they did and they knew it.  If they directly fought and killed the Germans they would have been all killed. They could not fight the commies and Nazis directly. If they did, they’d all be dead and Draza Mihailovic was not accepted by the Germans. He was nearly arrested when he met with a German officer in 1944. The Germans did not like him anymore than Tito and tried to play Tito against Mihailovic against each other, in the hope that they’d both destroy each other, and resistance from the Chetniks and Partisans would be totally destroyed and taht they would destroy each other.  The Chetniks were traditional conservative Serbian nationalists dedicated to restoring the Yugoslavian monarchy that was ruled by the Serbs and the Ustashe and its brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing against Serbs, compared to the imagined planes of ethnic cleansing supposedly thought of by Mihailovic, using forged documentaries, false history to present a biased communist viewpoint.

Who’s the pseudohistory here when Wikipedia passes it off all the time on pages about Mihailovic and him being a collaborator? Or labelin
Wikipedia mocks patriotism, devotion to country, to the nation, devotions to real things and mocks peoples love of their cultures and religions. Lampoons it as “pseudohistory” Lumps in patriotic Americans like David Barton in with the UFO nut crowd and their fake history that rational people do not believe. They alienate them because the UFO crowd is the crowd starved for attention and always looking for something to prove their lying crap that Nazis had help from aliens, when in fact they didn’t and were technologically brilliant peoples, yeah they DID have help from aliens from Eastern Europe of the races that they thought of as alien and inferior. So in THAT sense, they did have help from Aliens, but they DID Not have help from Aliens as in extraterrestrials.

THE NAZIS DID NOT HAVE HELP FROM ALIENS, but they did have help from human slave labor “alien peoples” that they thought of as alien and racially inferior, but not ET. Nope sorry, I do not buy that bullshit for a minute! The Nazis did NOT have a base in Antarctica! It would have been logistically impossible to do so. I do not know where people got that idea.  The idea that Hitler could be anywhere, even though he killed himself with Eva Braun, his mistress in 1945.  Hitler is dead. People thought he could be anywhere and his presence had such an effect on people, that they did not want to accept that he was dead, so they made up the Antarctica Bullshit and no Imperious leader, you stupid jackass, roundels ARE very important To have insignia to tell people apart and you try to make a fool of me to prove how really holy you really are about BS about aliens. You sir are an idiot, and make up BS about aliens, when in fact the Antarctica was an idea to try to come up with ways to better represent the earth. No sorry, I do not speak your egotistical bullshit and never will and your hatred of Russians and Eastern Europeans and hateful mocking of their cultures means that you are an ignorant bigot in my opinion.

But, I digress!

It’s only wrong and that the Communists were the real guerrillas in Yugoslavia and the real deal resisters of the Nazis and the Chetniks lumped in with the Ustashe, when they honored Draza and do not consider this to be falsely changing history. Wikipedia considered history that devotes to its nation and its people and its honoring traditions to be fake history, i.e. pseudohistory and therefore wrong. Even though this is wrong, along with rationalWiki and all the self-righteous know it all types who claim they know what’s best for everyone else. RationalWiki is a crap website that does NOT present facts, that slanders people it doesn’t like, like the blogs do, and posts opinions and not facts tries to pass itself off as an encyclopedia with true rational info, even though alot of what they post is really irrational and their irrational hatreds of people that they do not like. Insulting and claiming they’re right all the time.  RationalWiki or IrrationalWiki as it SHOULD be known, is NOT a real information site.  It is pure crap!

I suppose that the way Wikipedia characterizes the Chetniks, that the Viet Cong could also be collaborators with the Americans, even though they infiltrated the American bases, were photographed alongside American soldiers, made deals with American commanders, and the lot. The Viet Cong used their enemy and when the Chetniks use their enemy, it’s considered as collaboration. Anyone sense the hypocrisy here? The Vietcong used their enemy and used us well to get inside us, when the Chetniks use their enemy, Wikipedia labels it as collaboration.  I do not believe that Draza Mihailovic was a Nazi collaborator in the way Ante Pavelic was, though the Wikipedia article characterizes him, wrongly as if they were talking about Ante Pavelic, who was a real Nazi collaborator, who collaborated with them from day one, unlike Mihailovic who fought the Nazis at first, then toned down his resistance to avoid senseless loss of life, and to wait for the Allies. The Chetniks were not a fascist movement, like the Ustashe were, they were royalists of the Yugoslav monarchy and the Commie propaganda vehicle of Wikipedia.

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Tito was NOT a hero!

I’ve written many diatribes on WordPress, too on my blog in the same style as Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones.
Michael Savage is known for being rather acerbic in his speech on the radio. He’s known for his thick New York accent that he speaks in on the radio, often castigating the “vermin in the media” among other things. Alex Jones is also noted for being acerbic, too. Mark Levin and Michael Savage BOTH shout down their callers who disagree with them with insults that only confirm their biases.  I’d rather support Trump than support Hillary or a milquetoast pansy like Gary Johnson!
I write in a lot of the tones that Michael Savage writes in. I agree(d) with their ideas, sadly. Now, I’m starting to question them and examine them deeply.
It’s conservative/right-wing/far-right type stuff is what I’m talking about.
Of course, there’s the toxic far-left stuff, too. Supporting Antifa and their acts of violence against right-wingers and others that they disagree with. They too are a rather acerbic bunch of people. Tito’s Partisans are just as bad as Antifa! Get that through your head!
I agree with Michael Savage’s outlook on the world. I agree that America needs to go back to its roots and be proud of the country that she was and what he hopes to be and what he perceives it to be.
His idealized view of America, like what Trump believes in.
Of course, Obama has a rather idealized view of America, too.
The problem is that people like Obama and Michael Savage have rather distorted views on politics, but I voted for Trump.  Unlike Gary Johnson, he did not run a rather milquetoast presidential campaign in 2016. Practically no one had heard of Gary Johnson and he was a nobody and it showed. Libertarian ideas are something that a lot of people don’t like. The alt-right/far-right libertarian crowd, that the SPLC writes diatribe after acerbic diatribe, bemoaning! I hate Southern Poverty Law Center! They’re wasting their time going after the far-right with their hate-filled diatribes! Why waste your time with Alex Jones? You’re just feeding him and making him stronger and stronger!  I’d rather be a conservative/center-right/center-left kinda guy, and not a whacko like ole Adolf!  Southern Poverty Law Center, please stop wasting your time bemoaning the extreme right and focus on Antifa and their radicalism!
Would any of you be okay with SPLC breathing down my neck? I’m sure that they are profiling me, much like how Gary Hunt and Gary Doolittle had done to me in Corry, Pennsylvania when I lived there. I’m sure that they are all too willing to give SPLC the ammunition that they need to smear and destroy me!
Sure, I’m a racist hater, in SPLC’s terminology. They are mostly ignoring me and people do pay attention to my blogs on WordPress and Facebook.
These are the kind of “hit pieces” that the far-right are known for, for “saying” that SPLC smeared them, or defamed them in some way. Which I agree with, but the rather paranoid tones in which they write it, turn me off! They’re always making out that the entire left-wing is after them.
Of course, people like Stefan Molyneux make video after video “fighting” the left, Antifa, and SPLC in general on YouTube.
But I’m a “cuck” right? Sure, the alt-right can call me whatever they want to, just don’t call me for dinner!
I find them to be just as odious and ignorant as the far-left Antifa clowns that they claim that are against! They are just as acerbic as the Democrat far-left Antifa crowd that writes scathing anti-Semitic Stormfront-style bullshit throughout the internet! You know, the kind of stuff that David Duke posts online. Except that the Antifa crowd are farther left than he is, but that’s pretty much the only difference.
I don’t like the far-left, they’ll turn America into Venezuela, Cuba, or North Korea. The alt-right will turn us into Nazi Germany or Pinochet’s Chile or whatever right-wing dictatorship tickles their fancy.
These are the kinds of people that write diatribe after diatribe supporting the likes of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler and other Nazis/Nazi collaborators.
They write nice stuff about Hitler and openly deny the Holocaust, too that’s been proven to have happened.  I’m surprised that one historian lady from Australia debated those assholes on YouTube and just destroyed them! Why did she waste her time doing it? You’re never gonna convince them. They’re like the crowd that denies the moon landings ever took place. They’re just as cynical and delusional, too.
It’s “Jews this” or “Jews that!” (or “kikes” “Yids” or whatever slurs that they can fit in there.)
The moon landing deniers are hilarious and I’m disgusted that RationalWiki writes in a rather acerbic tone about these people. RationalWiki is known for being rather acerbic in its tone. It’s like 4Chan and Reddit meets Wikipedia.
Not just about Himmler, but of course, they’ll write BS about how Trump’s a “Jew” and a “Zionist” and all that conspiratorial bullshit that they are all too well known for!
I’d rather have Trump support Israel, than those nutty Palestinians who are all too keen to blow themselves up among large crowds of people.
I find the Arabic-speaking peoples like that Yassine El Hanafy guy to be rather acerbic. He kep harassing me about wanting to send him $50. I told him to “Get lost!”
Let him sue me! My honest lawyers would destroy him in 30 seconds! The Middle Eastern peoples write rather stilted and acerbic propaganda bashing the Jews/Israel/and the USA and many write comments supporting it, too.
This is the typical stilted cynicism that a lot of Arabic-speaking peoples look at the United States and Israel and other Western nations.
People in Iran, too. And Afghanistan and Pakistan.
I think that people who want to turn America into Saudi Arabia should not be given the time of day, like the Antifa commie far-left crowd and the alt-right/far-right Alex Jones crowd. They’re both just as conspiratorial! They believe a lot of the same things about 9/11 being an “inside job” or whatever to openly deny the 9/11 terrorist attacks and blame America for perpetrating them.
You’ll find videos on YouTube celebrating 9/11! By someone who is a fanboy of Commie Yugoslavia, too!
 Yes, the sickening “anti-Imperialist” “anti-Western” tones of the far-left and the anti-Semitic horseshit of the far-right have a lot in common. It’s all about fighting the New World Order and fighting “Imperialist” America and all their distorted views of the world, while, of course, denying communist and Nazi/Fascist atrocities, committed by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler and Pol Pot.
They feed on each other, like parasites on a host creature. They attack each other over differing views and try to kill each other, a la Charlottesville, but these acerbic people just don’t quit, do they? It’s funny watching them kill each other.
One day, they want to kill each other in the streets and the next, they’re “friends” against “Zionist” Israel/Jews.
Ah, it’s just so stupid! That JTF Chaim ben Pesach guy and Julia Gorin write acerbic diatribes denying Serbian war atrocities in the 1990’s and supporting folks like Karadzic, Milosevic, and Mladic.  They hate Jews, like them, but they pretend that doesn’t affect them any and just smile and go on about their day. Sure, it’s the Muslims one day, and the Jews and Gypsies and Commies the next. The pro-Chetnik and pro-Tito crowds just grow more and more acerbic by the day!  And the Croat Ustase crowd, too. Of course, the Croats got their own independent state in the 1990s, although many are quick to distance themselves from the likes of Ante Pavelic and his Ustase. Many of them support him, but otherwise disavow him, much like how American disavow the KKK and neo-Nazi/far-right/alt-right groups. The Ustase, Chetniks, and Partisans are ALL assholes! Don’t let them tell you any different! They’re all just as violent and brutal. Violence and brutality was Tito’s way, too. Of course, Tito is a “big hero” to these folks, who are oriented towards the West and America! Tito was just another odious and brutal communist dictator, like his buddies Castro and Mao and Kim Il-Sung!
These Serbian atrocities have been proven to have been committed by Serbs and have happened, too. They, like many in the Balkans, take sick and sadistic pleasures in killing and raping their “subhuman” enemies, be they Muslims or Serbs. Destroying their properties, such as churches or mosques. Even synagogues. They’re desecrations of religious sites make the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting look like a children’s kindergarten party. They deny them, like those that deny the moon landings. Of course, the Muslim supporters deny any Muslim crimes against Serbs and try to minimize/downplay/support them in any way possible.
You should see some of those videos of people committing atrocities and posting them on YouTube, too. Often supporting these heinous acts.
Of course, the “Partisans” were the “good” guys and so were the Muslim Bosniaks in the 90’s.
Again, it just shows the same kind of backward and regressive sicknesses that are prevalent among the far-left and far-right extremists in the Balkans.
Again, Good night everyone! Tito nije bio heroj! Tito bio je kukavica! Mladic i Karadzic su kukavice!
Izetbegovic bio je kukavica, takođe. Again, have fun with the innate sicknesses that predominate in the Balkans. “Get Down with the Sickness” as one song goes.
The ignorance of the Pro-Milošević, pro-Tito, pro-Tuđman, pro-Izetbegović crowds is just all too real and disgusting! It’s abominable!. I agree with Sabrina Petra Ramet there, but I do NOT agree with her fawning support of Tito and his odious Partisans who are fake heroes, just like the Chetniks.  No one’s an angel over in the Balkans, no matter who NATO happens to support.
The pro-Serb crowd have made video after video on YouTube supporting the Chetniks, Mladic, and Karadzic and minimizing and outright celebrating/denying their atrocities, in the kind of language that the 9/11 inside job crowds use.
They even agree with them! Sabrina Petra Ramet and her disgusting diatribes should turn off most sane people. Same with Marko Attila Hoare, too and Nebojsa Malic.
Watching a Jew like Pam Geller support these clowns and call their forefathers Nazis, is rather disgusting! The 1990’s Serbs, not the 40’s ones.
They’re all against Clinton, right? I’m glad Hillary wasn’t elected president of the USA! We could have had a war with Russia on our hands and tens of millions of Americans being fried underneath a mushroom cloud, a la Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Russian nukes make them look like a Christmas party!
Of course. they’ll have conspiracy theories blaming Hillary, too, if only she had won.
Anti-Trump conspiracy theories, too.
It’s just so fun to watch this and LAUGH!
Good night everyone!

Tito was just as much of a murderer as Che Guevara and he supported “El Che”, too!

Tito murdered tens of thousands of Yugoslav citizens of all nationalities.
Of course, Lepa Brena is all too keen to call herself a “Yugoslav woman!”
Lepa Brena was one of Tito’s many friends and benefactors. People like Karadzic used Tito’s dictatorship to further their own extremist agendas, like Tito had done.
The pro-Serb crowds have made videos supporting Tito and his Partisans, too.
Did Trump actually apologize for the intervention in the 90’s against the Serbs?
I don’t need assholes like Tito, Mihailović, and Izetbegović to define me and my people! We need liberal people, like those people out in the streets against the Milosevic regime and against Tuđman, too.
Same with Ante Pavelić! Sane and democratically-minded folks who care about other people should be reviled and disgusted that the people who claim to be supporting them and their ethnic groups have any real influence at all on Balkan politics. Some of them even agree with it! Sane folks of the Balkans should be disgusted with people like Tito and Karadzic!
We need people to fight the system and make it right, like what that Malagurski writes. However, we don’t need his fawning support of Tito and the Partisans/Communists/Yugoslav Communist Dictatorship and his extensive personality cult.

I have a page on Facebook supporting Draza Mihailovic. Back then, I was young and naive and foolish, until I learned about the many sickening atrocities committed by him, Pavelic, and Tito and others.

Baja Mali Knindza should be ashamed at writing song after song supporting Milosevic and Karadzic, but he’s not, just like how Thompson supports Pavelic and his Ustase.
Thompson’s “Jasenovac i Gradiska Stara” (About Jasenovac Concentration Camp) song lyrics were disgusting, but the melody was nice and decent pop-rock melody, like what Britney makes. Except that Britney doesn’t make videos supporting Hitler and Pavelic, the way Thompson does.
The lyrics were disgusting and hate-filled. Of course, he and BMK are all too keen to feed their ultranationalist audiences the kinds of musical propaganda that they crave so much of!
Liberal-minded folks in the Balkans should NOT support Tito! They should be against him, Mihailovic, and Pavelic!  But if I was forced to support a faction over there, it would probably be Tito because he at least was honest about his (rather undeserved) support from the Allies and Tito was fighting the Germans and not fooling around with them, the way Pavelic and Nedic were!
I would NEVER support Tito and his Vietcong-style partisan guerrillas!  They are the same ilk as the Vietcong and use much of the same brutal methods, too.
Zhanna Bichevskaya writes song after song supporting the Tsars, which is no surprise. She turned from making rosy folk songs in the 70’s to pro-Tsarist tripe in the 90’s and beyond! Of course, what the Soviet state would “allow” her to publish! I’m sure that she’s all too familiar with Soviet official censorship and a lot of their milquetoast propaganda that no real person in the West believes!
Of course, I’ll be called an “asshole” and a “traitor” by these folks, but that doesn’t bother me at all! I’ll be called a “Zionist” and a “Jew” (kike is not out of the question for them, either), too.
Good night!
Sure, Thompson is a Croatian patriot and he supports real Croatian patriots, while giving his ad-libbed dialogues against Pavelic and the Ustase. I’d rather be a democratic forward-thinking progressive kind of guy, rather than a nutty wanker like Pavelic or Mihailovic.
I’m sure BMK would support Milan Nedic, too.

But I’m one of those “far-left wankers” that Lepa Sela and Lepo Gore makes fun of! Yeah right! I love how they made fun of the anti-war crowd, while writing a movie supportive of Karadzic’s ethnic cleansing policies and glossing over Serbian war crimes and bemoaning Muslim ones! Sure, let’s all sing (in English) “Give Peace a Chance” and hold candlelight vigils outside a hospital!  I think that Natasa Kandic has a right to be disgusted with a lot of folks in Serbia.  Of course, with Malagurski, one should take him with a grain of salt, too. He bemoans “NATO” and “America’ while supporting Tito.

Ah! Balkan politics! Their ignorance is all too sad and all too funny! Oh boy! I’m sure that Thompson would be one of the folks being killed by Pavelic and Tito, too.
Just don’t tell him, it will break his heart!
All those “Croatian terrorists” wanted was a free and independent Croatia, free of the Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia that had existed since 1918! I disagree with their bombings of Yugoslav government buildings and murders, but I agree with wanting an independent and free Croatia.  Many Croats also supported Yugoslavia, some voluntarily and many involuntarily, too. Croats should want a free and democratic system, too. I love how Yugoslavia: The “Avoidable” (Yeah right) War paints the Croatian opposition forces as Ustase killers and murderers, when many of them wanted freedom and democracy. Yes, many of them DID support Pavelic, but only his desire to want a free and independent Croatia.  Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War is a pro-Yugoslav diatribe condemning Tito and supporting Mihailovic. If only there was a third option in Balkan politics, someone that wasn’t Tito or Mihailovic, someone who was pro-democratic and pro-Western, even though that was lacking in Tito’s Partisans. They just needed American and British support to create their murdering communist dictatorship that violated human rights and killed and tortured thousands! They didn’t really care about America or Britain! In fact, Tito’s Air Force attacked US transport planes, too! What a “friend” he was! (NOT!) Of course, that was after the war.
I dislike Malagurski and his tripe! His movie about Kosovo was eye-opening in its details of exposing anti-Serbian Albanian atrocities, but its support of Milosevic was disgusting. It’s like claiming to be against communism, while supporting a fake “hero” like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro!
The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a mess! In 1941, it showed! Many Croats quit their day jobs in the Yugoslav Royal Army and decided to support the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia, only (for many) to be disappointed and deceived later by the Nazis, Pavelic, Nedic, Mihailovic, and Hitler. Sure, the Kingdom had pretended that many Croats “officially” supported it.  King Peter II was not like his assassinated father and that showed, too. I’d rather have the Kingdom than have Tito, but I despise Mihailovic’s collaboration (and his underlings/henchmen) with the Axis powers.
That “Chetniks: The Fighting Guerrillas” movie should also be taken with a grain of salt, too.  If only the writers of that movie knew about Mihailovic’s collaboration with the Germans and Tito’s open and naked brutality!  They didn’t care. It was awful, just like Force 10 From Navarone and all the sick propaganda films supporting Tito and his Partisan murderers! That movie was awful! It was full of German and Italian stereotypes that were commonly believed by the Allied supporters during WWII. Anti-Axis propaganda was what the film was about. I’d rather be “anti-Axis” than pro-Allied. The Axis powers were a bunch of murdering assholes and the Allies had done some horrible stuff, too, but most of that was committed by the Soviet Union.  The Americans and British had bombed cities, but which would you rather have? A dick like Nedic or being killed by Allied bombs, praying that your suffering at the hands of those dickheads ends!  Many people openly prayed to be killed by Allied bombs and bemoaned the Allies for bombing them, but they’d rather have that, than be lined up and shot by the Nazis! Or being gassed in Auschwitz! Having an Allied bomb end their suffering was better than what Hitler had in store for them!  Who cares about those documentaries that they show on the Military Channel (American Heroes Channel same difference)? If only they knew about some of the grotesque and brutal acts that Tito’s Partisans had performed on their enemies that they captured and then killed! Of course,  ISIS is nothing compared to them! Tito’s Partisans were not always known for their niceness and some even turned Allied airmen over to the Germans, too, just for money and other items!
Force 10 From Navarone was just as bad as the Battle of the Neretva!
Of course, Mihailovic and Tito would pay lip-service to the Allied cause, by rescuing their airmen and sending them back to the Allies, while murdering each other in cold blood in their insane mafia turf war for control of Yugoslavia!
There were times where the Partisans would support the Germans, just to kill those “hated” Chetniks!
But that was rare! Good night, everyone!
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Stop the weird spellings!

I am so sick of seeing the word “Belarusian” be used, instead of Belorussian for the Belorussian language! It’s Belorussian and I HATE how Wikipedia wants it to be spelled “Belarusian” because it’s British!  What happened to “Belorussian?” Did we all of a sudden decide to change the spellings on everything? I hate Wikipedia and I have no faith in it whatsoever! It’s Belorussian and it’s called “Anti-Semitism” not “Antisemitism” We are NOT speaking German! We are speaking English!


I hate the new spelling of the word “Belorussian” and I’m sick of Google Chrome’s autocorrect settings setting to “Belarusian” It’s like they decided to be in league with the assholes at Wikipedia again!


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TrollTube (aka YOUTube)


You might as well rename YouTube, TrollTube and Harris Game Design, Harassment Game Design and BoardGameGeek to BoardGameFag.

What is there? Does anyone see what they did to that Svechinskaya girl and her video introducing the SmartFlash item she was selling? Not just her, but me, too. Oh well! Just another day on AssholeTube, aka that alt-right run cesspit known as YouTube! Ridiculing her for using Google Translate by Americans that speak better English than her.

“Look at it!” Like Patrick Star said in that one SpongeBob episode where he tells people to look at SpongeBob when Sponge’s breath is rancid and rightly causing revulsion among the patrons of the movie theater he and Patrick were frequenting.  Of course, he and Patrick destroy the movie theater with their bad breath. Well, just look at it. It’s not about being right-wing or left-wing. It’s about being a decent, human being. Well! I guess IncelTube has pretty much ruined that. Those pinheads that say the stupidest shit to piss you off. That Stacey girl on Facebook has had sex and I am a virgin to be ridiculed by the assholes on Corry Uncensored, too. Do people have anything original to contribute? Yes, I was bad-mouthing Gary Hunt who is a rather odious human being.  Of course, his army of white-sheet wearing redneck trolls who suck his dick for a living, were naturally defending him, like how the Borg in Star Trek defend their collective hive. Of course, the incels at IncelBook are going to just jump all over this post, like they did mine. Of course, Google gives them the power to look me up and put me down for being “off my meds” and every other ridiculous slur that these 4chan types come up with.  The problem is that YouTube is full of these hideous assholes and their sock puppet accounts that they use to overwhelmingly dislike your videos, to give others the false impression that they all hate you. Like they did with that Kristina Svechinskaya Introduce(s) SmartFlash. Hey Kristina. You want to change the world? Go design a board game! Of course, she won’t listen to me. She blocks me at every turn.

See this? This is the same kind of stuff from Pat Condell.  Of course, he’s a favorite of the bigoted all-powerful manly men incels on IncelTube.  I’m not in favor of feminism/feminists either. They’re against me, too. Just like these Aryan incel supermen! The Islamic invasion of Europe! Well, when is this shit going to end? 10 centuries of this! 10 centuries too long, in my opinion.  You know what? These Nazi incels and feminists share some things in common.  The Jews.  Feminists blame the patriarchy for all their problems and these Aryan incel supermen blame Jewish capitalism/capitalists for all their problems. It’s all about an international patriarchal conspiracy that keeps women down and a Jewish one that keeps white men down. The problem is, those Aryan incel pigs claim to be defending those very white women because of their skin color and nothing more than that, really.

Yep! They share blaming an all-powerful force of Jews and capitalists as the root of all their problems.  See! No one sees it here! I’m ridiculed by these motherfuckers! Go ahead! Find me, you stupid bastards!  See, the alt-right and far-left feminists DO have some things in common! But that’s “ignorance” It’s all about your little noble crusade against the Jews, the capitalists, and the male patriarchy, right?  It’s something “noble” when it really is NOT!  Sure. Noble in the way ole Adolf Hitler had it. Sure, it was purifying the Aryan race by committing genocide against the weak and others that Adolf didn’t like. The feminists claim to be inspired by Karl Marx and all that baloney.  Again! It’s about a collective that gets to tell us what to do!  Sure, bigotry doesn’t care about what political ideology you belong to! The left and right are BOTH doing it!

They’re both doing it, by trying to amplify their causes on the internet, in the way that SPLC would have you believe. Problem is. SPLC favors these scummy feminists because they’re their “sisters” against the “hated” male patriarchy! Yep!  I think SPLC could be retooled to fight far-left radicals, but no they’re not “equipped” to take them on. The far-left radicals are everything that they want to be and more.  Who said alt-left is a “neologism?” The “alt-left” and “alt-right” should be called what they REALLY are, extremists and I guess far-left and far-right don’t apply anymore,  do they? Nope, Southern Poverty Lawless Center sure fights those hateful Aryan incels, but they do nothing about those left-wing incels who constitute Antifa.   I hate Southern Poverty Lawless Center! They accuse us of hate! Well, how come it isn’t “hate” when they do it? They’re allowed to hate their opponents, to smear them, to slander them, to destroy them in the most odious ways possible.  SPLC is just like the very people that they claim to be against, too. Too bad no one sees that!

I mock Mark Potok and his whole “noble” Nazi-style “crusade” to ride the world of the far-right and those he disagrees with. The far-right that he hates would like to destroy them, too.  No, Metapedia! SPLC is not affiliated with the Mossad/Israel.  Of course, Metapedia is another incel-dominated site, like Conservapedia is. Everyone is open to ridicule by these bastards! It’s all about Israel to the neo-Nazis.  They can do no wrong and Israel is always wrong! To them, Hitler did nothing wrong. Sure! And the earth is flat! People will say that it’s “wrong” to believe that flat-earth and Holocaust denial aren’t exactly the same thing.  We can split hairs all day long on this subject, too.  The commies who deny their fellow commies’ atrocities should be called out, too. They are just following the very same ideologies that these people in America claim to be “following.” We’re not like Nationalist China in 1949, where we have a lawless country run by a dictator whom we “liked”  against an asshole we disliked. Chiang Kai Shek was a dictator, like his enemies in Japan. That’s what those wars between China and Japan were all about. Bigotry. Bigotry over who was the better of the Asian races. But non-whites can do no wrong! Bullshit! I’ve seen what Asians can do to other Asians. I guess it’s not “racism” when they do it. Of course, Wikipedia calls them out on it, every time, too. I’m glad someone at Wikipedia knows what they’re talking about! Guess who’s stopping them? The “right-wing capitalist patriarchy” armed to the teeth with all kinds of weapons of every caliber! That does not mean that I am against the 2nd Amendment, though. On the contrary, I am all for it.

I suppose Taiwan wouldn’t be the prosperous country that it is now, without Chiang. The Nazis supported Chiang, that must not be forgotten. They dissed him because they wanted to be friends with Japan, his “enemy!” The Nazis knew damn well that Japan was the stronger of the two Asian powers! If you play Axis & Allies 1940, Japan just whips China badly with its airpower and China only has 1 fighter against more than 5-10 Japanese planes.  When my behavior specialist plays Japan whenever we play A&A, and when he’s playing the Axis powers, Japan just murders China.  All of China is overrun and China does not surrender a cent to Japan if all their territories are in Japanese hands, unlike the other A&A powers that have industrial complexes and fixed capitals, that when they are overrun, they give up every penny that they have.

Of course, WWII wasn’t like A&A in real life.  In WWII, the Chinese held out because they had all those people to work with. Mao and Chiang allied with each other against Japan because they knew that if they didn’t work together, that Japan would crush BOTH of them.  And with relish, too! China was a fragmented country, unlike what the USA is.  China doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment, either. Does it really need one? China was in a state of factionalized disunity, like Yugoslavia in the 90’s. The Nationalist dictatorship was not widely respected outside of Nanking and they knew it. Many people were against Chiang and Mao, BOTH! Of course, Mao eliminated all his opposition, save for a diaspora of Tibetans and anti-Communist Chinese in the USA and Taiwan, that were against him. Mao was the undisputed ruler of China and he was everything Chiang could not be and then some. Mao felt that he could do whatever he wanted to! Chairman Mao was like Chiang in that he tried to muzzle those that opposed him, too. Of course, China has a 6,000 year history of such despotic rulers. The commies are just the latest “masters” to rule over all of China.  Mao died in 1976, but the country is ruled by his odious successors to this very day. Will China and Russia see past their differences and work to mutually screw over the United States? Well, see about that! The Soviet/China split was also about bigotry! Of course, commies can’t be “bigots!” OH WAAAAH! WAAAAAH!

The Soviets and Chinese were fighting over who was gonna rule the world with their little brands of communism.  It was a dick-measuring contest and nothing more! Russia has a 1,000 year history of despotism, a full sixth less than what China has done.  The great commie pissing contest between the Soviet Union and China! Of course, the West had their squabbles, too. Yeah, but we have the freedom to solve such squabbles over here in the West and they were minor, unlike the Soviets and China who resorted to open warfare to settle theirs. Such, West Germany did not like some things about America and Germany doesn’t like things about America, either.

Of course, the European militaries all about holding off the Russians (or Chinese) until the USA can come in and “save” the day! The Europeans and their provincial police force militaries are no match for the Russian forces and they know it, too.  The only reason the Ukrainians are holding out against the Russian invasion of their country is because they know exactly just how to fight them. They were trained by the Russians for many centuries. They learned everything from them. Kinda like that whole lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in Episode IV.

The Ukrainians know the Russian ways of waging war and they know them quite well.  This is why they are holding out, but they know that Debaltsevo can’t hold out for long.  The only reason that the Russians don’t press harder is because the world is with Ukraine against Russia and their economy has pretty much tanked.  Of course, it’s all about “evil” America! Russia’s economy was never prosperous since 91. They only recovered because they figured out how to be nice towards the West, to coddle them into helping them become “great” again.  Russia has always had internal problems with their whole decaying infrastructure for centuries. They show you only the good parts of Russia and try to hide the bad parts.  The shit that they show you on RT is not the real thing and they know it.

The Russian government knows damned well that they can’t hide forever. Their own people are sick of them and are writing in English and Russian all over social media under pseudonyms (of course) showing their displeasure at their rotting, decaying country. Russia makes Detroit look like Bangladesh! I’ve talked to people who have been over there as missionaries or in some capacity that have done business over there. Russia’s law enforcement system makes the black man’s problems with American police look like a simple traffic stop! They beat up on people for fun in Russia! Not just the blacks, but the Armenians and Tatars, too. Anyone who is darker than them and non-Russian is fair game. Many of the police officers are members of those extremist groups, both far-left and far-right. I think National Bolshevism highlights the obvious and glaring similarities between Nazism and Communism that we in Poland have always known since 1939! This is “ignorance” to write this! Sure it is! And I’m the king of the world! Sure, let’s just pretend that Russia doesn’t have social ills. Let’s just pretend that everything is all nice and dandy over there.

Sure, and I’m an “asshole!” Really? And you let assholes like Putin run your daily lives because you can’t think for yourselves! And thinking for yourselves is “wrongthink” like 1984! Russia makes 1984 look like a high school Christmas play! It’s “dangerous” to criticize Putin and Navalny is the manufactured opposition to Putin. That whole Maria Butina thing with the Second Amendment pretty much highlights how Russia tries their hardest to copy us and how they fail so badly at it, too! Borat makes fun of this in his own movie! Yep! Just like Borat! It’s all about the Jews, isn’t it? Sure! America is “run” by Jews! Sure it is! (LOL) And my name is Shlomo and I own a luxury apartment in Manhattan!  I own a yacht and I go sailing off New Jersey on the weekends!  I own a Lamborghini Gallardo, like in the Akon song! See! I can bullshit people, a la Great Gatsby!

I own a small house in Crawford County. Of course, I laugh at the city folk and their wealth! Not all Jews are wealthy, BTW. Contrary to what Adolf would have you believe! Putin is just like Hitler in many ways, but don’t tell him that! No! That’s “wrong” because Putin is the great “anti-fascist” “hero” that Stalin was (not)!
Putin’s personality cult is the same one that Gorbachev and Stalin would recognize! Anna Chapman! Well, she was married to some British guy who was wealthy. She was sucking his dick and now Putin’s!

What am I? A Wanker? I guess so! Anna Chapman is an odious woman of ill-repute! She tries to be like Britney Spears and so does Alsou and they fail so badly at it!  Sure, and Anna Chapman has probably sucked more dicks than any woman in Russia! She likes the long Turkish rods down her throat! She likes to watch Mehmet jizz down her gullet!  That’s “sexist” Sure! I can’t get a goddamned girlfriend! I’m bitter and just sitting here! You know what? Anna Chapman could suck the skin clean off any penis! So can Kristina Svechinskaya, the “sexy” hacker!  I’ll just be honest and say “I can’t get any!” Typical feminist propaganda tactics! Sure! I’m a “men’s right activist!” or whatever bullshit that they can pull, just like how Putin tries to get people to believe that everyone who’s opposed to him is a Fascist/Nazi. Sure, what’s the point of finding a girl on VK or Facebook from Russia? I know many of them.  They have happy and rewarding lives! They have men coming to their apartments and sleeping with them for free, after they meet them online. They barely even know these people! WTF?  These girls aren’t sluts! Sure, just like the TV shows that they watch on TV about America! And they claim to be “religious!”
Oh Lord! Please! Sure! I can pay more than $10,000 and go to Russia and get my dick sucked in some run-down rat-infested shitty provincial town and come back to America with my virginity gone, like so many before me! Once you fuck, you can’t go back!

Sure, I can put my 3″ wang inside some Russian girl! They don’t want me! They’d rather screw around with some Turkish guy who has a 12″ and greater wang!  My schlong is just too short for them to suck! What’s the whole point?  Does WordPress have emoticons? I wish that they did! What’s the whole point in going to Russia? I’m just a bitter incel! Sure, that’s all the feminists have got! What’s the whole point in travelling to a foreign land where I (barely) even speak the language and they are masters in English? I am ridiculed every time I try to converse in Russian, by Daria, no less! Not just her! Many who think like her, too!  You might as well just go talk to yourself! If a girl even looks your direction over there, you know something’s up. Most of them won’t even say a word to you. They’ll know you’re an American, your accent (in Russian) will trip them up. They can see right through you! Yep! Just like those stupid shirts those girls (like Svechinskaya and Butina) wear where you can see the bra straight through it!  They can sniff out an American from more than 10 kilometers away!

They know who you are! It doesn’t take a genius to figure me out among Russian women! They all hate me because I dare to point out their own naked hypocrisy and lack of morals that these supposedly “moral” “Christians” (yeah right!) “claim” to have! I point them out and call them out in Russian, too! They just block me! Maria Minenko and Daria Larsen! Maria Sidorovich! Left and right! That Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya blocks me on every social media platform that she and I both share! She can’t stand me! It’s heartbreaking that I’m only one day (probably many hours, too) older than her. Too bad Kristina has a husband. She’s ridiculed on social media for her way of speaking by those American incel uber males!
They all hate me because I point out Russia the way that many in America have seen it for many years! You might as well just shit out $20,000 and board a plane for Moscow or SPB and get your wang sucked by a girl that you don’t even know!
She’ll take your money, too! Sure! Those Russian girls and their goddamned Michael Kors bags, while standing in front of a poster promoting communism! That’s one of Svechinskaya’s Instagram posts. It’s funny! It’s just too painful to repeat here!  You see! I hate the kikes! I’d rather see them all gassed to death because I hate capitalism, too! Is that all you have? Yep! I personally do NOT hate the Jews, but I am accused of such things. They might as well condemn me as a witch, a la Monty Python, and burn me at the stake! It’s too bad that you can’t make fun of Russians in this way! Of course, the uber male Putin fanboys and their sockpuppet accounts can only dislike a video for so long. The “mainstream” outlets are “hated” on YouTube. Yep! Thank Alex Jones and Infowars for that! Alex Jones is another Putin fanboy! It’s all about that “New World Order” isn’t it, Mister Jones?

That pesky New World Order! Of course, Alex Jones wants a world order where Putin runs everything! Ole AJ doesn’t even believe in the 9/11 atrocities. That was “staged” by the government! I just love watching Paul Joseph Watson engage in all kinds of ridiculous mental gymnastics that he engages in on his YouTube videos about his boss!  They own YouTube, or should I say “IncelTube?” “AssholeTube!” Social media has become infested with assholes!

Alex Jones’ has a boner for Putin! He repeats his BS that the Ukrainians are “fascist neo-Nazis” and all that horseshit!  Sure, mister Jones! I’d rather drink Jones soda than his toxic Kool-Aid!  Jones soda at least tastes good! It’s not related to Alex, but he’ll find some way to “link” himself with that, too! Jones soda is good every time and it’s made with inverted sugar. Alex Jones and his whole pissing contest with Cenk was a circus! Someone play “Entry of the Gladiators” for me! The circus is in town, folks!

It was funny to watch two of YouTube biggest primadonnas fight each other on camera! It just proves that he and Cenk can’t even inhabit the same room together! Of course, Cenk’s no better! Cenk’s videos are disliked by the incel crowd and their sock-puppet accounts, trying to give the illusion that everyone on YouTube hates the videos. I don’t like Cenk, either. I find him to be a rather odious and ornery fellow, like Alex Jones.  Of course, YouTube’s biggest primadonnas were killing each other over a video! And Ana is swearing at Alex Jones! Yeah! Him and Alex were swearing at each other and almost about to beat the crap out of each other! There was Anita Sarkeesian and her blow-up with Sargon at the one convention.  Let’s face it. I don’t care what kind of bullshit Sargon pulls, but he was clearly stalking her, looking for a fight and calling it a “civil” debate! If I did what Sargon did, I’d be in jail! If I even glance at Kristina Svechinskaya, she’ll be on the phone to the Russian police and they’ll beat me to a pulp in the streets or in the police station. Sargon of Akkad was stalking Anita Sarkeesian! I’m sure Anita’s people stalk him, too! It just doesn’t stop! Next, they’ll probably doxx my ass and put out my personal info online, too! No one is safe anymore! Why wasn’t Sargon arrested? Carl Benjamin is his real name, BTW! Sure! And I’m told that the FBI will have me arrested for “making” threats, like this blog post and they’ll use it as “evidence!” Yep! Just like the fucking KGB did in the Soviet Union!

Is this a threat? Sure! And I’m Osama bin Laden! Our government and its whole “terroristic threats” laws that encroach on Freedom of Speech! It’s not Freedom of Speech to “threaten” people! Sure, and if you try to be a bigger man, and if so and so knows the right ways to bitch to the police, (a la Law and Order) you can go to jail and be treated worse than they treat people on that SVU show!

They know exactly what to do and say, too! The FBI knows that I am a threat! I’m sure the assholes at SPLC were giving them info about me, too! I’m sure that the FBI knows my background when they interrogated me at the T-SSI office! They know me like a book! I’m a threat to people! Thanks daddy! Thanks for being so outspoken, like you and mommy! My parents are pretty outspoken people and they don’t dare say anything on social media about it because the Corry Police will come up with some bullshit to lock them up! Gary Cunt and his Corry Police Farce can do what they want to me! Maria Butina is jail right now for being a spy! Maria Butina sucks some American guy’s dick who’s twice her own damned age! I like Maria Arkhipova’s tattoos on her body. I think that they are erotic.  She’s the lead singer of the metal band Arkona.  Gary Cunt will probably find a way to cozy up to the FBI and have me arrested for “slander” or “threats” or whatever bullshit he can come up with. The Federal Bureau of Instigators will come up with something!

My parents are outspoken in private! In public, they know how to hold their tongues! Gary Hunt and Gary Do-Right (Doolittle) can do whatever they want to me! I was forced to suffer when I was in high school! That motherfucker Doolittle loved to torture me over some little girl who he felt was “wronged” by me, the “sexist” male perpetrator! Maria Butina will probably go back to Russia! I endured psychological torture from those assholes! I was profiled ever since 2003 by the Corry Police Department! My life doesn’t matter because I ain’t black! The blacks like Jamal were probably treated better than I was. Jamal Jordan was a guy that I knew from school. Real decent fellow, but he had a vicious temper.  If you pissed him off, watch out! He tried to live up to the big macho black gangsta MTV stereotype in small town Corry, too!

Of course, Jamal ain’t Snoop! I hated life in Corry and it pretty much sucked after 2002! I want to get over high school, but I fear that many in Corry have not! That Alexis girl blocked messages from me and that was because of high school! That Wojcicehowski girl was one of my many horrifying failures with Slavic women! From 2003-present! Present, of course, is 2018!

I wasn’t even allowed to write her name! I wasn’t allowed to even mention her or even the absurd caste-like system that they had in Corry High School! I was not allowed to write her name on anything! I wasn’t even allowed to look in her direction! Alexis was one of the party elite in that school! Her dad is one of the apparatchiks of Corry High School!  The absurd caste system that I was forced to endure in high school! At least Caitlyn Catalfu did speak to me, but that ended, too! Many people that I went to school with, disown me because of my posts on Facebook! My dad forced me to remove them! Neither was I allowed to write the name of Jessica Beattie. It was absurd! The long arm of the law was willing to protect these two women, no matter how questionable it might have been! They didn’t give a fuck about the Constitution! The Constitution was just toilet paper to wipe their asses with! There was no rule of law in that school! The whole “resource officer” bullshit was to prevent a Columbine-style massacre! They know it’s coming! Some kid is just gonna snap and shoot his own schoolmates in cold blood! Let’s just blame video games for it!

Those fuckers like Beth Steva are the same kind of shit, like Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton are, in relation to the Grand Theft Auto series!  I disliked Amanda Kimmy and the corrupt cop Doolittle cared more about her word than mine! I was treated as an inferior by the informant Amanda Kimmy! Amanda Kimmy was paid to follow me around everywhere in that school, as was Karen Craker! See! Amanda could do no wrong! I’m just profane, aren’t I? Well, so is my brother and so is my dad!

I HATED Amanda Kimmy! I hated her so much that I tried to hurt her with a pencil because she wouldn’t let me have a mechanical pencil that she had taunted me over. Of course, Daniel Dumb (Daum, the little odious Nazi Kraut bastard) told me that I would be changed and I was! They could do no wrong! I wanted to be permanently home-schooled, but I knew that wouldn’t happen! I wasn’t good enough to go to Saint Thomas School, either. Of course, that was closed down! I went to church, there, too! I converted to the Orthodox Christian religion, but my conversion process is far from complete.

I was screwed and I’m still screwed! Of course, Gary Hunt and Gary Doolittle would be more than happy to let the Southern Poverty Lawless Center profile me! Of course, SPLC thinks that the world is like Law & Order! I have news for you, MISTER POTOK! IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT!  It’s all about those “evil” right wing hate groups, isn’t it? Southern Poverty Law Center behaves as if the world is like a kindergarten and we can strongarm the law to silence those “nasty” hate groups! Only a small faction of those Aryan uber male incels are terrorists! They are nothing like ISIS! ISIS easily beats them in every category! They sure hate Muslims, like how ISIS hates the Shiites and the Jews! The Chetniks in Bosnia and Serbia hate the Muslims and the Croats! It’s all about petty jealousy and bigotry over in the Balkans, too! The Ustase hates the Serbs and Jews, too! At least the Ustase, Chetniks, and Partisans can all agree on the Jewish question! Except that they all hate each other and each one of them would take a machine gun into a room and mow each other down in cold blood!

Yep! The Chetniks claimed to represent all Serbs! The Ustase claimed to represent all Catholic Croats! You know what? Many Croats who fought the JNA in the 90s BALKED at being called Ustase! They knew what it meant!! They still know what it means! They just support the Ustase’s goal of an independent and homogenous Croat state in Bosnia and Croatia.  Not all Croats shared this idea and fought against it, too.  The band Thompson and their posturing about Croatian nationalism! Wow! The Croats were able to disagree amongst themselves about how Croatia should look like and they’re still doing it, too.

At least Croatia is a democratic country admitted into the EU! Yeah! Because many in Croatia and Serbia saw past the contrived bullshit and decided to cozy up to the West to improve their countries, just like the Russians!

Thompson makes songs about he constantly thinks about his “friends” that he fought the Yugoslav Army with back in the 90s. The “Friends” song and video hints at the PTSD problems that many of them have. Thompson has concerts where his fans do the Nazi salutes and everything! This is a microcosm of his fanbase! Not all of them do this and they are just making the people who genuinely enjoy his music or who want to listen to it, look VERY bad! I remember his whole “Friends” (Prijatelji in Croatian) video he made. Some kid points a toy gun at one of the veterans, pretending to shoot at him and you can tell by the look on the guy’s face that he’s having a PTSD-induced flashback, or about to have one!

I remember how Thompson was always having lively concerts, like Baja Mali Knindza and Lepa Brena! At least he shares a few things in common with them. They are the “established” Balkan music scene! The Belgrade Gang (Syndicate, referring to a crime syndicate) makes rap music about trying to address Balkan problems, but not really offering any real solutions, just like their American black cousins! (Beogradski Sindikat in Serbian) The Belgrade Syndicate sure received a lot of flak for pointing out the various problems anemic to the Balkans in their music.  There was the band Red Apple. The band, The White Button, also. (Bijelo Dugme in Serbian and Crvena Jabuka in Serbian) Bijelo Dugme tried to be like Queen and they copied a lot of their performance style, too.

Of course, there’s Mira Furlan and her whole dislike of Lepi Mica’s song about fighting the Turks (aka Bosniaks, the whole contrived propaganda of Karadzic and Milosevic back in the 90s that made them look like they were exactly like the Turkish conquerers that converted them to Islam, centuries before) in the movie, “The Tour” It was a surreal movie! They decide to suddenly go take a tour of the great Balkan pissing contests, aka the Yugoslav Wars. They nearly get killed doing it, too. But it was “fun!” That movie was stupid! Much like the fanciful garbage of Lepa Sela, Lepo Gore! That movie sanitized much of the atrocities in Bosnia that both sides did! The movie was a sanitized pro-Serb propaganda movie! The female journalist knew damn well that the Serbs could possibly rape her! She heard all the stories about them, too! They would have, too! Sure! The Bosniak soldiers wanted to use a woman that Milan recognized as his own school-teacher, to screw around with. You know, to rape her! The woman herself was raped by the Bosniak soldiers and she had the scars to prove it, too.  Of course, Fork goes out into the open (in the middle of a war) just to get shot and to commit suicide because he had enough! There’s a flashback of him at a Serbian Chetnik rally in the 90’s. Those were “officially” illegal, but who really cares? They were pretty much all gearing up to go out and kill each other for the first time in 50 years!

They need to get stoked into killing their fellow human beings in the Balkans that they didn’t see as human beings! They were so poisoned by propaganda from their news media that they didn’t see anything else! Sure! Not just the Serbs! All of them!

They were “brothers” and “sisters” for 50 years, then 50 years later, they kill each other AGAIN over what had happened 50 years, PREVIOUSLY! Not just that, but 75 years previously, too. Back to WWI. What would have happened had Yugoslavia not been formed? One may never know. I don’t think that the Balkan territories were in any real shape to go out on their own and they needed Yugoslavia to help them along. They needed each other and there was conflict in the early Yugoslavia, but that was put down, only to have the Axis powers inflame it and make it worse, then Tito comes into play and tries to play them off against each other, and he is brilliant at forging a Yugoslav identity and Lepa Brena with her “A Yugoslav Woman” song buys into it, brilliantly. Lepa Brena was one of the beneficiaries of Tito’s Yugoslavia, as was Jasmina Vujic. That’s why she praises Tito’s “education” system as being “better” than our American system in Malagurski’s drivel known as “The Weight of Chains 2!” Sure, commie indoctrination is better than Yankee ingenuity, right? Lepa Brena was a Bosniak woman of the Muslim religion, she still is. She refuses to convert to Orthodox Christianity because it doesn’t jive with her. Personally, I think she’d look rather ugly in a burqa. She’d be just like everyone else with that damned shroud over her body! Sure! Women are supposed to be shrouded from the male gaze! Sure, Islam “protects” women, while abusing them! Isn’t it wonderful?

Izetbegovic would have turned the country into Iran, but Karadzic made sure that didn’t happen. Of course, Karadzic’s creation called the Serbian Republic (Republika Srpska in Serbian) in northern Bosnia still exists because it was better without him. I don’t care about what Silajdzic says about it being like allowing Nazi Germany to exist, Karadzic was just a bad actor.  Silajdzic and his contrived propaganda.  Even the Nazis are hated in Bosnia and Serbia! Of course, the Serbs will adopt the Nazi strategy of a pure Greater Serbia or Yugoslavia or whatever they call it. They admire Nedic, while “officially” claiming to disown him for being a collaborator! They wanted to rehabilitate him, like they did Mihailovic but many good souls among the Serbs prevented that. He was prevented from being like Saint Sava among the Serbs.

Carl Kosta Savic is just parroting the “official” history that is told to every Serb.  They don’t admire Nedic, but they admire his whole Serbian state shtick. Well, I’m done! Good night, everyone! I have to go!















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Battlefield/Red Orchestra series

Ah! Yes! The Battlefield, Red Orchestra, Day of Defeat and Source, series.  Where you die as often as you want and then be reborn at a different spawn point.  I’ve seen cases of what players call “spawn-camping” where people are gunned down right as they are spawning. That’s not funny, of course.  You can die again and again, unlike in a real war, where if you die, you die and don’t come back.  In the ARMA series, you also go up against real players online and bots in single player mode.

You never really lose anyone in a multiplayer game because so and so dies on one part of the map and spawns again on another. They almost always come back. You never really get attached to anyone. In Project Reality, you can build up fighting positions to impede, if not slow down your enemies.  In Project Reality, they’ve got a new World War II mod.  There’s a guy running around with a Sturmgewehr 44 in June of 1944.  Wasn’t the StG used, you know, like 6 months later? Did they have any in use on June 6, 1944? I’m kind of skeptical, here. Of course, I don’t recall if there were any of the halftracks with the Quad .50 mounts on Crete in Men of War, either.

I remember the original vanilla Battlefield 1942 where you had Tiger Tanks and Shermans dueling on the beaches, instead of say, over 50 miles inland where they ACTUALLY were. Of course, no game is completely perfect. I’m tired of people online lumping me in with serial killers because I have an eye for details, just like them. Yeah! And unlike them, I don’t go out and kill anyone. This isn’t ARMA 2 where you can just walk into a building a machine gun all the people in a room. Same with GTA V.   You can set up PaK-36 guns in Project Reality World War II and now they’ve got Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, where you can fly helicopters, namely the UH-1 Huey and AH-1 Cobra series.

What about having captured French artillery pieces for the Normandy maps?  I remember something else about BF1942, where the Americans were at an Arnhem, instead of the British. This was the original vanilla game that had so many flaws in it. Did the Japanese ever receive any Sturmgewehrs? Not that I can see.  In the vanilla game, you can see them in the Battle of Midway in 1942.  I could go on about anachronisms in various video games.  The H&D2 Spaghetti Airport mission has the Italian flag that was adopted in 1946, and not the correct one for the Kingdom of Italy that was used from 1861-1946.  The Italian flag does not have the house of Savoy symbol on it. It’s the Italian flag with no symbols on it.
The planes in the level have Italian markings on them.  There’s a little Panzer III that comes out to fight you in the Spaghetti Airport level. I thought that the Italians used the Carro Aromato tanks M13/40 tanks.  The heavy machine gun posts have MG42s, instead of the Breda Model 37 heavy machine gun.

I have no real modeling experience or have any experience with coding to be able to make a mod for any game.  Coding is not hard, but I would like to be able to have actual time to sit down and make models for various video games.  I don’t know why the British SAS guy says that the drum is no good for stealth missions because you can hear the bullets rattle through it. That’s also in H&D2.  Well, the British pretty much used the M1928 Thompson sub-machine gun with the 50 round drum magazine throughout the entire war. One of the symbols for the Commandos was a M1928 Thompson sub-machine gun imposed as their symbol.  It supplemented the Sten sub-machine gun in British and Commonwealth service.  The Australians had the Owen sub-machine gun with the same 9 mm ammo that the MP40 and Sten carried.




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Operation Finale: an abomination of a film

I saw Operation Finale today in theaters on Sept. 13, (Thursday) 2018 and it had some good parts and bad parts. I can’t believe that the film presents a sick monster like Eichmann as a Good Catholic! Do they not know about or even care about the millions of Catholic Poles that gave their lives to fight animals like Eichmann? Well, at least Eichmann was being honest when he said that his people were like animals.  Well, he certainly did believe in the Social Darwinist bullshit that the Nazis espoused. Pretty much all of them did.  Eichmann was a pretty bad character and was one of the leading architects of the Holocaust.  Are we going to have a politically-correct pity-party over Christians being Nazis?

Do the lives of Orthodox Christians in Belarus, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe not matter, too? I think that someone should make a movie about the persecution of Orthodox Christians in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Of course, I’m going to be branded a “Holocaust denier!” by all the simpletons (like Debbie Schlussel) on the internet. Sure! Sure! Like hell am I a denier of one of the most disgusting episodes in all of the history of mankind! In my opinion, this film espouses Schlussel’s, Geller’s, and Angela Merkel’s twisted, tortured, and prejudicial view of history!  It’s not Holocaust denial to tell the truth. Yes, we all know about the 10 million who died at the hands of the Nazis and the 70-80 million who died at Soviet hands from 1917-1991. What about 75 years of Soviet tyranny for the people of the Soviet Union? This is not to belittle the Holocaust in any way. The Holocaust is currently the most well-known genocide in the West among scholars.

I also think that the film also espouses Che Guevara’s view of history of the Catholic Church and the fascists being inexorably linked in a theocratic fashion.  Don’t they know that many Catholics opposed both the commies and fascists in Latin America? Argentina in the 1960’s was undoubtedly a dictatorship, like Nicaragua and Cuba.  Yes, the Catholic Church has a rather bad history among people in Latin America, but we must also point out how the Church helped many of the poor and needy in Latin American and it’s not just Catholics, but many Protestant denominations have done so, too.

The Nazis had many who were Lutherans as well. The Nazis were not exclusively Catholics as this film presents.  Too bad that the film does not talk about Martin Niemöller and his experiences with the Nazi regime and his persecution by said regime.  Yes, Niemöller did initially support Hitler, but later changed his tune when the Nazis tried to pervert Christian theology to support their twisted worldview.  The Nazis’ efforts to pervert Christianity failed spectacularly, contrary to what the Soviets would have you believe.  Must we believe in the Soviet version of history in this film?


Do you seriously expect those atheist pigs who make movies to believe that men like Eichmann are good Catholics? Of course, they believe it!  I refuse to call anyone names over this. What about atheists who were persecuted by the Nazis? Of course, not all atheists are communists and not all communists are atheists. Of course, my thinking could be considered “tortured” as well.  I want to talk about the millions of Catholic Poles who died under Nazi and Soviet rule from 1939-1990. 51 years of tyranny from these monsters! I am Polish and our people suffered 50 years of tyranny from BOTH of them.  Not just us, but Ukrainians, Serbs, Croats, Yugoslavs, Czechs, Slovaks, and others ALSO suffered under communist and Nazi tyranny.

Great! And I suppose they’re gonna tell me that Stalin was a good Orthodox Christian, right? What about Lenin? Are you gonna say the same about him? Was Lenin a good old atheist? You decide that one!

Look, I do not hate the Jews as a whole. They are just human as anyone else. When is the politically-correct pity-party about Nazi guilt going to end?  Not all Catholics in Latin American countries supported the Nazis or the Communists. Many were against both. Why? Because they destroyed entire countries with their corrosive ideology. Of course, Latin America has always been rather authoritarian, which kinda flies in the face of the whole idea of non-whites not being racist.  Latin American racism makes the KKK look childish by comparison.


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Dishonesty in War Movies

Well, look at Platoon for example. Berenger’s character can just kill a Vietnamese civilian without mercy. Yes, I understand that they are not documentaries. Of course, even documentaries get things wrong from time to time. Well, I’m sick of those Japanese apologists who bash honest documentaries like the Murder Under the Sun documentary. I guess History Channel was too pro-American. These people are sick! Anything that shows the Allies uncovering Nazi crimes, these people call “propaganda!” Of course, they’d call me a “Nazi” for pointing out flaws in their films. Lepa Sela Lepo Gore, was not exactly honest either. I felt that the movie sanitized a lot of the Serbian war atrocities in Bosnia and I feel that Behind Enemy Lines only showed the massacres and not the soldiers taking sadistic pleasure in raping Bosnian women repeatedly! I feel that Lepa Sela Lepo Gore sanitizes the level of hatred in Yugoslavia. The foul-mouthed drunken tirades of Milan and Halil. Of course, it was Milosevic’s Serbia and they had to sanitize a lot of stuff in that movie. I think that the movie’s film-making is flawless, but the whole plot is corny, like so many Eastern European movies. The Chetniks the Fighting Guerrillas movie does not show the factionalized warfare between the Partisans and the Chetniks. It doesn’t show the Ustase atrocities, either. It’s too bad that Pavelic was never tried at Nuremberg, like he should have been! I felt that Behind Enemy Lines did not show enough of the Serbian brutality and it just ripped off a scene from the movie Savior clearly showing Croats gunning down civilians out of a bus! The movie shows the utter sadistic hatred that the Serbs had for their Muslim enemies, but it doesn’t show the same thing for the Muslims! The Bosniak soldiers in that movie aren’t wearing Army BIH issue uniforms. They’re just civilian guerrilla fighters. The Army BiH was the one mostly fighting the Serbs and the Croats, too. They weren’t saints, either. Yes, the Bosniak people did admire Western popular music at the time and even copied the style of it to make their own lurid war songs. All sides did that. Propaganda songs trying to raise the morale of the soldiers fighting in that war. These were film studios doing it with actors and some real soldiers. It was propaganda. It showed the rather warped mentality that the Slavic armies believed during these wars. The Serbian and Russian armies had little to no compassion for civilians and killed thousands of them! They tortured and raped and killed thousands! This is just another day at work for these people!

I feel that Behind Enemy Lines did not show enough of the Serbian brutality in that war and the movie Savoir sanitized a lot of it.  Of course, Oliver Stone and his fake movies. They’ve got a nice plot to them, like JFK.   Of course, the milquetoast Law & Order style plot of JFK is rather hokey.  It’s conspiratorial garbage, like Independence Day.  This Binkov’s Battles guy on YouTube with Millennium Falcon video says that our weapons would have penetrated the shields of that craft. Does that mean that Independence Day is all wrong?  In Independence Day,  the American F/A-18 Hornet Marine Corps fighter jets go up against these alien spacecraft and their missiles fail to penetrate the shields of the alien saucer craft. All of the American fighters are show down and Will Smith is the only survivor of the entire attack, minus the alien in the spacecraft. He punches the alien and knocks it unconscious and he drags its body across the burning hot desert and he takes out his frustration and his anger out on the alien and kicks it. I have a question. Why didn’t the alien come back to life? Why did the alien only come back to life in the fictitious Area 51 facility and kill Dr. Okun and his team? Why didn’t the alien regain consciousness while being transported in the truck to Area 51?

Why didn’t the Sea King helicopter pilots scream “OH SHIT?” and try to get the hell out of there when they were shot down by the UFO? They were the first casualties in that whole movie.  Any normal helicopter pilot would have sped up and got the hell out of there, instead of just hovering there and being zapped. Independence Day shows huge monolithic alien spacecraft destroying whole cities with their lasers and killing hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

The Russians panicked when they say the UFO heading to Moscow. Why didn’t the Russian VVS scramble jets to shoot it down?  Of course, the LAPD tells people to not shoot their guns at the alien spacecraft. Come on! Of course they’re gonna! A thing like that eclipsing the sun! I’d be afraid if I saw something like that over my city.  Well, the craft in Russia was going at such speeds through the earth’s atmosphere and creating a such a fireball that the E-3 AWACS plane was incinerated by it. Wait, I meant to say that the helicopter pilots were the first “COMBAT” casualties in the movie. Why didn’t the pilots see the craft beforehand? The AWACS is a very slow plane, but they probably would have found a way to dodge the fireball.  Independence Day has a great plot to it, but its depiction of the US military is utterly farcical and laughable!

The movie just emphasizes too much the conspiracy theories about Area 51 that were common at the time. They’re still ongoing, of course.  The Russian Air Force probably would have scrambled MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter planes or whatever they had available to shoot at it.  Why didn’t people take RPG’s and shoot them at the alien spacecraft? Those Russian soldiers would have taken their Kalishnikovs and sprayed bullets at them. It would have done nothing, of course.

The Americans, too would have done that.  Why did the Americans wait to attack the UFO after LA was vaporized, the next day?  Spoiler alert! Harry Connick Jr dies in the movie!

The F/A-18 Hornet USMC fighters had no chance against against the alien spacecraft and its associated fighter planes. Why did they wait until later to hack the aliens computer system? Why didn’t they do it then? Why didn’t some Russian guy come up with it? Those people are famous for that stuff! It takes David to come up with the solution, after all else had failed! The whole scene with the B-2 Stealth Bomber launching nukes at the spacecraft was rather questionable. They callously killed their own people in Houston!

What military does that? Of course, you never saw people going up to the craft and flipping off the aliens inside it! I would have! There was a scene where the people are zapped by the UFO as are tens of millions more,  on the rooftops. I would have taken my AR-15 and shot at that thing.  They didn’t have the people with machine guns shooting at the UFO! I think that someone would have set up a machine gun and tried to shoot at it.

No one has called Saint Petersburg Petrograd since 1917! The poor, garbled Russian is again laughable. Of course, the writers knew NOTHING about the Russian media! The Russian media would have blamed NATO and the Americans for the whole UFO craft in their typical slanted yellow journalism. It was Yeltsin’s Russia at that time.  There would have been conspiracy theories flying all over Russian media. They had access to Russian state TV in the movie, which is not a surprise.  The Russians running scared in horror at that thing!  Of course, there were few Russian spellcheck programs available in 1996 to help them out. Microsoft was just developing Cyrillic texts for Windows 95 back then.  Of course, it’s abysmal!  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian media blamed Israel for the UFO!

Why didn’t Orthodox priests go up to the craft and perform prayers in Russian? The one Jew performs prayers in Hebrew and the guy in the shelter says that he’s not Jewish. And David’s dad replies “No one is perfect!” And continues in Hebrew.  Independence Day is a laughable fanciful movie that encapsulated the 1990’s atmosphere of the day.









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B-17 The Mighty Eighth: A Review

As a gamer, I have played the famed flight simulator B-17 The Mighty Eighth on the PC. It’s a PC game only. It’s has some nice, but haunting music as its theme music at the beginning of the game.

The game will let you play a campaign where you can command a single B-17 and be ordered to bomb a certain target and it will let you command a whole 12 bomber ( a full dozen) formation and you can select whatever target(s) you want to, all throughout occupied Europe from 1943-1945. There is a problem with the game. You can only command the 8th Air Force bombers and you can’t fly a campaign with either the 12th Air Force or the 15th Air Force, bombing Italian, German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Romanian targets in southern Europe in the Balkans, for example in Yugoslavia, Greece, and Bulgaria. It would be nice if you could bomb that aerodrome in Zemun by Belgrade or the Ploesti oil refineries. That would be sweet if you could bomb those oil fields. Hell, yeah! The most heavily-defended target in all of Europe, flying B-17’s out of Italy or B-24 Liberators. The other problem with the game is that nobody made a mod where you can fly medium bombers for the 9th Air Force, you know, the B-26 Marauder. In CFS3, you can fly the B-26 Marauder.  I would love to be able to fly a B-26 Marauder in that game and I can actually do that in Il-2 Sturmovik 1946 with the Community Universal Patch that a group of obsessed mod-makers made to add more planes to the game.

It would have been more fun if B-17 The Mighty Eighth would let you land your bombers at bases in North Africa and the Soviet Union. Many B-17s and B-24s landed in the Soviet Union after flying bombing missions in Eastern Europe that were the extent of their range from the United Kingdom or flying out of Italy.  I think that it would be hella sweet if the Red Tails could be escorting your formation! I would love to see someone make a mod where you add the Tuskegee Airmen to the game. They were among the best combat pilots during the war and they had to endure racism and discrimination and be able to get past all that, just to fly P-51B Mustang fighters.

It would be nice if the fighters escorting you had squadron insignia and painted tails and noses to set them apart in the skies above Europe during World War II.  It would be hella sweet if you could fly to Italy or North Africa or fly to a neutral country, you know, such as Turkey or Sweden and land in a neutral country and have your plane interned by the Turkish, Swiss, Swedish, or Spanish authorities. It would be nice if you could land your plane in Spain, if Spain was the closest country that you could fly to, to be interned for the rest of the war and if you do that, your crew won’t be allowed to fly anymore, or at least your plane won’t. Your plane will be listed on the registry at the base that it was interned in Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland,  or Spain. These above countries were pretty much the only truly neutral countries during World War II, even though Francisco Franco pretty much supported Hitler and even sent him troops to fight on the Eastern Front against the Soviets. The Eastern Front was a meat-grinder for the German army, ever since 1941. The German could have taken Moscow around September of 1941, but the Soviets held them back.
I think that it would be nice if you fly your B-17 Flying Fortress bombers from bases inside the Soviet Union to fly back to the United Kingdom or to bomb other targets in Eastern Europe.

I would love to make a mod for that game, but I have no real experience with coding or to add 3D models to the game. If I could do that, I would. I would call it B-17 the Mighty Eighth realism mod.  If I could make the 12th Air Force, 15th Air Force, or 9th Air Force into flyable units, that would be sweet. Or better yet, you could serve in the Pacific flying B-17s and B-24s over there against the Japanese. It would be nice if you could add the 7th Air Force in the Pacific against Japan.  Or the 21st Bomber Command, under Curtis Lemay against Japan itself.  If you could fly the B-29 Superfortress against Japan, and be actually transferred from Europe to the Pacific, that would be fun, too.

It would be nice if you could add the RAF and have them bomb German cities at night and have the German cities reduced to ruins by RAF bombs, from Lancasters or the Short Stirling or whatever the RAF or RCAF were flying in Europe. I think if you could add the RAF squadrons in B-17 The Mighty Eighth escorting B-17s into occupied Europe that the range of the Spitfire would allow them to go, that would be fun, too. What about adding the Bf-110 or the Me-210 or the Me-410? Those were very good bomber destroyers.  It would be nice to add the RCAF or the Polish squadrons, flying with the RAF or the Czech squadrons.  The Polish squadrons would be flying for the Polish Air Force, which was subordinated to the Royal Air Force during the war.
Is there anyone who can record voices of Polish-speakers speaking with Polish accents in the English language? You could add English spoken with a Czech accent, too. What about Canadian accents for the RCAF? That would be awesome, too. I wish that I could create a mod, instead of just talking about it. I’m all talk and no walk! Well, you try creating modifications for computer games and actually have them work, you know without crashing to desktop or freezing or whatever.

What about having Japanese voices for the Japanese pilots in the Pacific? Are there any Japanese-speakers that can help me? Why not just take the voices from the IL-2 Sturmovik series and modify them to work with B-17 the Mighty Eighth?  You could do that.  Someone also made Chinese voices for IL-2 Sturmovik and posted that on a website somewhere. Wouldn’t it be sweet to fly for the 14th Air Force out of China and India? I would love to fly missions over French Indochina and Thailand, and Burma, and the Japanese-occupied parts of China, hell even bomb Japan itself.
Of course, if you do fly the European-style strategic “pinpoint” over Japan, you will be disappointed because there was something called the jetstream that was not real understood at the time of World War II that was the cause of most of the bombs landing off target when bombing Japanese targets, like they did in Europe. Why not bomb Italian targets and have a game that takes place in 1942? You can bomb Italian targets in Italy, or if Italy capitulates and becomes an allied co-belligerent country, bomb targets in German-occupied northern Italy or targets that were in German-occupied Italy, but were liberated by the Allies in their advance up Italy or Greece, or the Soviets taking over Yugoslavia and installing Tito as their leader.

Wouldn’t it be nice to fly for the 12th Air Force and bomb targets in Italy? You know? To bomb the harbors in Naples or Taranto or any other ports and other targets, such as aircraft factories, being used by the Italians to build fighter planes to fight the Allies. Not just fighter planes, but bombers, and tanks and whatever was made by the Italians with their rather small industrial capacities during the war. You could bomb the Italians in Yugoslavia that are fighting the Partisans or Chetniks and attack German, Italian, Bulgarian, or Hungarian positions inside Yugoslavia. I could make a mod and do that.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sink Italian ships? I think so. You could take the Italian voices from IL-2 Sturmovik and modify them to B-17 the Mighty Eighth.

The thing that was really disappointing with the Mighty Eighth game was that the Bf-109’s 20mm cannons did not a really effective punch against the B-17s. I felt that the 4 20mm cannons in the Fw-190s did far more damage and were more effective than the 2 20mm cannons in the Bf-109s.  The Bf-109’s punch was not very good, but in IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, you could massacre a whole unescorted formation of B-17s in no time at all. There was a mission where you could fly only as the Luftwaffe in Bf-109s against a whole formation of B-17s.  I most often failed the mission because the Bf-109s were using the wrong tactics when attacking the B-17 Flying Fortress formation in that mission. They were coming directly behind the B-17s and attacking them that way, without the use of the underwing gun pods that were fitted to the FW-190s and Bf-109s so that they could destroy more bombers.

The other problem with B-17 The Mighty Eighth is that the bomber gunners were hitting planes at unheard of distances with their 50 Caliber Machine guns and 8 times out of 10, usually being able to shoot down a Bf-109 or FW-190 and you can literally make ersatz “aces” out of those bomber gunners because they down so many damned German planes in one sitting!

I don’t know the exact numbers of bomber crewmen that became “aces” from shooting down many German fighters, but I know that it was not a very high percentage of B-17 or B-24 gunners.  The game does not account for leading an aircraft that you are targeting with your ball turret guns. The problem with the Mighty Eighth game is that the ball turret gunners frequently shot down over 70% or or more of the attacking Luftwaffe fighting forces attacking the formations in the game. You just don’t have hundreds of German fighters attacking a single bomber stream of B-17s or B-24s, like you did in the actual war.

It would be hella awesome if you could have a multiplayer campaign where you fly with other teammates from around the world in a coop or whatever, flying missions against various targets inside Europe or the Pacific or the Mediterranean.
Sadly, Mighty Eighth does not have that capability. That’s okay, it’s not all bad! You can still fly with intelligent AI and the AI are usually able to fix up a bomber crewman if he becomes wounded by enemy fire, but you aren’t gonna always be able to save your fellow bomber crewmen because they bleed to death. And in that game, they do bleed to death and you hear gurgling noises, indicating that this crewman, or these certain crewmen are wounded and need medical attention.  You can parachute wounded crewmen out the B-17 and have them land in occupied German territory and get patched up (Uh YEAH, if their lucky and don’t bleed to death on the way down in a parachute) by the the Germans, Italians, or Japanese or insert other Axis countries, like Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, or Japan.
You could take the Hungarian and Romanian soundfiles and modify them to work with B-17 the Mighty Eighth. I know that it is such an ancient game, but it’s a good game. It’s still fun to play and I grew up playing games like that in my childhood.

Of course, the infamous swastika marking is not added to the tails of the German planes, just so that the game will sell over in Germany and not be banned by their ridiculous censorship laws that they have over there about Nazi symbols. Bring it on, HANS! Sure, call me a “neo-Nazi” or whatever sick bullshit propaganda your bitch Angela Merkel has for me! Sorry, but I don’t subscribe to Angela Merkel’s version of history, any more than I subscribe to Putin’s.  I don’t believe the kind of bullshit that makes the Nazis into Christians, you know, the sick Angela Merkel version of German World War II history and self-hatred that the German people have endured since 1945.

I’m sorry, but much of the German historiography from post 1945 is rather flawed and ideologically-skewed, but that’s “okay” with Wikipedia because it’s better than “negationist false “nationalist” history, right? I hate Wikipedia and how they go through all kinds of ridiculous mental gymnastics concerning Germany’s ridiculous censorship laws, but they’ll keep those “evil Nazis” away, right? I’m sick of Germany and its Nazi hysteria that their German-language and English-language media have engaged in since 1945.  Der Spiegel is in my opinion quite well known for their copious Angela Merkel-style mental gymnastics and so is The Guardian and The Daily Mail, and DM and Guardian are British publications.
I hate to break it to you Angela Merkel, but Adolf Hitler is dead and he is not coming back! Quit making look as though he is coming back to turn Germany into another totalitarian dictatorship, like his!  Herman Goring is also dead and so is Heinrich Himmler. Sure, the SS are gonna march down German streets again in their black uniforms to intimidate folks all throughout Europe. Again, ain’t happening!
The Nazis are so ridiculously outlawed over in Germany, that their reemergence/resurgence is not going to instantly happen overnight!  Of course, Germany is not ever going to have territory stretching out to the Memel River in present-day Lithuania,  like they did in 1945 and 1918.

Yes, there are some people in Germany who want these eastern territories than are now a part of Poland and Russia back, as German territories. Irredentism is a serious problem over in Europe and Wikipedia sure likes to label things like this in a derogatory fashion, like they do in many of their articles, rife with anti-nationalist Marxist post-modernist bullshit!

But Alex Jones is the number 1 conspiracy theorist, right? Alex Jones and his “big, bad globalists” OOH! I’M SOOOOO “SCARED!” Seriously, Alex? Why am I going off into a tangent about him? I am frequently known for going off into various tangents about various subjects. Sure, and Poland and Russia “got” those German territories because the East German commie government over there “ceded” them to Poland and the Soviet Union because of their rather fake “friendships” between “fraternal” communist countries that the pro-Putin crowd love to tout as being “real!” Sure, in Putin’s (false) version of history, the brutal suppression of Czechoslovakia’s revolt against the Soviet Union and the Soviet Bloc was meant to “restore” “normal relations” between the puppets and the puppeteers in Moscow. Yep. Let’s all laugh at Angela Merkel’s version of World War II history, also. But Wikipedia doesn’t attack that and treats it as normal, while presenting a strawman argument that people seriously believe that the Wermacht didn’t commi any atrocities. Sure, there are so deluded souls among the neo-Nazis that believe that malarkey, but the article about the “clean” (German calque translations here) Wermacht is full of Angela Merkel’s post-war “pseudohistory” and for a time there, Wikipedia was all too keen to apply this derisive label to anyone whose history differed from Merkel’s version or Putin’s version. It’s not “pseudohistory” when Angela Merkel believes it, right?
The Wermacht DID commit atrocities, everyone who’s a serious scholar of World War II history knows that.  But there are few articles detailing Allied atrocities and most of those “Allied” atrocities during World War II, were committed, by YOU GUESSED IT, The Soviet Union! Our “wonderful” totalitarian allies run by the despot Iosef Vissarianovich Stalin.  Of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin) idolizes this brutal tyrant and hell, wants to be like him.
Yep, that flawed Soviet historiography that people like Putin believe in, or that flawed German historiography post-war that Angela Merkel believes in and her followers. Yes, I will also address Shinzo Abe and Japan’s false historiography that they have engaged in since 1945.  Of course, it’s a “Marxist plot” that people believe the actual truth about Japanese World War II atrocities and I “just love” the ridiculous mental gymnastics that these Japanese nationalists engage in, post World War II. Wikipedia’s article about “anti-Japanese sentiment in the USA” is chock-full of Abe’s version of history, but Junichiro speaks “better” English than I do, right? An article chock full of Abe’s version of Japanese history, while condemning it on other pages.

The problem is that Japan and the Soviet Union have not mostly engaged in denazification policies or “decommunization” policies since 1945 or in the case of the Soviet Union, (aka Russia, the Russian Federation) since 1991.  Putin is still proud of the Soviet version of history and it is through this distorted lens that we have pro-Russian and pro-Putin sites full of garbage articles about Ukrainian “fascist nationalists” and Banderites,  since 2014.  Of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich was just looking for an excuse to take over Ukraine and his delusional beliefs about an ethnic cleansing allegedly (it never happened, BTW) at the hands of Ukrainian “fascists/nationalists”  Of course, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Ukrainian government engages in ethnic cleansing of its Russian minority because, you know, that version of history that Putin believes about the Holodomor being”fake” You know, that genocide in which tens of millions of Ukrainians were starved to death by Stalin.  I love how the Stalinist apologists try to make it about only the Ukrainians when tens of millions of other Soviet citizens starved to death, under both Lenin and Stalin.
Of course, I am NOT excusing Ukraine if they do carry out a genocide against their Russian minority, but Aleksandr Dugin and his Sovietesque geopolitics would reduce the Ukrainians to nothing, to a negligible group of people to be a “minority” You know? The kind of shit that Radovan and Slobodan perpetrated against non-Serbs in the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s because they “thought” the ethnic groups they were targeting would do the same to them and they use the tired excuse of what the Ustase did to the Serbs half a century earlier. So, that’s an excuse for Karadzic and Mladic to do their shit. Sorry, but I do not subscribe to Milorad Dodik’s version of history, Julia Gorin’s or Pamela Geller’s! But of course, Pamela Geller and Julia Gorin are both Jews, but they have no idea that the Serbs that they cheer for, hate them, too.
You know what? After the Serbs were through cleansing the Muslims, they would have started on the Jews next. I’m certain of it. I am 100% (well maybe not exactly 100%) certain that Karadzic and Milosevic would have most likely engaged in anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing of their Jewish minorities. They hated the Jews, like the Muslims did to them. I was a friend of Gorin’s but I changed my mind when I found actual evidence of Serbian atrocities perpetrated by the Serbs that people like Dodik deny to this deny. OF course, the Bosniak and Croat governments ALSO deny their anti-Serbian atrocities, too.

Karadzic, Mladic, and Milosevic hated the Jews, and that came from anti-Semitic false communist and fascist propaganda taught to them in Yugoslav schools.

Yes, Mister Hoare, I agree with you there.  The Serbs aren’t all bad, but according to Attila Hoare’s version of history, (Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright’s, too) the Serbs are “all bad” Plenty of Serbs were rightfully disgusted at what Karadzic and Milosevic and Mladic were doing in their name, and Arkan too.

That’s why many protested them and why there was a strong anti-war movement in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia against all this! They are made fun of in the movie “Lepa Sela, Lepo Gore” but they were real and they didn’t all engage in phony, milquetoast protests like in the movie.

Of course, there are times were Attila Hoare engages in Franjo’s version of

Enough about this. I am tired of ranting about geopolitics. I was going to talk about B-17 The Mighty Eighth and I got off track! I just wanted to write all this stuff to give people “perspective” on why these various events are interconnected, since World War II.  I love how Max Hastings destroys Angela Merkel’s version of history about Germany’s role in World War I in that one documentary he hosted and narrated. Max Hastings is one of the better war historians and he was a journalist covering the Falklands War in 1982 and he has a better perspective, than, unlike, say, Julia Gorin, Pamela Geller, or Angela Merkel or Debbie Schlussel.

There is another problem with B-17 the Mighty Eighth. The other problem is that the bomber’s gunners accuracy is way too accurate to be realistic. The ball turret gunner frequently runs out of ammunition because he is firing so many bullets downrange at a German fighter plane.  Of course, in B-17 the Mighty Eighth, the barrels of the machine guns don’t overheat, which is rather irritating.  They just fire continuously without overheating, like in ARMA, ARMA 2, and ARMA 3 and that series of games, like Operation Flashpoint that Bohemia Interactive had a falling-out with Codemasters over OFP. My only complaint about the FFUR 2007 and other mods is that they do not have machine guns overheating and having to replace a burnt-out barrel after it had fired a lot of shots. The machine guns have unrealistic accuracies and you can hit targets at greater than 600 meters with a .50 Caliber Machine Gun or DSHK or PK.

The light machine gun barrels never overheating and you can fire off ridiculous amounts of ammo from these weapons and never have your barrels overheat and need replacing. Yes, a .50 Caliber M2 (yes, the ole Ma Deuce) can indeed hit targets beyond 600 meters, but this is rare and uncommon. They will most often hit targets at less than 600 meters, like in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Of course, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam were all close-in guerrilla wars that the USA fought with various Islamic/communist insurgent groups. The Vietcong made ISIS look like child’s play.  The Vietcong were deadlier than ISIS. They and the Palestinian terror groups were as reviled as ISIS and Al Qaeda and the Taliban are now, back then, as well as now.
The Vietnam War, War on Terror, and Iraq Wars were mostly fought against insurgents, like the Moro conflict with the Islamist Moro rebels in the Philippines. The Moros were brutal, like ISIS. I love how those Filipinos tout Aquino’s version of history about how the Moros aren’t Islamic/bad and were “fighting” for Filipino independence from the USA.
But I support the “American imperialist” (read imperiarist) version of history, right Kim Jong-un?

Yes, that was a racist jab against their Asian accent, like the movie Team America World Police.  That and King of the Hill show racism against Asian-Americans and have a stereotypical view of Southern white Christian males, that everyone in the East Coast and West Coast, (NOT everyone but many) believe in.



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